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Country: United States
Target Baby registry

About Me

Update: Feb 28, 2021 Hi everyone I recently gave birth to a little healthy girl. I have named her Yana Camila Moreno. She was born this February 19th at around 11pm. Me and my husband are so excited to be parents and we want to say thank you to all who have showered my baby with gifts.

Baby registry If you would like to send anything our way. Thank you for contributing in this precious first time for us as New parents! We thank you!



  • You can follow on Instagram @jojokittysawu which is my personal account and on @amathyst _ kitty _ art which is my art and penpal account :) I am a traditional art student, I enjoy painting and drawing, however I also enjoy trying many other art related projects. My favorite thing to do after a longs day work is go home watch some Netflix, play some PC games and enjoy a meal with my hubby. i love cats. I am currently obsessed with pastel colors and pastel goth items. Lol i am always changing what I like but im 100% sure I love cats and unicorns. My new obsession are those handmade fabric dolls.
  • here's a little bit more about myself I got engaged in September 26. I got married on 1/27/2018 and what can i say the highlight of my 2018 forever!!!

Favorite Music

Geners: Alternative Punk, Lofi hiphop, Pop, pop rock, cumbia, Latin Pop, Latin Pop rock. F.O.B,The Beatles ,Escape the Fate, Man Man, Moderato, Joan jett, Meg and Dia, Laura Welsh, Deerhoof, Kongos, Melanie martinez, Ingrid Michelson,

+It would be nice to receive A awesome music playlist

Family Birthdays

My husband - His name is Sergio. His birthday is on November 2. He is a jokster and loves hearing and telling jokes when ever he gets the chance. His favorite food authentic Mexican tacos. We don't have have taco Tuesdays we have Taco Fridays. He is big on music, he loves to play acoustic guitar and ukulele. His favorite characters are dead-pool,hulk, Rick from Rick and Morty, he also loves anime same like me but hes more into the action and thriller anime. His favorite colors are blue, purple and green. He is a big fan of DC and Marvel characters like dead pool, aquaman, and hulk. Also enjoys the holiday 420. He loves to play PC games like fortnite, league of legends, resident evil, left 4 dead, cup head, among us , and the forest, Dying light.

  • My mother: Her name is Amelia Meneses. Her birthday is on July 2. She loves turtles and loves collecting items that are turtle related. Her all time favorite band is the Beatles. She is an animal lover, loves to collect a variety of stickers. She does love incenses like dragon blood , and soda pop ,sandalwood. She enjoys crafts involving, washi-tape, foam sheets, anything cute, and fabric. She likes cats dogs unicorns and fairies.

  • My sister Marlene

    • her birthday is on January 20 so if you wish to send anything to her it'll be a kind gesture. She loves gudetama, pandas, and her new favorite cows, gel pens, candies and her favorite candy is spicy sweet candy, and she loves music. She likes to play PC games like left for dead, and league of legends. she's currently getting into reading YA novels that are focused on thrillers, murder or mystery. Her favorite colors are red and black. She loves hamsters and owns two. She also loves roosters and has one as a pet. She would like to know and learn more about living life gluten free and lactose free. As she has had to make some changes in her diet due too her health and shes finding it hard.

My Wish List

  • baby books (bilingual is a plus Spanish/English)
  • pink bunny stickers or bunny washi tape
  • Baby items ( burp rags, newborn swaddle zac, bibs)
  • cute washi samples
  • Yummy recipes
  • A bunny ornament
  • Hand knit pumpkin hat for baby or adult
  • Unique Halloween stickers
  • Artist Trading Cards Themed: unicorn, kawaii theme, Fairy, pastel goth, A grey/ silver themed ATC, Cat/kitten ATC, goth ATC, Mermaid ATC.
  • Le Pen pens
  • pretty stickers from amazon 3in
  • Cat accessories for pet cat (I love dressing my cat and putting cat hats even if it means they'll wear it for a minute. As long as they let me :)).
  • Kawaii or goth themed patches for jacket
  • posca paint pens
  • Personalized Address Labels
  • mini instax pics of beautiful places in your town with a note if you live in ( Netherlands, japan, Australia, Italy, Hawaii)

  • glitter metallic gel pens

  • micron pen
  • Watercolor/acrylic brush
  • cute postcards
  • pictures from tourist spots on Salem with a brief history of the places
  • Die cuts of ( pine trees, Fall leafs, Pine cones, foxes, tea cup, bunnies)
  • completed or semi-completed art journal

  • Witchy items

  • cute 6x4 scrapbook paper
  • Crystals (Ex: Obsidian, Rose quartz, clear quartz crystal)
  • quartz/geode/crystal stickers


  • Flakers
  • stuff that smells like smoke or cigarette smoke ( I'm currently pregnant and i can detect it easily bleh)
  • rude people
  • coconut
  • smashed potatoes
  • glitter (some glitter is okay but to much is a no)
  • receiving Disney stuff ( with the exception of Ariel, hei hei, malificent)


  • For OTHER Swaps: Anything pastel goth, Punk-rock, steampunk, galaxy, mythical,witchy items, celestial, geode, purple crystal aura quartz, moons, anything fall related.
  • Mermaids

  • Kawaii: chococat,pusheen, gudetama, jinbei-san, rilakkuma, sentimental-circus.

  • Videogames/PCGames: D.v.a (from overwatch) soraka,Ahari, Syndra (from League of Legends)

  • Artists: Absolute Ama,Camilla de'errico, Mel stringer, Mab graves

  • Unicorn

  • Halloween: creature from the black lagoon, It (new version), SAM (from trick r treat), Billy from the SAW movie, Flying monkey, black cat, Witches (any but my favorite is eruka from soul eater), moth man, Gengar and haunter (from Pokemon), jack and sally.

  • Tea ( chai tea, green tea and vanilla chai, macha tea)

  • Incense (my favorite is dragon blood, Palo santo, white sage)

  • plants ( bonsai tree, cacti ๐ŸŒต, succulents, bamboo, poppy, lilac, sage, dahlia, orchid, ๐ŸŒปsunflower,

  • Cats (any kind but my favorite is the tabby cat)

  • Post-cards (favorites: inspirational quotes non religous, anime, kawaii, cats, illustrated citys)

  • Animals (fox, ๐Ÿ“rooster, ๐Ÿ‡bunny,๐Ÿผ panda, wolf, tiger, giraffe, peacock, pig, pugs, huskys, tabby cats, fruit bats)

  • Any wonderfully handmade art/ crafts

Favorite anime/ comics

Favorite Anime:

  • Seven deadly sins
  • Death Note
  • Anne-Happy
  • Attack on Titan
  • Your lie in April
  • No Game No Life
  • One punch man
  • Soul Eater
  • Love, chunibiyo, and other delusions
  • FLCL

Favorite Games/ cartoons

  • Jet Set Radio Future

  • Leauge of Legends

  • Cup Head

  • Left 4 Dead Diablo 2, Mortal Combat, Nintendo games, pac-man, the binding of Isaac

  • comment any PC games suggestions

  • Cartoons: Adventure Time, Teen Titans, Invader Zim, power puff girls, the adventures of billy and Mandy

Favorite Movies

Big Hero 6, Home, Spirited Away, The Help, My Neighbor Totoro, The Memoir of a Geisha, Ponyo, Hals Moving Castle, Wolf Children, Wreck it Ralph, Super 8, Spirit, The little mermaid, Hidalgo, Instructions not included, speed racer, Australia, The life of Pie, Astro Boy, Alice in the Wonderland (tim burton movies), Edward scissor hands, Hell Boy, Pans Labyrinth, The Orphanage, Ladrones,Warm Bodies, Stardust, Suicide Squad


kizzlets rated for ITW: Woodland ATC - Mushroom on Mar 20, 2021
Comment: I love your beautiful blue mushroom drawing ATC! Thank you!
Jenny345644 rated for All I want for Christmas on Mar 4, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the adorable Christmas card and lovely letter ๐Ÿ˜Š it was all so sweet
magicinker rated for USATC: Rainbow ATC Series- Orange on Feb 26, 2021
Comment: Got your rainbow orange ATC Loved it, Thanks...
Moxieroe rated for Hallowtine Flipbook on Feb 20, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the fun flipbook! So cute and lovey and just enough creepy spooks. You did such a great job blending Valentine's and Halloween.
Rockmask rated for Cow ATC HD/HP on Feb 19, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the ATC! Itโ€™s adorable!! Iโ€™ve definitely forgotten postage before ๐Ÿ˜… ๐Ÿ–ค
Comment: Thank you so much, Layla loved what you sent, sorry for the late rate, we lost track of the cards and swaps, BUT I just realized this morning you did send.
Gobarb rated for USATC: Rainbow ATC Series- Blue on Feb 5, 2021
Comment: Hi Johana. I finally got the belated swaps. I really love the colors and appreciate that you hand painted it. Thank you.
Comment: I finally got your ATCs. The night scape is beautiful. I love how you did it with layers of different papers. Very clever! Thank you.
Response: Thank you so glad they made it! This one was my favorite too!
Comment: Thank you for another beautiful hand drawn girl ATC. She is another lovely addition to my collection. Aloha
Comment: Thank you for the lovely violet girl. She is so very pretty. And I love how you decorated the envelope to match. Aloha
magicinker rated for USATC: Rainbow ATC Series- Green on Jan 18, 2021
Comment: Hi Johana, Got your Leaf Queen ATC for our green rainbow swap..Shes lovely, Thanks..Happy New Year. Patt / magicinker
Gobarb rated for USATC: Month ATC Series - January on Jan 17, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the Jan. ATC card. It was really different but I like how you described it! Sorry that I didn't rate this a couple of days ago when I got it. I was having a bit of Vertigo and didn't spend time on the computer and forgot!
Shiraz rated for USATC: Month ATC Series - February on Jan 12, 2021
Comment: Thank you Johana - an early Happy Birthday sometime in February. Barbara
mdrogge rated for USATC: Rainbow ATC Series- Yellow on Dec 31, 2020
Comment: Love the ATC. Thank you โฃ๏ธ
chimerix rated for Christmas Themed ATC Swap on Dec 23, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the sweet penguin Christmas ATC. Mele Kalkikimaka!
gothic87 rated for Christmas washi tape on Dec 19, 2020
Comment: Loved the washi tapes Thank You!
Comment: Your alpaca is adorable! Thank you so much! And we used to have llamas which I thought were the cutest until I found an alpaca I wanted, but alas, in Texas, we do not have the same space we had in OK. So no real alpaca for me... for now. ;)
Comment: thanks for the cute Cinnamoroll!
CiCiHatter rated for USATC: Rainbow ATC Series- RED on Dec 10, 2020
Comment: WOW...this is sooo good!.... i ๐Ÿ’œ face drawings and this one is awesome!...so fun with the candy canes!!...its really good...totally love your style!!...thank so much!!...cheers!
Response: <3 So happy you love it as much as I do. Happy holidays!
Gobarb rated for USATC: Month ATC Series - DECEMBER on Dec 8, 2020
Comment: Hi Johana. I love the December ATC with the cat in the hat! It is right up my alley. He looks just like one of my cats. I can see why you have to go to the mountains to go snowboarding. Sacramento probably doesn't get that much snow. I could be wrong... ๐Ÿ˜‰
Response: Glad you like the ATC. The cat reminded me of my orange tabby so he is the inspiration behind that ATC.Sacramento does not get any snow, but in my life time I have only experienced 2 times of very light snow here in Sacramento. The first was back in 2000 when i was 6 and the second time I believe it was back in 2018 because I was 23. We go up to lake tahoe near the border of Nevada to experience snow lol.

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bethe on Mar 2, 2021:

Thank you for the cute washi tape, deco and mini memos for my LSRUS February wishes! I love it all!

CariahCreates on Mar 2, 2021:

Thank you for the birthday greetings from my LSRUS wishlist

thriftymermaid on Feb 28, 2021:

Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl from your friends at the Mermaid Lovers Unite Group!! Wishing you and your new family good health, rest, and time to enjoy all of the amazing moments that come with a beautiful newborn baby. Way to go Momma!! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

wolfeagle on Dec 24, 2020:


CookieMomster78 on Nov 26, 2020:

You have been one of the lights in a seemingly dark world.

chimerix on Nov 17, 2020:

Thank you for the really cool Unicorn girl ATC and the pretty black & gold ATC backs. Much Aloha

Rabbitfreedom on Oct 25, 2020:

Thank you so much for angeling the Halloween Mail swap for me! I loved the answers to your questions - Hope you have a spooktacular Halloween and CONGRATS on your pregnancy! That is such wonderful news to hear in an otherwise bleak year!

amyscraftandmail on Jul 25, 2019:

Cute Profile #2

Meisje on Jul 25, 2019:

Cute profile #2

get ready for some cuteness!

name for image

Mimosagirl on Mar 19, 2019:

alt text I'm looking forward to being in the Pastel Creative group. Thanks! Judy Instagram Juju Mimosa same profile pic. :)

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