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β™₯♦β™₯♦β™₯ WELCOME TO MY WORLD β™₯♦β™₯♦β™₯

Creativity is my passion. I am a serious craft-a-holic, and have been ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon. If anything sits still long enough, it is fair game for decorating. I find it difficult to send out an envelope without some form of decoration on it.

My current swap faves are mail art, Zentangles and ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art), ATCs, Artist Trading Coins, small hand sewing projects and smash books. I recently (July 2021) started a smash book with birds, bees, butterflies, dragonflies and hot air balloons. If you have any extra bits in any of those themes, I would be happy to give them a good home in my smash book. I enjoy drawing, beading, other jewelry making, crocheting, needle tatting, cross stitch, paper crafts, inchies, skinnies, macrame, and misc. other crafts. I like recycling materials. In the past I have also done needlepoint, scrapbooking, decorative painting, glass etching, wood carving, knitting and origami.

My style tends to be stylistic.

I can use any size art journal/smash book page.

Just for fun (not required), I'd like to see a small green β™₯ (drawn, stamped, a sticker, etc.) somewhere on the envie/package my partner sends.

THINGS I CAN MAKE TO SWAP --- I have a Sizzix die cutter and a nice variety of die shapes---I can cut designs for embellishing projects, make shaped note cards, cut stencils from plastic, etc. I also have texture plates for embossing patterns on card stock.

I make small crocheted flowers (for use on ATCs or note cards, etc.) and have sent out 7 batches to swap partners so far. I also crochet bookmarks.

I have drawn original swap cards for a few partners.

Other Favorites

Favorite colors: blue (especially Caribbean blue), orchid, lime green;
favorite combination--aqua, burnt orange, brown and ivory.
Lately I have been drawn to orange (not neon, but more the orange on Baltimore Orioles or burnt orange shades.)
I am not overly fond of an abundance of pink.

Favorite artists: Miro, Klee, Kandinsky, O'Keeffe, Monet, Van Gogh, Escher, Charley Harper

Favorite animals: dogs, rabbits, fox, cats,
hedgehogs, frogs, lambs,
polar bears, pandas, moose,
dolphins, sea lions, orcas, jelly fish
dragonflies, owls, hummingbirds, Orioles, flamingos

Favorite cartoon characters: Snoopy, Kermit, Eeyore, Grinch, Tazmanian Devil, Suzy's Zoo critters, Lambchop

Favorite scents: cucumber melon, apple, peach, fresh linen, seabreeze

Favorite gems: Tanzanite, Larimar, green Amethyst, Alexandrite

Favorite flavors: chocolate, peach, green apple, pear, watermelon, bacon

Favorite places traveled to: San Diego CA,
Door County WI, Grand Cayman Island, Kyoto Japan, London UK

Favorite activities: in addition to crafting--- reading, RVing in our 5th wheel, cruising, canoe/kayaking as well as just sitting by water, hiking with my dog

More favorites

  • angels

  • anything with the words JOY, HOPE, or BREATHE on it

  • washi tape (looking for the following themes: postage, frogs, scisssors, seasonal themes)

  • beads & charms, rings (size 7 or 9), bracelets

  • fun fibers, stickers, shaped confetti/sequins, brads

  • Pigma Micron pens, Copic markers, extra fine point Sharpies, metallic gel pens

  • maps, travel brochures, used stamps (especially foreign), paper doilies

  • handmade items, decorated envelopes, bookmarks

  • small dolls (paper, art, Russian Matryoshyka, Japanese Kokeshi)

  • bird cages, hot air balloons, light houses, castles

  • rainbows, sunsets, shooting stars

  • oceans, lakes, rivers

  • irises, trees, autumn

  • a current (as well as long time) favorite is paths. It doesn't matter if they are through the woods or just tall weeds, I find them very compelling.

  • abandoned theme parks, buildings, other structures

  • For Christmas swaps: snowmen, reindeer, angels, gingerbread houses, snowflakes, old world Santas, mittens


  • the smell of smoke

  • loose glitter

  • alphabet stickers

  • coffee, herbal and green tea

  • zombies

  • Sponge Bob

  • Poop emojis

  • violence

  • negativity

  • drama

Favorite Books

I love to read (both on my Kindle and "real" paper books). I can't fall asleep unless I have read for an hour (or 2...or 3). I prefer reading a series over stand alone books.

  • Craft how-to and idea books
  • Cozy mysteries (most recent fave is the Bellingwood series by Diane Greenwood Muir)
  • Historical fiction (Lori Wick and Kathleen Ernst.)
  • Crime novels--(Michael Connely, James Patterson, Kathy Reichs, Sue Grafton, Robert Crais)
  • Paranormal romances--(J.R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Rain)
  • Christopher Moore
  • Rock star romances (Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning; Silver Strings Series by Lisa Gillis)
  • A couple years ago I was on a circus kick and read "Water for Elephants", "Under the Big Top", "Mumbo Jumbo Circus", and "Toby Tyler".
  • A few years ago I read the "Little House on the Prairie" books (I never read them as a child.) I got the "Pioneer Girl...The Annotated Autobiography" for Christmas (2015).
  • In 2019 my neighbor's 11 yo daughter lent me her collection of Boxcar Children Mysteries, 3 books at a time.
  • In 2020 my 16 yo granddaughter told me I had to read the Anne of Green Gables series. So I borrowed the set from my neighbors.

Favorite Television

All Rise, 911, This is Us, NCIS, Law & Order, The Resident, The Good Doctor, The Rookie, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, New Amsterdam, Bull, Outlander, Gilmore Girls, Mike & Molly, Mom, MASH, What on Earth, Mysteries of the Abandoned, Weird Wonders, Impossible Engineering, the travel channel, painting and sewing shows.

Favorite Music

Oldies (especially Beatles, Bad Company, Badfinger, Beach Boys, etc.)


Random fact: I used to play the accordion.

Favorite Movies

Princess Bride; Romancing the Stone; Cutting Edge; Dirty Dancing; The Thornbirds; Tombstone; Despicable Me, cheesy sci-fi like the Sharknados, and Tremors

About Me

I live in the country (Midwestern USA---Wisconsin) with hubby and a rescued furbaby (Hamlet, a Norwegian Elkhound.) We get frequent visitors to our yard (deer, wild turkeys, groundhogs, raccoons, opossums, as well as the usual squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits)

I have a 41 YO son and daughter-in-law and 2 grandsons (born 3-1-13 and 10-25-16) and a granddaughter (born 10-28-03).

My daughter became an angel when she was 19 (on 3-23-03). Many of my projects are done with thoughts of her working right along with me. We loved making "ugly art" (repurposing leftovers into crazy pieces of art). Her favorite color was lime green, and that is why I like to see green hearts added to the envies of swaps sent to me.

I was an Activity Director for a psych hosp. for 7 years before having kids, then was an Activity Coord. for a nursing home for 11 years after kids (with a non-creative stretch of data entry between the 2).

When I was diagnosed with cancer (non-hodgkins lymphoma) Oct. 2011, I didn't think I would be around to celebrate another birthday. But 6 months of chemo did what it was supposed to. I had my stem cells collected the end of Oct. 2012 and they are being cryo-stored until I need my transplant. As of my latest oncologist appt. (March 2021), my labs are looking good and I don't need to see him for another 6 months.

I'm keeping my word from last year (find) for this year (2021) too. It has several applications for me. 1) I have a tendency to lose projects (or supplies) when I am working on them. I am making an effort this year to have to spend less time in unproductive searching. 2) I want to find more joy in the little things. 3) I want to find ways to avoid and release negativity.

what I pledged * I appreciate being rated soon after you receive my swaps. What's even more important to me than seeing the rating is just knowing that my swap made it to you. I feel bad asking if my swap disappeared on the way when I don't hear in a reasonable amount of time (2 weeks for USA swaps, longer for international), but I am concerned, and need to know if I should get started on a re-send if need be.

I enjoy reading your comments about my swaps. I also like reading the responses to my comments.

I put a lot of effort into my swap and presentation and I really appreciate it when it's evident that my swap partners add extra effort as well. It makes my day when I can tell that my partner took the effort to read my profile.

Artsy Accomplishments

  • I dropped off 1 1/2 doz. beaded angel charms when I was at the oncology clinic for my 6 mo. checkup (3-17-20) for them to pass out to any pt. who needs an angel to watch over them.

  • I have been "abandoning" Zentangled bookmarks and seasonal tags at restaurants, doctor's offices, hospitals, voting locations and at Little Free Libraries (started doing this in 2014).

  • Prior to the Covid restrictions, I used to volunteer as needed at the Senior Living Complex where my dad lived before he died in 2016. I'd take along my Sizzix Big Shot to help the residents make seasonal door and window decorations. I also helped make fund raising items.

  • I have also been sharing the joy of Zentangles (and other creative endeavors) monthly with my neighbors (the mom and her 4 daughters (13, 11, 8 and 3) and 2 sons (4 and 6). I'm expecting that their 18 mo. old son will be joining us soon.

  • I added Zentangle inspired designs to the daily menus at the senior living complex that my 99 year old father was living at. I also was asked to draw a series of adult coloring pages (which I completed in May 2016). I made 80 tangled thank you bookmarks for the staff at the assisted living complex and the nursing home where he spent his last days.

  • I entered a sketchbook to the Art House Co-op's Sketchbook Project 2011 (my chosen theme was "It's Raining Dogs and Cats") and did one Zentangle Inspired Design page for a collaborative sketchbook for the 2020 Sketchbook Project.

  • I crocheted 18 scarves for 2010 Special Olympics.

  • I crocheted 12 angel gowns (infant burial gowns) for a local hospital in 2010.

  • I crocheted 8 shawls and 2 doz. coin purses for nursing home residents in 2009-10.


amyduff rated for JJJ: Neutrals on Sep 15, 2021
Comment: Thank you Jo for the die cuts in various shapes and sizes. These will be fun to use in my junk journal.
Response: You're welcome. It was a challenge to only use neutrals. Thank you for the heart.
Comment: Very pretty - I look forward to contributing!
Response: Thanks for the heart. I look forward to seeing what you add.
DaisyNY rated for TUT ~ Zine-Go-Round R6 on Sep 13, 2021
Comment: Baby colors, pink & blue. I've always liked Phicops - looks like a nautilus. The note card is very pretty - sparkly squid flower.
Response: Thank you for your kind comments and for the heart.
mcorbus rated for TUT: Zentangle Border Work πŸ„ on Aug 29, 2021
Comment: Awesome border, I will have to come up with something cool to fill in. Tank you :)
Response: I hope you have fun filling it. Thank you for the heart.
Comment: Thanks for your beautiful tile and I love the coin and your card too! It's so fun to see how each of us works out the tangles for these spaces. Yours are always so great! Stay safe and healthy! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: Thank you for your kind comments and the heart. Having you for a partner is always a pleasure.
Comment: This is beautiful!! I can't wait until it comes home! Thank you so much for working in this!!
Response: I thought you'd be happy with how it's turning out. Thank you for the heart. (It will be back to you soon!)
Comment: Thanks for these beautiful bijou tiles, practice piece, envie and card in my colors! It is such fun to watch all the wildlife! They give so much joy just in going about their daily lives! Stay safe and healthy! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: I'm enjoying working on the bijou size tiles. Thank you for the heart.
Comment: This looks like a fun start - love the colors!
Response: I hope you have fun working on it. Thanks for the heart.
LahDeeDah rated for PVT: Slogging To Journalia on Aug 16, 2021
Comment: I am really honored to have received a copy of this journal. What a beautiful endeavor and creative way to mark those events. You are so special. I'm always inspired by your unique approach to life. As I've said before, I want to be just like you when I grow up :-) Thank you very, very much. P. S. Muchas gracias also for including Barbara Penelope Brite Roberts. Too funny!
Response: You are very, very welcome. I'm honored to share this journal with you and have you be impressed by it. You blow me away when you tell me you want to be like me when you grow up. (I want to be like Alissa.)Thank you for the heart and all the kind comments.
user3370 rated for CPG Ballpoint Pen ATC - US on Aug 11, 2021
Comment: Your ATCs are awesome! You needn’t have made a second one because your first was great, but I love them both so I guess I’m glad you made 2 :). Thank you!
Response: I'm so glad you love them. Thank you for the kind comments and for the heart.
Comment: thank you for the cool hand-decorated file folder & envie! :)
Response: You're welcome. I enjoyed making them for you. Thank you for the heart.
chimerix rated for N&T~Stash stichery on Aug 10, 2021
Comment: Love it! What a happy bright yarn. I love the bookmark. Thanks for sharing your talent with me! Aloha
Response: I was happy to find the yarn I forgot I had. You're welcome. Thank you for the heart.
Curiouskitty rated for JIFJJ: COLOR! PURPLE! on Aug 9, 2021
Comment: Hi! Thank you for the lovely purple folder with all the great goodies inside. The mini folders are super cool! β™₯️
Response: You're welcome. I like the mini folders, too. Thank you for the heart.
Comment: Tag, I'm it? LOL! Thank you! I'd laugh if you get it next round! LOL!!
Response: It does feel like we're playing zenTAGngle, doesn't it? Fun swap. Thanks for hosting, and thanks for the heart.
thequilterslink rated for AAA: SC Coin USA/CAN #318443 on Jul 23, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the well wishes and the wonderful sweet coin you made for me. I love it and will add it to our memories of our renewal vows. Thanks much!
Response: You are very welcome. I like it when I can personalize swaps in a special way. Thank you for the heart.
Comment: Love them! Thank you so much!
Response: I'm glad you are happy with them. Thanks for the heart.
Comment: Jo, Very fun birdie embellishments! Beautifully presented! Much appreciated! β™₯️
Response: It was a fun swap. I'm glad you are pleased. Thank you for the heart.
Comment: I love your little tiles, you put so much into them. You made them so cute. If you want the Swap for D, E, F if you want to join? I know this is a harder Swap because there are 3 tiles.
Response: I'm glad you like them. (I've already signed up for D,E,F.) Thank you for the heart.
Artstamper rated for TUT ~ Zentangle Zine-G-Round R3 on Jul 3, 2021
Comment: I like what you did with this one! I hope I can continue the page. Our family used to go camping a lot but not so much now . thanks for your lovely work I had to start on it right away.
Response: I'm glad you like what I did and hope you have fun doing the next page. Thank you for the heart.
Gnoe rated for N&T~ Super easy challenge on Jul 1, 2021
Comment: Whoa! THANK YOU for the most amazing and heartwarming swap! The donkey patch is to die for -- I can't stop looking at it. I will find a perfect spot for it! I'm thrilled you made this cutie for me <3 And then there's more... Those stunning peacock patches! Wow. Enjoy your summer!
Response: Thank you for your heartwarming comments and for the heart. I enjoyed making your donkey patch for you. (You've been rated for yours now, too.)

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