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Birthday: June 16
Country: United States
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I think I am taking a break from swapping for a while. I have mailed out all outstanding swaps, dropped new swaps and am not searching for any. I will still be here to keep up with some of the friends I have met here so if you need to reach me for any reason you can still message me. I hope after I work a few of the squeezed in Wednesdays at the library I will be in a better position to swap more. Thank you to all of you who were so kind to me as I tried all the new things that swap bot had to offer.

Previous Update
I have been keeping swaps down for a few reasons and this has started to help me mail very quickly while still keeping them personal. Hard times, though, are making this convenience a necessity. At this point, if a swap doesn't allow for handmade and I don't have required items on hand, I will be unable to join...


I love to make jewelry and lots of other crafty things. I love to trade and enjoy getting things in the mail. I just love opening my mailbox and seeing a letter or package waiting for me!!

I have three children. My two boys are ten years old and one year old and my little girl is eight! We also have a Russian tortoise named Sophia. I keep pretty busy but I find time to create and read when everyone is sleeping!

More About Me

Handmade is something to be proud of and I will welcome your efforts.

A good surprise is just about as good as it gets!

I do not have any known food allergies

If given the choice in scents I am fruits over flowers any day.

I love blue hues.

I love tea and coffee.

I adore commorative postage stamps! Old new, circulated, uncirculated, national or international, I think they are neat to see the different designs!

I love cute things and many international cartoon/kid items.

I really enjoy all things Kawaii!

I am a big kid at heart and so I am pretty easy to please. Shiny, furry, pretty anything that might interest a child, or someone with a short attention span, is normally a good choice!

I love learning about different places and trying new things. I can appreciate the uniqueness of things and am pretty hard to disappoint.

I like creating things meant for people as much as I like to just create at random

I am not a huge spicy fan but I love salty and sweet and can enjoy a bit of sour now and then!

I am chatty and accommodating and sometimes a bit flighty but I appreciate human interaction.

I have always been enamored with the sent and taste of vanilla. It is not exceedingly unusual, but incredibly timeless and subtly sensual. There is something so wonderfully natural to it with the right balance of sweet weight as a scent and light taste as a flavor. I have a sensitive pallet and I think the fact that it is hard to find an overpowering vanilla is why I have always liked it so much.

I love to read and have been caught up in the Twilight Saga!! Pick a side? Guess I personaly lean towards Jacob... Although Bella belongs with Edward. But man, that is a knock down drag out fight! It is so close in my mind that if you are themeing something up for me, represent your side and the passion will make the piece that much more inspired!

I am not really into found objects.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me. (:

How Swap-bot Is Going For Me

When I was brand new to swap bot I had 3 flaked swaps out of my first 10 swaps! A package swap from a suspended partner (thank you angel! 0:). ) a stationary swap from a completly deleted swaper (Thank you angel 0:) ) and just a standard flaker on a letter swap (thank you angel 0:) !) So I have sent out my portions, I have been an angel for six swapers who were flaked on, and through the kindness of fellow swapers who did not have to do anything for me, I still get to enjoy all my swaps!

I will always rate, almost always on the day I recieve the swap.

I enjoy private swaps, contact me if intrested.

I promise to read your profile and tailor any non-senders choice swaps with things I think you would like. (Some senders choice swaps too!) I enjoy getting hearts because I try to give you a happy smile, and the hearts let me know I did! So even though my hearts are no longer 100% I promise I will always put extra thought into all my packages and letters.

I will not retaliate-rate, if we swap and you don't feel I deserve a heart, that will not impact my decision on if you deserve one. I really want swap-bot to stay fun and I think that this mindset helps.

If you have me and want a heart, just show that you put some effort into it. The heart is for the love that goes into a swap, and though I do enjoy getting extras, a package or letter that clearly shows your effort will get a heart even without goodies. So please don't stress if I am your partner. Just have fun with the swap!

Favorite Crafts

Jewelry making and working with clay are my favorites but I have made my share of Halloween outfits! I really enjoy dabbling in many thing, but most without great sucess!


Comment: hey! no fair! yours are so cute! how can i compete?! LOL. just kidding. great choices--im so going to have fun with these. thank you so much!
Response: I am so glad you like them! I love mine!! I tried to make sure they all had lines so it was easier for you! Thanks for the great swap and the fun heart!!
Comment: All I can say is WOW. You never fail to deliver (as it were. ;-) Can't wait for the next swap!!!
Response: I am so glad you had as much fun as I did! Even down to simply setting up the swap! Yay for goodies!!
arkaya rated for arkaya + LinketJewelryDesign on Sep 30, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for my letter, I loved reading it with breakfast - I will reply as soon as I have some spare time - I loved the envelope too - <3
Response: I am glad it made you smile! Yours certainly made me smile! Thank you for the great swap and the heart!
MadebyRebel rated for Private- Tea and a Surprise! on Sep 9, 2010
Comment: Het stacey, you are à 1 in à million swapper!!! Sended me à great package at first, Ans anorher more than fully stuffed package reached me yesterday! The kids where awfully happy with the strainge drie painting papers (or how should I name them.) Love to do private swap with you in the future!!!!!' and really, the 2th was'nt neccesairy, but lovvvved it!
Response: I am so glad you got it and like it!! I wanted you to know it on sight so your red box seemed perfect!Thank you for the great swap! You made my day with your package and I am so glad I could return the favor!! I hope to swap with you again soon!
SparkyxLuv rated for Kawaii LetterSet Swap on Aug 31, 2010
Comment: Thanks so much!! I loved all the patterns you sent, they were all very cute. Thanks for the extras as well. I LOVE how you included one seal sticker that matched each set - very clever!! Thanks!
Response: I meant to include some big memos but I couldn't remember what I have sent you... I am glad you liked the patterns and the seals seemed like a good idea since they are nice to have! Since it was a swap only for lettersets it seemed like the best time to share some seals! You have been such a amazing swap partner I am so glad to have had a chance to swap with you!! Thank you for another great rating and the heart!!!
Comment: Thank you! Absolutely awesome! I love it. All those stars and awesome drawing of Rila! If you don't mind me asking...where's the star paper from? Again Thanks! ♥♥♥
Response: I am so very glad you liked it! I actually was lucky enough to get a great deco tape and set of lucky star papers in a swap and I thought you might enjoy a few as it went with the sticker sack theme I did. (; Thank you so much for this great rating and the heart, you absolutly made my day!!
Chelle rated for 4-5-5-10 Kawaii Swap for Two on Aug 30, 2010
Comment: <3 thank you =)
Response: Thank you for rating and for the heart! I am so glad you liked your stuff!
Comment: I loved it!! The puppy design was very creative and cute! Thank you so much for swapping with me. All the stickers you included were adorable :) Even my boyfriend loved them!
Response: You were a great joy to swap with! It is always the most fun when your partner likes their stuff as much as you liked yours!!! Thanks again for making me such a cool sack and a great swap!!
QtPie rated for 4-5-5-10 Kawaii Swap for Two on Aug 26, 2010
Comment: thank you for the great swap. you did not have to send me more but thank you...
Response: It was harder to pick for you because you seem to be more into Sanrio so I ended up pulling from my personal collection for some of it. Some of my items are almost vintage, the floral letterset I sent you I had a pair of and they are from 2000 I think. I don't normaly dip into my private collection but I was trying hard to make you smile...
Lynnie rated for 10-15-20 Kawaii Swap for Two *Edited* on Aug 23, 2010
Comment: Oh Stacy I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to do a rating for this swap...I have been having computer problems and the only way I was able to access my acct. was with my phone. I love everything you sent! You are such a great swap partner! Thank you so much! Lynnie
Response: I am so glad you got it!! I hope your Internet gets better! When I didn't hear back I was worried you were upset that it had not arrived yet! That's the down side of technology, too much room for misinturprentation! I am very glad you like it all! You are so easy and plesant to swap with! Thanks again for everything!
SugarHeart rated for SugarHeart and Linket 10-15-20 on Aug 21, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much! Loved the stickers and memos, too cute <3 Would love to swap with you again! :)
Response: It was a super fun swap, I just love happy mail and this private swap seems to have been perfect for that!!! Thank you so much for the great swap, great rating, and the heart!! I hope we swap again soon!!
arkaya rated for PVT arkaya + LinketJewelryDesign on Aug 18, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much stacy! I will be writing back to you - I had the tea for breakfast and wore my new necklace - it was so thoughtful + well made <3 My doll loved her's too :D xx
Response: I am so glad you like your stuff! I was trying very hard to make things from your profile that would make you happy and be useful. I am glad the little necklace works as I was guessing at the size! I cannot wait to see what stood out to you on my profile! Thanks for the wonderful feedback and the heart!!!
Comment: EEEEE!!! I love getting mail from you, you are just too sweet and generous. Thankyou so SO much for everything. I LOVED your lil drawings on the envelope too :) xx
Response: I love sending to you!! Thank you so much for the great rating and heart and I will be sending a pen pal letter soon!! Hugs!!!
patumma rated for Private- Kawaii for a surprise! on Aug 17, 2010
Comment: Thank you very much you are so kind to so this swap for me! The only thing i dont understand ...how can I actually swap any of them? they are all too cute!!!! Hope you like your package as much as I liked mine!
Response: That is a problem isn't it!!! I know just how you feel!! The up side is sometimes you send out the memos you think are just ok and you have a chance of getting back memos you love because everyone likes different brands/chars! But if swap them or collect them I am just glad I could make you happy!! Thank you for the fun swap great rating and wonderful heart! I am sure I will adore mine just as much!!
Comment: This is one of those OTT ratings that *should* be in all caps, so just imagine my enthusiasm, okay? Seriously, I should stop swapping _right now_ as nothing can ever top this swap! The description of the swap said, "Let's DECORATE an envelope with kawaii stickers and images..." Well, I'm SO SQUWEEEEING that the police should take me to the nearest funny farm! One side of the envelope is a painfully adorable hand drawn plate of sushi, all with faces, while on the back is an underwater scene of "pre-sushi" fish and aquatic life...also with smiling faces. If I were a tattoo kinda person, I'd be looking for an artist! Honestly, I can barely contain myself in the face of this much cuteness!!! A skillion hearts don't begin to scratch the surface!! Thank you x100000000000000000000
Response: Awwww yay!!! I am so excited to read this rating!!! I am so very glad it made you so happy! I had a lot of fun figuring out what I wanted to do and how, and it made the swap extra fun! Thank you so much for this private swap, the great feedback an heart, and of course your ability to make me smile!! You rock!!!
sherixfirefly rated for Private- Show Me Your Talent on Aug 10, 2010
Comment: Wow, another amazing swap!!! I loved EVERYTHING!!! You really spoiled me honey, i about freaked out with the halloween goodness. and Rainbow Brite paper??? :0 Where ever did you find it? Xxxx
Response: I am so glad to hear you are happy!! That is always my main goal!! As for the Rainbow Bright paper, I already have some put away for the next time I send to you!! (; Thanks for another great rating and the wonderful heart! I look forward to returning the kindness!!
Lynnie rated for 30, 30, 30 Kawaii swap on Aug 4, 2010
Comment: Stacy, Wow what a great swap package! Thanks so much! Lynnie
Response: I am so glad you like it!! I really was excited to have my very first swap partner again!! I knew you could put it all to good use. (: Huge thanks for the great rating and heart!! I hope we get to swap again soon!
jogreene00 rated for Homemade Bookmark Swap #5 !! on Aug 2, 2010
Comment: I LOVE the book thong and the necklace!! Thank you so much! What a lovely package! :) That was supposed to have a heart on it! Sorry :)
Response: Thank you for the glowing comment, I am so glad you liked them. I am so happy to have the heart too. The hemitite cat and fishy seemed to be waiting to be on your bookmark, I am so glad to know you really love them!
Comment: Perfect! Thanks! and thanks so much for the tea too! :)
Response: I am so glad they are what you were looking for. I figured trade fodder was always good and you could choose which one you liked for your collection. I really apreciate the heart, the swap, and everything you have done for me!! Thank you so much for being so amazing!
nadithings rated for Lisa Frank for a surprise! on Aug 2, 2010
Comment: thank u soooooo much for my lisa frank Galore!! i love everything!! u are indeed one of the BEST swapper!luv ya! xoxo Nadi
Response: I as so happy to hear you enjoyed it all! I am humbled by your high praise! Thank you so much for the great feedback, heart, and fun swap!! (:

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sebastian122 on Sep 9, 2018:

sebastian122 on May 27, 2014:

arkaya on Apr 9, 2012:

sebastian122 on Nov 25, 2010:

I got my X-mas present...and couldn't wait. WOW, WOW, WOW! You sure know how to spoil a woman!!! I could never thank you enough. XOXOXOX x10000000000000000000000

morwesong on Sep 17, 2010:

Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful 5 Kitty Cat Surprises swap! Everything is absolutely perfect! The envelopes are so cute, and I am wearing the necklace right now :-) I enjoyed scratching off the art sheet, and the note cards and memo sheets are adorable. It was so incredibly sweet of you to look at my profile and offer to angel a swap that I was flaked on. You are a great swap-bot member, and I hope I get the opportunity to swap with you in the future. Thanks again!!!

inkheart on Aug 31, 2010:

Stacy, I hope all is well! Thank you for being such an awesome swap partner and host. It was a privilege having you as a partner. I don't think I'll ever forget your kindness, even though I only swapped once with you! Take care! ♥♥♥

sherixfirefly on Aug 26, 2010:

Thankyou so much for the birthday wishes my dear <3 Xxxx

MadebyRebel on Aug 10, 2010:

thanx for the private swap! loves it! Today i'm gonna check out some of the teas and the stickers are well spended! thanx a lot!

greetz Loes hope you love yours as much as I do mine, thanx!

sebastian122 on Aug 5, 2010:

The eternal angel! Thank you, AGAIN, for coming to my rescue when people can be such jerks. The world needs more people like you!!! XOXOXOXOXO

MeganMagnolia on Aug 1, 2010:

Thanks so much for sending the watch parts - even if they never made it! You've been so great about communicating and trying to track everything down, and I really appreciate it!

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