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Married with three (older) kids. Born in California; grew up mostly in New Mexico; went to Rice University in Houston; spent a few years in Maryland; currently live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Hail to the Victors, and Hail to the Glow Cloud...)

(FYI: My swapbot mail/notifications go to a secondary email account which I don't necessarily check every day.)

Favorite Music

Right now my favorite artist is Carrie Newcomer. I enjoy mellow, acoustic, female singer-songwriters. Other genres I like are folk, celtic, world music (especially instrumental), and acoustic.

Favorite podcasts: Welcome to Nightvale, Harry Potter as a Sacred Text, BBC Witness, A Way with Words, The Memory Palace, With Me Now, The World in Words, Very powerful but heartbreaking: Believed, from Michigan Radio (about Nassar abuse victims). No new episodes but enjoyed at the time: Death in Ice Valley, Order 9066.

Favorite Crafts

I started with ATCs in summer 2008 and then branched into postcards - I'm not the first to say it, but the larger canvas of a postcard appeals to me! I like to make fabric / needlework PCs and ATCs, or collage-y style postcards.

I dabble in colored pencil drawings - I mostly draw botanical and entomological subjects (flowers and insects) from photos. I also like block printing (linocut, although usually not on actual linoleum).

I always appreciate your own drawing or painting on an ATC or postcard! And no matter how you make it, I appreciate a note about how you made your creation, what you were thinking of, etc. The creative process fascinates me.

Favorite Colors and Themes

  • I'm a blues and greens kind of gal! My least favorite colors to work with are 'muddy' colors, like drab browns and yellows and such. I admire people who can make them work!

  • I like botanicals and nature-inspired items, or abstract/geometric/swirly stuff.

  • unusual animals, such as zebras, okapi, pangolins, even intriguing arthropods (giraffe weevil, colorful beetles and bugs, sea life, etc). The less well known, the better. [granted, zebras are charismatic megafauna, but I make an exception for them!] Live snakes in my immediate proximity (such as pets) make me shudder a little bit, but I'm okay with them in art.

  • fish

  • interestingly shaped leaves (like bloodroot - have you seen a bloodroot leaf? very cool! or gingko? also cool!),

  • maps and postage stamps

  • Also appreciate black-and-white (or limited color) illustrations from old science or other textbooks. I've collected quite a pile of them from the free shelf at my public library!

Favorite Books

I enjoy mysteries and spy / intrigue books, either print or audio. I've just caught up on the Slough House series (Mick Herron). I was alternating listening to what's available in the Dublin Murder Squad series (Tana French), Inspector Gamache (Louise Penny), and the Shetland series (Ann Cleeves) and am at a lull there. I've also been listening to the Hamish MacBeth series and the BBC Radio 4 adaptations of Agatha Christie (esp Hercule Poirot series), but I've pretty much finished those. Our local library is part of a state-wide consortium for ebooks and e-audio, so I often listen to whatever is "available now."

Recommendations for spy/espionage series gladly accepted!

My favorite book is Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers. My favorite authors are Madeleine L'Engle and Dorothy Sayers. My favorite books are mysteries, especially when they incorporate an interest of mine (cooking, needlework, etc) without it being too forced - e.g. "cozy mysteries." Inspector Henry Tibbetts (by Patricia Moyes) and Maisie Dobbs (by Jacqueline Winspear) are two great series in this vein.

And I've been reading quite a bit of young adult fiction to keep ahead of my boys or find books they might enjoy. Recent favorites include The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins; Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool. Our whole family enjoyed The Wilderking Trilogy by Jonathan Rogers - great especially for boys! Others: Mysterious Benedict Society (I liked the first one the most), The Wednesday Wars, Madeleine L'Engle, J. K. Rowling, Blue Balliet.


This will probably never be relevant, since I mostly swap ATCs and postcards, but I'm allergic to avocados and shrimp. And naproxen (aka Aleve) - so don't send me any OTC non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs! :^)

Swap Specific

For postcards: I ADORE handmade postcards!! But if you don't make your own, I also like maps, native plants or animals, quirky local sites, artsy stuff.

For tea swaps: my favorites are flavored white or green teas. Also like herbal or rooibos and chai mixes. Big fan of spicy hot chocolate. I'm slowly learning to appreciate loose oolongs and black teas blends. My husband is a big fan of Earl Grey/Gray and its variants. And this may sound a bit whiny, but I consider a bag of ordinary Lipton to be the tea-swap-equivalent of 'sticker slapping' (representing little time or effort).

For recipe swaps, I have recipe boxes for 3x5 and 4x6 cards, and a file folder for 8.5x11 paper. So I'm flexible on formats. I love to cook from fresh & seasonal ingredients, and I like ethnic recipes and "food with flavors" (interesting spices). And I'm a big fan of chocolate.

Source those Quotes!

What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?

Be brave. Be truly brave. I mean, don't get carried away. Stay out of the Dog Park. And don't run with knives. And, for crying out loud, don't cry out loud. You'll upset the bears, which are emotionally fragile animals that are already very uncomfortable with themselves.

Today is street cleaning day. Please remain calm.


Cellolady rated for Artsy Fartsy #23 on Jan 18, 2022
Comment: Cool PC. I also don't do the photos of swaps. Maybe i should, but I usually run out of time, or memory! :-) Thank you! So happy it came!
dvmac rated for ZMACS Group: Zine-Go-Round - Round 7 on Jan 1, 2022
Comment: Hi Tricia. Got the zine. Nice job. Star finished it and sent it home. Sorry to hear about your dad. 95 is a good long life. My mom left us at 89 two years ago. Thankfully before all the Covid stuff started. I like your Rust zine. I have a bunch of pictures very much like those. I like that theme too. Happy, healthy, blessed and prosperous 2022 to you and your loved ones.
Itti rated for S&T: Tortoise or turtle postcard on Dec 29, 2021
Comment: Brilliant - love it. Very creative!
lrm1980 rated for PCA: Holly or Poinsettia on Dec 28, 2021
Comment: I love this holly postcard. Thank you!
wolfeagle rated for AMA: HD/HP Pass and Paste #112 on Dec 28, 2021
Comment: Thank you. Love the foreign pages. I'll finish it and send it home.
9O96O rated for AMA: Zine - Go for a Walk on Dec 26, 2021
Comment: I'm sorry that the post office managed to open the envelope and lose the zine. Thank you for emailing the zine to me. The printout came out wonderfully. How very poignant that you should take these photos at that time in your life. Your composition is striking, the colours are beautifully rustic. Your epilogue is moving. I'm so fortunate to have received your zine. Thank you T!
Response: thanks Rome - this made me tear up again...
fortannam rated for Chunk O Cardboard - November 2021 on Dec 13, 2021
Comment: thank you for the fun chunk! and notes about ginger and tea!
Comment: I love the San Pellegrino "chunk!" And how clever to make ink from berries, wow! Be well! xo
kankalin rated for Artsy Fartsy #23 on Dec 6, 2021
Comment: Thank you for this nice Asian art pc- I like it. If you are ever in MTL the best bagel is St Viateur bagel but we have many bakeries with amazing pain au chocolat … I love pastry so MTL is a great place for me but My expanding waist line begs to differ 😀
Rateliff rated for Chunk O Cardboard - November 2021 on Dec 6, 2021
Comment: Thanks for another Nature Valley chunk! pecan crunch sounds delicious, I usually go for Clif Bars just because they are easy to grab and go and have enough calories to keep me full. Thanks, and happy holidays!
MiekeC rated for AMA: Collaboration PC #102 on Nov 19, 2021
Comment: Hi Tricia, thank you for the card and i will send the card further. Thank you for the deli, very interesting with the crosses, and also for all the handwritings and you note. I like this sort of mail. mieke
AmookIslandCreations rated for CR: Moon Mail Art on Nov 15, 2021
Comment: Thanks for this postcard. Sadly the front was almost completely deconstructed. There was no person, the rocket was almost off the pc and the fly to the moon sticker was almost illegible. Autumn is my favorite season! We have no big trees here, but the fireweed and blueberry bushes turn the mountainsides crimson! Stay safe and healthy! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: Oh no, I'm so sad it got destroyed! I will post it on flickr so you can see what it was supposed to look like. Posted on flickr: https://flickr.com/photos/cazatoma/51776363454/
quaisoir rated for HMPC: Put a Pumpkin on it on Nov 15, 2021
Comment: That's a freaky looking pumpkin! 😂 Quite an interesting juxtaposition of the sport squash and the pumpkin. Personally I don't play squash either. Thanks for the postcard. 😊
Response: tyeah, it was kind of freaky. I really need to find a good source of botanical squash for my series :^)
tigermousecat rated for HMPC: Bird love - October on Nov 8, 2021
Comment: Love it! Thank you! The background works well with the birds.
Inesrv rated for AMA: Sender's Choice -October on Nov 8, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much Tricia for this lovely postcard! I love it and thank you so much for your explanation! How cool to be able to use things from our garden to make art? I'm passionate for it and would love to learn more about it! Do you have any tips? Do you add anything else to the fruit/vegetables? Or it's just juice? Doesn't it fade with time? Thank you and have an amazing week!
Response: My sister gave me a book titled "Make Ink" and it has directions for various things. Walnut husks are pretty simple; pokeweed berries were harder (they're poisonous, for one thing!). I'll put some more notes on your page.
Poeprincess rated for AMA: Scavenger Hunt PC -October on Nov 3, 2021
Comment: Love the collage elements! Your background image is nice, too. I know what you’re saying when you say you’re back on the catalog list this year—me, too!
Eclectonote rated for Hand-Carved Zine on Nov 2, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the fun zine - really liked the cute piggy carve and the rooster, too. The texture pattern must have been pretty interesting to carve. Thanks also for the hummer envie and your note, which I'll be saving for the artwork :).
starmccoy rated for ZMACS: Hand Carved Zine on Oct 26, 2021
Comment: I wish I could give you more hearts. I'm so sorry for your loss. I try not to think about it too much, but I'm thankful every day. I'm just now spending some precious time with my daughter. Your carvings a great! I love this zine! All the very talented people in this group! Thanks for letting me be here ❤️
Saba rated for Hand-Carved Zine on Oct 24, 2021
Comment: I love the range of stamps you included! And appreciate the used stamps! Thank you!
9O96O rated for ZMACS: Hand Carved Zine on Oct 23, 2021
Comment: Great zine! My favourite page layout is the clouds and textured stamps. I'm really impressed that you made your own walnut ink to write your note. How cool. And another great stamp on the notecard. Thank you so much for making and sharing your art with me. I really enjoyed this Zine Go Round.

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wolfeagle on Dec 28, 2021:


Wishing you a fantastic 2022!

wolfeagle on Nov 3, 2020:

Thank you for working on my Alice pc. I thought this one was a goner after 4 years, lol. So, it was a nice surprise to have it come home.

violagirl on Sep 15, 2018:

Thanks for commenting on my page! I'm actually playing a little ditty at a show on Monday, September 24th. It's a staged performance called "This Is My Brave," where people go up and tell their stories of recovery from mental illness. I will tell my story on being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, and my recovery. THen I'll play violin. Check out the website: https://thisismybrave.org/events/timb-the-show-nyc

DaisyNY on Mar 24, 2018:

I forgot to say how much I love the Jack-in-the-Pulpit print you made/sent. I have a lot of them in my yard - one of nature's delights. Thank you.

jukejan on Nov 14, 2017:

Got the second Nature Inspired PC and gelli background is really great! You went over and beyond, thanks!

DaisyNY on Jul 27, 2017:

Hi Tricia,

Here's the finished Collaboration (#41 for you). I added shading, an outline and some words.

midwestkiwi on Apr 26, 2017:

I want to thank you again for Kiwi PC you sent way back last April. I use it as the cover for my PC collection book. I was actually checking to make sure I'd rated before thanking you again (that would have been awkward) and I noticed it was unhearted. (Still more awkward). So ,<3, <3, <3....

skydancer on May 13, 2015:

Happy Birthday! You should be receiving my purple PC for you in the next week. I came online to read your profile and discovered your b-day is today. So, I'm wishing you a terrific day and a wonderful year to come!

And you are so right - blood root has a beautiful leaf!

Juliajae on Mar 31, 2015:

Hi! I received your HMPC: For Me? postcard! It's wonderful! I just love when the things randomly left on the workbench turn into a great card! Thanks so much for joining my swap and for the return card :)

FiWebster on May 13, 2013:


Best wishes, Trish, for a superspectacular day!

Fiona W. =grin=

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