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Date Joined: June 17, 2011
Last Online: February 22, 2012
Birthday: August 24
Country: United States

About Me

I live in deep south Texas, right on the southern most tip of our state, next to the Mexico border and on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. I was born and raised here - have only left for visits to other places.

I love to travel but don't have the resources or time for much of it at this stage of the game. Over the years I have traveled in the U.S. and made many trips into Mexico. I can get a thrill out of a 4 day weekend in Texas - we're such a big place and have lots to see and do, enough to keep me happy! lol

I work fulltime as a facilitator managing a hazardous material plant overseeing purchasing, production, and distribution - thus a woman in a man's world and I'm the queen bee! Love it although I long for retirement, allowing me time to do the fun things in life - those days are actually not too many years away!

I am a quilter and manage to find time to actively participate in 3 quilting bees and sometimes find time to attend meetings at our 2 different local guilds. I was previously a guild president and a quilt show chairman some years back - had the time of my life - but no time for such responsiblity now due to my demanding job and long hours I put in there. I love to piece and create quilt tops, turning my work over then to the quilters to do their magic. I also design and teach 'mystery' quilts - it's a lot of work but also a lot of fun for me. For years I have attended quilt classes, workshops, and retreats. I have a wonderful network of quilting friends.

I have absolutely no time for scrap booking, but have great respect for the creative work so many do. Some day I will have time for such - but for now it's impossible.

I love gardening - we have a small but pretty yard here in our neighborhood that my husband solely maintains and I get to add my input. lol I love blooming plants and flowers - what woman in her right mind doesn't? Hopefully will be able to put in a raised vegetable garden someday!

I have a very supportive husband. Without him I could not live the life I do. I am grateful for him and thankful for the years we have shared.

I love the color red - something about its strength and beauty is appealing to me. You see it in everything I have anything to do with, i.e. quilts, decor, wardrobe, etc. I don't however limit myself to just the color red. Being a quilter you have a palette of colors to work with. I gravitate to bold colors and scrappy quilts. I also believe every quilt needs at least a 'speck' of yellow in it - a MUST.

Speaking of color...when creating quilts I tend to use alot of bold colors, but I also enjoy working with and have great respect for the softness of pastels. I have a quilting room you can't work you way into right now - too much in it and need at least a week to get all the fabric, kits, and goodies organized again! That itch is really stirring in me needless to say!

I also love the Civil War reproduction fabrics. I am currently working on an Underground Railroad quilt at this time with a group of friends. I have a wonderful time collecting and sharing fabrics for such, researching the subject, and making the blocks for the quilt. I have 2 more quilts I plan to make with the Civil War reproduction fabrics.

I am a family person, very close to my brother and sister and their families. I am married to the love of my life and have 3 grown children, all living no further than 6 hours away - makes it nice. I am the grandmother of 4 with one more on the way (3 girls, 1 boy, and another grandson due in Sept.). My G.K. are the most beautiful, sweet, kind, and loving children I know- but aren't all of ours?

I am very much an animal lover. I grew up in the country in a small commuity. We always had a pet dog (or two) and a couple of cats. I now live in a small city and have 6 dogs (dachshunds and wannabes and one min pin of which most are rescue dogs). Our boys are Bandit, Itty Bitty, Lucky, Holdem, Scooter, and Dobe'. They each are very much a part of our family. We also have 1 cat, Rescue aka Ressy. My husband grew up on a true farm - and animals had their place - outside. It took less than our 1st year of marriage to change that train of thought! lol Four of our boys get to come in and 'visit' at times - and two live inside with us because as rescue dogs they were house raised.

I love sweets and candy (my weakness). I love chocolate, peanut butter, and nuts of all sorts in candy. I don't care for licorice or the sweet/sour gummy candy. Sending chocolate to south Texas during the summer months can be challenging as we are typically in the triple digits when it comes to temperatures down here.

I enjoy classical and country western music. I enjoy the oldies from 'my time' such as Eagles, Z Z Top, CCWR. I love country and western music.

I became a reader a year ago (I could read silly, just never had or made time for such). I enjoy novels. Nicolas Sparks is one of my favorite authors - think I've read all of his books. I've learned there are used book stores where you can buy and trade books from! And I have a Nook (gift from hubby), just haven't used it yet - silly me. That's simply because I have all these books to finish reading that I went out and purchased and want to finish those first!

I don't have time for much TV...but we are avid Dancing With the Stars followers. I also enjoy watching the Bachelorette (how funny is that of me). When I have time I also enjoy DIY, home cooking shows, mysteries, and investigative shows. My favorite movie is the Titanic.

My decor is mostly western with a touch of Mexico splashed here and there (and red). Friends have said I have quite a 'collection' of things. Hubby says he's not remodeling again, cause I'll just fill the place up with more 'stuff'. He knows me!

It doesn't take much to bring happiness to me and warm my heart. I've learned it's the little things in life that count. I now can be totally content sitting on the front porch or in our back yard with a glass of tea in hand chatting with hubby, family, friends, or neighbors - and just be peachy! I do however love a little spice now and then - nothing that changing that glass of tea to a margarita or vodka tonic can't do! lol


Comment: Thanks Laura, you did a beautiful job on this ornament. I love that the fabric has lights on it:) Thanks so much for taking the time to write a nice little note as well.
Response: You're welcome! Glad you like the quilted Christmas tree ornament! I hope it meets your deocr for Christmas and you can enjoy it through the holidays! Laura (Laurita)
Comment: Thank you - I love the Christmas tree. I quilt to, but I'm not very good at free motion quilting. Yours looks great.
Response: I am glad to know you received your card and the handmade Christmas tree ornament. It truly pleases me to know you appreicate my quilting. Enjoy it for years to come - I hope the color and style of ornament will meet your decorative requirements for your tree...and if not you can always put it on a bulletin board, hang it in a tiny place or do whatever with it over the holiday. Have a wonderful season. Laura
Comment: Thanks so much for the Texas things you sent !! Loved it all !!
Response: Thanks for the rating - I truly enjoyed shopping for and putting your Texas/Mexico package together! I was especially thrilled to learn you had traveled into Mexico and were studying the language - giving some of the items I chose for you (magnets and tostados) more appreciation than someone else might have. I also especially loved the Texas shapped noodles and Texas chili packet. Enjoy it all!
KathyB rated for Oodles of Noodles! on Sep 20, 2011
Comment: I loved your letter and map! The noodles are cool! I will have to sit down and write to you. Hopefully I can find a map to send to you!
Response: Hey girl....being from Texas you just know I had to send Texas shaped noodles - no doubt there! Glad you liked my idea of the 'intro letter' and map. Thanks for the quick rating! Looking forward to a note from you!
dlowewin rated for Something Special Home Made on Sep 7, 2011
Comment: What a fabulous table runner and coasters I love the colors. Thank you!
Response: Thanks for your rating (and heart). I am so glad your package finally arrived - I was worried. Colors were all you, based on your profile. Couldn't pass over the carrot fabric - it had to be made up into something for you! Enjoy.
sammylouise40 rated for Something Pretty on Sep 5, 2011
Response: Thank you for your rating for our SOMETHING PRETTY swap where we were to send $10.00 of items in the color red . I hope you enjoy the items I personally chose to fit your profile...8 decorative scrapbooking sheets of paper, 3 spools of decorative red ribbons, 1 packet of red sparkle embellishments for scrapbooking, your blank red lady bug card, and pair of red socks. It was definitely a fun swap.
veltheimia rated for August Birthday card and surprise on Aug 27, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the lovely package and birthday card you sent. I really love the bird fabric, a great choice since I wanted to start quilting myself very soon. Also thanks for the coffee! I hope you had a nice birthday too!
Response: I'm so glad my August birthday package for you reached you safely in the Netherlands! I'm glad you liked the bird fabric and coffee - items I thought you'd enjoy after studying your profile. Happy Birthday to you today! Thanks for the rating.
redsonthego rated for Cheer your partner up on Aug 19, 2011
Comment: Wow! What an Awesome package, Thanks Laura. It was more that I was exspecting. !!
Response: I truly enjoyed shopping for and putting your gift together. I think I nailed it as far as 'cheering your partner up"! I am glad you like your package...thought the Debbie Macomber book was a cute idea, especially with "Texas" in the title and me being from Texas. Have fun with it all.
heidiling rated for Cake Mix Box #2 on Aug 19, 2011
Comment: Thank you very much for the cake mix + the chocolates that you sent me - I think I will love it:) We already tried a few of the chocolates (nothing with peanutbutter lasts long in this home:)), and I can not wait to taste the cupcakes. thanks for concidering my all time favorite:)
Response: I had so much fun putting your package together - I could hardly wait for you to receive it! The mix is peanut butter cookies...and of course the Reece's peanut butter miniature candy to go in the center after they bake in the cupcake papercups! Right up your alley based on your profile...peanut butter & chocolate and anything in cupcakes! Have fun.
donetta rated for 1930's reproduction fabric swap #4 on Aug 16, 2011
Comment: Laura, your fabric choices are beautiful, and I'm thrilled to have them...thank you so much! And I love your note, along with the map; that's such a great idea! I have a feeling that we have had "opposite" summers: yours goes on and on, and here in Portland we've had about two weeks of 75 degree-plus weather!
Response: So glad you successfully received and like your 30's fabric fat quarters I chose for our 1930's REPRODUCTION FABRIC SWAP #4. I'm new to Swap-bot and to make my gifts more personal I began enclosing a note about myself and a map of where I'm from in all my packages to my swap partners. Thanks for the compliment. Wish I had some of that cool weather you're experiencing!
dreamitliveit rated for Ribbon Swap- Quick Turnaround on Aug 9, 2011
Comment: Lots of beautiful ribbons & thanks for the note! :) I don't know how it got to me so quickly!
Response: I had alot of fun with this swap - thus the quick mailing of it. Because of the fun I was having with the swap, I found myself compelled to add the extra ribbon for you. Since you like vintage items I decided to include some extra 'pretties' that I have purchased along my quilting journeys and wanted to share with you. Thought you could use them on your cards or such.
nicky33 rated for Make a Friend on Aug 5, 2011
Response: Thank you for promptly rating me. I had alot of fun with this swap and writing a letter to a new friend was exciting. I hope you found my letter interesting as well as informative about this regional area.
smilesalot7 rated for SOMETHING SEW PRETTY on Jul 30, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much I love it. You did a great job. wish I could take one of your classes LOL :o)
Response: Yeah - it arrived - and you love it! I am so happy that you do - I had a lot of fun making your quilted/appliqued Christmas tree wall hanging. The girls in the quilting bee class loved it - 26 were made last Tuesday night here in deep south Texas!
sandypoe rated for Christmas In July on Jul 28, 2011
Comment: Super--Super thanks for making me a perfect wall hanging for my kitchen.
Response: Glad you like it Sandy! Your quilted/appliqued apple wall hanging will have a twin as I am presently making myself one for my own kitchen!
geryle rated for Simple Square Swap 8 on Jul 25, 2011
Comment: Great fabric selection thank you!
Response: You're very welcome!
ZanjaHanekom rated for Simple Square Swap 8 on Jul 23, 2011
Comment: OH MY SACKOF NERVES!!!! These are all so gorgeous!!! I am totaly in love with them all!!!! Thank you for making time and effort to match to my profile, and actually go out and purchase fabrics. :D You get 10 <3's for this one!!!
Response: Iam so glad you finally received the package - the mail definitely took a long time reachng you overseas! Makes me feel good to know how much you like my selection for you! Enjoy!
Catrad rated for What are you doing right now? on Jul 22, 2011
Comment: thank you so much for an AWESOME email swap! You wrote so much, and I really feel I know you now! And thanks for the extra effort you went to to get the email to me after it went awy the first time - still don't know what happened there. But you went out of your way to ensure I got it - and it was very appreciated, it was soooo worth the wait!! thank you again!
Response: You're so welcome! I wanted to make sure it worked out for you!
pinkqueen rated for What are you doing right now? on Jul 19, 2011
Comment: Thanks for such a detailed email.
Response: You're welcome. It was the first I had ever done like this - it was fun and I enjoyed it.
Nicole1111 rated for What are you doing right now? on Jul 18, 2011
Angee rated for Christmas in July #4 on Jul 12, 2011
Comment: Wow! You made my month! Anyone would be lucky to have you for a swap partner!
Response: Yeah! I am so glad you like it Angie! I had alot of fun making yours and my other swap partner's quilted Christmas tree ornament (a Christmas tree). I especially loved the Christmas cards I chose - appeared so regional for this southern area of the USA! Hope our paths cross again! Laura

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