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About Me

Hi there!! My name is Laurie. Moved from Hotlanta, GA to my parents backyard.

UPDATE: Sept 8, 2022 - my dear husband has taken a turn for the worse and I am cancelling all my swapping - for now.

I was back to make some smiles…. for you and me. There’s been lots of changes. Some good and some sad.

My husband has been found with pancreatic cancer. Please pray for my dear husband. My dear Mother’s cancer came back and she was gone in two months. I now live next to my Dad. I’m retired and taking care of hubby and daddy.

Recent pic of Mom and I on a fabulous Quilting Cruise to Alaska. I Wanna go back!! I so enjoyed my Alaskan experience!!

It’s All New in 2022

— Some things don’t change. I Love SWAPPING!!! WoooHoooo!

Usually I rate the day of swap receipt. Really love receiving your surprise!!

I can not stress enough that I have NO intention of flaking. If you have not received something PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know PRIOR to giving me a bad rating so I can mend it and send a resend if necessary or look up the tracking number if its a larger package. I mark “sent” when the swap is placed in my mailbox or dropped in the PO mailbox. The postmarked date may show a day or 2 later on the item due to this.

Love paper, paint, pencils, pens, textiles, cool beads, old ephemera, interesting rocks, yarn and COLOR! All colors. It’s taken a few years to become bored with ATC’s.

I adore unusual and odd themes along with landscapes, birds, kitties and big burly dogs (I have Italian Mastiffs a rescue doggie and a rescue white cat).

I've focused on textile art for the past 10 years. Previous to the textile phase... I was into pencil drawing... previous to the pencil drawing phase I was into acrylic painting.

~NOW.... Mixed Media: Incorporating all the above phases.


Fave Entertainment Media


I LOVE romance novels with a Steampunk/Otherworldly twist. Books on how to create with paper, yarn, fabric, paints, pencils and recycled items using thread, glue, wax, brads, staples, nails and duck tape. Love trying new things!!


Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, War of the Worlds (1953 version), and the Sound of Music are my most memorable movies from childhood.

I soooo enjoy movies, however have not seen many due to I'd rather be crafting. LOL!

TV Shows:

Oh goodness....Ummmm..... Flea Market Flip, True Crime Shows, Quilting Arts, Long Lost Family, Dr. Pimple Popper, American Pickers, Mike Rowe (I meant Dirty Jobs), How It's Made, Hoarders (I feel like my studio is not so messy, after all), Tyler Henry Hollywood Medium, Triple D (Diners, Drive-in's and Dives) and Antiques Roadshow!


My Ipod has almost everything on it with the exception of Rap. OK, there are a couple Rap songs on there.... I stand corrected.

Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Contemporary Christian, Classical, Irish Punk Rock, Alternative, Country, Pop, Hawaiian, Jazz & Show Tunes...

I love to turn it on random and have a sweet mixture to create by.


I like postcards... a lot. I like them fresh (without writing and bent corners) and in an envie the best... so I can send to someone special later. If the card corners are bent up and other damage, I am not able to send to anyone else. Sadly, I will trash that postcard and not rate a heart for the swap. My faves are beautiful scenery, animals (especially farm animals and domestic house pets) and people (famous or not) doing funny things, ELVIS, grave yards, tombs, museums, art, MAPS, architecture, industrial, historical, unusual and odd, nudes, antique written on and stamp dated, new, old, colorful, black and white, farm fresh (not a duplicate in my collection), beachy, Wild West, Grand Canyon, ELVIS, British Royals or other Royals, Illinois, Chicago, flowers, patriotic, states of USA, cities, feminist, pro-women, equality, inspiring, animals with clothes on, oceanic, steampunk... Swedish, Dutch, British (my grandparents were born in these three countries), all other countries.

Another Few Things About Me

I love the unusual, the funny, the creepy, the offensive, the poignant, the thought provoking, the respectful of other points of view, the odd and strangely creative..

I am a strong believer in Jesus and I love others of different faiths.

Behaviors I do NOT like are: non-use of swap-bot etiquette (communication, communication, communication!).

I like reading or hearing Life After Death stories

Wish Lust

Antique Ephemera & Accordians

Boy Angels & Beachscapes & Bright Colors

Coffee - Black & Crochet & Chocolate - Dark

Dutch & Nitro Drag Racing

Elvis & Earthy

Farm Fresh & Cotton Fabrics

Grand Canyon & Electric Guitars

Hand Crafted & Honey Bees & History

Illinois - Cities, Parks and Farm Life

Junque & Jackalopes

Kindness & Knitting

Landscapes & Llamas & Licorice - Black

Mastiffs & Manatees & Museums

Nevada - Las Vegas & Narwhales

Octopi & Electric Organs

Pie & Postcards - Blank in an Envie

Quilts & Queen - Rock Band

Rhubarb & Royal Family - All

Swedish & Science & Steampunk

True Crime & Surprise Twists

Utah - Parks and Scenery

Vintage Ephemera

Whimsical & Wise

Yarn - Soft or Cotton

Zen - Peace & Harmony

My Little Family...

Our youngest was a victim of the choking game the day before Halloween in 2010. David was only 13 years old. I have a memorial tattoo of him as of 8/25/11.

My Little Family

I MISS DAVID EVERY MINUTE EVERY DAY Sweet David We are two peas in a pod. Just alike in so many ways.

Half of my heart is gone forever. I know David is in Heaven waiting.... Jesus and His promises are getting me through this valley of grief. Thankful that I will see David in Heaven... someday.

My most difficult months are October (David’s angel day near end of month) and April (David’s birthday near middle of month). The days leading up to these events grow more sad and painful until that “anniversary” day is over... similar to a pimple that festers more each day and pops the morning after the event. Yes, it has been 10 years and NO, I’ll not ever “get over it”. I continue to improve with living through “It”. Thankfully, As of 2017 DH and I are living joyously.

Recent Victims and More Victims



Signs Your Child Is Participating in the Choking Game

Marks or bruises on the neck.

Bloodshot eyes and headaches.

Wearing clothing that covers the neck, even in warm weather.

Confusion or disorientation after being alone for a period of time.

The presence of unusual items such as dog leashes, ropes, scarves, bungee cords, and belts.


My two older sons age 30 and 31 have flown the nest. We treasure their visits!! Home is our sweet haven. Just the 2 of us with 2 dogs and one kitty.

Hubby and I enjoy traveling out west and the beach. Before David's accident we would would rent a boat on Memorial Day. The whole family would go deep sea fishing. Haven't had the heart since David's death... at least we have visited Daytona Beach a few times. Someday we hope to continue the family tradition and take David's ashes with us.

Tragedy has changed us. All of us appreciate life and living it to the fullest. Life is too short not to follow your dreams. Every day holds promise. David was all about living this way.

My Fave Themes

BOY angels are my absolute fave. Girl angels are all over the place commercially (In the Bible the angels are mostly men). It takes a special effort to find or create BOY/MALE angels and I appreciate ALL your efforts.

Other than that: SW USA desert, hand drawn, Steampunk, vintage buttons, landscapes, flowers, anything oceanic, boy angels, mastiffs and poodles, kitty cats, Elvis, paper dolls, birds, dark chocolate, corny jokes and phrases, things that make me laugh or think of a new perspective or TWIST.... LOVE IT!


If you would like to include a little something extra ... I'm not opposed to receiving something with our trade, in fact I will feel that I've hit the jack pot!

My heritage is Swedish, Dutch, and British (Manchester, England). Anything from or about these places are of great interest to me.

I LOVE all things black licorice flavor!

Hopefully with the profile details I've included you will find something interesting in your stash.

Please do NOT....

PLEASE, DO NOT SEND a half-baked Artwork. Lack of attention to detail. Take time to color it up. Show you care. Give it your BEST work. Remember we are to send something we would want in our own collection!

~~~~~~~ALLERGY WARNING!~~~~~~~~

Please don't trade with me if you are allergic to pet hair and burnt wood. I have both. I try to keep the hairs away from my workspace, but what if I miss one or two and you become ill. I'd feel awful, so I'd prefer we not trade to be safe. Thank you.

List of Thankless Non-Raters:

  • The rating is the "thank you" for sending the swap.


Please don't forget to rate!!

Thank You My Sweet Swap-bot friends:


Comment: Thank you for the postcard. I think autumn is a really beautifull time of the year. We called it Polish golden autumn here in Poland because of it's colors and beautiful sunny days.
Response: Poland Autumn sounds beautiful!! Autumn, Winter and Spring are my fave seasons in SE USA. Summer is hot, humid and sticky. Thank you for your heart and rating!
Comment: Thanks for the postcards Laurie! That orange gel print paper is beautiful. ❤️
Response: You are super welcome. Your profile said you liked fun papers. Happy you liked it! Appreciate your heart and rating!!
Tricia22 rated for Naked Map PC (USA/Canada) #13 on Sep 19, 2022
Response: Appreciate your rating :)
Vickyen rated for PH: Postcard With a Wheel on Sep 13, 2022
Comment: Hi Laurie! I love your pc with a wheel - so different and fun! I can see why there might be less of a chance of snow your way rather then when you lived in Peoria! LOL! The Farmer's Almanac is saying we might have a snowy winter - yikes! I like it for a day or two but then I am over it! LOL! All the best! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)
Response: Thank you! I hope we can swap again someday soon. Hugs! Appreciate the heart and rating :)
Comment: Thank you for the fun assortment
Response: You are welcome! Thank you for the heart and rating :)
Comment: Hi Laurie!! I LOVE the envelope you made, it's so fun and colorful and the details are amazing. I might have to frame it. Thank you❤️
Response: Cool! LOL! I was grinning ear to ear making that envie for you. Appreciate your heart, message and rating.
Comment: Such a great collection of Halloween items! I enjoyed looking through them. TYSVM!!!!
Response: You are very welcome! Thank you for the heart and rating :)
veronicallama rated for 3 Weird Cards in an Envie #8 on Sep 10, 2022
Comment: Love the set you sent, Laurie. My fave is the *actual size* strawberry- minimalist goofiness!
Response: Wasn’t that a very unusual one?!? Thank you for the heart and rating :)
myancey rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt for PCs #192 on Sep 10, 2022
Comment: Laurie thanks for the resend. I love going to pigeon forge and I have been to Myrtle beach. Thansk for the resend and for the chat. And I love the llama washi. And I pray for your hubby. Today is September 27th 2022 and I do believe I received the original swap u sent. It is postmarked august 16th 2022 so I can only assume it’s the original and what a story it could probably tell. Thanks for the awesome postcards. Btw do I need would u like me to send u any thing back to say thanks for the extras? I hope u have a good day
Response: Shew! Glad this one arrived! Thank you for your powerful prayers. Appreciate the heart and rating.
Comment: Thank you for the awesome postcards! They all are cool! I liked your envie too, so festive!
Response: Yaaay! Glad you liked the selection and decorations. Appreciate your rating and heart.
chendaleh rated for Let Them Guess on Sep 9, 2022
Comment: Loved the drawings on the envelope, thank you
Response: You are welcome. Thank you for the heart and rating :)
AJ73 rated for PH: Send 5 Postcards #41 on Sep 7, 2022
Comment: Thank you Laurie for ALL of the postcards! They’re great. I like each and every one! You have made this an extra special swap!!
Response: Awesome! I feel so good that each pc is special! Thank you for letting me know and I really appreciate your heart and rating :)
Comment: Thanks for the awesome postcards. Your alien notepaper, washi tape and "Happy Mail" stamper make the postal surprise even better! Love it
Response: Yay!!! Score!!! I’m happy you are happy :) Thank you for the heart and rating, too.
Comment: I am from Wyoming so that "Wyoming Sunrise" postcard was extra special. I also appreciate the tuck-in for my junk journal. Thank you.
Response: Wonderful! Glad you enjoyed the swap. Thank you so much for the rating and heart!!
simcoe54 rated for Where Are the Map Cards? on Sep 3, 2022
Comment: Love the map pcs. Thanks
Response: You are super welcome, Maxine. Thank you for the heart and rating :)
susieq11 rated for 5 Postcards to 2 Partners #236 on Sep 3, 2022
Comment: Thank you!!! These are all new to me - and wonderful!!! I love your envelope and the doily note! So pretty. Thank you for the extra postcard and for joining! Have a happy weekend xoxo
Response: Always great when incoming is new and not duplicates! Yay!! Thank you for the heart and rating :)
young46356 rated for Places I Haven't Been #2 on Sep 2, 2022
Comment: Thanks! Have a nice weekend, Rich
Response: You are welcome! Appreciate your heart and rating, Rich.
Jbondbull rated for PH: I Got This Postcard.... on Aug 31, 2022
Comment: Thankyou for the awesome postcard.
Response: :) Glad you liked it! Appreciate your heart rating, too.
Comment: Thank you for a nice swap=)
Response: Thank you for the heart rating! And the PM :)
Comment: Great choices. You are right - that Arcana one is a little weird. Thanks
Response: Maxine, hope the Arcana card is not a duplicate in your extensive collection :) Appreciate the heart rating.

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Prayers and Healing for your Husband...

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Oh Laurie, you really made my day! What a lovely envelope in my letterbox! Thank you so much for angeling NYUP: 1 Ad, 1 Non-touristy and 1 Surprise! I simply like all of the postcards. Gonna try the recipe at the weekend...whoopp something to look forward to. And now have a nice evening, Joana

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Thanks for angelling for NYUP: 1 Ad, 1 Non-touristy and 1 Surprise! I especially like the spinning postcard! I don't spin, but I love all crafts!

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I received your resend for 4 out the door (I was out of town for a wedding). Bless your heart, you are the sweetest. Thank you so much. XOXO

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Hi Laurie,

I was checking out your profile via your recent swap posted and just wanted to say that the cat in your gif is a total badass. Where did you find the gif? :) [If this is your actual cat, color me jealous.]

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