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I reuse packaging.

I would like to ask everyone to rate me after a swap is received.. I need to contact many people who haven't rated me yet.. I put a lot of effort and money in my swaps, so a rating would be very great! If you haven't received a swap from me around 4 weeks after end date, please contact me! I always send out my swaps and I'm not a flaker, but packages come all the way from Belgium and it can take some time. Thank you!


I am Sharon Verbeeck from Herentals - Belgium. I'm born on the 27th of July 1985. I have been swapping for a long time now. I haven't been around much here lately, but I will start again with joining some swaps from time to time.

![this is me](https://scontent-b-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/54522710151260622687983474881439_n.jpg"This is me!")

I have 2 dogs (French Bulldog called Xena and a Shiz-Tzu called Laïka). I love think with something with the breed of a Bulldog on. French or English.

A while ago I runned my own online store with cute/kawaii product in it. But I temporarely needed to quit due the lack of time. I have a lot of stock left. So if someone wants to swap, I'm you contact! ;-)

I like...


Also Look down for my Wanted list!

  • Wax Melts, Tarts, ... Anything to scent my home. This is a new hobby of me. :-) I'm also looking for people who want to destash their wax melts, I'm willing to pay if you do not wish to trade.
  • Fragrance oils to make my own Wax Tarts
  • Soy Wax, Bee Wax: antything to make wax tarts or handmade cosmetics
  • Personalised things with my name: stickers, box, address-labels, ...
  • Cute Jewelry: self-made or anything with strass
  • Books: true stories, spiritual books, psychological books, gardening, health books, do-it-yourself books (cosmetics, natural,..) ...
  • Cosmetics: handmade, natural, bodylotions, scrubs, lipbalm,... Not used!
  • Storage box(es)
  • Anything for my home-interior: cottage style
  • Decorate books: chalk paint, re-use of furniture,...
  • Flower Seeds
  • Cute/Kawaii goodies: stickers, notebooks, pens, ...
  • Cute cooking material
  • Food/Candy
  • Craft material: scrapbooking

I dislike...


  • Fake Kawaii Goodies: Diddl, Disney, Nici
  • Japanese Anime figures
  • Mini loose Memosheets
  • Old, Unusefull Things that you even don’t want to receive (old book pages, broken things, old stickers, …)
  • Homemade stationery (self-printed)
  • Religious Things (things with easter, Christmas,…)
  • Holiday Stickers! (Easter, Christmas, halloween,...)
  • Tea and Coffee (I only like powder tea that tastes sweet or green tea sometimes)
  • Old and Boring Notecards
  • Old and not nice crafting materials like: plain buttons, scrapbooking material that nobody wants to use,..
  • Plain pencils, erasers, notebooks, …
  • Memopads or notebooks with blank pages
  • Postcards
  • Non-Cute Bookmarks
  • Folded things

Favorite Television

I like horror movies, True Happened Stories, docu's or movies about paranormal things, comedy's, action movies, cartoons,...

Soaps: CSI based TV shows, X-Files, All Saints Hospital, Medical Investigation, ...

Games: I like every game except sports ;)

Favorite Crafts

  • Crafting with PenPal Letters
  • scrapbooking (beginner)
  • 3D Card making (sometimes)
  • Origami (when it's simple enough haha)
  • I want to learn crochet and knitting and felting
  • Lucky Stars

Pending Swaps (tags & Personal

These are the swaps I still need to receive/send and I'm looking out for :) (To keep track of my swaps)


Sending to: All sent out ^_^

WANTED list!!

Things I'm looking for now and you could do a huge favor with them! These deserve a heart when added to my package!!!:

  • Wax Melts or home fragrance stuff
  • Large Make-Up Bag because my stash is still growing and I don't have bag's enough..
  • Syrups like maple syrup
  • Weight Watchers Snacks (don't need to be WW brand, just low points or calories and fat)
  • Strass jewelry
  • large/wide decotape for packagings
    • Body and Beauty products (lotions, shampoo, balsem, eyeliner, lipgloss, eyeshadow, soap, groomings tools, health/diet products, ...) No samples or used. I prefer homemade, but doesn't matter if it's factory made.
  • Cute Socks (European size 39) (fuzzy, wool, funny, cute, homemade,...)
  • Something personalized with my name on :-)
  • Amigurumi or something kawaii self-made
  • Kawaii bags (totebags, ziplock bags, cello bags,...)
  • Something to organize my stationery or kawaii goodies
  • Deco petit Decotape or deco-tape in such corrector thingies :)
  • BENTO (never got one, can't get my hands on these here)
  • Nice or Cute wallet
  • Cute Birthday Calendar or Address Book
  • Cute notebook or diary
  • Things to keep my feet free from blisters :( I'm into pumps right now and all I have is blisters :p
  • Some home decoration: Cottage style

Who want's to angel these?

This is my list of Swaps that I have been flaked on. I'm looking for angels for the following swaps. If you can angel them I would be very Thankful! I will also mention you on my profile personally as my thank you! And if you wish, I can rate you for the angelling!

Bontkwagga Flaked on me for the Your Swap Partner's First Name (http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/16913) My own swap :s

rbeforee Flaked on me for the Quick Stuff Swap V swap (http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/15314)

**Fandrea*** Fill a Box Swap #2 (http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/16615) Swap apparantly got lost and she doens't want to angel :(

IHeartSwap Pick 2 Swap - ♥ grabbag of cute erasers, stickers, friendship bracelets, etc. ♥ some specialty papers grab bag

Wonderfull Swappers!

scottishlass angelled Quick Stuff Swap V ! Thank You!

Kimbeewa angelles the Kawaii Surprise 4 swap (Miau8 flaked on): http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/15764 - Thank you! I love the large decotape!

Coolbaker5 Angelled the Newbies Only/Backwards swap and the decotape swap! Thank you!

MissU angelled Decotape6#, Bulk StickersSwap and Kawaii Surprise Swap International 2#. Thank you you are W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L !!!

SweetHappyChick angelled Cute Kawaii Stationery/Stickers Swap #3 http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/8205

LizzyBlack Surprise from my profile (flaked by katielouise) Angelled by LizzyBlack http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/11641

Mims Angelled: Kawaii StickerSheet Swap (flaked on by Gummie) http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/12855

PattyCakes She angeled the Disney Swap for me! And she has send me several wonderfull swaps!

MissThundercat! She angeled the KawaiiMommy Tag You're It - Cinnamoroll Spiral notebook

JustMeTh81- She angeled the cute stickersheets Swap that FaerieGoddess flaked on!

LittleRed angelled my Stickersheets swap 1#. I got flaked by FG again. Thank you!

lilkye angelled the sorta quicky stationery swap (her own swap) because inspirazione flaked on me. Thank you!

kiki angelled the following swap that I got flaked by FaerieGoddess: I collect - Something Sweet Kawaii Thank you I loved everything!

creativemisfit angelled the 'New year goodie Bag' that Inspirazione flaked on! Thank you I loved it!

Private Swaps

I'm lately more into private swapping because I sometimes get so many unwanted things in return and the stash is growing lol :)

What can I swap?:

  • Stickers: loose or sheets (I have boxes full of them)
  • Loose Kawaii memo sheets
  • Kawaii stuff
  • Stationery
  • Wax Melts: Scentchips, Hotties
  • Belgian Candy
  • Cosmetics
  • ...

If you are interested please contact me ;)


kawaiirene rated for No-Spending Swap VI on Nov 24, 2008
Comment: Thank you! :)
missheili rated for Quick Stuff VII on Nov 18, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the lovely Stickers!! :)
Comment: Thankyou :o)
Pookledo rated for Quick Stuff VII on Nov 18, 2008
Comment: Lovely!
Comment: Thanks for the sock yarn!
Comment: thanks
Comment: Thanks so much for the stickers
Comment: Thank you sooo much for hosting this swap and sending me this very kawaii package. ^ - ^ Love everything, especially those erasers!
kacka rated for No-Spending Swap VI on Nov 7, 2008
Comment: thank you for the goodies
Malinka rated for hello kitty for you and me on Nov 4, 2008
Comment: haha i got confused because i also received something from you for the profile surprise! i was wondering why you sent me two packages, and i just realised that you had me for two swaps! sorry i didn't rate sooner.
missheili rated for Random Goodies #2 on Oct 27, 2008
Comment: thanks soo much for the lovely package Sharon! :) I loved it all alot!!
peanutbutter rated for Profile Surpise on Oct 23, 2008
Comment: thanks for the awesome package! i loved it all =)
Comment: thanks for the package! i really like the bag :)
AliceInHorrorland rated for $5 Sanrio Surprise #3 on Oct 6, 2008
Comment: Thanks a lot^^
eiko rated for :: Kawaii Sticker Sacks :: on Oct 1, 2008
Comment: thank you for the sticker sack & extras ^-^
jaravee rated for Generic kawaii is cute too *INT* on Sep 30, 2008
Comment: Thank you! I love everything!
lynnemcf rated for No-Spending Swap V on Sep 30, 2008
Comment: Thankyou so much for the lovely package.
secretgirl rated for Five cute stationary items on Sep 10, 2008
Comment: Sharon, thanks for this swap, and for the extra sticker!
MARY rated for Re-gifting swap on Sep 6, 2008
Comment: Thanks so much for the things you sent! I love the gel pens,the crochet hook, and am looking forward to sharing the stickers and the postcard with my granddaughters.

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