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UPDATE Oct.18 Hello friends, I am back from the Northwest. We had a great time. i am actively participating again.

UPDATE Sept 25 2016 I am not inactive =) Just out of town for the moment, had to slow down to start homeschooling and then we packed up to come out to the Northwest coast again to visit family. I will pick back up again once I get back home. Love to you all.

UPDATE June 15 2016 I am now back in town. I want to to say thank you to those of you who have shown me patience and kindness and continue to do so as I catch up with your swaps. i am feeling alot better , the migraines and fibro pain are gone and I was able to enjoy seeing my son and although it rained most of the time at the coast , it was lovely....

I am now catching up with getting my life in order, I promise that I will get everyone rated and all swaps in , if anyone is concerned about a swap being lost or late, please message me, I am now checking my messages daily. I love all of you so much, SWAP-BOT is very important to me, it gives me something to look forward to , so that life is not just about work and challenges.

Thank you for all the love =)

Update June 3,2016, I will be out of town (visiting my son in Oregon) from 6/4 thru 6/14) I will be able to use my computer but only in a limited way. I will continue to work on any swaps still due, and will rate your swaps when I return. If you have any questions or concerns about a swap , you can message me , but please be patient, it may take me a day or two to reply back. Thank you for your patience. I love all of you **

Hello, My name is Angela Chavez

I always aim to send out mail as soon as coordinator's have address info up. So far I have done this. I LOVE SWAP-BOT and take it very seriously!!!

This means that I am not or ever will be a flaker. I will let you know if an emerge?ncy comes up or I am seriously ill if it will prevent me from sending something on time, however if you read my first paragraph you will understand why I send mail out early.

However.... Life Happens.... so...

Please, contact me if you have a problem with receiving my order before you rate me low. I will do my best to help, I honestly want to know and will do my best to remedy the problem or if that fails will replace the mail.

I expect that you would want the same courtesy from me (which I will give you)

. I am 48 years old and happily married to the man of my dreams. I have four amazing boys , but only two still live at home. They are my 16 year old twins who have autism with developmental delays and I am currently homeschooling them.

I also enjoy playing with my dogs, we have an 18 month old male pitbull who is adorable and lovable. We also have a female toy size Australian Shepherd who is 6 years old and is beautiful. soft as down and very sassy

Favorite Music

I love music of all kinds except country music, Heavy metal, Goth and punk

Favorite Books

I love to read I like to read everything I can get my hands on. My favorite is historical fiction.

I love nonfiction on just about every topic. My current favorites include: Spirituality Health and Fitness Healthy Eating Cookbooks Jewelry Making Crochet books

Favorite Crafts

I have enjoyed working with so many crafts over the years including making both soap and candles using traditional techniques. I honestly have tried just about everything out there. I am a craft junkie and naturally artistic (not talented or skilled)

In more recent years I have been working with sculpey clay .beadwork, painting on canvas,decoupage (modge podge) and crocheting.

Recently, I have become really exciting working with papercrafts and finding Swap-Bot is like finding a home away from home.

Favorite Things

I love flowers of all kinds and also birds, especially song birds of all types.

also: colorful buttons in different sizes and shapes fabric flowers beads stickers (not kid stickers but scrapbook kind) blank note cards

Ocean themes, Nature

Birds, especially song birds and owls but I adore all birds

Cats of all kinds but especially the common and very sweet house cat and all animals (except creepy, crawly things)

Flowers all types, favorites include: roses, tiger lillies, hollyhocks, lilacs, wisteria, oh boy, simply way too many to list...It is is pretty, you can bet on me loving it.

Mermaids, sea turtles, dolphins, starfish , ocean , love the beach!


postcards (prefer nature, animals,cats, birds but will accept any ( dislike marketing and state postcards)


Favorite Color:: I love all colors

but these are my favorites:

Blues.....especially aquas Greens Purples, especially lavenders Pink, especially rose/raspberry Orange....mainly tangerine

Wish List

washi tape: all colors, designs and widths inkpads unused postage stamps die cut birds rubber stamps of birds note cards with pretty birds illustrated on them

I love all things beautiful, but really dig birds

pretty postcards; My favorite are vintage but love just about any (that are pretty , cute, sweet or funny) related to ; cats, birds, flowers, mermaids, the ocean, mountain views, sea turtles.

paper cutter envelope maker


Food: I have Celiac Disease , so I am allergic to wheat and all products that contain it , so no cookies or biscuits for me. No Gluten at all. Thank you, if you send it not knowing , I will not give you a low rating, My family will eat it , no worries =)

Tea, sorry but I don't much care for it. I will drink chai , lemon tea and apple cinnamon tea if you really want to send me tea , but dislike all others.

Kawaii, Hello Kitty,
Just not my thing, but if you do send them, I won't rate you low (I am just not like that...so don't worry) I can always send them to other swappers who love them.

Tim Holtz birds: Hey they are cute, but just not the birds I am into. Too cartoony for me. Bottom LIne: I Love Swap-Bot Mail!!


Comment: I am so glad to get @tatntole's coloring book today! (2/2/17) I was getting worried since it was so late & I never heard from you that you were late sending. It was supposed to be sent on Jan 16 and you marked sent on JAN 17 but it was not postmarked till a week later on JAN 28. So I am rating you a 3 now. I wish you had informed us you were late sending...And not said that you sent it a week earlier than you actually did... EDITED to say it has come to my attention by the swap's hostess that you should be rated a 1 because you did not follow thru with the swap and send the coloring book your received home to the original owner. You have not answered repeated pms, emails and not been in S-Bot for many months now. When you resolve this with the owner of the book & complete this swap we will revisit rating. UNTIL then I am changing your 3 rating to a 1.
Comment: <3
Comment: I got your resend today. The assortment of stickers and washi tape is appreciated. Thank you for all you sent me for this swap. Have a great weekend.
newrule rated for Cat postcard swap-3 partners on Feb 8, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the nice card!
Mamavan rated for SWL ~ Sticker Swap #3 on Jan 24, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the lovely stickers.
Response: your very welcome. Have a great day.
Comment: Great envie - Thank you - Happy New Year.
Response: your welcome ;) Happy New Year to you.
CraftyMommaonaBUDGET rated for New Year resolutions on Jan 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you, I am so sorry, everyday Is not easy, in fact it is easier to write than it is to do. Layla is in fact a lil behind and doesn't cooperate, she had some ear problems when she was a baby, those ear problems really set her back, my older daughter Sarah is visually impaired, and I too, suffer from chronic illnesses. I have my good days, bad days, and some very bad days. BUT we have to keep trying!! Thank you for the extras!! I will pray for you, just do the best you can, and if you dont succeed one day or even the next day, keep trying. This is not a marathon it is life. I am proud your keeping up a workout routine, I need to work on that. Blessings to you and P.S if your ever late please message me, so I dont think the wrong impression, I been flaked on so much.
Response: Thank you so much for understanding and I again am so sorry for being late. Honestly,I hate exercising and have to pace so I don't flare, but I always feel stronger and more motivated afterwards. Have a great week.
LisaSaurusRex rated for Sticker Sheets on Jan 17, 2017
Comment: You are so sweet! You sent more than expected! So kind of you. I LOOOVE all the stickers! Thank you SO much <3 xoxo
Response: Your very welcome, Thank you for the kind message. I love the feedback
ilovetocraft7 rated for Sticker Sheets on Jan 13, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for all the Sticker Sheets!
Response: Your so welcome , I am glad you like them
LovelyLindaSwap rated for 3 Christmas Card Swap on Jan 5, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the card.
Response: Your welcome. I hope your having a great start to the New Year. ;)
greygooselime rated for 50 stickers on Jan 4, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the selection!
Response: Your welcome. I am glad you like them.
theaterfan23 rated for Christmas card swap on Jan 4, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the card and extras!!
Response: Your welcome, Have a great New Year!
Kathie615 rated for Wishing You A Merry Christmas on Jan 4, 2017
Response: Thank you , Happy New Year !
Comment: Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!
Response: Your welcome :)
kssunlover1947 rated for Cat postcard swap-3 partners on Dec 31, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the Card. I love the cats with those white markings on face. I have had several and have a grey and white one now.
Response: Thank you , I am glad you enjoyed the card. Happy New Year!
LadyMalchav rated for NH: Decorated Postcards on Dec 31, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcard!
Response: Your very welcome. Happy New Year!
jinxednj rated for NH: What Are You Into? (postcards) on Dec 30, 2016
Response: Happy New Year!
swap4fun rated for Wishing You A Merry Christmas on Dec 28, 2016
Comment: Thank you and Happy Holidays!
Response: Thanks for rating me. Hope you had fun over Christmas and that you will have a great New year!
Comment: Thanks so much Angela. We especially liked the way you decorated the card with stickers and different colour inks. To answer your question about Christmas in Australia. The vast majority celebrate in December. Yes there are cards and decorations everywhere with a winter snow theme. Despite the fact it is summer with hot days :) What a strange bunch we are :) Some enterprising resturants have "Christmas in July" events. A big Christmas dinner with all the trimmings in our winter. These are not that common, but are usually booked out months in advance. Christmas dinner in winter, that makes more sense :) Regards Raoul & Jeanette.
Response: I am happy the two of you enjoyed the postcard. Thank you for answering my question, it is one I have been wondering about for awhile. Have a great New Year

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CurlyTea on Aug 13, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

PrairieKittin on Jun 13, 2017:

You have been dropped from the Colouring In group because you flaked on the last swap, and have not answered any of the numerous messages we have sent you. You should have sent Germanbaby77's coloring book back to her 6 months ago. You have not answered any of the messages she has sent you, nor have you answered any of the messages I or my co-founder have sent you.

Germanbaby77 on Jun 5, 2017:

Please try se return the coloring book to me. It should have been sent back in January, and now it is June. I am still waiting patiently. Thanks!

mizvicky on Dec 19, 2016:

Hi Angela.. Your swap is on its way " New years Resolution .." Tracking is 9500113260066354029123 Merry Christmas

yvonne401 on Dec 16, 2016:

CSG ~ Fruit of the Spirit, #2 Joy

Christian joy is a good feeling in the soul, produced by the Holy Spirit, as he causes us to see the beauty of Christ in the word and in the world. Joy as defined in the dictionary is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

What joy means to me is to achieve both happiness and joy which include well-being, success, good-fortune, happiness, joy, prospects, bliss, delight, contentment, a satisfying experience and expression of one's thoughts.

There are many things in life that give us joy. I will name a few.

  1. Sending snail mail to a friend - You will get a burst of joy knowing that you've brightened the day of your friend (and vice versa).

  2. Volunteer - When you help others you help yourself.

  3. Go shopping - When you go shopping, you elevate your mood.

  4. Create something artistic - Creativity breeds happiness.

  5. Keep a journal - Write your way to happiness.

There are so many more things in life that bring us joy. Just think about it and you will realize our joy-filled our lives are.

This is how this scripture applies to my life. When the Lord is part of my life, my life is filled with joy. When I continue to pray, read my bible and help others then my life will always be filled with joy.

I hope you were encouraged by my comments. I pray that your life is also filled with joy. God Bless You!



grammypammy on Dec 6, 2016:

grammypammy on Dec 6, 2016:

Praying for you!

sixaguilars on Nov 29, 2016:

CSG: Fruit of the Spirit, #1 Patience:: 1. Meaning to me: the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like. 2. 2 Peter 3:9 - "The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." 3. Loved this little study on patience because true to Gods way, his scripture meets us where we are in our daily lives to instruct, lead and remind us. Currently 19 year old daughter is testing everything we say and think. Such a good reminder that I need to be patient with her because God doesn't want her "to perish". He is patient with us so we have every chance to be saved. I want her to be saved and if I lose my temper or let her irritate me, thus lashing out with words, I don't show her Gods perfect love. My attitude is to stand firm (James 5: 7-11) like all those who have already practiced patience.

Take care ~ Norma :sixaguilars 11/29/16

OrigamiGrace on Oct 6, 2016:


From CPG!

bjmonroe on Sep 23, 2016:

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