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About Me

I am 27 and love to scrapbook and make ATCs. I am currently in college. I love animals. I have 3 cats, 2 degus, 1 puppy, and 4 cockatiels. I'm a big geek too. I love Doctor Who and comic books. My favorite colors are yellow, pink, and black. I currently have a very low rating on Swap-Bot due to having a little trouble getting swaps out a couple years ago. I am working on getting that rating up.I have now been re-rated for all the swaps that I had a one for and that were sent. All the remaining ones are swaps that my partners are not responding to me. Also, the recent 3 ratings that I have are from my partners of swaps that were just made up. Thanks to those that allowed me to make up those swaps and re-rated me. Alt text

Also, if you receive a swap from me, please rate me. I need all the rates I can get to get my score up. I rate all my partners so I would appreciate it if you could rate me too. And if you don't get a swap from me that's been marked as sent, please message me BEFORE giving me a one. If I say I sent it, I sent it. I'd be happy to resend if it got lost.



My favorite are It Happened One Night, Perfect Storm, and The Aristocats. I love most Disney movies. I also love classic movies and I have a strange fascination with natural disaster movies. I also love fandom movies like the Harry Potters, Twilights, Hunger Games, and Lord of the Rings.


I love any kind of music. I mainly listen to country and classic rock though. My favorite singer is P!nk and my favorite band is Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers but I also listen to.Miranda Lambert, The Band Perry, Taylor Swift, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynrd, Bob Seger, Gavin Degraw, Adele, Dixie Chicks, Maroon 5, Jonas Brothers, and Matchbox 20. My favorite songs are Waiting on Joe by Steve Azar, Turn the Page by Bob Seger, Done and Better Dig Two by Band Perry.


My favorite author is Jodi Picoult. I love anything by her, Clive Cussler, James Patterson, Stephen King, and Mary Higgins Clark. My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm also really into series too. I love Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, Inheritance, Percy Jackson, 7 Wonders, and Lord of the Rings. Let me know if there are any other series not mentioned.I also love Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. It combines two of my favorite things, mystery and photography. It's also a very creepy book which I also love! I'm sure I will be adding this to movies too when/if it ever comes out.

TV Shows

I don't watch a lot of TV. The only shows I am currently watching are Being Human, Warehouse 13, Doctor Who, Ghost Hunters, Long Island Medium, and Ridiculousness. I'm in love with The Big Bang Theory! Some old shows I love are Friends (probably my favorite show ever!), I Love Lucy (Lucy crazy here), Avatar: The Last Airbender, and That's So Raven. I'm lucky enough to live near where Lucy was born and can visit gift shops and museums and even her final resting place. That has probably only fueled my Lucy love.


*I really need some pocket pages for my atcs. I have no more pockets left for new atcs. :(

*Anything Kawaii




*stuff for Kiely (little stuffed dog toys, doggie bones, etc...)

*brads, buttons, eyelets



*iPod touch accessories

*stuff for my Smashbook

*polymer clay

*eyepins, cell phone straps, earring posts, anything to go with my clay charms

*anything Disney

*anything with a camel on it

*cardstock (any color) and pattern paper

*I'd love to get an amigurumi. I don't have one and can't make myself one. :(.


*I really want some ring backs so I can start making rings with my clay.

  • Two plane tickets to Sydney Australia. just kidding. :)

*I would also love some greeting cards. I donate cards to Operation Write Home so if you'd like to make a card for me if love it. Any Thank you, miss you, birthday, or blank cards would work. They just have to be A2 sized cards and have absolutely no glitter on them.

Favorite Crafts

I love to scrapbook! Not sure if its considered a craft but I also love photography. I also like to make and swap ATCs, FBs, Decos, and art journals. I'm also starting to get into polymer clay. I've only made a few things so far. I love chunky pages. They may be my favorites after clay. They are so much fun to make since there is a bigger surface to work with than ATCs. I've started painting more. I've painted on a few ATCs and done a few paintings for swaps. I just did my first watercolor since I was little! Very exciting. I post a lot of my crafts on my facebook and youtube if anyone wants to check them out.


I hate spiders! Please don't send anything with spiders on or in it. Otherwise it'll probably be put somewhere where I never have to see it and I don't want that to happen to someones artwork. I am just that terrified of them. Not a fan of gory horror movies like Saw. I'm more into psychological thrillers. I also don't like creepy faces like the girl in The Exorcist or any other face that is just scary.That's about it. I'll add more as I get more terrified of things. :)

Favorite Animals

I love animals and have several different species that I like. My favorite animal is Pandas. They are so cute. A very close 2nd are camels. I love camels. Im obsessed with them. No idea why but I just think they are so cute. I love cats, dogs, chinchillas, and degus too. I have/had all of those as pets so I love them. And penguins, esp. the cute little fluffy babies.

My Pets

Right now, I have 3 cats. The oldest is Jasmine Rose, my black cat. She is a big scaredy cat. She also thinks she's an outdoor cat but we have strays and since she is scared of them, being outdoors is probably not good for her. Next is Thyme, my mom's cat. She is a calico and such a sweetie. She loves to get pets, even if it's from a sleeping child who's arm happens to be draped over the side of the couch. The kitten in the family is Aurora Jade. She is a two-tones cat. Half of her face is black and the other half orange. She's the cat in my profile picture. She is always hiding since she's a bigger scaredy cat then Jas. I also have a puppy named Kiely. She is an itty bitty little chihuahua who is so cute. She loves stuffed toys. She tears them open and rips the stuffing out. Her favorite toy is an old cat toy that she ripped open and tore the stuffing out so its pretty much just a rag now but she walks around the house with it all the time. And then there are the degus. My baby girls are so cute. If you dont know what they are, you should definitly look for some pics or go to my Facebook page to see my little girls. Their names are Eve and Giselle. Maybe you have noticed a trend with my pets. All of my pets are named after Disney characters. The cats also all have plants in their names too. My past pets were the chinchillas Nathaniel and Remy. They have both passed away. Remy was only about 2 or 3 months old when he passed. :( There was also a 4th cat named Violet Marie. She was the most beautiful cat ever! She was a siamese cat with really unusual markings on her face. She passed away August 2011 from cancer. If you wanna see any pictures of my pets, check out my Facebook page and I believe I might have some on my blog too. Some of my dream pets that I would love to get are a hedgehog and a couple of sugar gliders. Hedgehogs have got the cutest little face and sugar gliders are so small and are marsupials from Australia and I love anything Australian. They are also so very cute.

Have to trade

I have somethings that I can trade or will be able to make to trade:

I have 2 Humpty Dumpty atcs for a swap that was cancelled.

I also have 4 Kawaii ATCs I made as extras for my ATC swap in case someone got flaked on. Luckily, I was the only one that was flaked on so I still have the extras. They are of Hello Kitty, Rio, Mamegoma, and Kuromi.

I'd love to trade ATCs, polymer clay figures or charms, chunky pages, art journal pages, or photos.

Favorite Characters

I have several different favorite characters that I thought I'd share with you.


Marie (The Aristocats)


Nathaniel (Enchanted)

Riley Poole (National Treasure)

Dug (Up)

Merida (Brave)


Meg (Hercules)

Cheshire Cat (Alice)

Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Olaf (Frozen)


Shappo (I love all the Sentimental Circus characters but he's my favorite)

Hello Kitty




Crux Friendly Ghosts

Kamio Fairy Tale (esp. the silhouettes)


Twin Stars

TokiDoki's Sandy, Donutella, Donuttina, Adieu

Kamio's Kawaii girls




Spider-man (strange since I hate spiders :))


Fantastic Four



Princess Peach

Finnick O'Dair (Hunger Games)

Rue (Hunger Games)

Leo Valdez (Heroes of Olympus)

Remus Lupin (probably my favorite character of all time. Love him!!)

Fluttershy (MLP: FIM)


Lucy Ricardo (if you get me as a partner for pressed penny or touristy swaps, expect something Lucy-ish since I live in her hometown :))


I love to collect postcards. I even joined Postcrossing so I could get some more. I'm trying to get a postcard from all the states. Here's a list of states I don't have yet:














New Hampshire

New Mexico


Rhode Island

South Carolina





I would also love postcards from other countries too. Also, if you find a postcard of anything I like that's stated on my profile, I'd love to get it. I collect all kinds of postcards. If you send me a postcard with a camel on it, I will love you for life. :)


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Comment: Beautiful flowers thank you for sharing! I do not know the names but they are so lovely :)
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Comment: Thank you for the cute ATC!
Comment: Thank you for your lovely images and thank you for taking part.
Comment: OMG the last image you posted to me is adorable. Thank you for the wonderful pictures on my profile! <3
Comment: Thank you for the Pictures of Celebi! The pokeball one is cool. <3
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Comment: Thank you for the pictures of May. The Powerpuff one was cute! <3
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Comment: Thank you so much for your lovely images and thank you for taking part :)
Comment: Thank you so much for your lovely images.
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cynlen on Aug 22, 2014:

These are pictures I took while on vacation and thought they would work well for the Flowers Profile Decorate Swap. Enjoy! :-)

jesslynne on Aug 22, 2014:

Hi there! I am one of your partners for the Flowers Profile Decorate. I hope you enjoy these beautiful blooms!

Happy Swapping!


PrincessChick on Aug 20, 2014:

Flowers Profile Decrate

TammieGotcha on Aug 17, 2014:

Flowers Profile Decorate Best wishes from Tamara

nancylee on Aug 17, 2014:

Flower profile decoration

Planted you a garden of yellow and black to enjoy. I have grown the black pansies , they are pretty cool sort of a brown really but good with orange in the fall growing out of a plastic ppumpkin

Pikachu089 on Aug 4, 2014:

Pokemon Profile Decorate #5 - Marill

One of the cutest water pokemon :)

jesslynne on Aug 3, 2014:

Hi there! I am one of your partners for the Pokemon Profile Decorate #5 - Marill Swap. I hope that you like the images that I choose.

Happy Swapping!


PrincessChick on Aug 3, 2014:

marill Pokemon Profile Decorate 5 - Marill

TammieGotcha on Jul 24, 2014:

Pokemon Profile Decorate #4 - Celebi



jesslynne on Jul 21, 2014:

Hi there! I am one of your partners for the Pokemon Profile Decorate: May! Swap. I think May is adorable <3

I hope that you like the images that I picked for this swap!

Happy Swapping!


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