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Blacksugar on Nov 20, 2015:

Thanks a million for angeling the mug swap! I received your amazingly filled package today! I was definately not expecting all the little extras you added to the wonderful mug! Thank you so so much for absolutely making my day! You are the best! <3

liveve308 on Sep 30, 2015:

A 1000000 Thank Yous for the lovely angel! I love the magnets and the teas, the nailpolish is perfect for Halloween and the candies were quite yummy ;) Thanks so much <3

virgoleanne on Nov 8, 2014:

Hey friend! I am hosting postcard swaps now! Come take a look at my swaps @virgoleanne Feel free to join up or send some ideas for swaps you would like to see. Let me know of any swaps you would like me to join also. :) Leanne Big news

mailboxqueen30 on Oct 29, 2014:

Hey i was wondering if you could possibly reply to my 2 pms about whether you have received pc from the swap Simple Postcard Swap Thanks a mil


Lizard on Oct 21, 2014:

LOVE your dog! you're in America and have an Australian dog; I'm in Australia and have a German Shepherd and a Chinese Sharpei!

Bookfreak on Aug 14, 2014:

Hey :) There was a envie for my mom in the mailbox today. Thank you a lot, she is kind of touched that so many strangers send her a note. It always makes her day.

Paige1900 on Jul 22, 2014:

Was reading your profile. We have an Australian Shepard (a Blue Merle) named Molly. There is a picture of her on my profile. She is 11 months old now, the picture was when she was 6 weeks. : )

RooBaRoo on Jul 3, 2014:

Thanks,Barb, so sweet of You! I hope my pcs reach soon, though!

notme78 on May 15, 2014:

I see that you also like geocaching. I think it's lots of fun, even though i haven't found that many yet. Have you found many caches yet?

RooBaRoo on Apr 15, 2014:

Hi! I am very curious to know if your BFF received my postcard. Please tell me when she does. Mine has disappeared! I am guessing she's on a belated honeymoon .. or drowned her phone! & oh! if your BFF does not receive by April end (I know You won't ask her, it's a surprise) I will re-send.

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