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Catida on Mar 9, 2020:

I just checked out your Instagram art. Wonderful work! I especially liked the unicorn bear painting, and the unicorn and frog ATCs :)

simcoe54 on Mar 7, 2020:

CPG: February Wishes -- Thanks for the used postage stamps. Perfect for my collection.

weatherwax on Feb 20, 2020:

I changed the wording int the lucky dip swaps. Thank you for your input :)

djcamp04 on Jan 22, 2020:

❤️Thank you so much for the beautiful drawings❤️ I love them! The kitty in a cup is so cute & the owl so regal. I love the castle (one of my favorite things) off to the side. I’m really leaning towards getting this framed and on the wall instead of my journal. It’s just absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you for granting a special wish. CPG: January wishes ❤️

noname13 on Jan 15, 2020:

thanks a lot for the postcards from my CPG January wishlist!

TreeAnn629 on Dec 17, 2019:

Thank you so much for my CPG wish love the card and you drawing WILL go up on my wall LOVE

simcoe54 on Dec 16, 2019:

CPG: November Wishes -- Thanks for the used postage stamps. Can't wait to add them to my stamp collection.

warheart on Nov 20, 2019:

I got your CPG Pick 2 Tag! Thank you so much! The ATC blanks will come in handy as I am JUST starting to get into ATCs! And your handrawn card is precious! I will hang this on my desk! Thank you!

Disneydezi on Sep 3, 2019:

Ahh! Trinket I just got your surprise letter and I LOVE everything about it and hearing about what you've been up too! I'll respond traditionally, but I just wanted to let you know it arrived safe and sound, thank you! <3

DRMOM on Aug 28, 2019:

Wish-list - August 2019 ❤

Thank you for the wonderful assortment of used postal stamps. I don't have any ones that look like these so I am so excited to have so many. You are so generous. They are beautiful. Thank you so much. The panda stationary you used - super cute!

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