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10/21/20: Annd back again.

5/24/2019: I'm back after a really long sabbatical! I found all of my postcards and stamps during a hunt for something so here I am! I have a new state, last name, and a completely new life! I'm happy, less stressed and closer to my family. Minnesota is my home. I live with my daughter who is 6, my dog Molly and my two cats Maddie and Maple. I'll update all of my info below later but I thought for now it was fun to leave it to see how different my life is now. I still love all of the things I mention really! I'm here for cards and postcard swaps most. If we swapped or penpalled in the past and we lost touch, I would LOVE if you dropped me a note. In my move across the country a few years ago I lost a lot of my paper letters and addresses. Anyway, lovely to be back!

4/10/14 I've taken a step back from swapping and realize I should probably be focusing my energies elsewhere. I've had a lovely time here and who knows, maybe I'll be back someday...but for now, I think I'm out. Take care everyone! ~ Amy

3/11/14 I sent an Owl postcard RAK out to several people and I am fairly certain I forgot to put my screen name on a batch of them. If you got an owl postcard from AMY, that would be me! See my previous status for why I most likely forgot. Brain fail, lol. Hope you like:)

2/27/14 Feeling bummed! My school is suffering a bit so I think I'm going to take a little sabbatical from swaps. Once I finish my swaps on my board, I will return when things get righted again! OH life. I will continue to rate and answer messages as needed. Sad face.

I live in the midwest with my husband, 1 year old daughter, 2 dachshunds and 2 cats. It's a full house up in here, yo. Well, maybe not to some, but that's a lot of babies for me to take care of! Husband included, haha. I have a regular 9-5 job by day and am a grad student by night. I love animals, crafting, sewing-ish (I say ish because I dabble! and tend to never finish...anyone else do that?!), stationary and stickers, fabric scraps, getting real mail and I've recently taken up running. I'm definitely a re-purposer and try to be environmentally conscious by reusing things if I can. Right now, I'm working on a couple quilts for my daughter for when she gets a big girl bed. She's 16 months. It will probably take me several years to do this since I'm so pokey, but hopefully not! I'm taking all of the clothes that she wore that has stains or rips and cutting quilt squares from them to make up the quilt. I'm intending on doing this to all of the special clothes too, but I'm working up my nerve into cutting into those ones! I want her to be able to cuddle with these for years to come and also have memories wrapped up into them. I love the idea of swapping!


My handwriting has really taken a hit these days due to all the gadgets I use on a daily basis, so hopefully swapping will get my wrist in shape again! I'm a rambler, in my own world a lot and sometimes don't make sense. I apologize for that in advance! Sometimes I'll start on one thing and then half way through stat talking about something else. I personally love being random and I might be a little quirky even. I express myself so much better in writing than I do verbally. I have a severe case of verbal vomit (see above) and tend to confuse people. My grad teacher hates me!! I swear, it makes sense in my head.


I LOVE DIET COKE! I shouldn't because it'll probably rot my teeth and body, but I love it. I have a severe sweet tooth as well. I love the candy. Pretty much all sweety-sweets in general. I actually had a test of my will power the other day. My head was saying "Go to the gas station and get huge amounts of Diet Coke and chocolate." My rational side was like "No, you don't need it." And I actually was able to quiet my sweet tooth. That's rare, folks! Anyway, that was weird.


My attitude for this site is I just want to send things to others to make them happy. I'm trying not to get too caught up in what I'm going to GET in return. I love being able to make someone's day and don't want to tarnish that by being unhappy if I get flaked on or if I'm sent something I don't necessarily like. It's the thought that counts and I'm easy to please! I'm just happy that someone would want to do the same in return:)

I have so many fun swaps in my head I can't wait to get to them all! All of the swaps I host are things that are coming out of my ears because OH I LOVE THEM SO! I will angel mostly all if needed.

Let me know if you don't get my swap! I always fulfill my commitments, so if you don't get it, there must be something wonky going on. I generally put postage on at my house, throw it in the mailbox and then hit sent. Postmarks may be a day or two later because of that since the mail may have already went for the day/it's the weekend when I put it in there. I've been hearing that some people watch postmarks, so I felt the need to say it here :) I am more than happy to resend any swap that doesn't make it to you, don't hesitate to reach out to me!

Favorite Books

Young Adult Fiction, Chick-lit, Vampire-Witchy stuff, anything that isn't religious or political
Where's Waldo kid books
Old Quilting/Sewing/Homemaking books
Paper Dolls
Celebrity Gossip mags (I currently subscribe to US Weekly and Entertainment Weekly, so would love any others!)
Bernstein Bears
Little Golden Books and Also the minis. Dick and Jane kid books
Moxie Girl magazine (out of print, but was a fave when I was a teen!)

I am on a mission to read all of the books on my bookshelf! The problem is I keep acquiring new ones. It's like they just materialize up there or something.


Favorite Television

OH dears, I could go on all day here. My TV and I are too close, really. I think I need to break up with her....oh but I love her so! Sigh.

How I Met Your Mother
2 Broke Girls
Big Bang Theory
American Horror Story
Sex and the City
The Mindy Project
New Girl
Orange is the New Black
The Walking Dead
Breaking Bad
Mike & Molly
True Blood

There's probably more...


Favorite Movies

Can't Hardly Wait
Wizard of Oz
200 Cigarettes
Van Wilder
What Dreams May Come
Dead Man on Campus
John Tucker Must Die
Nightmare on Elm Street
Friday the 13th

This is sad and all I can come up with. There haven't been a lot of good movies in the last 5 years or so....at least I don't think so!

wizard of oz

Favorite Crafts

Rag rug making
Junk Journal Making (I have yet to fill though!)

Honestly, I don't craft a lot because my time is limited. But you should see my Pinterest project page! Oh boy, if I had the time/know-how/bucks, I'd totally be all over those Pinterest pins.

Things I LOVE

What I would most love in a swap? Fabric scraps. Even small ones. I am making pin wheel quilting squares right now which use some really small pieces and I like variety!

- COFFEE. Ground or Beans or Instant singles. No cups, don't have a machine to use those!
- Tea (loose or bags). I love Chai tea. Hate GREEN tea since it makes me sick. I'd take coffee over tea any day though.
- Starburst
- Tootsie Rolls
- Any kind of gum (except Cinnamon, not a fave)
- Tootsie Pops
- Necco Wafers or those Valentine hearts
- 3 Muskateers
- Anything peanut butter/Chocolate combo
- Toblerone
- Twizzlers Pull and peel
- anything strange or random
- DIET COKE!! I collect the coke caps for the codes too.
- KINDER EGGS from Germany: My husband was born there and remembers these fondly. I'd love to surprise him with one because they aren't sold in the states.


- Miniature anything! I love anything tiny and cute, especially for doll houses.
- TROLLS, because I'm a goober.
- Old Barbie paraphernalia (clothes or accessories are my faves)
- Grover from Sesame Street or anything Sesame Street really
- Polly Pocket
- Old McDonald's Toys - especially from the 80's and 90's.
- My Little Pony
- Little Dinosaur Figurines
- Toys that look like food or Fabric Food - I'm trying to put together a - play kitchen for my daughter!
- Micro and Mini-Micro Machine toy cars


- Fun socks
- Animals (especially puppies and kitties!)
- Dachshunds
- Stationary
- Fabric grab bags (with lots of small pieces and variety and color...makes me happy!)
- Stickers
- Journals
- Running
- Fabric scraps
- Thrift Store shopping/Treasure Hunting
- Getting the mail
- Bright Colors
- Pinterest
- Slippers (10)
- Flannel
- Handwritten notes/letters/cards
- Fun Tote bags/Shopping bags to bring home groceries in
- Fortunes from fortune cookies
- Pin cushions
- Pop Art
- Abstract Art calendar pages - the thick ones! I like to make envelopes out of them or frame them for my house. I'm a Picasso fan.
- Pop up hampers in fun shapes or colors - Celebrity Gossip Mags
- Re-purposing EVERYTHING!
- Rolodex cards of any size - just started a Rolodex journal! So much fun! If you send 'em decorated, even better!
- New US stamps, any denomination

I freaking LOVE mail, especially when there's free samples or goodies in there!


Not Into...

Religious Anything
Green Tea
Black Licorice
A majority of Reality TV
Grape flavored stuff
play doh
Halloween things
personal photos
Christmas labels or tags
Little baby goods

Stuff I like to Thrift!

I love to thrift store hunt for fun baubles or things that are obscure. It seems like I always end up or look for the same things over and over! Here's a list of stuff I like thrifting for:

  • Fun coffee mugs that communicate how grumpy I am in the morning (haha, no really!)

  • Stationary

  • Sewing Notions (old and new!)

  • Fun Fabric Remnants from clothes I can turn into a quilt (I'm cool like that. Learned it from my grandma! She grew up in the depression era and saved or reused everything! She taught me how to quilt and I still do things the way she taught me all those years ago)

  • Flannel (again for quilting) I'm especially partial to flannel because it's so cozy and comes in some fun prints.

  • Dresses or Clothes for my 16 month old daughter. I have almost completely outfitted her thus far on thrifted items (or garage sales or hand-me-downs or gifts). I'm proud of that and she still looks frickin' cute. She's tall for her age. Tall and skinny. I have no idea where she gets this from. She's in 18-24 months right now.

  • Fun T-shirts with silly cartoons in size large. I especially love anything reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. Hello Carebears! Hello Sesame Street! Yeah, I occasionally wear a shirt that has Monster from the Muppets on it to work. What?! I do what I want! (Shameless Miley Cyrus reference...lol)

  • Quilting or Sewing Books. The best ones are from the 60s or 70s, but love them all!

  • Anything funky. Did I mention I love the 60s and 70s era! Oh my gosh, my mom always said I should have been born during that time.

  • VW Beetle miniature cars. Old models, before they switched up the styling.

  • Fun socks that are obviously new. There's no reason anyone should wear plain white socks. Why would you give these away?!

  • Silver (real or not) necklaces. Delicate and made back in the day. Things were just made better back then, am I right?! Some of the old gold ones are cool too since the bright shininess has worn off, so it looks more silver.


Favorite Music

I like a lot of everything, but mostly rock, pop, some metal. 80s hairbands of course.

I tend to only like one or two songs from any given band or singer. With the exception of Paramore. I love Paramore.

Favorite Themes

Late 80s or 90s cartoons
Fun Monsters (happy ones, not icky ones)
Stuff that looks like food, but isn't really food
Minnesota (lived there until I was 18, I'm a Minnesotan at heart :)
I've probably repeated myself a ton. Sorry! My attention span, it's minimal.

Honestly, I'm fairly easy to please :)



Comment: Thank you for the cereal box chunk. Looks like a good breakfast!
Comment: Been a rough week, you card came just in time as did your quote! I love these kind of swaps! Thank you so much for the extras! You never know how much a little kindness can change someones day!!
Comment: Thank you for the private swap...Love the Happy mail & Stickers***
Comment: Thank you soooo much. This swap was so much fun.
thequilterslink rated for Junkity Junk Junk on Mar 10, 2014
Comment: thanks for all the neat Junkity junk junk, no note inside but it has to be for this swap :) Thanks
Comment: I finally received the postcard. Thank you for the cute postcard:-)
Snowfairy rated for Happy ♡ Valentine on Feb 23, 2014
Comment: Thanks! Great stamps!
pammykn rated for Magazines & Books - Send me some! on Feb 21, 2014
Comment: Great choices! I have some good reading ahead of me. Thanks so much for a fun swap! Also -- really like the postcards you included!
Rubyfreckles rated for Pen pal letter on Feb 19, 2014
Comment: thanks! got your letter... I've already written back to you :)
Gslady rated for Valentine's RAK on Feb 15, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for the adorable card. I live the drawing of the dachsund. I hope that your garage cleaning went well yesterday sounds like it would be really romantic lol. But having it clean it well worth it. Thanks again. C
soulpeacelove rated for Happy ♡ Valentine on Feb 13, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the cute things! :)
Phimu4ever rated for Create Magazine Envie + Letter on Feb 13, 2014
Comment: Thank you ! :)
TC rated for Private swap: joebob and tc on Feb 12, 2014
Comment: Yay! Thanks for the swap. Your package went out today. Have fun sewing. :)
Comment: I liked all your lists. You took a lot of time and thought in making them. I liked how the animal's list was on a bear-shaped piece of paper.
Comment: 38 stamps on the one stamper, great =D And thank you soooo much for all this cool 'junk', I will definitely find a good use for it <3
Response: I had too much 'junk' that I wanted to send you, so I couldn't resist! Glad you liked :)
tao67 rated for email -photo your house- swap on Feb 5, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the great photo tour.
Response: You're welcome, it was fun!
rexypants rated for SwaS: Sayin' hello #3 on Feb 5, 2014
Comment: Hi joebob! Many thanks for your funny KS postcard, with the awesome stamps. I wish those cows lived in my backyard :) Best of luck with your 2014 goals and with grad school. Sounds like it's going to be a busy year!
Response: Busy indeed! You're welcome!

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helllo! i hope you are enjoying swapping. i've had so much fun and i remember you were my first swapper!

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Thanks for the super cute owl PC!!!!!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the super cool goodies in the Random Flat Envie PIF tag ---- love it all! super neat idea recycling the folder thingie you sent them in too! it's very handy :) thanks again!

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Thank you for my owl postcard .. Hugs Cheryl ;)

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I'm completely addicted to Pepsi Max. See you in rehab!! :)

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