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Date Joined: May 1, 2009
Last Online: May 5, 2018
Birthday: December 22, 1983
Country: Finland

Any important news?

8-21 Feb - I won't be able to rate any swaps as I will be away from home. But I can read all messages so feel free to contact me if necessary.

In 2013 I moved from Russia to Finland. During the long period I had no time and power to swap. Also I tried to fight against Russian postal system (I loose). Now I live in the country with one of the most reliable postal systems in the world and I find out that I missed this site.

And just to make it easier for all of us in future. English is not my native language, I speak as I can. I prefer direct approach and don't like to sugar-coat things. However I never plan to offend you. Thus, I give my full permission for anyone to quote and post in open any of my private messages, except for these containing personal information on me or third parties.

About Me

Originally Russian 32 years old God's creature, living in Finland. =)

You don't have to send extras to me - I always rate according to swap guidelines. And I add heart if I feel that you put YOUR heart into swap.

I enjoy people writing in Finnish language to me. So if you are from Finland, feel free to write in Finnish to me. Feel free to write as naturally Finnish as you can, I would love to take my time translating it :)


From time to time I join postcard swaps. But please don't send me postcards as extras for any other swap. Of course I won't rate you low for that, but not stamped postcards are absolutely useless for me and they go into trash bin directly. Unfortunately I have so little space in my apartment, I cannot store many postcards here. So just save them and send to those who will appreciate them.

I like:

  • sea, river or beach - sunny or storming
  • anything water related (rain, waterfalls, sailing-ships, fishmen)
  • umbrellas
  • adult cats
  • road signs
  • ANY social advertising postcards. Postcards about smoking, WWF, HIV, etc.
  • woman dressed like a man or man dressed like a woman (postcards or ad-cards). Not necessary pretending to be a man or woman, just wearing clothes is ok.
  • GLBT related (postcards or ad-cards)
  • beautiful modern art. Something... well, understandable if possible. Not surrealism.
  • postcard from the USA city Saint-Petersburg. With the city name on postcard.

It's ok if you don't have anything in my wishlist. Any touristic postcard will be fine. From little towns especially.
I prefer my cards written and stamped.


  • sweets - dark plain chocolate (no nuts but anything else like sea salt or raisins or anything else is fine; I don't have allergy on nuts, just don't like them, so don't worry about warnings that it may contain traces of blah-blah-blah), hard candies, sour candies, lollipops, marcipane. Absolutely love Jolly Rancher hard candy, original and fruit'n'sour versions.
  • tea - flavored black, herbal or fruit tea. Spicy tea! And only individually wrapped tea bags please.
  • socks - warm and fuzzy.
  • appointment books / day planners / notepads (not dated and not very girlish).
  • colorful envelopes (handmade or not)
  • unwritten colorful notecards
  • handmade dangle (and lightweighted) earrings.
  • scarfs, shawls. Not very fond of touristic things, but traditional (national) touch (such as colors, patterns, emblems) is fine.
  • small souvenir plate with city or county name on it. I have plates from the USA states WA and NY and from San-Francisco. So anything else would be great.
  • beautiful 2-sided paper for origami (10x10'', 12x12'' or bigger)
  • Star Trek stuff. My favorite character is Spock (fascinating, isn't it?). Sheldon Cooper is ok too.
  • Union Jack stuff :) T-shirt (S sized), tote bag, mug, coin purse. Well, almost anything. Preferably thing that I can show off in everyday life, not just put on the shelf to feast my eyes on.
  • any handmade accessories for me to wear or use in everyday life, not just pretty things to look at but something that I can use. Anything handmade makes me feel thrilled as I can't do anything useful with my hands :)
  • cosmetics. Lip balm. Eye pencils. Face masks (preferably in tubes, not mask sheets). Mostly anything but preferably local brands as we have same international brands here. I have dark blond hair, combination skin, green eyes.
  • surprise me :) I'm always open to anything new. If there is something special and not very expensive in your area, feel free to share with me. Once I received sealed pack of chestnuts from my partner. They were disgusting BUT I loved this experience! :))

My favorite colors are gray, black, dark red and dark purple. Multicolored things are great too.


  • coffee/mint/licorice flavored things.
  • I have huuuge allergy on chamomile. Please don't send anything with chamomile if you don't want me to die. Or if checking for allergies is not required and it's sender's choice, please make sure you provide warning in case ingredients are written in language other than English.
  • chocolate by Hershey's
  • green tea, rooibos
  • Kool-Aid, hot chocolate and other dry drinks.
  • religious stuff.
  • Twilight stuff.
  • almost all craft supplies. I'm not into crafts.

Less things, more quality!

If you are my partner and intend to send me thing please remember I will prefer quality over quantity. If you intend to send me $5 worth of things I'd prefer you to send one quality thing instead of five cheap things :) Also this way you will save the postage expenses ;)

Private swaps

Private swaps are very welcome. Pm me.

Thank you

I'm too lazy to respond to all of you and I don't feel that impersonal "Thank you for the rate" could make any difference for you. That is why I only respond when I think there is something to respond to. Like a question, remark, etc. But I highly appreciate all your rates and comments! Thank you for rating me! :)


Beckstar rated for Beauty box swap on Jul 14, 2017
Comment: Wonderful! Thanks so super much xx
Fever rated for Hello Summer! on Jul 13, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the summery scarf! :)
Fever rated for Allure style box on May 30, 2016
Comment: Thank you very much for a lovely parcel! The marimekko pouch is wonderful - and so Finnish! And the beauty items all look fantastic; I'm looking forward to trying everything out. Also, thank you for the pätkis! You're feeding my addiction! :D
Comment: Ohhhh, this is super-nice! :D I've heard of Fazer chocolates but never before had the opportunity to try them. So, thank you sooo much! :D Very interesting flavors, too - I just tried the "London" one and it's amazing! :) You made my day!
theoriginalbrooke rated for Cosmetic samples swap #6 on May 2, 2016
Comment: Thank you!
notme78 rated for Chocolate Swap #4 - Europe Only on Apr 28, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the chocolates.
imaisha rated for 3x5 Tea Swap #2 on Apr 28, 2016
Comment: Kiitos, thank you so much for the lovely & interesting teas :) I especially love the hibiscus tea and summer bouquet, but of course Moomin too ;) The stamps are really wonderful!~💖
Laficelle rated for SIE: Sweets and savory snacks on Apr 15, 2016
Comment: Thank you. Can't wait to try these gorgeous looking chocolates!
1happyday rated for Edited: Notecards and Tea March on Apr 13, 2016
Comment: Thank you!!
noname13 rated for One Big Gift Swap on Apr 9, 2016
Comment: thanks a lot for the coffee mug!
rhynah rated for 3x5 Tea Swap #2 on Mar 29, 2016
Comment: Thanks for the great teas! They are all new to me. :)
Laficelle rated for 3x5 Tea Swap #2 on Mar 29, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much. I love the Nordqvist teas a lot!
Comment: Natalia, I received your letter today! Thank you so much for the extra chocolate and tea! I can't wait to try everything. I enjoyed your letter, it was very interesting and your English is quite understandable! Thank you again for resending. I'll let you know if I ever get the other letters you sent.
Comment: Thank you for the heartfelt gifts, can't wait to try all the candy.
reshmoo rated for Cosmetic samples swap #5 on Feb 12, 2016
Comment: Oh my gosh everything you sent me was incredible! I LOVE tonymoly! And the chocolates were so nice! thank you!
Umdragon rated for Week of tea nr.14 on Feb 12, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for sending me such a good selection of teas! Plus you were so nice about giving me that extra chocolate, it was a really pleasant surprise to open the cute package you did for me! If I could rate more hearts, I would!!! Thanks again dear!
lilsiyh rated for Simple chocolate swap #3 on Jan 14, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for all the delicious tea, Russian chocolates and the Fazer chocolate bar! That red one is actually one of my favourite Fazer chocolate bars! I had just ran out of tea and chocolate, so this package really saved my day today! For the future if you are looking for something special chocolate from Finland which is not Fazer or Panda, I would recommend Punnitse & Säästä -shops where you can find different kind of organic and healthy products, for example Gnaw -chocolate bars. And of course then there's USA shelves in food markets. And then there's also candy shops where different kind of chocolates and other sweeties than from Finland are sold.
AmandaJay rated for *** 2 Small Christmas Gifts #2 *** on Dec 26, 2015
Comment: Thank you so very much for the lovely swap!!! I absolutely love the small gifts you sent! And thank you for the extra tea!!! I hope you had a wonderful christmas!!! :)
notme78 rated for Candy Swap #3 - Europe Only on Dec 2, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the candies.
A123987 rated for Simple chocolate swap # 2 on Nov 28, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the great chocolate bar, it's Yummy! :-D

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noname13 on Dec 3, 2018:

Hi, noticed that you were online in 2018. Still have no answer from you if you received my swap for Hello Summer! that I sent July 13, 2017. Sent you a message about it August 23, 2017 which is still unread.

noname13 on Aug 31, 2017:

Hi, could you please let me know if you received my swap for Hello Summer! that I sent July 13. Sent you a message about it August 23 which is still unread.

Artistic on Oct 1, 2015:

Which of my offers do you want for the You Pick 6 Wrapped Gifts #24 swap?

NaomiRisa on Feb 26, 2015:

Hi there, I notice you organised Cosmetic samples swap. I have a nice collection of samples and I can send you some. Looking forward to hear from you.

SweetClementine on Mar 2, 2014:

It's been so long since you've been here! I'm stopping by to say hi and that I hope you're doing well. We miss you in the Edibles group! Best wishes~ @SweetClementine

tumbochka on Jun 26, 2013:

Привет! Приглашаю Вас присоединиться к группе RussianSwappers http://www.swap-bot.com/group/7e439472d477195305cf52c9a9bdea80/about, где мы можем обмениваться быстрее и дешевле в пределах России.

sugaraddict on May 31, 2013:

Hi Hi!! I'm hosting a Foodie Pen Pal Swap which I thought might interest you :) Do swing by and check it out yea.. We would love to have you swap with us! :) Thanks!!

kittylover on Jan 23, 2013:

Many thanks for the candy you promised me. It traveled to the US so quickly and I love it! You're such a generous swapper and host!

MichelleWillow on Dec 28, 2012:

Thank you for a lovely Christmas card, Natalia! All the best in 2013!

MichelleWillow on Dec 23, 2012:

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