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About Me

I am a middle-aged married mum of 2 (who loves alliteration.) I was once the regional buyer for a local bookstore and transitioned to the non-profit sector before I gave it all up to be at home with my littles. I am learning to enjoy being home but do miss interacting with different people every day. I am hoping swaps will be a way to embiggen my circle again. Pen pals and Letteran always welcome.

Crafty Habits

linocut, stamp carving, ink marbling, weaving, crochet, book binding, sewing, encaustic, needle tatting, embroidery, and a dozen others that grabbed my fancy for a bit. I have even tried my hand at blacksmithing and glass blowing.

I have become a bit obsessed with mail art and faux postage of late. Swap-bot may be very good for me or a quicker trip down the rabbit hole.

Bad Habits

always having 6 different notebooks started at once, keeping too many scraps of paper, thinking I can tolerate caffeine (it gets me every time), forgetting to charge my laptop and cell phone, thinking my handwriting is legible, automatically changing the font to something without serifs, not spending enough time checking my grammar (I am so sorry grammar police, it will only get worse from here)


anamorphic text, antiquated slang, art nouveau, Baba Yaga, beach glass, book recommendations, canning, clean lines, collective nouns, Joseph Cornell, cosplay, creative swearing, cuckoo clocks, curry, drift wood, Amelia Earhart, Earl Grey, embroidery, epistolary novels, faux postage, Janet Fish, forced perspective photography, Ganesh, handmade items, honey bees, InuYasha, Eddie Izzard, Japan, kokeshi dolls, lilacs, Micron pens, Tim Minchin, moths, mushrooms, the 9th Doctor, nuns, octopi, the color orange, flat pennies, pin hole cameras, poetry, polka dots, pumpkins, quirky signs, random people, ranunculus, small bits of nature, snails, Studio Ghibli, the Taj mahal, tarot, tattoos, TED Talks, Thai food, thrifting, tofu, trees, umbrellas, vultures, wasabi, x-rays, Hiroshi Yoshida & the letter Z

Favorite Authors

Jane Austen, Charles Baxter, Emma Bull, Douglas Coupland, Jim Crace, Neil Gaimen, Molly Gloss, Michael Koryta, Norton Juster, Alan Moore, Scott Morse, Mary Oliver, Mary Doria Russell, Jody Shields, Brad Watson, Martha Wells (These are really just a few. I read everything and anything except true crime. Why oh why does this exist? Don't we all look at our neighbors a little funny as it is? Do we really need this in our heads? Also I am not overly keen on YA as most of my memories of being a teen are frightful and full of awkwardness. I know there is some truly lovely stuff out there but it just doesn't really move to the top of the TBR list.)

Favorite Movies

The Big Lebowski, My Man Godfrey, Stranger than Fiction, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Fifth Element, The Lego Movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Shaun of the Dead, Gosford Park, Howl's Moving Castle, Read or Die, Still Breathing, Triplets of Belleville, Groundhogs Day, My Fair Lady


I don't let my kids wear heavily branded clothes and we don't have a tv. Throw in the fact that we are all vegetarian and I start to sound like a hippie but mostly we just like to spend our time wisely and appreciate nice things.

I will admit to disliking: clutter, makeup, glitter, The Beatles, disposability and people who do not hold doors open. I also do not like country kitsch, most floral patterns, Wal-Mart, Disney characters, people who hug too long and tweeny colors like teal and magenta. I like the things I own to last forever so I avoid anything too trendy. I am terrified of spiders (but that is only responsible), rip tides, and most large crowds.

The Dare

I dare you to PM me your five favorite books and why. I will send you a list of book recommendations.

If you like any of them, send me a quick thank you and maybe we can chat about books or crafts or swaps.

If you hate all my recommendations, I will craft you a bit of art mail with my abject apologies and post it to you.

Information for current swaps

  • I prefer labels to stickers. I have almost no use for project life cards or other scrapbooking items. I prefer postcards to notecards.

  • I’m currently quite keen for zines and would love to receive some in swaps

  • I love the color orange in all fashions: tape, markers, yarn, paper, ink. Any and all forms

  • I would prefer no foodstuffs in my swaps. No teas, candy or samples. Thank you!

  • Preferred themes: astronomy, libraries & books, stamps & air mail, snails & bees. I also love hand drawn art and doodles.

  • I relish the chance to focus on writing a fun letter and sending it in a fancy envelope. Let me know if you would like to exchange letters.

I am fond of meeting new people and would love to get to know you!


dvmac rated for HCSI: Stamp & Pass Postcard #1 on Jan 29, 2023
Comment: Saba, so sorry for taking so long to rate your beautiful card! It's really nice and will be a challenge to match your quality. But I like that!
lrm1980 rated for HCSI: Houses Postcard on Dec 17, 2022
Comment: Wow! I really love your fantastic postcard. Thank you!
user2148 rated for HCSI: Houses Postcard on Dec 13, 2022
Comment: I love this postcard! The scale is fabulous!! Even the texture of it is amazing 😻 thank you so much - spectacular as usual! ❤️❤️
user2148 rated for HCSI: Text Postcard on Oct 25, 2022
Comment: Love this postcard 💖 I think your carving is amazing!! The offset inking is inspired - I’ll be trying that soon. Great idea! Thanks so much 💖💖
Eclectonote rated for HCSI: Text Postcard on Oct 25, 2022
Comment: Marvelous artwork! So well done on many levels - the design, colors, pop-art technique, and of course the friendly, happy sentiment. You've knocked it out of the park, and I'm so lucky to have been your partner in art.
saturnsrings rated for HCSI: Summer Postcard on Oct 15, 2022
Comment: Loved it thank you so much!
samsstuff rated for Zines #4 on Sep 22, 2022
Comment: Thank you for all the amazing little zines!
dvmac rated for HCSI: Summer Postcard on Aug 23, 2022
Comment: Receiving your postcard today was like a breath of fresh air. Thank you. Happy gamboling.
JDiFani rated for Flowers by Mail on Aug 1, 2022
Comment: Such beautiful flowers! Thank you for the lovely swap, even the envelop it all came in is pretty!
ScrapHappyGabi rated for Flowers by Mail on Jul 31, 2022
Comment: Thank you for such a beautiful swap! Everything from the envelope it arrived in, to your letter inside is LOVELY!! I am absolutely in LOVE with all the handmade elements! The stickers, the Zine and the hand carved stamped images and handmade art postcard are BEAUTIFUL!! I love everything so much! Handmade elements are SO very special to me and I am Loving these! x Gabi
riviwriter rated for AtB: Zine Me Up, Scotty on Jul 25, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much! I love the awesome zines you picked out :)
derakisu rated for CPG Minizines #30 - Global on Jul 17, 2022
Comment: "Remnants" works pretty well without a back story. It's interesting though to know how each page came about. The overall design manages not to be random at all despite the imposed elements. Another great zine ! Edited to add : forgot to add that "Hello my name is" is an awesome little thing to get to know someone ! ^_^
derakisu rated for Zines #22 on Jul 17, 2022
Comment: The "Things I think are true" zine made me laugh. We have a lot of things in common apparently ! "Maybe swearing will help" is such a truth of life, and boy does it annoy my mother lol.
derakisu rated for Zines #20 on Jul 17, 2022
Comment: I love your "Collage #4" zine. The colour scheme is one of my favourites too. ^_^
matt319 rated for Stuff the Mailbox- Halloween on Jul 15, 2022
9O96O rated for Zines #24 on Jul 10, 2022
Comment: Oh my goodness Saba I'm so impressed with your work. It's cool how you used Aldine Publishing Company vintage book covers for your collage work. Each piece is so interesting to view and gives a cohesive look to the completed zine. And I love the "Snake as a Charmer" zine, what a great subject for the format and a perfect story to go with it. Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing these with me and thank you for the note to go with them.
DeboraCreates rated for Zines #21 on Jul 8, 2022
Comment: Thank you once again for the beautiful zines! I now have a Saba section in my zine binder. No, I don't believe you sent me the original version. Thank you so much!
user2148 rated for Challenge Image Swap on Jul 6, 2022
Comment: 🐝❤️🐝❤️🐝❤️🐝❤️ Oh my!! 😍 🐝 I do love BEES!! These are just the most adorable ones ever!! I love all the pages you chose to stamp on - and those insect wings!! Fabulous swap, my friend! Amazing!! 🐝❤️🐝❤️🐝❤️
Comment: You're creativity and cleverness never ceases to impress ! A rabble of robins is adorable. 17 words I don't know how to pronounce made me laugh. Especially "worcesthershire" which I'm unable to say at all. The llittle gratitude journal is so thoughtful. As always, I love your designs. Thank you so much !
DeboraCreates rated for Zines #16 on Jun 20, 2022
Comment: Your zine swaps always blow me away. Thank you for sharing all of your art with me.

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camelsamba on Oct 12, 2021:

I was admiring the "delivered by owl post" on your envelope - is that a stamp or did the envelopes come that way??

smadronia on Jan 1, 2019:

alt text

May your 2019 be better than 2018, and your best year yet!


RyeRye on Jul 23, 2016:

Happy Birthday!


Loonstruck on Jul 23, 2016:

Happy Birthday Sweet Saba! I hope your day is filled with dustless destruction, compliant wilds, and all the very best food!

dawnielynn on May 24, 2016:

Thanks for the happy mail! Love all the labels you included for me - so generous! Hugs.

ladydy5 on Mar 6, 2016:

Welcome to our group Make An Envelope.

Vickyen on Feb 25, 2016:

Pen pals with a PC twist #1- Hi Saba! My pc traveled home just fine and it was great to have a visit from you! Hows the remodeling going? I would love to have the vision to do this! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)

Loonstruck on Aug 27, 2015:

What a remarkable present to find in my mail box! Thank you for the amazing Loon stamp (and the much needed stamp pad), the fantastical dragonfly, and new book to read. Not to mention the wonderful packaging, wrapping, and bonus postcards! I'm so lucky to have made friends with you!

sherba31 on Jul 20, 2015:

Oops! Forgot to say that was for the AATW July Wishlist!

sherba31 on Jul 20, 2015:

Thanks for the very cool playing cards, stamps and the paper. It's so amazing! I've not seen anything like it so do let me know the source if you can. =)

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