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I Pledge

First off , hi everyone!!! I'm "el" nick name for elena... and I totally appologize if you are checking out my profile and noticing that I dont have that many swaps accomplished yet!!! It maybe should be more..in some people's opionion but for the months I have been swapping.. it's good for me..I take my time..and pride in each and every piece of art I send out..and as it's noted..it shows!..Now that I am getting the hang of the "groove" of these swaps..lol.. I am getting a little faster! lol.. but some people..amaze me..when I see their profile and see they are in about 20 swaps at a time!!! wow! I would FREAK out!! My "friends" KNOW..my personality..and KNOW.. I could NEVER handle that!! lol.. so please .. don't JUDGE me on my ABILITY..to be a GREAT SWAPPER/AND OR ARTIST..because I feel I AM!! lol.. ok... now..my story...I have always been an "artist" in some sort of way... wanting always as a child to be an actress.. going for my dream out in Hollywood California..and music was also a big part.. My family has a long history of great artist! (on my father's side) ..Starting with my great grandfather, who painted in Paris, my grandfather, who's art hangs in my house which should be in a museum(I had many many offers to hang in a gallery and sell for a lot of money ..but I turned them down! the painting I have is so spectactular..it's the only thing I wanted from him to leave me and he "signed it for me..when he was "legally blind" and it was still perfect beautiful writing!!) ! my father, which at a very young age, Chevorelet wanted him to draw cars for them and he later became a commercial artist and photographer( could draw anything and his handwriting is amazing!! to this day..I show everyone his letters addressed to me by him!! lol) , my brother/photographer and webdesigner..and my cousins in spain also are artists whom I have yet to meet. ( have many galleries there and successful) and many other relatives all over the country!!... .my mother is also very good and so is my own daughter..who drew an entire mural inside her highschool wall and won prize for it.!! I have wore many hats in my life, did a lot of different things ..but music and art have been top priority! I moved from California a few years ago to the mid west..and I have been a "fashion stylist" ..styling people for less money...selling all kinds of merch.... but still doing ART! ALL KINDS! , decorating someone's house, to card making..and now, ATC's..which seems to be everyone's favorite..and mine also! I I like to make wreaths, home made soaps, baskets and just started sewing with a new Singer Industrial machine I bought myself! I consider myself a MIXED MEDIA ARTIST..LOVE IT! Love to experiment with different mediums, paint, gesso, feathers, mika flakes, ironing fibers and stamping, sewing on papers/cards..canvas art ..and trying everything new! So much new to learn..and this is the place to learn and get great ideas! I love the elderly and have a big place in my heart for them!! I have taken care of all my grandparents and great aunts prior thier deaths, and found it very gratifing!! I miss them all very very very much!! When they went into a home..(some did).. I met so many other there.. I became so close to them also!! Very attached!! I started teaching arts and crafts to them and still do to this day!... Also became involved with the mental health society, and spent a lot of time in hospital with my daugter with type 1 diabetes....so began teaching arts and crafts with children also.... I can have a gang of kids with me at my house...and they ALL MIND ME!!! PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!! IT'S HILARIOUS!!! BUT THEY ARE ANGELES WITH ME!! LOL LOL LOL it's all about art!!! I'm serious!!! that is the key and the trick!!! I always was coloring since I could hold something in my hand!!! it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!! KEY!!!! LOL so... now..that I have some disabilites of my own..lol lol.. I teach the mentally impaired adults....and elderly...and it's awesome!!!! ART RULES!!!!
I am excited now that I am into the internet and with others who enjoy the same passions as myself!! I am down to earth... learned a lot and live life to the fullest!! Very kind, loving and passionate about everything!!!! A great friend... life is too short for non sense!!! lol...i HAVE been around the block and NOT a fool!!.Sometimes, my "kindness" is misinterpreted for something else and I get used! I want to start a clean slate in this "artist" world with this site..and therefore, tell you I am honest and true!!
I love collecting! I have sooo much paper its not even funny! lol.. I love "vintage".. and love everything to do with it..from old "stamps" to paper, clothes..whatever!! I have been working with a lot of that also!
I also love "stamps, coins, and postcards" from all over the world!" it really makes me happy!! Looking forward to trading with others that have the same passion..and like little "presents" that mean something to them & me!"..... I'm into everything really... I make a lot of tags and bookmarks ..... baskets , flower arrangements..and tons more...., and I ALWAYS make things with LOVE...like I would like made for me.... you can tell, when someone does not "care at all" .... like even..setting my table! I believe in using EVERYTHING you have.. the GOOD STUFF... why keep it put away???? lol.. do you think you can take it with you when you are dead???? NOOOOOOO... so USE IT!! I do.. !! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A "U-HAUL BEHIND A HURSE?" NOOOOOO!!! LOL Even when my daughter was little, I had good crystal and silver etc..out always.. why not??!!! lol... I LOVE setting a great table!! it's great to see people's faces...even making the "placement" cards... etc... inside or outdoors.. whatever! LOVE IT!! Martha who?? lol People have said on here what they "don't like" or "want"... I like everything... as long, again, as it's made with love, and I appreciate other's creations!!!!! Can't wait to get to know everyone!! Please let me know if you are interested in a private swap..for something you have read...pm me..thanks!........

Favorite Music

MUSIC?? WELL, I love it ALL really!! If you read my profile, you know I have been in the music business for many many years!! My father, played for a big group, back in his day..and it started from there! I always loved to sing myself..and did so with my little sister Jennifer..she is fabulous!! Even back in the 3rd grade, I still have cassette tapes of my friends and I singing and recording songs over and over!! I just loved it! Still do! (if it's good!) lol I have a great ear for it..and can actually hear a band and KNOW..they will be the next big thing..and I have proved it! I LOVE to dance..so I totally dig "DISCO".. seriously! lol lol !!!! and "FUNK"..how are you suppose to "dance" to this new stuff??? Jump up and down??? lol lol.. I don't think so!! Anyway... I started to work with "alternative" music when it first came about and LOVED it! still do.. I love latin music also! (I'm hispanic..Cuban)..so salsa..etc.. I like to listen to jazz, contemporary, pop, even country... dig alot of it really.. and was lucky enough to meet some of my idols and work with new artist who inspired me bigtime!.. I started to manage bands in the early 80's, and became the biggest female promoter in Hollywood, and eventually, owned my own club for live bands...It was amazing..and saw many of my bands to #1 on the charts and/or radio...can't beat that!!!!

Favorite Books

I also LOVE and respect books! My grandfather (RIP) also, my bff and father figure..he collected all kinds of books and newspapers! He ended up with over 50,000 of them! Beautiful books.. I got into it bigtime..since that is what we always got as a present..and I do that to this day with kids... "books".. I have not had a chance to read too many lately... have read tons of "self help" lol lol.. funny ones also... auto biography books...and of course.. the most important of all.. "the bible!!!" Wish I would of "got Jesus" sooner! It took one of my best friends to die..to have me LIVE!! I'm serious! I found him in San Antonio and became "born again".. I'm NON DENOMINATION.....and it's been great ever since! I know I am NOT ALONE! .... I Love the bible now.. great stuff... will NOT throw it on anyone.. if you ask... I will be glad to respond.. otherwise... whatever! lol.. I am NOT "religious" though...just all about Jesus and the bible..simple. My art books are amazing! big and beautiful... old and new... love them!!! I love a book I can start reading..and cannot put it down! Those are my favorites!

Favorite Movies

Here is another one... I JUST started really watching current movies!! lol lol... seriously! I am on "Netflicks" and actually, have been watching movies! (do not get to go to much!) I have seen so many that I really enjoyed! from very serious... like "My left foot" to funny as hell..like "the bridemaids??? (I forget exactly now what it's title is) but sooo funny! I go back and forth, from serious... (I like real stuff) to romantic comedies.... even "precious"..comes to mind..such good acting but man!!! I just watched "the help" that was good also... so many to write! I even like military movies.. (love the military!!!) I like the series called "band of brothers"love it all...."the girl with the dragon tatoo" that was a good movie also!!!..I have seen some great others..but cannot think of name!..

Favorite Television

Again, I watch a variety of stuff... I tape (dvr) everything..because I hate commercials!! and I like to watch them at my own pace! lol.. I currently enjoy: Hells kitchen, Master chef, 20/20, (during the day I tape:.. Dr Phil, , Fox News, and watch DVR ..for shows I missed..at night , dependes on the night..but LOVE "sons of anarcy".. America's most wanted, Crime 360, the Interrogators, All the singing competition shows and dance ones also... etc....Breaking Bad is a great show and Law and order criminal intent ..and LA COMPLEX (I love it!)Full Throttle, all the house wives lol (can't help it! better them then me! lol) Project runway , Dance moms, etc ....thank you for my dvr!!!

Favorite Crafts

So many! I have to say.. Paper crafting! I AM A MIXED MEDIA ARTIST!! I LOVE making ATC;S!!!!!! "bookmarks, dividers, greeting cards and smash books! (not so much "scrapbooking" only if asked by customer! lol) I also get "journals" at the store..(plain) and personalize them for people.. they are real nice! (I love journaling!) party planning, weddings, flowers ..bouquets, etc... I am into different mediums and work with structure again on paper/board..make custom "picture frames" ..home made soaps and oil bottles..(love to the max!!) gift baskets..so much more...but I LOVE CARD making! the best!!!! can't stop and wont!! little trinkets! gift giving!!! love it!!!! !!!! and Junketes!!!!! love!!! Learning a TON on this site! It's awesome ! The BEST PART IS! Collecting , hunting, trading all kinds of "CRAP"!!!! You all know what I'm talking about! lol!! Wow! I'm totally out of my mind!! I LOVE CRAP!! ALL of it! I can't get ENOUGH CRAP!! Don't get me started on my "dumpster diving!!". my mother is my partner in crime!! lol.. excellent stories!! And.. The sales where they have "everything you can "fit" in a bag for $1!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!! lol lol lol.. The last one..it was at the "end" of the sale.. they LOVED me and I LOVED them!! lol. they allowed me to get "boxes!" can you even imagine my JOY!!! MORE CRAP!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSss!!!!! I just got everything that was left in the entire place I think!! ol.. spending about 88$!!! Who does that??? I best be single huh??? lol lol lol..... The funny thing is.. we could NOT fit it ALL in my mom's car!! and when we did.. on the way home.. we saw something on the side of the road for the niece and newphew.. got out...and actually tried to "SHOVE IT IN ALSO!!! it was hilarious!!!! out of control.. totally out of control...but I love every minute of it and nothing goes to waste..absolutely nothing!!!! more later!!! lol lol lol (OH! It DID NOT fit! of course! I stayed with the play chest thing..while my my mom got another vehicle to come back for me and it!! How INSANE for the CRAP!!! They never got it!! But it went to a good home!! NOTHING goes to waste!!!! lol lol lol....

Sum Up

Art... all kinds.. there is so much PEACE in it for me! Hours and hours go by..and I am content!! I live alone..with my 2 doggies..(lilly, my lap dog maltease, and "happy" shitsu mix rescue older dog that has the best manners ever!!! UPDATE: My dog "happy"..passed away Oct 22...so sad!! It really hurts! I miss her bigtime! and my boy bird "richie" just passed March 5. it's a lot! I am looking forward to getting to know more artist..trade , and get into this 100%! I cannot believe how many years have gone by without me thinking to "look up" a site like this! I am NOT alone!!! lol lol lol.... Can't wait..Hope to create magic with you all..... love & peace... elena

Things I like

stamps ...both..real ones also! from all over! Crosses (plain) !!Angels.. Inspriational quotes and poems!! ALL!! Heros..human and animals!I love "conservative" /republican campaign buttons/things from the past, buttons, etc.. ephermea , love DRAGONFLIES, ELEPHANTS, ZIGGIE.(70's character) MINITURES...& SHOES!! love sharpies! "fine" My favorite now are "PAINT Sharpies".(especially WHITE!) "(faber" caligraphy and especially "dual BRUSH tip pens"!!! smaller point the better!!!! I also love Ticket stubs from anywhere! old scrap papers and "thin" sheets for paper mache like art! (again..paper napkins!) need "quilling strips"!! LOVE to Quill!!!! Muscle Cars! yep! i loved my 71 chevelle! pens and pencils!! All Vintage! Love APRONS..collect them!!! ( the ones you wear around the WAIST)..fancy and worn worn out ograndmothers and greatgrandmother ALWAYS had one on! lol My mom got me one that says :WILL COOK FOR SHOES! " LOVE! ones that are soft! home made ones! Wear them all the time..even doing art!! Sooo cute, my collection! My As well as my collection of table cloths, runners, toppers of all sizes.. vintage match boxes..any matchboxes are welcome!!, thimbles..small perfumes..I do NOT knit or crochet..but LOVE to wear homemade items that are!!!! Leg warmers! Gloves..LONG, up arm//even fancy gloves I collect/vintage all kinds!Starting to SEW! fabrics would be cool..all kinds! LIVE FOR ANIMAL PRINT AND FEATHERS!!! FAVORITE!!!! erasers stickers RUBONS!!! (MY FAV!!)!!!!!!!! MICA , flakes, & pieces for (cuttlebug use) Dragonflies Color: Teal, Pink, Purple, deep reds..(fall colors) embellishments letters (hand written only..old ones also) postcards!! Vintage..Pin Up girls style (clothing, bags, shoes) in crafts Diva stuff/ "Queen"..Crowns, Bling! Feathers ANIMALS all! love Elephants!, kawala bears, turtles, frogs, DOGGIES!! ladybugs things from Paris France & Spain, England, Austrailia Usartquest products!! Guilding!!!! love!!!! Faber "kits" journaling, etc Old PAPER NAPKINS all patters!!! LOVE American Girl products....so cute!!! American Girl "kits" Good color ink pads ALL GLUES! TAPES/dispensers etc... SCISSORS of all kinds! AND SCISSOR SHARENERS! Small ones the best! ORGANIZING BOXES! ALL CRAFT TOOLS LOVE cool "saftey pins" LARGE colored for beads on ATC..etc... ALL EPHERMeA STICK ON JeWELS..SPARKLES ( sticky back) LIQUID INKS..for spray bottle MINITURES of ALL TYPES! I collect! (have shawdow boxes all down hallways in my house!) and little books...etc...any minitures! Perfume bottles,,OLD or minitures thimbles old or new Hankerchieifs , monogramed..vintage..or fancy...I use them too! lol seriously! why not!! socks! plain and cute prints! ankle kind (just above shoe) (because of my medical stuff..they are the most comfortable!) OR KNEE socks.. SOFT PLEASE! fuzzy..cotton...etc.... HOUSE SOCKS!! handmade or bought! all kinds!! slipper kind! love!! need lots because always in the house and need something on feet at all times!! I even like "toe socks!" lol lol..can't ever have enough!!!! Speaking of "feet" LOVE toe rings...and I love toe rings..that attach to ankle for bracelet there of a sort! sexy cute! CHUNKY JEWelry! BIG & BOLD!!! COCKTAIL RINGS.... I like to wiear on pointer finger & middle STEAL, SILVER..favorite..long chains..chucky also Pierce or Clip...like them both Bracelet..no bigger than 7' CHARMS for bracelet..ANY KIND..vintage, or new I'm like a "diva"..type..I wOULD wear Feathers, fur, leather, LOVE TIGHTS>>& Fishnets! all colors/patterned CHOCOLATE!! NUTS..all...LOVE SWEETS! Sweettarts, Flavored licorice (juice)..COOKIES! Red hots, Starburst!, NO HARD CANDY please..just "CHEWEY"! Can never have enough! COFFEE ALL...(no decaf) Hell, I love it all really...TEA? NO..not so much..

Tim Holtz Martha

Not like

What I'm Not really fancy for! lol (I notice a lot of people had this also. on their profile) I am really NOT fan of bright neon colors! do not like clowns, dolls, (unless miniture) No Stuffed animals! unless of course miniture, super cute or homade!(no room!) Never liked video games can't play don't want to! lol gorry scary movies..no! especially movies about the DEVIL/demons..they scare the crap out of me! lol or art with blood and guts lol ..no thanks! I am kinda digging "skulls" now...weird but true..depends... Obnoxious cartoons art ..like ( fat and/or skinny/ people jokes" or "farts" stupid crap like that") Oh my gosh.. I still like little kid stuff..but I feel like I'm acting my "age" lol lol!! I'm not into "practical jokes" persay..I have sorta a dry sense of humor!! lol.. like example of joke for me "why did the money fall out of the try???" answer" because he was dead!!!" lol lol lol...well, see.."I " think it's HILARIOUS..many people think I am crazy! lol lol...but it's me! "real life jokes" like.. I totally laugh when someone "trips"...or "bumps" into something!! ..(I always ask if they are ok of course! lol..but if they are ..and not bleeding... then.. I laugh!! why you ask?? BECAUSE... it happens to ME all the time!!... and I am one..who laughs at myself!!!!and that is the truth!! I don't like to be lied to either! So..if you are going to send me something in the mail...PLEASE DO!!! PLEASE!! AND LET ME KNOW YOU RECEIVED IT!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THE NERVE! AND EVEN AFTER ASKED IF REC'D!!! STILL NOTHING!! TERRIBLE!!!! HAS ALREADY HAPPENED!!!! IT truely makes me SAD!!!! And!! I like people who do things with LOVE AND DEVOTION!!....I totally can tell when people do things like this as oppose to when they "hurry up" or don't care about someone or something....I hope everyone cares! I do!!! So far...MANY awesome people I have met...some flakes...but...move up and on!!!! Too old to dwell!!! HAPPY SWAPPING!!!!!! HAPPY DAY!!!!! xxoo


I am on limited funds and house bound..the only thing I "Wish For" is craft supplies....I do not mind 2nd hand if fair condition and usuable!!

  • Manillia ENVELOPES ! Bubble for mailing swaps out! SMALL to large!

  • Original "RUBBER stamps of all kinds love MOUNTAN ED on wood! Handle kind bonus!

  • all shapes of "PUNCHES" wish for most is "SQUARE" free to punch "middle" of page.

  • Glues, all kinds..especially glue "sticks" the skinner the better..regluar white good.

  • Cute note cards with envies..Love Paris theme, clothes, shoes..girly....

  • TAPE! Scotch "clear"..packing clear rolls, Tape in canister for "rolling" onto items. (always wanted to try these!)

  • ATC's packs/singles..all colors, tectured

  • Markers, (finest) calligraphy dual tip Paint Sharpies (fine)

  • Paint brushes..small tip, thin

  • Adhesive gems..All BLING items!! RUB ONS!! ALL KINDS! (have enough "alphabet") can be from stash..partial sheets..etc...

  • Different styles of "brads", paperclips, safety pins, wraps for Atc's, any INK pads! (New or used!)
  • Matchboxes to alter! And Astroid Mint Tins!!!
  • SOAP in cubes to put in molds. ( im out!)
  • ANYTHING MINITURE! all animals teeny tiny for shadow boxes..miniture anything! -- Everything can be used and from your stash!! I just appreciate it all!!! And WILL USE! LOL!!!!


lovestosew rated for HC: That's a Crappy Journal on Dec 15, 2014
Comment: Oh my goodness. How do I ever thank you for this LOVELY, awesome, journal?? I LOVE it! I keep looking through it. What a Amazing job you did on this! And not to mention all of the extras. It was like a Christmas gift! Please Pm me your addy so I can make you a little something with one of the zippers you sent to me! hearts to you!
Response: IM SOOOO HAPPY YOU are HAPPY!!! I was solo impressed by you and I so enjoyed making your journal! I was having a blast because I kept finding more treasures from your profile! did you notice the little flags? lol...YES YES..OMGOSH...I WILL PM U MY ADDY!!! THANKS A MILLION FOR all your kind words, praise AND the heart! FARRRR OUT GIRL! You deserve it!! Happy New YEAR! love & peace, el
deelynn rated for Thriftstore Find - November on Nov 21, 2014
Comment: Thank you, wonderful pkg..I saw it marked sent Nov 15 but not sent for real til Nov 19, according to postage.
Response: hey girl...thanks for your pm...I'm glad you enjoyed it all! I hope you got my messages regarding mailing mix up! it bums me that it happened wrong but stuff happens!! lol. please keep in touch and Happy New Year! love & peace, xxoo el
MiRdLHWY43 rated for Halloween/Fall Whimsey Jar on Oct 17, 2014
Comment: Yay! guess what came today? Wow! where do I even start? The jar itself is probably my favorite thing here, but there's so many fun things stuffed inside. I love the bee cards, the doilies, all the tiny treasures, fun window clings, suzy's zoo addy book, Mac certainly loves the treats and mini Mac stuffy, and yummy candies for me to boot! Thanks so much for the generous package El, xoLaura
Response: SO HAPPY YOU ARE HAPPY!! I hope the stuffy resembles Mac! I had fun making this and I think we should do it every year!! You are totally welcome and you are very special to me so its an easy thing to send you stuff! Got another letter so one is on its way! Thanks for your Patience and look forward to our holiday jar!! Love ya lots El
Comment: I love these ATCs El! Wonderful layered and rich colors, and the way you presented them in the little file folder is so cool! Thanks so much!
Response: You are welcome girl!! I am happy you appreciate the mixed media!! I think we should do these again next year?!! You know I love ya!! Thanks for the rating and the heart!! Means a lot!! El
shannonlinde rated for RAK for Christ on Oct 10, 2014
Comment: WOW!! El, what an amazing heart-felt swap. I cannot tell you what perfect timing its arriving in my mailbox is! Thank you so much for your words (so many of them, exactly what I needed to hear) and all the fun treasures you put in for me! I wish I could give you a hug right through this computer screen!! What a blessing you are in this world! I am thankful that you crossed into mine.
Response: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely comments! It makes me feel wonderful to know you enjoyed reading my words of "wisdom" and that I could inspire you in any way! God works in mysterious ways and I am happy and blessed to have touched you! Please keep in touch! you are such aspecial person to me! Love & peace El xxooo
Response: Thank you for the rating and the heart! I hope you liked the book I made for you..I had fun making it!
Aimo rated for Color Me Whimsey #9 *White* on Aug 19, 2014
Comment: Hi Elena! Wow what a packed full box of goodies you sent...so fun to open everything. Thank you so much. Yes, I was surprised when I opened it and you had angeled for the black jar I didn't receive, that was so very nice of you thank you again. Well, I have to say my absolutely favorite thing out of all the goodies was the cat pin on the white jar-love it! Then I poured out the black marbles on my desk and found out my desk is not even at all, that was funny! Thanks for the fun today!
Response: thank you so much for the great ratings!!it was totally my pleasure to Angel the black jar for you you so deserve it my neighbor! It was so much fun to make both for you from the bottom of my heart! I'm looking forward to meeting in person someday since we live so close and becoming great friends and making amazing art and craft projects together!, I am glad you liked the white cat pin..it is from my childhood and its definetley vintage lol! please keep in touch..I have more cat things to send for your 4 cute kids. Your friend....el xxoo
luleemik rated for HC: It's Stamp Crap on Aug 12, 2014
Comment: Love everything and already have plans for some of the "crap". Thank you for a great swap and hope you're feeling better!!
Response: I am so happy you liked everything~~ you DESERVE the BEST...you are the BEST!! Thanks for the rating and the heart! You are very special..and I appreciate you very much! I am hanging in..thank you for caring!! love...el
BluGinhm rated for DS: Mail Art with Flat Surprise #2 on Aug 7, 2014
Comment: What a huge load of cool stuff! And I love the little journal - did you make it? I hope you will soon be on the road to recovery - I'm really sorry you're so sick, and I'll keep you in my thoughts. Take care - and thanks so much!
Response: So glad you liked everything!! Especially the little journal!! I will try and get you another sometime!! Thanks for the rating and the heart and your understanding!! You Rock! hope to keep in touch!!! el
anntabor rated for Color Me Whimsey #7 *Pink* on Jul 5, 2014
Comment: WOW, what an amazing package of pink goodies! I just loved everything and you sent so many wonderful extras! Thank you SOOO much! Hope you are feeling better now. And what a scary shark story!
Response: I'm so glad you finally got it and u like everything and that you think this shark story was scary scary sorry it was my ghost story but that will come in time lol thank you so much for your kind words and I'm just please loved everything it was my pleasure! And of course thank you for the rating and the heart you're the best I hope we swap again your pal el xxoo
starrynight44 rated for SUSA: Vintage ATC Swap on Jun 23, 2014
Comment: Hi Elena, WOW!!!!!! what a awesome letter from you, You made me laugh so much. I love the vintage ATC and the Red Hat one. All the extras are wonderful. Your too kind. Sounds like I have to visit Mo. Sounds great. Thank you so much for everything. Have a great week. Hugs, Carol
Response: lol I'm so glad I made you laugh that's very important to me! Thank you so much for the nice, and the ratings I really appreciate it and I had so much fun sending you the vintage ATC's it was great I hope we get to hang out again meaning swap but then again come out and see me to do some ching ching lol lol lol!! Keep in touch and please request friendship or I will we have to stay close! Love you..el
Lorivintage55 rated for Decorated Envelope on Jun 23, 2014
Comment: Hi El, received your HUGE decorated envelope, love how your wrote my name and address on there! And all the wonderful goodies inside, thank you so much! I hope the surgery will go well for you, I'll keep you in my prayers! HUGS
Response: what can I say my friends you're the best I'm so happy that you liked everything and that I wrote the envelope to your liking lol! I had to do it a couple times but I'm glad it turned out good! You're the best and you're just such a wonderful person I just I think you're the most special lady thank you so much for taking time out to write that and for the ratings of course keep in touch and keep on doing what you're doing I'm proud of you! Your friend forever..el xxoo
Comment: Super amazing swap partner!! Thank you ever so much for such a wonderful bunch of great stuff!! EXTRA hearts for the book and bunny!
Response: Sooo nice to hear and better that you really enjoyed it!! I think you are super special and would love to swap again..so much to send you!! Thanks for the great review and heart! It means everything!! Your pal..el
HeatherannB rated for Color Me Whimsey #6 *Purple* on May 19, 2014
Comment: I am at a loss for words. Your package arrived this morning and completely blew me away. Your generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness are amazing. If I could give you a million hearts I would. Thank you, thank you, thank you infinitely!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
Response: Wow I am sooo happy!! I still have more of the letter to send and want to do a private swap!! Thank you sooo much for your super kind words..it means the world to me..keep in touch my new friend!! YOU ROCK!! your pal..el ps of course thanks for the ratings and the heart!!
Bookworm1172 rated for Butterfly ATC on May 5, 2014
Comment: YAY! I got it!! thank you so much for all of the goodies, I feel spoiled :)
Response: Wow!! Im sooo glad you got it and liked everything!! It was very important to me you liked it and your patience is appreciated!! I hope to keep in touch and swap again!! You are a super person to me and a friend!! Thanks for the rating and heart!! Nerds RULE! YOU ARE MY FAVORITE!! Love u....el
Comment: Wow! Wow! Wow! Wish I could give you more than one heart. Thank you very much El for all of the awesomeness you packed in that large envie. Your hand-drawn ATC is beautiful, and I will treasure it, as our new friendship. I love the letter your wrote as well. You definitely ROCKED this swap girlfriend! Keep in touch. Hugs.
Response: Your kind words are sooo awesome!! Thank you so much for rating with a heart!! You are special to me so I am really happy you liked everything!! I know we have a special bond and I look forward to more swaps with you and I know friends forever!! YOU ROCK!! LOVE U! el
destiney1 rated for Make My Planner Pretty #4 on Apr 14, 2014
Comment: i can not tell you how awesome this swap was! so much awesome stuff! i loved every last thing n the kids loved the eggs with surprises! i'm stealing the washi on the eggs idea! i hate opened hunting eggs lol
Response: Lol!! You go for it on the Easter eggs in the washi tape!! It works wonders!! I cannot believe I JUST started using washi and now I need more and more!! I wilk have to pm you about your package and the massive amount of stamps!! Oh man..crazy story but I am thrilled it got there quick and especially that you loved it and that the kids like the Easter eggs! I would have sent more but its a long story lol! That's the whole point for me is the extras I tried to do my best to make it personal and your color I guess it worked yay for me!!! Thank you for rating and especially the heart it means a lot to me I hope to swap again with you!! I have tons we can swap!! Love el
Lynne72 rated for DS: Surprise Happy Mail on Apr 9, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the package...it was very sweet of you. And I love your handwriting.
Response: thank you for the compliment on handwritting! YOU ARE SWEET! it was my pleasure to send you the mail....I'm sooo happy you enjoyed it!!! Thank you for rating and especially the heart...means a lot! your pal, el
Comment: Hi Elena, Thank you so much for the happy mail! Such a huge amount of green things (and purple, my second favorite color!). That was so generous of you to send more than the required envie, and certainly way more than 10 items. My 7-year-old daughter is slowly stealing items away from me. ;) Thanks again!
Response: I am soooo HAPPY you liked everything..yes in both your favorite colors! Lol so glad you noticed! Wish I would of sent your daughter something too!! Thats sweet!! I love these swaps..I love that you called it "happy mail"!! That was it was meant to be!! Thank you for your kind words and the heart! Means a lot! Hope to swap again!! Love...el
Vickyen rated for SUSA--St. Paddy's Day ATC Swap on Mar 14, 2014
Comment: Hi Elena! Thank you so much for the wonderful ATCs and box of goodies! I am not sure where to begin as everything is just so amazing! You really did not have to send so much awesome stuff and you spent a fortune - yikes! Love it all, wish I could give several hearts and thanks so much for the awesome Happy Mail!! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)
Response: You are so welcomed!, I am so happy that you liked everything! Don't worry I really wanted to do it and I'm glad that we are friends! I hope you keep in touch and I hope we swap again!, thank u for the great response and ratings..It means a lot to me!!! your pal..el

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CurlyTea on Sep 29, 2017:

ThriftyUrbanMom on Aug 13, 2016:

Knock, knock!
I'm just stopping by to invite you to take a look at our Christian Swappers Group forums, we have a AUG: $5 Esty Gift Card Bible Trivia Game going on in the group forum now.
Come join in on the fun!
Win a $5.00 Esty Gift Card - Enter by 8/31/2016

God bless you!

RyeRye on Jun 24, 2016:

Thanks for joining Inspiration Station!

anrtist on May 24, 2016:

anrtist on Dec 23, 2015:

I thought I would like to share these cute
OREO BALL Recipes ;-)
Here is a short OREO video link with recipe at the end
put dark choc in sandwich bag
with small bit of corner cut out to drizzle with ;-)
these are cute variation
LINK to girls making OREO Balls without a blender & into snowmen

These are cute too
LINK TO Melted Snowman Cookies... so cute

Have fun, ENJOY!

I may do a combination cookie with oreo ball snowman head ;-) Enjoy!
Blessings, cc

RyeRye on Jun 19, 2015:


anrtist on Jun 5, 2015:

blessings, cc

anrtist on May 23, 2015:

It is beautiful this Memorial Day weekend ;-) Have a GREAT 1!!!





Enjoy & Blessings, cc

RyeRye on Apr 2, 2015:


shannonlinde on Mar 2, 2015:

Hey! Just checking in to say I am thinking about you! Hope all is well! :)

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