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I am a 61 yo wife (42 years!) to Ornery, Mom to Elizabeth (40) and Ryan (35), and Grammie to Micah (11) and Makayla (9) (aka the m&m's)

About my health journey I have always been overweight. I starved myself to fit into my size 13 wedding dress in 1979. The smallest size jeans I can ever recall owning was size 16. Two pregnancies left me with 100 extra pounds that never would go away, no matter what diet or exercise program I tried. And believe me, I tried them all! I thought I had finally found a diet to cure me when we did the hcg injections with 500 calorie diet. I lost a lot of weight, which all came back and brought friends. 😟 It also wrecked my metabolism.

I became somewhat crippled around the time I turned 50. I quit driving, then had to quit riding as well as it was too painful in my hips and back. I could no longer stand erect, and leaned over a cart to walk at all. Many days I cried every step from my chair to the bathroom. I developed lymphedema and ended up in the hospital twice in a year with cellulitis. Both times I was very close to death. I worked with every chiropractor, nutritionist and natural medicine doctor I could find to seek a remedy. I knew better than to try conventional medicine as I have always reacted badly to meds and I refused to have surgery to lose weight.

In February of 2020, we started reading about the carnivore diet. All the people who shared about the dramatic health improvements convinced me to try one more thing. No matter what program I did, I was always diligent to follow the rules, so cheating wasn't an option for me. Within 6 weeks I noticed a dramatic reduction in my pain, and could feel myself getting stronger. By the end of April I was able to climb 4 steps to get into Ornery's truck, so I was finally able to leave my house. He was so delighted for me to be able to see things outside the little world I had been living in.

Over the next year, I was able to give up my big cart and start using a walker. I am still not fully erect and tire quickly, but between my wheelchair and walker I can do so much more than I could before. Now I only need 1 step to climb into the truck, and rarely have to ask for help. I have tackled painting the garage doors, weeding in my garden, and can even walk short distances without cane or other aids. I was able to attend church in person Palm Sunday and have attended most weeks since.

In order to get here, the only big change I have made is the diet. I didn't think I could survive, much less thrive, without vegetables, fruits and grains. But I learned about anti-nutrients, inflammatory seed oils, the healing benefits of salt, saturated fats and more. I have only shed 35# so far, but I had a lot of healing to do. I am hindered somewhat by my inability to exercise much, but I am doing what I can. My next big goal is to retire my housekeeper who comes once a month to clean for us.

What I like about Swapping When I first joined SwapBot, my goal was to find pen friends. Over the years much has changed, both in my life and in what I am looking for. I no longer feel the need to join every group, or load my dashboard with swaps. It's not the end of the world if I don't get a heart with my ratings, although I still aim for it. My life is really full and rather than SB being my reason to be creative, I have grown more comfortable with exploring on my own. The postal delivery system has gotten so crazy it's a good thing I am not depending on mail to bring happiness! I am still delighted to get it, though!


Since my children are grown, it's just Ornery and me in our beautiful color-filled home. We live in NE Oklahoma near Tulsa. About 8 months of the year, my yard sports a variety of blooming plants, the more the better as far as I am concerned. One of the hardest things I had to give up when I was no longer able to walk was working in my yard. I have gained enough strength back to do some of it myself this year.a

If you look at my Instagram feed, (link above) you will see equal parts garden/yard posts, and whatever odd crafty project I am immersed in at the moment.

I enjoy a wide range of crafting things, and occasionally dabble in poetry and creative writing. I used to blog regularly, but when I switched to doing most things on a tablet instead of a computer, I gave that up. Now most of my updates are on Instagram.


I have made numerous skirts and doll clothes for Makayla, and have made bads and ends for around the house such as pillows, curtains, Christmas stockings, fabric shopping bags, etc. I also enjoy embroidery, but not counted cross stitch. I recently stitched a dozen flour sacking towels using those old fashioned Aunt Martha's iron on transfers. In 2020 a friend @patchworkchickadee pointed me to Anne Brooks, a textile artist in UK who started #sew4thesoulbook and I made my first fabric book of scraps of fabric and slow stitching. I enjoyed the project so much, I made a second one with the theme of little houses. My next big sewing project is a wall hanging-quilt as you go project. My houses will all be in the blues and greens colors.


It all started with a demonstration on a triloom at Silver Dollar City. Elizabeth talked her dad into helping her build a loom, and I watched her weave in my livingroom for a couple of years. She sold dozens of beautiful shawls, and while I loved watching her, my hands and body did not fit well with such a large loom.

A couple of years later, she got a table top tapestry loom, and I decided that might be more my speed. So Ornery built a simple frame loom for me, and I have made several tapestries on it. I now have 3 different sized looms to create on, and way more yarn than a body needs! A pen pal recommended that I try some note cards with weaving on the fronts, and it is an extremely satisfying way to use my yarn. I do enjoy playing with the beautiful fibers! Sadly, I never could master crochet and knitting doesn't hold my interest.


I am happiest when I am in my studio or playing with color in some fashion. I don't draw anything other than stick figures that you might recognize, but fortunately, I happen to like abstract art better than realism, so it turns out I am okay with that lack of skill. I am not a master at any of the mediums, but I do like to dabble in:

  • acrylic paint
  • alcohol inks
  • art journaling
  • collage
  • mail art
  • pastels
  • stamping/embossing
  • washi tape
  • watercolor
  • gelli printing

I have a substantial collection of ATC's and Altered Rolodex cards. I have several binders filled with amazing mail art, which is probably my favorite collection of all. Some of my ATCs are in frames on the wall in my studio, others featuring little houses (my favorite theme) are on the wall in my dining room.


I am a huge puzzle fan. I have over 100 in my collection, mostly 500 piece, but a few 1000, and several 300 piece, which lately has been more my speed, just because they work up quickly and are easy to handle.


I have several (10? 15?) fairly regular pen pals, but I am always up for exchanging letters with new friends. I enjoy receiving mail, which was the reason I joined Swap-Bot all those years ago!

While I really enjoy writing letters, I am not great with sending "extras". However, I like to think that my letters are worthwhile even without the extras! 😁 If you write to me, I almost always write back.


I am a very reliable swapper. If I don't think I will be able to send, I drop from the swap. Always. Even when I was hospitalized, I managed to send my swaps on time. If you have not received a swap from me, please let me know as soon as possible. I generally mail the day partners are assigned, or at the latest a day or two after.

Likewise, I am a very prompt rater. There is nothing worse than spending time and effort to create a personalized swap only to wonder if it ever arrived.

I really appreciate you being willing to swap with me. I try very hard to please my partners. If you are interested in a private swap, please send me a message!


For swaps that require personalization, tuck-ins, gifts, extras, etc., here is a list of my preferences.


  • A- ATCs, ATCoins, Artist Tiles, altered books/tags, alcohol ink, acrylic paint,
  • B- birds (especially quirky ones), bees, butterflies, bright colors, beads, Bible verses, unique book pages, blue/green color combination
  • C- COLOR, corrugated paper, copper anything!, Christmas, contemporary style art, card making, clear communication, carnivore recipes, old clocks/clock faces, collage, cotton fabric, crocus, coral bells
  • D- daisies, dahlias, daffodils, dogwood, decorated mail, dragonflies
  • E- echinacea, embroidery, embellishments, ephemera for art journals or cards, experiments
  • F- flowers, funny quotes, fonts, fountains, ferns, fungi, fabric, faith
  • G- gardening, art glass, gelli-prints, gnomes, greenery, gears
  • H- house keeping, houses of any size/shape/description, handmade envelopes, hearts, hydrangeas, herbs
  • I- Inspiration, integrity, ink, iris
  • J- journals, clean jokes, (especially play on words/puns)
  • K- kitchen gadgets
  • L- letters from friends (old or new!), labels (I love my label maker!)
  • M- mail art, magazines about gardening or art, mixed media, mushrooms, maps, music paper
  • N- note cards (especially Punch Studio), nigella
  • O- organization, Ornery (he's my favorite), orange flowers
  • P- puzzles ( jigsaw, word search, easy crossword), personalized address labels or swap cards, peonies, peacocks, pastels (art medium, not colors), poppies, pink flowers, purple flowers, phlox, petunias
  • Q- quilts, quotes, quirky things
  • R- Rolodex cards (2.25x4"), rubber stamps, rainy days, "Restoration" (my word for 2020)
  • S- stickers (flowers, leaves, inspiration, seasonal, not kawaii or kiddie style), stars, seed packets, spray inks, spiky hair, sheepskin slippers, sunshine, surprises, seam binding tape
  • T- typewriter text, thunder storms
  • U- unused postage stamps, unique designs (outside the box, with a different twist)
  • V- violets, violas
  • W- washi tape (except for tapes with words or kawaii), weaving, words, watercolor, wood burning, waterfalls
  • X- xyron
  • Y- yarn, especially smaller balls like the end of a project, Yupo paper
  • Z- zinnia


These are preferences, not mandates. However the scented things will not stay around longer than the time it takes to rate them.

  • food or beverages of any kind - I eat meat and drink water and coffee, not much else
  • vintage photos of people. I am not a big vintage fan anyway but those "found relative" pictures are creepy to me
  • scented items
  • Halloween anything (although I do love the fall)
  • coloring pages
  • plastic deco tape
  • bulky bling


Comment: I loved your letter, and I am working on my reply. I should have it in mailbox πŸ“¬ later this week.
alafour rated for SMSUSA: Washi Happy Mail on Jun 12, 2021
Comment: Thanks!
January rated for MMA: Textured Tag (USA only) on Jun 11, 2021
Comment: What a great tag - thank you Tracy! I love stitching on my tags too - they can definitely take it and it looks so cool, right?!?!
AmyMarie rated for OMAE: In My Head on Jun 10, 2021
Comment: Nicely done! You did a lovely job with the face and very creative with the background, design, and colors. Thank you.
warheart rated for SMSUSA: Washi Happy Mail on Jun 8, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the fun washi samples!
lmacdavis93 rated for MMA: Typewriter text on Jun 6, 2021
Comment: Hi Tracy and thanks so much for the beautiful and brightly colored tag. I love the background you created on this and of course love the little multi-colored butterflies. Wonderful quote as well! I have my Dad's old 1950's Royal manual typewriter and love to be able to use it for craft projects, so this swap was such fun.
Comment: Thank you SO much for the mini penpal swap, Tracy. I'm amazed at your creativity with mail art and cards. I've never tried gelli prints or sprays, so I'm just in awe. Love the letter, too. :-) Until next time, happy swapping!
stephiedee rated for OMAE: Funky Shack (USA) on May 26, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the fun funky shack, Tracy! Good lucky with the reno. We've been working on replacing a retaining wall this week. I would definitely rather be crafting...literally anything, lol!
RockyBeach rated for OMAE: Mail Art Pick 3 on May 25, 2021
Comment: Thank you for your grat purple and green envelope! I like the gelli print on it! Also thanks for the other goodies. Recently I bought some alcohol inks. But I'm far from your printed postcard. :)
Response: I am glad you got it! Alcohol inks are so fun. I used canned air and felt pads to get that effect. The more you work the ink the more marbled it looks. Thank you for the heart!
Aeon rated for OMAE: Handmade Stickers on May 21, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the gorgeous envelope and stickers! I forget about embossing sometimes but those embossed stickers are great! Snoopy is always a fave. 😍😍 I love the big piece with blotches of ink on it too. They are all so pretty. Thank you!
bigmamabird rated for MMA: A bit of Fiber on May 20, 2021
Comment: Thanks so much for the cute tag, Tracy! Love that naughty dog. Spring was slow to start here, remaining cool and dry. We've caught up now and have had an unseasonally warm day in the high 80s! Everything is still greening up. Right now the lily of the valleys are blooming, mmm!
wincejl rated for USAPC: Index Card Collage Art #3 on May 20, 2021
Comment: I love the beautiful collage card you made and the greeting card! So pretty!
kiddomerriweather rated for OMAE: Handmade Stickers on May 20, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful HM stickers! I love all the techniques you used. I can't wait to dress up my outgoing mail with them!
Comment: Thank you for such an interesting letter, I enjoyed reading it very much and I plan to respond very soon. If you like mine as well maybe we can start a pen-friendship. It's actually cool for me to be your only intr. pen-pal however I can understand that it's expensive to exchange mail overseas. Expect my letter soon ^^
susieq40 rated for CF: Color Swap Purple on May 12, 2021
Comment: Thank you for my goodie bag of purple. It got off my table, so I'm late thanking you for so much, really like it all. ❀️❀️
StagKing rated for OMAE: Artsy Hands on May 10, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful hand! I love all of the techniques and effects you used and I can't wait to get this up on my art wall. Apologies for the slightly late rate, I was unexpectedly away from my home for the weekend, but this was the perfect happy mail to come home to!
stephiedee rated for OMAE: Artsy Hands on May 9, 2021
Comment: Beautiful artsy hand, Tracy! I love the bright color pops and the embossed b&w details. Thank you - happy you're enjoying the swaps!
Comment: Thank you!
bigmamabird rated for OMAE: 3-in-1 Mail Art (USA) on May 1, 2021
Comment: It was so fun to receive your envelope, Tracy! Love the colors you chose, but you know I love all the colors. It was really nice to read about your proccess. I had some challenges with my set too, but I liked them in the end. Spring is indeed happening here and today I saw dandilions, marsh marigolds and the first purple violet in my yard! Did you know the bees are fed by the dandilions when they wake up? It's their first food of the season. My geese eat them all from my yard, but there are always plenty for the bees outside the fence.
dobie256 rated for MMA: Woven Note Cards (USA) on Apr 28, 2021
Comment: Thanks for hosting this great swap and for sending me such a beautiful card! I love your gelli print background and your fiber choices match it perfectly. I have been sending paper weaving cards for years but I enjoyed your tutorial for using fibers instead. I will definitely be making more. Thanks again for such a fun swap! <3<3<3

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Hell0Z0mbie on May 14, 2021:

Thank you so much for the lovely page in my butterfly deco... it came out great!!

stephiedee on May 14, 2021:

Thank you for the great transportation themed postage stamp bomb!

chimerix on May 12, 2021:

Thank you so much for the great space stamps. They are perfect for my small collection. Aloha

AWG - May wishlist

LadyJo on May 12, 2021:

Thank you for the AWG May wishes! These will be great to use on the outside of mail! I hope to return a letter soon! I enjoyed your letter the other week! Have a wonderful day!

bigmamabird on May 8, 2021:

Tracy, thanks so much for the gorgeous OMAE Postcard Plus card! The alcohol ink art on the front is wonderfully absract and yet so flowery and the colors are so rich. Love the butterfly sticker and that riddle made me chuckle!

LadyJo on Apr 8, 2021:

Thank you for the beautiful washi note card and lovely letter. I enjoyed reading of your latest happenings. I will write back soon! AWG March 2021

lady41701 on Mar 17, 2021:

Thank you for the beautiful AWG wishes. The napkins will sure come in handy for my glue pages. The stationary will too. You made a happy mail day for me. I loved it!

ChrisAnne on Mar 16, 2021:

Stopping by to say thank you for the extremely generous wish through my A Wish Granted wish list. Your note was perfect! Thank you for thinking of me!

Poohtat on Mar 16, 2021:

Thank you for the AWG March lettuce seeds, PC and funny note. I giggled about the Old Augusta ponderings. I used to drink Barnie's Coffee & Tea Mocha Java blend and it was so smooth and delicious. I will check out Deans Beans. Also, I have never heard of cinnamon stevia. Going to check that out too. Thank you!

DragonflyDreamer on Mar 12, 2021:

Thank you for the AWG March wishes! I love Joggles too!!!! She always uses such fun tissue paper. Scraps of it often end up in projects that my mom and I swap. "Oh that looks so familiar," one of us will joke because we both order from Joggles all the time. Your gelli prints are beautiful! I can definitely put them to use. Thank you so much! You are a wonderful soul! Be well.

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