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Birthday: October 8, 1996
Country: Finland

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I am quitting swap-bot, or at least taking a long break. OF COURSE I will send out the swaps I'm in at the moment and rate those who arrive, but after that I am leaving due to mental health issues.



My name is Maria. I am 19 years old and I live in Finland. I am a former music student and my main interest is musical theatre. I dream of standing on big stages partaking in musicals in the future. I have been in two so far and I have loved every second of it.


I am a feminist and a vegan. I believe in equality between all people and animals and I cannot stand seeing anyone being mistreated. I am a very sensitive person regarding these things.

v e g a n

f e m i n i s t

I care about animals more than I can explain. I have a cat living with me and he is my everything! He is named Ludwig. I am an animal rights activist and I will never stop being one! image


Yes, my profile is VERY cutesy and girly. I love that shit. BUT if this is not your jam, and you're wondering what kind of themed things you can send that I'd be all about, here are some you can look into!

  • Super hero themes. My all time favourite is Batman, and my latest obsession is Jessica Jones

  • Cats. Get me started on cats and I will surely scare you with my obsession, so I think just mentioning this is enough.

  • Vintage. I love it, so gorgeous!

  • Nature

  • Bohemian themes. Beachy waves, mandalas, braided hair and barefoot walking in the sand. Almost makes me drool just thinking about it.

Favorite Music


imageOn my playlist right now image

image Lush Life - Zara Larsson

image Sorry - Justin Bieber

image Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

image Stitches - Shawn Mendes

image Love On Top - Beyoncé


Favorite Television

My favourite TV shows right now are

Game of Thrones


Jessica Jones

The Walking Dead

Doctor Who (Matt Smith is my fave!).

I loooove horror movies and thrillers! In real life I am easily scared and very sensitive, but when it's happening on a movie screen I'm all about it. Go figure!

A few of my favourite movies are The Hunger Games Series, the Harry Potter movies, (I am a Slytherin!) Frozen,


Favourite MUSICALS are Wicked, RENT, Les Miserables, Next to Normal

Favorite Crafts


NO FOODS THAT AREN'T VEGAN PLEASE. Same goes for e.g. beauty products, vegan and cruelty free, please! Otherwise I cannot use/eat them.


Right now ATCs are my favourite crafts! I usually use mixed media for decorating them, but recently I have also really been enjoying drawing or painting them! I love making and receiving ATCs, they are so unique and lovely! Every single one is a work of art and as my collection grows bigger my interest does as well.


Before sending


NO FOODS THAT AREN'T VEGAN PLEASE. Same goes for e.g. beauty products, vegan and cruelty free, please! Otherwise I cannot use/eat them.


Also, please take an extra second to make sure you are spelling my name and address correctly. Many times swaps have gotten to me late because of some part of my address being spelled wrongly. As it is written in Swedish, I fully understand that it is unusual to write, but out of respect please make sure your spelling is correct.



If you haven't received something I sent, please message me and I will send again! Please note that I live in Finland so sending something outside of Europe may take some time.

Some things I'd love to receive are:



PENS image




ATCS image


imageimageimageimage image



About that 3 rating…

Here's the explanation, so that I will not have to keep writing it over and over. It's very frustrating to have this rating, but I'm still waiting for admin-help.

I only forgot to click send in time, even though I did send the Pocket Letter before the 'send by' date. Had my swap partner been home to receive it when it arrived she wouldn't even had been able to rate a '3', as her housekeeper told her it arrived before Christmas. As it arrived before Christmas that means it took less than two weeks to arrive, which it wouldn't have if I HADN'T sent it on time.

I'm really frustrated by this but she is not willing to change the rating unless the admin gets involved. I have contacted her, but I'm still waiting for a reply. That's the situation!


mellyrose89 rated for 2016 SAVE MONEY CHALLENGE on Jan 18, 2017
Comment: I never received any emails from Maria. She marked this as sent back in May, however it was a year-long swap.
Lucine rated for 2016 SAVE MONEY CHALLENGE on Jan 14, 2017
Comment: I have not received messages from @mariaelisabeth and I probably will not be rated, since she was partially suspended from swap-bot. update December 7th: she is a full member, but has not been on swap-bot since May 1th, 2016. update: jan ; all have rated!!
Nurse101 rated for 2016 SAVE MONEY CHALLENGE on Jan 3, 2017
Comment: Great Job!
LillyLupin rated for Profile based on Jun 19, 2016
Comment: Never got anything. :(
Comment: After a month, I contacted her and she said she would resend as it was obvious her first card got lost in the mail. A month later, when I still had not received, I PM'd her again but got no reply at all, nor did she reply to another couple of messages. So I had no choice but to rate as a 1 - I will change the rating if I ever receive the ATC.
Ozzyflsgirl rated for Doctor Who Atc Swap #2 DALEKS on May 28, 2016
Comment: I have given her plenty of time to do her Dalek ATC ex post facto, but she never sent one despite my messages. This was due April 8th. It is now May 28, with no word and no ATC. I will consider re-rating if I ever recieve my ATC.
EmilyT rated for Spring Blooms ATC series #1 Daffodils on May 18, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful hand drawn daffodils!!😃 I cannot even hand draw anything so that's really special to receive them hand drawn. Thank you so much for the extras those flow magazine many postcards are the best little fun extra ever!
Comment: Thank you so much that's very pretty thank you also for the extras!
purpleriho rated for RCAS ~ Harry Potter ~ HD/HP on May 18, 2016
Comment: gorgeous!! Thanks so much!!!
weepingtardis rated for Doctor Who Atc Swap #2 DALEKS on May 9, 2016
Comment: Never got anything. I was messaged and was told that she has been sick and it would be late and I said it was fine but I tried to message saying I still never got anything and I heard nothing back. If I ever get the ATC I will re-rate.
Comment: Love the Tulip ATC! Beautiful!
paraxparaxnoia rated for Iloa päivääsi on Apr 22, 2016
Comment: Maria, I got your package yesterday and I absolutely love everything you sent! This is all so much more than what the swap asked for and I’m very lucky to receive this :) however, and as I’ve told you, I have to rate you a 3 for this. The deadline, which was already extended by 2 weeks almost, was April 7th and you disappeared on the 8th, not contacting me or the host. I finally tracked you down from Instagram where you had been posting in between the 8th and 15th. I sent you a message and you replied the next day with an explanation and then sent on 18th but it was 11 days late and you made no effort to let me know. I know life’s a bitch sometimes and I sympathize for you but I must also say I was shocked to get your rather rude message here on SB. We had worked this out, everything was ok but then you sent me a finger pointing message about how I’m an awful person because I don’t understand your illness. I say this now, you yourself don’t know other people’s circumstances so don’t go accusing the other party either :( with all this, I am really over the moon happy about what you sent, but I can’t rate a 5, I’m sorry. I hope you’ll get to work things out, take care.
Response: I did not once talk unfairly about you or call you anything (your eg. an awful person) in my message. My message said nothing about you. Copied and pasted for proof: "" Judging me for sending late - fine, I can deal with that. But as you don't know me as a person you have no right to make assumptions. Sometimes I'm too depressed to even get out of bed, but that doesn't make me incapable of uploading a picture of my cat to instagram. Sometimes I literally wake up, go to work, go home and go straight to bed; but I can still snap a selfie on my way home because my make-up looks good that day. While in Umeå I wanted to keep my family and friends updated and assure them that I was having a good time. Sending your daughter to another country when you know she is struggling with both her mood and eating habits is hard. Don't assume that I am just having a great time and choosing not to log onto swap-bot when I'm having troubles getting out of bed in the morning. I logged onto swap bot and was too overwhelmed so I logged out straight away. Whoops. The email sent to me was in Finnish. When it's overwhelming to even look at my text messages I have to choose what I put my energy on. I try to prioritise making my day to day life work these days. I told you to rate me a 3, I agree that that is completely fair. I should've messaged you earlier. But don't make me look like a bad person because I'm not. Looking at my profile it's obvious that I have never flaked on a swap and that my swap partners enjoy what I send them. Your package should arrive by tomorrow. Proof is on instagram.""
Comment: Thank you so much! The butterfly ATC is so very beautiful! :) I also love the handmade bookmark you sent. This was an awesome swap. <3
Ohhedgehogs rated for Harry Potter letter #2 on Apr 5, 2016
Comment: THIS IS AMAZING! thank you!
Comment: Very neat, I think you captured city life well, I've never seen that sign before :) and thanks for the tea!!
Cabootique rated for RCAS ~ Movies ~ HD/HP on Apr 4, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for the Totoro ATC! It's so cute, I love it :)
knitterofhats rated for Ratings Booster on Apr 4, 2016
Comment: Thanks for this swap!
Comment: Thank you so much I love her!!!!
AZmom875 rated for Tea time with ATCs INT on Mar 11, 2016
Comment: Really cute tea atc, and 2 so cute teas, and even the tea wrappers are so cuter. Great swap. Glad you were my partner.
rhodyart rated for Cat ATC #5 on Mar 10, 2016
Comment: Really pretty and I love that lace!

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DreamnShabbyChic on Apr 28, 2016:

Hey Maria, could you please read your email sent to you on swapbot. I sent you a message 5 days ago and still haven't heard from you.

Hope you are doing well. Thanks for reading. Becky

user2950 on Feb 27, 2016:

Hi Maria.I’m Saki Kanosue.It’s fun to read your profile.You have nice dream.wish you were on stage someday with.

I like your country . To tell the truth,I have visited Finland 2 years ago just this season. It was so amazing to see a lot of snow!!!! Also I tried roast meet dish of deer.hehe I have good memories there a lot.

I just want to upload photo but I have no idea how to.I need some study!!

See you in the "Brighten Up A Profile!!” group. Thanks for reading. Have a sweet sleep! Saki

texasangel on Feb 27, 2016:


Hello Maria Im your partner for the brighten up a profile swap i see your a cat lover too, I love cats i have 3 cats their names are patches,molly and missy .hope you have a nice day..

Magpieandluna on Jan 8, 2016:

leave a comment and a pic on your profile

It looks like you like pusheen! and here is one you dont have yet :) i love your profile it is so cute! i hope i can get mine to look nice like yours soon!!

HeartElfGrey on Jan 7, 2016:

Hello Maria, my name is Ollin and I'm here for the leave a comment and a pic on your profile swap. I hope you liked the picture. I love your music playlist. I listen to most of those songs on my way out and about. I also like game of thrones and have a lot of catching up to do with the walking dead. I am a Doctor Who fan, I started with the 9th doctor and loved it ever since. I have to agree Matt Smith was amazing! And so much fun. I miss him. I'm trying to give Peter Capaldi some getting used to but I want to go back and just hug Matt Smith because he was just great and caring in Doctor Who. I hope you're having a wonderful New Year! Happy Swapping-Ollin

arimails on Jan 7, 2016:


Hello Maria, I was reading your profile and I think it is so wonderful that you strive to be so Eco friendly. I used to be in a club during high school called "Go Green Club" and it was all about how to be environmentally friendly. I was vice president of the club so being Eco friendly is something that is really important to me as well. I am 20 years old so only one year older than you! I think it is really cool that your dream is to perform in a musical theater. I also really enjoy the Arts and have seen a few musical performances. They were wonderful and I would love to see more in the future. It takes a lot of talent and courage to stand up on a stage but I think, if you can dream it then you can achieve it. I wish you the best of luck :)

imaisha on Jan 3, 2016:

😻 APDG ~ Pusheen! 😻

Hi! Here are some adorable gifs for you ^_^ Does Ludwig behave in any way like this cute pusheen? ;) Must be full of fun living with a cat! Enjoy!~

Happy swapping and all the best in 2016! 🎉

tatntole on Jan 3, 2016:

I am so sorry I didn't comment. I remember reading your profile before. I love bookmarks too and have way over 300. I love washi tape too, but I only have a large shoebox full. I try to use it on my postcards and letters. I hope you have a very healthy and happy New Year. Pattie

bluephoenixvt on Jan 3, 2016:

ADPG Pusheen!! Happy Swap!

vivicaxx on Jan 3, 2016:

♥ APDG ~ Pusheen! ♥


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