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Date Joined: November 27, 2014
Last Online: August 3, 2017
Birthday: July 16, 1987
Country: Malaysia

About Me


This is Aisha from Malaysia :) I love sending and getting mail from every part of the world! I've been doing this since I was 13 years old though at first, I started only within Malaysia. Then, I discover Interpals, later Postcrossing + PostcardUnited and now Swap-bot ;)

Well, here are some random facts about me: I LIKE 😍~ internet (NOT like, it is sort of an OBSESSION!), long letters or messages 💌 (send me one & you'll make my day ;)), milk chocolate🍫, desserts 🍨🍰, Italian cuisine 🍕 🍝, cute stuffs, handicrafts 🎨 , stamps, postcards, stickers, magnet, letter set, stationery, jewellery, new books, nature, rainbow 🌈, flowers 🌺🌷, fruits 🍇🍓, cheese, gift shops, present 🎁, book stores, languages, pleasant smile 😊😏, surprise (in a good way), smileys & emoticons (sometimes I feel like I'm using it rather excessively :P)

Hoping to shower my mailbox 📫 with lots of positive mail 📩 to brighten and colour my rather dull life ^_^

Favorite Music

(A variety of Malay + Indonesian + English + Korean n Japanese OST songs

  • {DBSK}

  • {Flumpool}

  • {SS501}

  • {Otsuka Ai}

  • {Mr Children}

  • {Nicholas Teo}

  • {Rossa}

  • {Melly Goeslow}

  • {Kris Dayanti}

  • {Opick}

  • {Celine Dion}

  • {Kelly Clarkson}

  • {Kate Voegele}

  • {Natalie Imbruglia}

  • {State of Shock}

  • {BSB}

  • {M2M}

  • {Taylor Swift}

  • {Jewel}

  • {FT Island}

  • {Secondhand Serenade}

  • {Green day}

  • {Devotees}

  • {ST 12}

  • {Edcoustic}

  • {Sami Yusuf}

  • {Maher Zain!}

Favorite Books

Malay + English novels (mostly chick-lit) by:

  • Sophie Kinsella

  • Cecilia Ahern

  • Jenny Colgan

  • Hlovate

• Stories about Prophet & Sahabah

• Motivational and spiritual books

Favorite Television

• Korean and Japanese drama

Any reality shows such as:

• Amazing Race

• Fear Factor

• Survivor

• Running man

TV series such as:

• Heroes

• House MD

• Ghost Whisperer


• Bones

• Numbers

• Chuck

• Perception

• Lie to Me

• Pretty Little Liars

• Person of Interest


• Disney especially Mulan & Frozen

• Home Alone

• Richie Rich

• Spy/detective movies such as Spy Kids, Detective Conan

• Romantic movies like 10 Things I Hate About You

Well, you get the idea ;) I watch quite a lot on TV and it's impossible to list them all ;)

Postcard Preferences

If the swap is for blank/unwritten cards, please send non-touristic cards whenever possible especially from USA and Australia because I already have too many blank touristic cards that I'm not sure what to do with them

For written cards, please write more than a few short sentences. I don't know why I keep getting partners that only write 1-2 sentences and call it done >.< Such a waste of the card when you leave so many blank space. If you plan to do that, I would much prefer it to be blank

I would LOVE to receive these themes:

  • Illustration card

  • GOTOCHI / Shaped card

  • 3D card

  • Maxicard (Postcard with a postage stamp placed on the picture side of the card where the stamp and card match or are in concordance. In most cases, the cancellation is also related to the image on the front of the card and the stamp)

  • Map card

  • Moomin

  • Inge Löök

  • Lali Riddles

  • Where's Wally

  • Boo & Stu

  • Nouvelles Image / Multiples

  • Food / Recipe card

  • UNESCO world heritage site

  • Traditional costume

  • "How to Be a British" card

  • UK PHQ card

  • LOVE symbols or a card that says 'I love you' 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝 ❤️ 💛 💙 💜

  • Card featuring Teddy Bear, Mailbox, Stamps, Hot Air Balloon

  • Harry Potter card

  • Greetings from.. by Postallove sent from the country of origin

  • Artwork by Gaëlle Boissonnard, Misstigri, Thomas Kinkade, Amandine Piu, Marie Foucart, Katja Saario, Sarah Kay, Virpi Pekkala, Lena Anderson, Inga Paltser, Lia Selina, Katya Dudnik, Victoria Kirdiy, Irina Smirnova, Alexey Dolotov, Vladimir Kolbasov & Makoto Muramatsu

** Would appreciate if you can check my collection first to avoid sending duplicate: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100252474@N04/collections/72157638967492036/**

Please DON'T send:

  • Zazzle card

  • Ad / free card

  • Black & White card

  • Self-printed card

  • Old & vintage card

  • Used card

  • Written & stamped touristy card not send from the country of origin (unless I join 'Not my country swap' or something similar)

  • Handmade card unless it is really creative, cute/beautiful & neat

~ If possible, please use beautiful and commemorative stamps (I'm seriously getting bored with the round global stamp from USA) ~ Lovely decorations and cute sticker would be awesome! :)

Item Wishlist

I would be thrilled to get:

  • Teas ☕(vanilla, fruity, flowery or any tea with gorgeous package, brand like Yogi, Moomin, Krtek, Clipper, English Tea Shop, Karel Capek, Fairytale, Basilur, Greenfield, Cath Kidston, Sosro, Tong Tji / fruit infusions (no loose tea please as I want to put the wrapper in my tea journal) NO jasmine or peppermint unless it's a combination with other fruits, NO spicy, NO cherry, NO plain one (prefer flavoured tea) - Decided to add the NO words because I feel like I got too many spicy and cherry teas.

  • Coffee or hot chocolate drink would be nice too :)

  • Cute stickers. Themes that I would be happy to get: spring, flowers, woodland, fruits, butterfly, desserts, Harry Potter, Moomin, Hello Kitty and other famous characters. Brand: Hallmark, Q-lia, San-x, Mindwave, Heeda (flat one if possible but 3D is great too NO puffy one, NO kid or reward stickers- I have enough for now)

  • Rubber/clear/wood-mounted stamp and ink pad

  • Pocket letter sleeve (got 40 from generous @lloydp but if any of my partner still feel I need to have more, you are welcome to send it ;))

  • Used or mint stamps

  • Washi tape especially the big or skinny one for samples as I don't have many of those

  • Project life/journal card

  • Nice die-cut

  • Colourful scrapbook paper

  • Anything fun to put in a pocket letter

  • Beautiful envelope or FDC

  • Planner or smashbooking supplies

  • Nicely handlettering of an inspirational/funny quote on a piece of decorated paper, colored cardstock etc

  • Stationeries (colourful pen, Sharpies- gold and silver especially, letter set, note card, fun puncher etc) NO plain paper, NO pencil & NO eraser please

  • Jewellery (necklace, ring and bracelet only)

  • Perfume sample (miniature bottle that's full and unused)

  • Souvenir magnet and key chain with the name of city/country no random key chain & magnet unless the swap specifies

  • Souvenir spoon, shot glasses and tea towel

  • Foreign coins or banknote

  • Something traditional or typical from your country

  • Easy and healthy recipes

  • Fun craft or D.I.Y kit in which all the supplies are included

  • Item by Cath Kidston, Kate Spade, Mary Engelbreit, Sanrio, Zakka

  • Any cute and pretty things will be appreciated! ;)

Below are a bit of unrealistic items that I just list for fun :P (although I do hope someone will grant my wish.. lol)

  • Snow globes

  • Teddy bear

  • Fountain pen

  • Flow magazine

  • Children's illustration book (in English or other language)

  • Mug with lovely pattern or illustration

  • Interesting socks (at least ankle length)

  • Fun and colourful touristy t-shirt -size M or L (not interested in 'I ♥ Paris' or something of that sort)

  • If the swap requires to send food stuffs, please send something vegetarian (I'm not a vegetarian but rather choosy with food since I'm a Muslim) or halal (if you know what I mean)

  • Please use interesting envelope or decorate it with something like stickers, doodle or washi tape. It's rather sad to get a plain white envelope (sometimes with even boring stamp or label T_T). BUT, if you use many pretty stamps on the envie that you feel I should add to my stamps' collection, then no need to decorate the envelope ;)

Favourite Colours

My ultimate favourite is yellow!

The next on the line are blue and purple.

I also like pastel colour or rainbow since they look lovely and colourful :)

A bit about Mail

If you have any problem regarding the mail that I sent to you, please let me know before you rate me. I can re-send if necessary. But, please allow at least a month to wait for the mail arrival because it might take a while for the items to reach you.

When I mark sent, it means the mail is already in the mailbox. I can't control when it will be collected or get the postmark or how long it will travel to you. Mail sometimes can be missent to another country, lost or stolen.. So, please take that into consideration and don't just jump into conclusion.

I am always patient with mails coming from my partners, so may I request the same from you? I have no intention of being a flaker and I always do my best in every swap. Thanks for your understanding and for those who still don't understand, oh well, life goes on..

Hall of Fame & Shame

These are the list of swaps that I have been flaked on. Some has been or in the process of getting an angel packages:


  1. 4 teas for 4 people - newbie friendly flaked on by @groes and already angeled by the great host, @noname13

  2. Postcard Pen Pal in 2015 flaked on by @technicolorwallflower

  3. Par-Tea Day flaked on by @miyuiki00 and beautifully angeled by the host, @allthingsregency

  4. tea, bookmark, postcard flaked on by @ttlouyoki

  5. a list journal for newbies-round 2 flaked on by @LizH

  6. Happy Mail NEWBIE FRIENDLY Edited 11.27.14 flaked on by Beatriz Biolchini or @PandaMail who deleted her profile after she marked this swap as sent

Waiting for rating from:

  1. @misskinsxo for A letter and a flat surprise #1
  2. @lavendarcat for When I'm angry... #2
  3. @blackveildreamer for City at Night 3PC
  4. @julztink for Postcard Pen Pal in 2015
  5. @MandyNerd for NEW YEAR NEW PEN PALS #1
  6. @LibrarianBelle for newbie welcome January

I don't think I will ever get any rating from these partners as they are (almost all) now partially suspended. Feels like my efforts are wasted on them :(


I just thought to add this section after I encounter something unpleasant today..

  1. No animal hairs especially dog please! I just check a swap that I've gotten before and upon close inspection, I discover many hairs that I see attach to the content of the box are actually not human hair. When I read the sender's profile and found out that she has 2 dogs, I almost throw the entire things into garbage bin. No, I don't hate dog. But, if I touch anything related to dog (or pig), I have to do samak cleansing.

  2. No things with bad or smoke smell. I haven't got anything like it but saw many people put this in their profile.

  3. No alcohol content or with animal origin (eg: gelatin, lecithin etc) in drink or food. If I can't read the ingredients, I will pass the food to my non-Muslim friends just to be save.

  4. No dark, gory, horror, reptiles or anything scary.

  5. No old, dirty, torn or anything you wouldn't like to receive. Please use common sense and send things that make the receiver happy ;)


maceypeach rated for 10 Days of Happy on Sep 11, 2017
Comment: Hello :) I am so sorry I am rating you for this swap so late. You are probably thinking... seriously!? When I signed up for this swap I had a lot going on in my personal life and wasn't able to get on here as much as I would have liked to. When I received your swap I loved everything in it. Especially the cute little pink owl clothes pins. Thank you for going the extra mile!!
HelenG6 rated for week of tea nr.23 on Aug 14, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the tea selections. I look forward to trying them out - for iced tea in the summer!!
bluesky rated for Hello I'm from ___ ツ #8 on Aug 4, 2017
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Thank you very much! This is definitely one of the best swaps I´ve got! I can see that you put a lot of effort in it and I just loved everything you sended❤
Response: I'm so relieved to know that the package did reach you eventhough it took longer time than expected. Glad that you love all the items :)
jkendall0023 rated for newbie welcome April on Jun 24, 2017
Comment: Finally got your package! Thank you so much!
Comment: What a great swap package! Everything was so personal and thoughtful. Thank you so so much!
LadySunshine rated for newbie welcome February 2017 on May 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you for everything!
Marl33n rated for WIYM: Spring has Sprung! on May 14, 2017
Comment: My mailbox has never been so happy, such amazing post you'd send me. thank you soo much!
Comment: The package finally arrived!!! Thank you so much for the lovely stationary. I cannot wait to use it all. The postcards are perfectly me and all the stickers are adorable! Thank you for making the swap so personal. Have a happy springtime!!!
marles rated for WIYM: Pick 1 Postcard (Mar 2017) on May 7, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the great card.
Babsmomof5 rated for Fun Mix March - Newbie Welcome on May 1, 2017
Comment: Seriously awesome selection! Thank you so much for all the fun and cool things you included...and so much extra stuff too...love it! Great, great swap!
tsimington rated for newbie welcome March on Apr 28, 2017
Comment: Yay. The package did arrive. It needed more time. Thank you very much for the assortment of teas and the stickers! Also the post cards were great. Nice selection. And who doesn't love hot chocolate, yum.
jagoda rated for Happy Mail, Yay! #12 on Apr 28, 2017
Comment: Your package finally arrived and it was well worth the wait. Everything was really well thought out, but the clear stamps were perfection. Now I have a saying for every possible occasion. Thank you
AnnastinaS rated for newbie welcome March on Apr 27, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the swap! I love everything the items! Made my day! <3
Comment: thank you so much for such a fun envelope filled with wonderful, colorful surprises! The teas look like I will enjoy them very much & the packets are so pretty too, I'm sure I will use them in my creations. I really like the PCs, especially the ones from your country & Taj Mahal. The envelopes are so cute!
Comment: Lovely PC!!! Nice note...love the postage stamps and washi. Thank you.
saffronnginger rated for newbie welcome February 2017 on Mar 7, 2017
Comment: Hi A'ishah, thank you loads for all the amazing goodies! I <3 them all :)
Comment: Thank you so much!
pactodeficcion rated for WIYM: Happy Mail, Yay! on Oct 25, 2016
Comment: OMG I don't even know where to start... Your swap is so beautiful, so thoughtful, so extremely profile-based! I adore every item you sent. Thank you so, so much for so many extras, you're so sweet! I can't find the words to express how thankful I am! <3 Edit: And thanks for resending BTW, I got so excited that I almost forgot it, hahaha :D

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ultrameganerd on Jul 19, 2017:


I removed the rating 1 that I had put by the swap "to happy mail pen pal" although I still do not receive it.

Have a nice day!

lou on Jul 17, 2017:

Happy Birthday Month!!

user2637 on Sep 15, 2016:

FYI - @LizH is active and swapping and owes you a swap from June 2015.

irishp on Jul 23, 2016:

Hi there! I just realized that I never got a rating from you for the Turn a Notecard into a Flip Book swap. Please rate me as soon as you can. Thank you so much!

anrtist on Jun 9, 2016:

APDG ~ Color Comment Swap ~ Red ~ ANGEL ed swap for you since @Ragingrainbow Flaked on it ~ I hope you enjoy it!



I hope you enjoy this APDG Swap! I am so sorry you did not get her original one.
Blessings, cc

yvonne401 on Jun 7, 2016:

APDG ~ Paintings of ~ PARROTs ;-)

I hope you like the artwork that I've chosen for you. I hope that it will be an inspiration to you as it was to me.

Stained Glass Parrots by Artist Dia Spriggs

Macaw Watercolor by Olga Shvartsur

Colourful Parrot watercolor by fiona-clarke

Parrots by John William Waterhouse and Giovanni Boldini

I hope you enjoy!



Trader1244 on Jun 7, 2016:

This is for the APDG ~ Paintings of ~ PARROTs ;-) Swap

This is “Parrots with a View II” by Jennifer Ardolino

This is a framed painting of J. Hunt Home’s 'Parrots at Bay'

This is Georges-Louis Buffon’s “Eclectus Parrot”

And this is called “Gossips” by Laurie Hein




anrtist on Jun 6, 2016:

APDG ~ Paintings of ~ PARROTs ;-)
I am so glad you joined this Quick ARTSY Swap of mine! ;-)
I hope it inspires you in your art too!

BY Sharon Cummings

both By Marie Hull ~ an artist (1890 ~ 1980)from my area ;-)

The Artwork of Steven Schuman
I hope you enjoy them all! Blessings, cc

nancylee on May 15, 2016:

APDG ~ Color Comment Swap ~ Red Hi, I hope you enjoy the images I've selected

ema819 on May 8, 2016:

APDG ~ Color Comment Swap ~ PINK I hope you enjoy the ones i picked :)

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