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Birthday: August 29, 1987
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About Me

April 20, 2023: I am finding that hobbies that contain deadlines are not really possible at my current level of depression. I am still trading cards at a more leisurely pace at RAoC on Reddit. I'm not leaving SB; I just need to be careful with symptom management and not overwhelming myself while I'm in the thick of it. Love you guys! BBS! (I hope it's soon!)

March 31, 2023: Message me if you want to host MM&L's Greek Myth ATC for April or seize control of True Crime Letter #2. I hate being this flaky, but I'd rather postpone/cancel than be an absent host or late on swaps. I will get better eventually, and nothing is wrong that anyone needs to be concerned about. Just gotta take care of me.

March 16, 2023: We regret that you have waited so long. We are doing our best to answer your message. HausOfImps, Inc. provides monthly swaps to over 5 different Swap-Bot users. As a result, we do have busy periods. We are taking messages in the order in which they came.

Please have handy your Swap-Bot username and any recent mail we may have sent you. This information will help us serve you better.

My old account is benevolentghost -- I cannot access it and was hoping to merge it with this one, and have been attempting to do so for about a year. As such, this obnoxious section remains until further notice. In the past few years, I have gotten my mental health in check and gotten better at communication, so I'm excited to be swapping again. I have made up every outstanding swap with active users -- my cumulative rating is about 4.96, which is my basis for joining swaps. I have no idea who my alien partner was because I can't see without being in the account -- let me know if it was you.


NB, ☞, etc: I was graciously rated a 5 instead of a 3 for a swap I made up in March 2022. My rating of 4.96+ stands even had this swap been rated a 3.

Curious about why I bold key information?

arthur cockatrice astaroth

If you don't receive a swap of mine, please message me before downrating. I usually take photos and I'm happy to resend either way.

If I haven't rated you and you think I should have your swap, don't hesitate to message me. I don't find it rude.

Like easy and fun general swaps? Why not come over to Swapper's Paradise, grab yourself a drink, and pick up a swap or two in the swap shoppe? We'll never ask what's in your mailbox -- that's federal property, and that ain't our business! Our only business is providing good, clean swapping fun for YOU.

Please consider joining the group I run with @feverfawn if you live in the US!: Monsters, Myths, & Legends. It started as an ATC-only group, but we now host all types of swaps -- email, postcards, book and wishlist exchanges, assemblage, letter writing prompts, etc!

I also now co-admin @feverfawn 's depot of dreams, abode of altered states, clubhouse of consciousness... Oneironauts Only. If you have to ask, you'll never know... unless you read the group description, there's a thorough explanation. We'd love to see you there, even if you're new to dream journaling and everything astral (or even just curious and wanna see what we're about!).

If you love the 80's, 90's, and early 00's, you are cordially invited to join Retro Swappers. Music, TV, tech, style... as humanity bravely prepared to sail into the new millennium, we left behind a treasure trove of... stuff. Come celebrate that stuff, it ain't going anywhere! Very little was biodegradable.

About Me

Greetings! My name is Lisa and I'm a 35-year-old woman living in Chicago. I try to keep my life pretty low-key and spend most of my time with my partner or my family. I like to read, craft, and send mail. I also like old Dateline episodes, bad Lifetime movies, and weird old Christian fraudster interviews and documentaries. I have taught ESL and adult basic education here and there, and I miss it dearly! Hopefully I can get back on track with something like that in the future.

I am a Furby collector, a McLuhanite, and a satirist. I love philosophy**, comparative mythology, proboscideans, and avian dinosaurs. I'm in the middle of an ongoing research project about elephants and their ancestors in folklore. I'm obsessed with fringe religious and political movements -- I seek to understand, and occasionally, to reflect back what I see. I like art and culture from all over the world. If I don't mention it, it's probably because I don't know much about it.

Meet the gang!


They are all precious to me and have very complex lives. Sunny (the baby) has gone to live with feverfawn, but The Family has also expanded. Updated photo soon.

I like crafting ATCs and making mail art, but I've taken a bit of a break to focus on postcards and simpler trades, just because they better align with my mental state and abilities at the moment. I would like to ease back into art, but probably participate at a slower pace than I did in the past. My "likes" section gives a better idea of what I'm into. Right now, I've been having fun with sticker bombing.

I love to do writing swaps, especially ones that involve research, about shared "academic" interests. Also, about the paranormal and occult (personal experiences are good as well).

If it matters, I'm a Virgo sun, Scorpio moon, Leo rising. There is a lot of Virgo on my chart. I would describe myself as LaVeyan in most simple terms, and I'm happy to speak to like-minded souls. I do not send people unsolicited material related to my beliefs because that would actually be insane. It is a tenet of my religion to show respect for others unless provoked, which means that I do not bully, shame, attempt to convert, or go into spaces for other belief systems to try to make a point. I really don't care what other people do.

Thank you for reading and gettin' to know me!

(** - because people ask -- I'm interested in mind, consciousness, pain, language and communication, mass media, group dynamics, etc, usually from a Marxist perspective. I also am very interested in cognitive science and psychology in general. I haven't finished my degree, I just like to read.)


Things that will make me smile, short list: mammoths, elephants, dinosaurs, penguins, marabou storks, food-themed washi (recently got Moroccan themed!) and washi in general, sticker flakes, book recommendations (folklore collections especially), photos of anything, loose playing cards, stream of consciousness, memo sheets

Favorite colors: pastels, black, bright and tacky colors, maroon, goldenrod, teal, all shades of green

Favorite video games: arcade, Atari (esp Blueprint), all Nintendo systems, Mario franchise, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy. My favorite Pokemon are Volcanion, Mr. Rime, Darumaka and Galarian Darumaka, Gloom, Mr. Mime, Cofagrigus, Trevenant, Indeedee, and Regigigas

Other games: I collect Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Pokemon cards, & Metazoo

Edible items: I prefer not to receive food unless it's hard candy. I also like tea (all kinds), coffee, and drink packets. No restrictions or allergies, though if the packet is not in English, please tell me what it is!

I always rate. If you have not received a rating within a reasonable amount of time, please message me. I don't think I've ever not given a heart. I appreciate everything I receive. I am not picky or very judgmental. I like when people's personalities shine through.

I live across the street from the post office, so it is very easy for me to send on time. Again, please message me if you haven't received something and I'll resend. You know if you're in a country with long wait times from the US, but if it's been 10 - 12 weeks, I'll consider it a lost cause and resend (I think my record was 11 weeks for Indonesia -- I forgot I had even sent anything!).

I typically aim to send with ample time before the due date as to not stress the host (or myself!). I don't own a printer, so anything requires a trip to the library or FedEx may be an exception.

If you ever think a handmade postcard has the risk of getting damaged and you don't have a plastic sleeve, you can always send in an envelope even if the swap says otherwise. Please just address and stamp the postcard as though it were being sent naked.


Likes - ABC's

A - arabesque, aliens, anatomy, architecture, angels, Anatolia, altered states of consciousness

B - beluga whales, Bigfoot, bright and tacky colors, body horror, Baphomet, banknotes, bringing Sabrina home

C - collage, cryptids, Charles Manson, capybaras, cultural stuff, crabs, cacti, conspiracy theories, ceremonial magick, clowns & mimes (not intentionally scary ones)

D - daruma dolls, dinosaurs, demons, dreams

E - elephants, Erlik Khan, Ancient Egypt, esotericism

F - Furby, folklore, food (on washi and stickers), friendship bracelets, flowers

G - gnomes, guinea pigs, glitter or foil stickers, gods/goddesses, gargoyles, Great Lakes, ghosts, Gacy

H - history (important leaders, military, etc), Hindi, the Hodag

I - interesting facts, India (Dravidian architecture!)

J - jesters, Furby (jester edition), journaling

K - kawaii, Kirby, keychains

L - Lisa Frank, lobsters, lion dance

M - marabou storks, mastodons, mushrooms, mythology, Mega Man, maneki-neko, Mr. Rime, musth (not to be confused with musk), militaria, mosques (imagery)

N - Nintendo, Nibiru, New Age imagery, nazar beads

O - Oranguru, occultism

P - philosophy, Pokemon, penguins, pyramids, postcards, photos, pastels, Pennsylvania Dutch, psychedelica, paranormal, Paul Bunyan, early US presidents, pigeons, peacocks, propaganda

Q - quotes, Qabalah

R - religions/sites of worship, ruins, Russia/Russian, Regigigas

S - stickers in general, shoebills, storks, South & South East Asia, stamps (foreign), Sanrio, San-X, Satanic Panic, space/galaxy, skeletons, spiders, Studio Ghibli, Sufi-inspired art, swamps, Super Ghouls N Ghosts, Sumikko Gurashi

T - Turkiye, Tamagotchi, tourism postcards, Trevenant, Turkic mythology, trading cards, tarot, tea

U - urban photography, Urdu, UFOs, used books

V - volcanos, Volcanion, video games, Virgo (sun sign)

W - woolly mammoths, washi tape, writing systems, weird stuff

X -

Y - Yokai

Z - zeybek dance, zines, zodiac

Ultimate Wishlist: postcards or souvenirs from the La Brea Tar Pits & Museum, anything related to the Hodag, Furby-related anything, Pennsylvania Dutch folk art (imagery on postcards or playing cards, larger trades), Doreen Virtue angel cards, photo negatives

Normal wishlist: loose tarot or Oracle cards, loose Pokemon cards, depictions of demons, anything in Cyrillic, Devanagari, Arabic/Perso-Arabic (any language ok), washi samples, stickers, blank postcards related to any of my interests, damaged postage and CTOs, memo papers, stickers again (vintage, partial sheets, small stickers, flakes, imperfect stickers, I'll take all of it other than reward/little kid stickers -- I use some of the weirder stuff in art projects), handmade paper, ATC backings

Do Not Want/Use: religious items unless specified for swap, anything dirty, kiddie stickers or reward stickers, fabric/lace/ribbon scraps (just don't have a use for them). And I can't believe I have to say this, but please no items with mold or spores, and please make sure your hands are relatively clean when making or putting together mail.

I have an immature sense of humor, but I have no desire to receive anything "erotic" or sex-related in nature that is intended to be taken seriously or is a relaying of someone's real life extracurriculars.


My apartment building does not have an outgoing mail slot, and we are advised not to use the outdoor blue mailboxes because of the frequency of theft, so here is where I send my mail every time (unless I take it to the counter): the indoor lobby of my post office. This box was not broken into, a car swerved into the lobby last year and they have not fixed it yet.


Just a lil piece of my life for ya ;)

Please be patient, I'm sure I'll edit this profile a million times. And, as always, please feel free to reach out if you'd like to swap, if you have a question or problem with a swap I'm hosting (or my group), or if ya just want to chat!

Hosting Style

I wrote something very long here earlier, but here is an abbreviated version:

I vet swappers, I check in with people, I mediate conflict if someone sends something the other isn't happy with. I angel when necessary. I take hosting seriously because this same exact skillset is something I use for many of the things I care about (including, in the past, getting a paycheck) in my day-to-day life -- organization, planning, facilitation, and conflict resolution. I don't just shut that off because I'm on a "fun" website. This is fun for me. Welcome to my world.

All I ask from participants is open and direct communication, and maybe a little bit of mutual respect. I am very lenient with a lot of things (and totally nonjudgmental) as long as they're presented honestly and in plain language. I am nice(-ish), I promise. Gonna be late? Tell me. We'll figure it out.

That's all!

Pokemon Go

Add me and my partner, then message me your username! We've both gotten a couple adds at the same time recently, but I think our FCs are in a couple other places -- I prioritize SB users for gifts and try to get him to do the same. :P Our postcards have "modern" Scatterbug attached.

Me: 5301 3376 5281

Bf: 7637 3042 2189


lunatenchi rated for RS: Retro Toy ATC on May 2, 2023
Comment: Your furby is amazing! and with the bop-it and that other toy from the 90's. lol, perfect! i'll write you a letter back as soon as i can β™₯
Comment: Thank you for your postcards!!! They're awesome, as usual!
Comment: LISAAA!!! Thank you so much for the adorable Psyduck drawing with Ludicolo!! I am OBSESSED. I messaged you on Discord with a little bit longer thank you message, lol! So be prepared for that! But seriously, thank you so much again. You are such an amazing friend and I am so grateful for you<3<3<3
rkassman rated for MM&L: Harpy ATC (Greek Myths #3) on Apr 17, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome harpy ATC - I had a similar challenge in finding appropriate sized bird body vs. lady head when creating mine. And I love the kaiju postcards, a perfect bonus goodie - thank you for hosting these swaps, I'm really enjoying them! <3
Comment: I received your postcard today, I love it :D The art is wonderful and the washi and stickers you used are sooo cute :) Thank you for brightening my day :) Happy swapping!
Chickenmama rated for CM & HOI: Free Theme ATC! on Mar 30, 2023
Comment: Thanks soooo much!! I love love it!! It is so cute!! Have a great weekend!! Stacey
AnDark rated for AnDark & HOI: Tea Swap! on Mar 23, 2023
Comment: Thanks a lot for the two envelopes with lovely teas. I’m going to enjoy these so much. Thanks for doing a private swap with me!
lefroggy rated for OO: Dream Journal Postcards #2 on Mar 21, 2023
Comment: thank you for the postcard and for telling me about your dream. :)
Comment: perfect choice! I love it!! thank you soooo much :)
Allegrae rated for Dr Phil Extravaganza! on Mar 16, 2023
Comment: OMG, you've outdone yourself! I love the shrink dink "shrink" and Robin. I can't wait to glue the magnets and pop them on the fridge. I think you have an Etsy shop in the making! Thanks for hosting. Your envie will go out in a few days.
Response: This is the sweetest rating ever! There are no words for how excited I am for these to become magnets. You actually inspired me to do shrinky dink magnets for a friend as a housewarming gift... truly a changing day in my life!
Comment: Thank you for the amazing postcard! Mister Rime on a Christmas-y paper was such a nice contrast! ⭐
Response: I am happy beyond words that Mr Rime tap danced safely all the way to Italy. Thank you for the heart! :)
Rayeyey rated for Surprise me with your favorite Tea on Mar 13, 2023
Comment: Thank you for lovely tea and extras :) I love your postcards!!
Response: I am happy to hear you liked everything. Enjoy the tea!
Wanda rated for SP: Spring Doodle Postcard on Mar 11, 2023
Comment: Lisa, your doodle is so cute and so neatly drawn! πŸβ˜€οΈπŸŒΈπŸžπŸŒΌπŸ¦‹πŸŒΊπŸ‡πŸŒΈπŸ₯Thank you for the drawing, for decorating the back of the postcard and the beautiful trees postcard! I love it all. 😊❀️
Response: Im very happy to hear that you liked it, I had a lot of fun with it! I hope to host more doodle postcards in the future. Thank you for participating and thank you for the heart! Happy Spring!
mdrogge rated for Dictionnaire Infernal ATC on Mar 10, 2023
Comment: I love it!
Response: I'm so happy to hear! Thank you for the heart! :)
Chickenmama rated for Private! $5 Wishlist Surprise on Mar 10, 2023
Comment: Thanks so much for the chicken washi!! I love it!! It's so cute!! ❀️ Hugs, Stacey
Response: I'm glad you liked it! ❀️ Hope you make good use of it :)
JessicaPariah rated for Decryption Challenge on Mar 10, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the cryptic letter! I haven't decoded it yet, but I wanted to make sure you knew it arrived quickly and safely and looks wonderful! I can't wait to sit down with it this weekend and figure out my message! Thanks for organizing such a unique swap!
Response: Ahhh! Let me know if you make progress on it! It was so much fun to write out (and by fun, I mean it hurt my hand really bad but it was worth it!)
Macw1975 rated for SP: Happy Postcard Swap #1 on Mar 8, 2023
Comment: Thank you. It was a happy postcard indeed!!!
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! :)
Net3811 rated for True Crime Letter on Mar 8, 2023
Comment: Lisa, your letter was amazing! I was absolutely riveted to the page.
Response: This comment made me so happy to read! I really struggled with how to structure the letter because of all of the blunders in how the case was handled, and I am glad it worked out! I'm definitely obsessed with this case, so feel free to message me if you want any links to videos about it lmao, the Dateline episode on YT is pirated so it's labeled incorrectly (and also really crazily edited, which only adds to the fun I think)
dvmac rated for Dang That Postcard's Kinda Effed Up on Mar 7, 2023
Comment: Dang, that postcard was really effed up!! Oddly enough, the one I sent involved an animal's demise. At least mine was self-inflicted and not murder. Lol. Thanks for the swap
Response: I am so glad this card went to someone else who sent an animal demise card, which is not something I ever thought I'd type, hahaha. Thank you for participating and for the heart!
Comment: hilarious! mine wasn't as funny, lol
Response: We'll have to see what happens next time, bwahaha. Thank you for taking part!

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Chickenmama on Feb 21, 2023:

Thanks so much for the awesome RAK!! I love it all and it is all awesome!! A great package to get! Can''t wait to try the tea!! I love coconut!! Stamps are always great to have! Love the washi!! Cute note card!! Thanks again!! Hugs, Stacey

addieixmarie on Feb 20, 2023:

LOL!! How am I just seeing the comment you left on my profile?! I am laughing so hard XD I love it so much LMAO

feverfawn on Feb 14, 2023:

Oh how time flies when you're...having fun...

Nicollcia on Feb 3, 2023:

Thank you for purchasing an item from my Amazon wishlist! I love these stamps, will be perfect for my travel journal πŸ₯°

wolfeagle on Jan 8, 2023:

Thank you for the BigFoot postcard. That is a cool die!

feverfawn on Dec 31, 2022:

Hope you have a great NYE & a Happy New Year!
Here's to 2023 - sure to be a great year of swapping!

wolfeagle on Dec 24, 2022:


Byn0604 on Nov 24, 2022:


Byn0604 on Sep 11, 2022:

Oh my word, I hope you are managing to stay dry right now. That flooding looks very scary.

ccmmsu on Sep 6, 2022:


Thank you so much for angeling the Medusa ATC swap for me and for being such an awesome host in general! I love her. And thank you for all the amazing foreign stamps. They are so cool! You ROCK!

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