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arimails on Apr 11, 2021:

Hello there! Thank you for joining my swap "Happy Profile- Spring"

I am sorry to hear one of your partners was unable to complete this swap.

I hope you have a lovely Spring

JanJak on Apr 8, 2021:


JanJak on Apr 7, 2021:

Hi NotsoNewbie2020, I am not sure why, but I'm unable to insert or paste an image into this message. I am so sorry. JanJak

neea1989 on Mar 29, 2021:

Hello! Here's a haiku for you! 🌷

To write a haiku

I have to count my fingers

Five, seven, five, right?

arimails on Mar 28, 2021:

Haiku for You

Thanks for joining :)

A lovely Spring day// All the flowers are blooming// The sun shines so bright

Intrinzica on Mar 28, 2021:

Haiku for You

Running through the fields // Picking flowers and dancing // Come away with me

alt text

Love Bonnie <3

Meisje on Mar 21, 2021:

Happy Profile Spring

ericabella on Mar 20, 2021:


writing a novel I should not be dallying siren lure of books

(Haiku For You)

neea1989 on Mar 20, 2021:

Here's a haiku for you! 🏔🚗🏕

Roadtrips with kids? Fun!

I need to pee. I feel sick.

Mum, are we there yet?

arimails on Mar 20, 2021:

Thank you for joining my swap "Haiku for You"

Happy Swapping :)

Spring is almost here/ I will wait for the flowers/ until they can grow

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