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Rabbitfreedom on Feb 15, 2020:

Oh boy, this is unacceptable. While I hope that nothing bad has happened, also understand that you did not only flake on at least 37 Swap-bot members, you've disappointed and inconvenienced so many others who now have to pick up the pieces to fix the mess you have made.

isandie on Jan 8, 2020:

Hi Rose....you ok??? Trying to get ahold of you regarding MagicalBits Envie Swap #1 :)

pepita2608 on Aug 25, 2019:

Hello this is Deco Disney movies #5 The princess and the frog"






IDreamOfAfrica on Aug 21, 2019:

tiana1 tiana2 tiana3 tiana4 tiana5 tiana6

WhimsyEcoBug on Aug 4, 2019:

Cute Profile #4

KSENiA on Aug 4, 2019:

Cute profile #3

Enjoy! Sorry for the delay. KSENiA

susannah on Aug 2, 2019:

Cute profile #4

Hi! It's me again! I hope you have had great week and wonderful weekend <3 I'm gonna be at work all weekend but on next week my boys starting school so I get little bit own time. This had been long summer :D

Moo regards,Susanna


Christine1982 on Aug 1, 2019:

Profile from all over #10 Twist!! Hey hey I got you for a partner!! Whoop whoop! So you get a profile and something in the mail! How fun! I love my swaps ha ha! Ty for joining!! This week and 2 more weeks I am super busy!! College is crazy! Papers and homework! All the time! After 2 weeks though it will slow down. But than my kids will be in school by than. And than I will be busy all lver again lol. Because I will have 5 lods in 4 different schools. Oh my.

aspens on Jul 31, 2019:

Happy unbirthday to you! (Please delete the last one, I messed up lol)

Meisje on Jul 31, 2019:

Happy greetings from the Netherlands. Today our new furniture has arrived. So happy with my new coffee table and sofa 🛋

Happy Wednesday

I’ve heard of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but I’ve never heard of Someday. – Reverend Ike


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