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Country: United Kingdom
Reptile lovers group on Swapbot :)

About Me

My name's Itti, I'm from the UK, I live in Edinburgh. My hobbies include drawing, painting, swimming, photography, bouldering, puzzles, board games, walking by the river and making lists. I live with my partner who is Portuguese. I am learning Portuguese too because he speaks English so well, I want to speak his language too. I keep two leopard geckos and my favourite countries to visit are Denmark and Japan.

🦎 Please check out my reptile/amphibian group on Swap-bot if that's something you're interested in too :) 🦎

Other things I like

A short list to give you inspiration

  • I like bright colours (think bright rainbow or deep jewel tones). I also like blacks and greys. I am not keen on pastels but I do like earthy and natural tones. I really don't like pink.
  • I keep leopard geckos and I like seeing things with any kind of gecko on
  • I like trees, plants and nature. I like things made of wood and things with leaves on.
  • Anything 'zen' or 'soothing' or 'hygge'. I need more calm in my life :)


The idea of getting back into tea swaps is partly what made me come back to Swapbot, so here's a bit about my tastes:

  • I like black tea and white tea best. Black tea flavoured with a fruit is one of my favourite things - Bigelow and Twinings both do some great options. I like rose and floral flavours as well.
  • I also just discovered the Dilmah exceptional range through swapping. The "rose with French vanilla" is lovely, would love some more of that if you've got any to hand!
  • I don't mind green and fruit teas as well but I don't drink them as often which means I have a bit of a backlog, so that's why I'd prefer white or black tea.
  • If you do send me fruit tea, I like "orange/yellow" flavours (orange, mango, peach, lemon) more than "red/purple" ones. I don't like raspberry or cranberry much in fruit tea ("black tea with raspberry" is nice though!), but I do like strawberry. There are lots of others that I like too though and I would love to try new ones so a bunch of new flavours to try is very welcome! Oh yes, and if it's a bigger swap I don't mind getting a couple of the same flavour - then I can try one and keep one for later!
  • The only 'pure' black teas I can think of that I don't like are Pu-er and Lapsang souchong as they both have a very strong smoky flavour.
  • No cinnamon, cherry, banana, fennel, aniseed, ginger or liquorice please.

Arts and Crafts

A lot of what I swap here on Swap-bot is ATCs, mail art and Zentangles. I like creating a miniature artwork and sending it off in the post. I always try to do my best to create something that will bring joy to both me and my partner.

I've created an instagram account to share my art and swaps. I'll post the link here when there's a bit more content - you are welcome to message me to ask for it before that, I'll happily follow back.

Other things I swap include zines and postcards - both handmade and the shop-bought kind.


I like most things really so if there's something you personally think is really awesome or would love to get yourself, feel free to surprise me!

However, there are just a few things I can think of that I wouldn't like to get:

  • I am not Christian so please don't send me anything religious. Secular or non-denominational Christmas cards are fine, it's not such a religious holiday here as it is in the US & a lot of people including me celebrate it secularly.
  • I don't like coffee; cherry and licorice flavours make me feel ill.
  • Please don't send me postcards as a profile surprise unless the postcards specifically fit my profile. Especially don't send me blank tourist postcards from somewhere I don't live - I would never use them.

Swapping stuff

I have been flaked a number of times (some angeled, some not) and I have angeled a bunch of times as well. However, I recently removed this info to clean up my profile a bit and because it was mostly quite old (from before my 7-year swap-bot break).


dancingtiger rated for UKPP: RAINBOW SERIES - GREEN on Jul 30, 2021
Comment: great card again- thank you. There is a 2nd part to the swap though.
Response: Oops, and I even reminded my partner of this last round too! Green things I like include snake plants, succulents, air plants, forest landscapes, frogs, day geckos, a dinosaur plushie that I have, spinach, chives and tenderstem broccoli. Sorry for forgetting to put it on the card!
georgiafae rated for AMA: Fish Shaped Postcards on Jul 27, 2021
Comment: Your brightly colored rainbow fish "swam" into my mailbox today and I was thrilled! Very colorful and happy. Thanks for swapping with me! Fun to get something so far away from me! Take care and stay safe!
Response: So glad you liked it, I had a lot of fun making that one! 😄
Comment: Hello Itti, thank you very much for you beautiful PC! The tangled theme is awesome! ^.^ I'm stunned! - The weather is the same, here in Germany and it's actually far too hot for my taste... ^^° Yours, Maxi
Response: 🥰 So glad you liked it! I have to get out of the house when it's too hot, luckily there's usually a breeze here which makes it better.
Comment: Thank you for my zentangle postcard! It turned out great! :)
Response: Thank you, I'm so glad you liked it!
kafekafe rated for I would join this swap if... on Jul 16, 2021
Comment: I'm so tired of all swaps being on swap-bot! It's 2021 for god's sake!
Response: :D I know, right?!?
dancingtiger rated for UKPP: RAINBOW SERIES - YELLOW on Jul 13, 2021
Comment: lovely card- interesting Zentangle- thank you Itti
Response: Thank you, and thanks for the heart!
oceanofclouds rated for I would join this swap if... on Jul 11, 2021
Comment: LOL! Your comment made me laugh. Can you believe EVERY ONE is on Swapbot? It's wild! I think we need to find somewhere else to swap. Thanks for the laugh :)
Response: Glad to raise a giggle 😄
sebastian122 rated for I would join this swap if... on Jul 11, 2021
Comment: When you find somewhere else to swap, let us know! It's been a lifelong dream of mine. Well, maybe not *life long* but the past few minutes have been focused on it, so that has to count.
Response: Haha, thank you!
Minxy1964 rated for UKCA: Zentangle Book Mark on Jul 6, 2021
Comment: Gorgeous bookmark, very colourful with some really nice Tangles. Thank you xx
Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it! 😄
user6937 rated for AAA: Challenge #1 Snowflakes on Jul 4, 2021
Comment: Finally got this (host already angeled it) - it's a very nice ATC; I appreciate you sending to me :)
Response: Sorry again for not sending at the time, I just got completely overwhelmed :( Thank you for understanding and for updating your rating, and I'm glad you liked it now that you (finally) got it.
Comment: thank you, it was postage stamped mark March 6 ? ? ? I absolutely hate to give a 3
Response: Hi, I posted in the evening of March 3 (which was late and I contacted you about it). Don't know why it wasn't stamped until March 6 except that I've been staying with my parents who do live in a little village in the countryside?
Comment: Thank you for the postcard! Good luck with the embroidery. I haven't tried it yet but I might if I can get better glasses for the tiny work! Blessings
Response: You are very welcome. Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Thank you for the postcard! I love the artwork. Happy Spring!
Response: I'm glad you liked it. Thank you :)
MarieS rated for Tea Tuesday #2 on Feb 25, 2021
Response: This should not be a 1. I sent on time but it was returned to me saying recipient not at this address. At that point my partner (Marie) had been offline for a month and there was a comment on the swap from *her* partner saying she never received anything. So I thought I would wait till she came back to swap-bot before resending so I could check what was wrong with the address. She later did return and contact me, so I re-sent her swap (she said to use the same address). That was Nov 2019. I thought all was well until suddenly Feb 2021 she rated me a 1 with no communication. I messaged her afterwards to offer to send her parcel a third time but I got no reply and it seems she has since deleted her account.
Comment: Thanks ever so much for the postcard. I'm guessing Stirling and the City of Westminster? This was a fun challenge to do and I haven't looked anything up :D
Response: Yes! You got them right - well done 😄
Comment: Hello! Thank you for the cute postcard and special thanks for the beautiful stamps! Good health and a wonderful year to you!
Response: You're very welcome. Thank you for the rating! 😊
Comment: Hi Itti, loved your card, thank you! Best wishes
Response: Glad you liked it! Thanks for the rating 🥰
Casmi rated for UK Christmas card/postcard swap on Jan 1, 2021
Comment: LOL! THAT is what was missing from my Christmas - mulled anything!
Response: 😄
craftynut rated for UK Christmas card/postcard swap on Dec 22, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card and quotes. They are both so true as well. Merry Christmas to you.
Response: You're very welcome. Have a great Christmas!
Comment: Thank you for the fantastic card and the little inserts :-) I haven't read those books so will look them up, thank you! Did you get snow? Have a fantastic Christmas!
Response: Have a great Christmas yourself. Thanks for the rating!

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Mindy82671 on Dec 30, 2019:

Hey girl! I just popped the CPG Snowflake ATC in the mailbox. I’m curious how long it will take to get to you all the way from the USA. Happy New Year🎉

farangelinan on Dec 5, 2019:

Happy Profile - Winter

When i think of winter, this comes to mind - husky sleds!

Happy Holidays! 🎄🎆

cmalaina on Dec 4, 2019:

Happy Profile Winter Swap

cmalaina on Dec 4, 2019:

Happy Profile- Winter


WhimsyEcoBug on Aug 2, 2019:

Reptiles with fruit on their heads!

after searching for a couple hours, I could not find a photo that would copy to here, so here's some Lizards eating food. hope it'll still work

dabellaraquella on Aug 6, 2014:

Hi there! Hope you are fairing well! I am doing a clean out of Tea is Love group and when you want to get back into swapping please PM me for an invite back to our group!


TC on Mar 1, 2014:

Hi Itti, you've been removed from FOPS due to your lengthy absence from SB. If you become active here again and want to rejoin the group, just send me a PM. Hope all is well with you. :)

scottishrosefaerie on May 18, 2013:

Thank you for the teas you sent for Tag Through the Alphabet!

SabrinaDeeBerry on Apr 29, 2013:

Wishing you a happy spring ♡

MichelleWillow on Mar 30, 2013:


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