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Date Joined: July 16, 2020
Last Online: July 26, 2021
Birthday: February 16
Country: Singapore
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Hi everyone! I'm Shareen and I've already been on Swapbot for a year! It was hard in the beginning as a newbie, there aren't many swaps to join but slowly I've learnt to make new things and join many swaps and even made a number of friends through this delightful site.

I started by writing letters to penpals during this pandemic which was something I used to do when I was way younger. I didn't know that many people still do that so it was really fun to join during the lockdown. However I'm in a bit of a slump lately as things are almost getting back to normal. But I realised that I'm more into crafting and swapping now rather than writing.

I've always been a stationery addict and this new/old hobby of mine is definitely helping my stationery stash grow into a mountain. I'm also recycling/upcycling materials to be crafted into my letters. It has definitely challenged my creativity. I love every minute of it!

Besides that I'm also quite the movie buff. I love cinemas but after Netflix came along, I stayed home more and binge watch on series and explore different genres of shows in different languages. It's so accessible! Wonders what technology can do in these times.

I love photography and travelling. I love taking pictures with film cameras so do check out my lomohome link above if you want to check out my vacation pics.

I also have an Instagram account for my penpals & papercrafting (link above) however I'm no longer accepting new penpals. Unfortunately, I'm still struggling to reply to my mails.

You can always drop me a DM on IG or private msg me here. I love getting to know new people. 😊 Private swaps are welcomed too.

I enjoy receiving anything really and I love cultural exchanges and knowing stuff about the place that you're from, your heritage, the people you grew up with etc.. I'm just fascinated about people!

I'm pretty much drawn to the dark side -I like morbid things and death in particular so motifs with skulls and ghouls are very much welcomed.

I like it if you make an effort to create something by hand rather than giving store bought items. But I don't mind either way. I just love a person's genuineness to communicate to reach out to someone and make a connection. :)

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: I'll be taking a break from swaps from August 2021 onwards till further notice. I'll finish my last July swap by end of this month. Just need my received swaps to catch up to those already sent out.

I'll still be contactable and monitoring my Swapbot messages and ratings. 😊

Favorite Television

American Horror Story, American Gods, Dirilis Ertugrul, Khurulus Osman, Mars, 2 Broke Girls, New Amsterdam, Shadow & Bone, Black Mirror, Umbrella Academy, Emily in Paris, Gilmore Girls, Hart of Dixie, Vikings, Suits, Big Bang Theory, Graham Norton Show, Lost Girl, Bitten, Big Little Lies, Chernobyl, Castle Rock, Game of Thrones, Sense 8, Virgin River, Ginny & Georgia, Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, K-dramas, Japanese anime, Master Chef, Grand Designs - cooking shows, interior design shows etc. - I'm a couch potato.

Current craze - Rewatching ALL seasons of Friends on Netflix before i could get to the Reunion. Does gives me a different perspective of what the show was about. So many real life issues, relationship drama and sensitive subject matters were brought up in this show during the 90s despite being a sitcom. The writers were amazing. A deep appreciation for such a great show.

Favorite Crafts

Paper crafts, mail art, penpal letters, paper collage, photographs, pockets, folders, flip books, postcards, hand-stamped items - rubber/clear/foam stamps (I love stamping!!).

New stuff I tried so far: Stamp carving, Bullet Journaling, Handmade Postcards, Decorated Envelopes, ATC, Inkbox Cards, Masterboards, Embossing, Making Die Cuts, Watercolouring

Going to try: Gelli printing

Join my Instagram to follow my journey! :)

NOTE: I like to create handmade items and add them to the mix in my swaps as far as possible.

Favorite Music

House, Trance, RnB, Hip hop, 80s music, 90s music, Pop, Rock, alternative...

Some of my favourites are: Mansun, Muse, U2, Mariah Carey, Bad Religion, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, Diplo, Tove Lo, Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris, Toto, Mr Big, Fat Boy Slim, Jamiroquai, Paul Van Dyk and Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, David Guetta.

Favorite Movies

I'm a big fan of horror flicks. I also love movies by Spielberg, Lucas, Tarantino, Tarsem, Tim Burton, Guillermo Del Toro etc. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Trek. I enjoy sci-fi movies, inspirational drama, action movies, historical documentaries etc. I simply love movies!

Items I would love to receive

I do love the element of surprise but I also enjoy receiving washi tape and stickers or stuff that can help me with crafting like pages from an old book or images from old fashion magazines, rubber, clear or foam stamps, memo sheets(not to do lists), sticky notes, writing paper, pretty printables, ephemera (vintage/floral/medieval/gothic/Victorian) handmade items (ie hand stamped ephemera, stickers, pockets, envelopes, folders etc.), small metal dies.

I love colourful stuff or monochrome and metallic inks (NOT glitter!).

I love vintage, florals, gothic, medieval and Victorian themes. I also love spooky items like Halloween themed stuff so if you have some post Halloween items to give away that is greatly appreciated.πŸ‘»

I'm drawn to stationery with images of cameras and skulls on them and even architectural structures or design elements.

I'm happy and open to receive stuff from my fav movies and tv shows too.

Since it's not so safe to travel now, receiving souvenirs from your country of origin is fantastic like postcards, fridge magnets, brochures or posters, clean coasters. πŸ˜‰

Thanks all!!


Please note that mail to New Zealand, Australia, Europe (especially Scandinavia and Eastern Europe) and USA from Singapore might take a month or more to arrive or even longer in some other countries.

Do let me know if you have not receive my mail. I would appreciate if you wait till at least about 2 months had lapse before informing me, though. Mail delivery is really unpredictable! I'll try my best to notify my partners that my mail has been sent out or if it was returned. I am willing to resend. Just communicate with me about it. 😊

Please don't be alarmed if I were to enquire about the swaps you have sent to me. I could be messaging you if I have not received your swap too. I would generally wait for at least 4 months to lapse before asking you, though. I do take note of the dates that you have sent them out for my own reference.

Important: Please rate me when you receive my mail. I would normally rate what I received within the same day.

Thanks for your understanding. 😊

Things I do not like

Please DO NOT SEND the following to me:-

Anything political or religious.(I've received postcards with bible verses before so please don't - I'm a Muslim. Thanks for respecting that.)

Kiddy or reward stickers(including puffy ones).

Edible things. (Packaged tea is OK)

To do list memo pads. (I have too manyπŸ˜…)

Anything with Glitter (Metallic inks are fine)

Planner items (I don't use one)

Friendship sheets/books


wolfeagle rated for HMPC: Sender's Choice Postcard on Jul 26, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the postcard. Though your writing is so small I had to magnify it just to try to read it.
Response: I'm so sorry about the writing! I just wanted to squeeze as many words in. Thanks for the lovely rating. I'll try to work on my handwriting or maybe write in Caps next time. Take care! :)
BeeCreative rated for Mixed Media ATC #1 on Jul 26, 2021
Comment: I LOVE your ATC! It is amazing. And I equally love the envelope, the holder and all the little extras. The folded holder is such a great idea. You do really beautiful work. Thank you so much. I will treasure it!
Response: Oh thank you so much! I enjoy stamping and creating papercrafts. Making handstamped stickers is one of my obsessions! Thanks for the lovely rating too! :)
Ladyadybug rated for SSM: Stamped images swap #14 on Jul 24, 2021
Comment: I LOVED everything you've sent with such a variety of textures and stamped images! I want to hoard them all but I look forward to including them in my projects - thank you very much!
Response: I'm so glad u love it! Please enjoy using them in your projects. 😊 This swap is so fun to create! Thanks for the lovely rating. πŸ™πŸΌ
Comment: Thank you! I did receive this, and I'm sorry for the late rate!
Response: Thanks for the update.😊
Comment: Thank you for this lovely collection, Shareen :)
Response: You're welcome! Till we swap again.😊
Comment: Absolutely LOVE this postcard! The betta fish stamps are amazing, I have over 5000 stamps and these are shockingly the first ones I've ever received with fish on them. I've never been to Paris but I would love to go someday; once I graduate I'd love to go backpacking through Europe.
Response: I'm so glad u like it. We got a whole series of stamps with fish on them. I sure hope u'll have a lovely vacation backpacking thru Europe someday. Thanks for the lovely rating. 😊
chandlerguera rated for VES: Languages Languages!! on Jul 22, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for this awesome swap! The beautiful mail art envelope and heaps of different language pieces of ephemera! Everything is wonderful and I can't pick a favorite item. Thanks for selecting it all for me. I can't wait to start using it. xo
Response: So happy it's made its way to u. Please enjoy crafting with them. Its fun to pick things for this swap. 😊 Thanks for the ❀️!
jeka396 rated for Handmade Envelopes 6/2021 on Jul 21, 2021
Comment: Thanks for these lovely envelopes!! The file folder style one was a really cool design, and I loved the little tuck-ins you put in each envie!
Response: I'm glad u like it!😊 Happy swapping and thanks for the lovely rating.
Comment: Thank you :)
Response: Ur welcome.😊
ellie rated for SSM: Handmade Postcard - July SC on Jul 20, 2021
Comment: You're a beautifully collaged postcard arrived today thank you so much
Response: Ur welcome! I'm glad it's made its way to you. I hope everything was intact. Thanks for the lovely rating. 😊
MissMinaPT rated for Curated Sticker Sheet Swap #1 on Jul 19, 2021
Comment: Dear Shareen, thank you for t your carefully curated sticker sheet - each sticker is unique and beautiful. Thank you also for your sweet words. I hope you have a lovely Summer.
Response: So happy it has reached u as I've had trouble sending to Portugal before. I just sent another swap to you. Look out 4 that! 😊
Art90world rated for Alphabet ATC - Z on Jul 19, 2021
Comment: Wow such a lovely mail. I just kept admiring everything. Thank you much for all the extras and a beautiful ATC. I will treasure it!
Response: So happy u have received it! I had so many ideas for the letter Z that's y it took a while for me to create this. Thanks for the lovely rating! 😊
Comment: Thank you! Sorry it took me forever to rate :) I loved the decoration and all the goodies inside
Response: That's amazing! Glad u like it. 😁Thank you so much.
lilsiyh rated for Flat Envie of Fun 30 on Jul 18, 2021
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Ur welcome. Ah, this was the one I messaged u abt with the wrong swap name. Haha.. Just remembered. πŸ˜…
Lemonfox rated for Simple Sticker Swap #1 on Jul 17, 2021
Comment: Yay! I've got the resent swap! Thank you so much! Take care!
Response: Oh wow!! So happy it's finally reached you. Take care too! 😊
Comment: Love it thanks!
Response: Glad u like it. 😊
JDiFani rated for WTL: Washi scavenger hunt #3 on Jul 16, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for such a fun and thoughtful swap!! I love the washi and the extras! Everything is so cute and well put together! Such a great use of stamps!! Happy Swapping!
Response: I'm so glad u like it! Thanks for the lovely rating. 😊
Comment: Thank you so much for the goodies, everything was so cute even your envelope <3
Response: Glad you like it! 😊
journalingrachel rated for ALICE IN WONDERLAND ATC on Jul 14, 2021
Comment: Thank-you so much for your gorgeous Alice in Wonderland ATC!!! I really appreciate all the time you put into the ATC, the goodies, and the envelope. You are so kind! Thank-you again for joining my swap, and I hope that you are doing well :) All the best!
Response: Thanks for the lovely rating, Rachel. :) Glad you like my mini "masterpiece" Take care & Stay safe!
Comment: Thanks so much for sending me the lovely little bits and bobs all the way from Singapore! You are too kind to share so many with international rates! The stamps are glorious, though. I will enjoy using these bits. Sorry the rating was so delayed, that was not intended.
Response: Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy creating with those bits and pieces of items I've sent you. :)