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HAPPY NEWS on the dash tonight. My 1 is GONE!! I am literally jumping for joy about this. Getting a 1 made me want to stop swapping. Dramatic I know, but man, bone-crushing to see that. Weight lifted to have that changed and know that my swap partner received her package.

The 3 I earned - completely and irrevocably. I was so focused on the painting that I created for the swap that I wasn't paying attention to the requirements of the swap and sent to the host in a plain envelope.

I live in the middle of nowhere and I am finding more and more that it is imperative to give my mail time to make it to where it's postmarked - not here in the town I live, apparently. So I am trying to send out well before the deadline to avoid issues with this.

PLEASE let me know if you are missing something. I am always happy to resend swaps that don't look like they are going to show up. Thanks so much for visiting my profile

I love all things art!! About 4 years ago I got back into Zentangle. I let it push me beyond the things I thought I could do and I am so happy that I committed to making art and believing in my talents. These days I am not Zentangling all that much but I AM drawing, painting, collaging, lots of wonderful art making and feeling confident in my creations.

For my day job I am a pediatric mental health therapist (clinical social worker) in Nevada. Opening my own agency and serving the children in these rural areas has been the highlight of my life thus far. I have two dogs that I absolutely adore - they are super active so they keep me going!! I also have a flock of chickens that I am frequently adding and subtracting from. My dad and I "trade" chickens as I am a vegetarian and wouldn't hurt a spider (literally) and he is a farmer that doesn't buy meat at the store. Win-Win All my chickens have names and one in particular follows me around and calls for me when she's getting hungry. She also comes when I call her. It's SO funny and makes my day!


I am a lover of colors! As a watercolorist I get to explore pigments and mix up some amazing shades from the world around me. Rainbows and happy, bright colors are the best. I tend to lean towards turquoise, pink and purple - but, truly, I LOVE colors!! I don't know that there is a color that I would say I don't like.

I like inspirational quotes - especially handwritten little art pieces. Botanical Line Drawings, florals, fun characters - any artistic endeavor or watercolor paintings/prints/postcards are awesome!

I make ATCs here and there as I have time to put my attention to it. I do some paper crafting and spend the bulk of my creative time using watercolor and pens to create handmade postcards for swapping. I like getting vintage ephemera, paint chips and samples of watercolor or other interesting papers.

I have had lots of changes in my life in the last year - who hasn't, right!!?? I have almost entirely stopped watching TV since my boyfriend's schedule is the opposite of my own. We aren't often home together in the evening so it's not as fun to watch movies and TV. Instead I usually paint/draw/listen to Audible/watch tutorials on YouTube.

I love to cook vegetarian meals, bake homemade bread (the smell?!?! oh my!) grow things (houseplant addict over here) and spend time with my friends and my pets - and sometimes my family. But honestly - art and swapping are my two favorite past times currently.

Let me see - what else. Social Work is my passion. I wholeheartedly believe in giving of myself to all those I meet. Even a warm smile and nice word can brighten someone's day. The kids I work with are usually the ones who have been left by every person that was "supposed" to love them and keep them safe. That can be hard to witness at times. Not being able to make things better for them is one of the most challenging parts of my job.

I am spiritual but definitely not religious. I am big into the "mystical" (I can't really think of any other way to put it) and I am a GIANT tree hugger.

Favorite Books

currently reading The Traitor Son Cycle by Miles Cameron. I am on the second book of 5 but the narrator changes in the 3rd book so I might not finish the whole series. The first 2 books have been good though. We are slated to read Sorrowland for the Sunshine Happy Mail group so I will likely move to that when I finish this one

Stephen King is my favorite author. I wouldn't say that I am typically a horror person. I am easily spooked, but King's writing style is phenomenal ...so, yeah, I love him!!

I have an hour long commute to and from work, so I am an avid Audible listener. I have also been listening to books while I paint in the evenings and have been averaging 3 books a week (seems insane to me but I am reading much more than I am watching TV these days!)

This year I finished the Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski. A recommendation from my little brother. Excellent series. Some of the other books I have read in the past year include: The Queen's Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner; the Ian Ruttledge crime drama by Charles Todd; the King's Lake crime drama and spin off by Peter Grainger; Det. Finnegan Beck's series by Michael Scanlon and some of the Maisie Dobbs books by J. Windspear. I also revisited the Cormoran Strike novels written by JK Rowling's pseudonym, Robert Galbraith. The 5th novel in this series was released so I read them all again and then the 5th.

Hard to say what my very favorite books are. The Stand is my all time favorite story. I also love a well written series where you can follow characters for more than one book. - Narnia books; The Time Quartet, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; Hunger Games -


I had to add some things as I have found in my first year as a Swap-Bot swapper that there are some things I don't like that I wouldn't have necessarily thought of before.

I prefer not to receive teacher/reward/kiddie stickers. If they come on a roll, I don't really have a use for them. I don't have kids and prefer a more grown up aesthetic. Foam stickers get a thumbs down from me as well. I don't use catalog/magazine cutouts or random photos of things in your life (Polaroids or vintage photos are an exception). If you use those things in your handmade PCs I don't mind at all. I just don't need them for myself.

No food or tea/coffee please. I have specific stuff I eat and drink and probably won't drink the tea that gets sent my way.

I don't like creepy, dark stuff. And don't like anything that's hateful, based on bigotry or superiority.

I don't really like adult cartoons. I would say I don't like crude humor, but I am not sure that's what you call it. I love Step Brothers the movie, don't like American Dad and King of the Hill stuff.

ABC of Me

Saw this on a couple of profiles and thought it would be fun. Allows some prompts to help give ideas of things that I like and/or that I would enjoy receiving should you be looking for ideas. bold for faves {work in progress}

A: huge animal lover; art; ATCs; astrology; Amazon and Audible; Americana decor; Australian accents; argyle; authenticity

B: books; (old) book pages; best friends; botanical art (drawings, stickers, etc); bravery; berries; (my) backyard; board games; bees

C: cussing; cooking; chickens (alive!); cuddling; Corgis; old country music; (actual) cowboys; children; COFFEE (so much coffee); card games; cactus

D: dogs (especially my own); dreams; the desert; dinosaurs; dancing; dolphins

E: ephemera. vintage especially; elephants; eggs; Earth; energy fields; envelopes; empowering others

F: frogs; fish; farmhouse aesthetic; festivals; flames; friends; fruit; folk/indie music; funny people

G: girls (we rock!); ginger; glass; galaxy theme; getting lost with someone I love; gerbera daisies

H: herbs; healthy food; horses; home; helping others

I: indigenous tribes; ink; imagination; ivy

J: journaling; joking around;

K: knights; Kratom; kites;

L: lily flower; learning; laughter; leaving work early; life, love and light {borrowed this from a fellow swapper because it was such a wonderful answer and definitely applies to me!}

M: Mexican food; masks (beauty kind); mentoring other therapists/interns; Mason jars; maps; mysteries; melon; movies

N: nature and a natural aesthetic; nests; narwhals; never give up outlook; (finger) nail wraps/polish strips

O: organ donor; owls; origami; oceans; opportunities; outer space; ocean animals (minus realistic great whites, this scares me)

P: pebbles; Primitive stuff; postage that's unique; Plants

Q: quiet times in the morning before the dogs get out of bed; questions; quirky sayings

R: rain and rainbows; rebels; robots (cute kind as well as functional housecleaning kind) Rooster (and chicken) home decor

S: stickers; sunsets (Nevada sunsets are incredible!!); sharing; Starbucks; Superman and other Superheroes; sloths; Subaru (have a new Crosstrek and I love it!!!)

T: therapeutic everything (I love learning about, talking about, engaging in - I love everything about being a therapist); turtles

U: underwater things; upcycling; Unicorns; underappreciated little pleasures of everyday life; the Universe as a living entity that is constantly responding to all the stimuli/energy that is life

V: vast spaces; vintage everything

W: warm water, warm clothes out of the dryer, warm bread - WARM ANYTHING :) the Spirit of the West; weekends; women; whales

X: X-MEN; XCITEMENT; X-tra special surprises

Y: yellow; yelling (it's fun sometimes); Yosemite NP

Z: Zentangle; zen feelings; zero bullshit


4Friends rated for SCATTS - T - ROUND 8 - US ONLY on Oct 25, 2021
Comment: Great answers
Comment: Thank you very much for this wonderflu swap Kristi :) I love the stickers and the cards are very pretty too ♥️
Disneydezi rated for Totally Inappropriate PC Swap on Oct 24, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the PC!
Comment: Thank you for the nice postcard. It made me hungry for white chocolate. Also thank you for sharing your list of annual events with me.
Comment: Thank you for the great melon mail! I like how the cutted layers add up the depth of the image. I never ate a cantaloupe. It's not super common here. So I've mistaken it for a pumpkin at the first glance. Oops. But it's the same plant family. :)
sherylk3 rated for PH: List 5 Series - Favorite Scents on Oct 18, 2021
Comment: Yes, baked bread and vanilla are favs of mine too :)
Comment: It's beginning to get cold where I live too. Definitely time to get out the hat and mittens. Ugh. I miss summertime! xo
HappyMom rated for SCATTS - S - ROUND 8 - US ONLY on Oct 17, 2021
Comment: The seal is so cute! Great answers, as always!
Comment: I loved the answers and the card! Radishes were our only duplicates - Thanks for swapping with me :)
CookieMomster78 rated for PA: Summer Love on Oct 16, 2021
Comment: This sea turtle is theeee most wonderful and amazing mail I could imagine. I love it. Thank you so much!
MsBellaDonna rated for Book you Like PC #4 on Oct 16, 2021
Comment: "The Alienist" has been in my TBR pile for far too long! I've been so busy with so much lately that I haven't had time to really sit down with a book. :( Hopefully things will calm down so I can relax a bit. xo
Response: That's so awesome!! I hope you get to read it. It was really good.
Comment: I dressed up as a pirate wench one year at work and it was so much fun! And you gotta admire those ladies who could hold their own with the men! Thanks for sharing! xo
Response: We have much in common!! Thanks for the heart. I will see you in the mailbox <3
Pupullona rated for SSM: Sunshine Happy Mail #20 on Oct 15, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much! I absolutely love my sunshine happy mail :)
Chelle rated for Floral Themed Mail on Oct 14, 2021
Comment: Thank you!
MellowOda rated for SSM: THEMED Handmade PC - MAPS on Oct 13, 2021
Comment: WOW! I love the card you made! It's so creative & beautiful (and thanks for the extras included)! And the envelope was a perfect touch! That's a lot of exclamation points, but I just really enjoyed this swap. lol
Response: Oh man - I am a serial exclamation user so I love it!! I am so happy you like it. Sorry it was delayed...but in the end it worked out. Hope to swap again.
mchesser12 rated for SSM: Sunshine Happy Mail USA #4 on Oct 13, 2021
Comment: Never tired of swapping with you!! Thank for the notecard, stickers, and postcard. I tell myself to slow down with Swap Bot. But I'm truly addicted :)
Response: I know the feeling! I am always like...ok, don't sign up, don't sign up...crap, I signed up. hahahaha Thanks so much for the rating and heart. I will see you in the mailbox! It's great having you in my swaps.
Jjean rated for EPUSA : Halloween ATC on Oct 13, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the cute ATC....Hope all is good ...
Response: Oh thank goodness!! I was freaking out a little that it got lost (SO much lost mail recently) and it was super cute. I am glad you liked it. Mom's still healing up. Thanks so much.
Aseret25 rated for SCATTS - Q - ROUND 8 - US ONLY on Oct 12, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the postcard and your answers - I've never had a quince either. I just googled it, and it doesn't sound like something I'd want to try - it says that it's super tart!
Response: I haven't heard good things hahaha Thanks so much for the rating and heart
SkaGirl rated for Vocabulary Postcard #1 on Oct 8, 2021
Comment: Thank you! I love interesting words and I will definitely be walking around using eudaemonia :)
Comment: Thanks for the fun facts about crayons postcard - very appropriate for this swap! I wish more of my students would have extra erasers. I make sure to purchase more than enough every year. I probably give out five a day.

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fairypretty7 on May 14, 2021:

Thank you for the surprise mail, absolutely love the bits and pieces, they will go well in my mixture of journals.

traceyj on Mar 14, 2021:

Hi Kristi,

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Pi Day! and thank you for joining my swap!

pie time

Jillemina on Jan 12, 2021:

I just saw your comment on my page. Message me your address and I'd love to swap Nevada stories! Thanks for the invite to the group. I will definitely look at it!

wolfeagle on Dec 30, 2020:


Heirloom on Dec 24, 2020:

CookieMomster78 on Nov 26, 2020:

You have been one of the lights in a seemingly dark world.

postmarkd on Nov 20, 2020:

Aha thank you for being my first comment!! I signed up last year but have really only been active since August. :P

I'm fine waiting for the third book because the first two were amazing - and you can't rush perfection! Have you read the Dresden files?? That's a long series that could keep you busy and entertained, it's amazing. Two books released this year (haven't read them yet) and apparently it's just heartbreak and brilliance!

&& I'm so glad you're enjoying the swap series!! Thank you for being a regular participant! Hopefully we get each other in future swaps. (I have you for the "Your State/Country Shape PC" and I can't wait to finish it for you!).

jannieb on Sep 12, 2020:

Thank you for the lovely compliments regarding my ATC's. That is so nice to hear. You put a big smile on my face :)

CookieMomster78 on May 30, 2020:

Happy First, My Lovely Swappin’ Friend!!!

MsBellaDonna on Mar 19, 2020:

Hi Kristi, I've been meaning to thank you for the wonderful Game of Thrones postcard you sent me - I love it! I have it on the refrigerator and it always brings me a (much needed!) smile... many "hearts" to you! Be safe and stay well - MsBellaDonna

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