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Country: Italy

About Me

Salve gente,

I'm Giuditta Rem, from Italy. It's a bit weird to write about myself, I'm really into talk about myself or about what I like the most, but just "write about me"..is not that easy.

I can write you facst:

  • First one, I'm from Prato, near Florence, but I live in Venice, on the canale side of Giudecca island, with a lovely cat.

I mooved on for study visual art and Theater at University. My dream is (to win an oscar, but that's another thing) to work in cinema industry or theater production, best of all if I can overwatch the costume department.

  • Second thing, I believe I'm a unicorn and I'm a kind of really geeky girl. From Star Trek, to Doctor Who, my biggest ispiration is to be able someday to accross the stars, and sci-fi tv shows helps me to keep my dream awakes.

I also cosplay, so sewing costume ispired from movies, tv, books and comics characters. It's kind of crazy, but it's really really fun and artistic, you should google it if you don't know excactly what it is.

Just to say, my "spirit calendar" (?) is build from comic conventions to tv show air dates. My Easter will be the release date of BBC Sherlock' s third series.

  • Third, and last fact about me, is tea time. It's the best part of the day, and I always welcome friends and relatives for tasting new teas with me.

I do really love tea: I read to much Jane Austen to not to.

One day, I hope, Mr Darcy will join one of my tea parties.

Actually, while my free leave teas (I don't like pre wrapped one that much) collection is growing, I'm now enjoing sperimental healthy cooking and I'm kinda good with it -even if I put cinnamon everywhere (I LOVE CINNAMON). please, don't send me fruit/flower teas. It's winter, so I prefer black warm tea, with xmas spicies and pumpkin

See you at swap belli,

live long and prosper

Rem Giuditta

PLASE, PAY ATTENTION I live on an Island, where ther's no post office, just mail box- The postman doesn't come everyday to take the mails, so sometimes the date over the envelope is out of the deadline time, but sure I have send it on time. Anyway, the late is just 2-3 days max

Favorite Music

I love to sing.

While I'm alone in my house, I'm the terror of my neighborhood: I'm not out of tone, but I sing really loud every musical song goes through my head.

Yes! I love musical songs.

My favorites are Wicked and Notre Dame de Paris, but right now I'm really into learn every single song from Les Miserables.

Favorite Books

I'm definitly an Austen girl.

In my personal top ten, I can easily figurely out Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion.

I love her witty love stories, the fact that everytime I read them, I discover somenthing new.

In general, I adore classic masterpieces of literature (expecially english one). They have strong characters and timeless plots, that helps me to fall in love with the book.

From Sherlock Holmes to Madame Bovary, no matter if it's a tragedy or a romantic story: just give me great personality.

As anyone in my lucky generation, I grew up with Harry Potter. I'm a proud student of Slytherin house, and my favourite characters are Severus Snape, Luna Lovegood, Bellatrix Lestrange, Remus Lupin and (Ninphadora) Tonks

Favorite Movies

Here my top five:

  • Pride and prejudice, by J. Wright

    • Moulin Rouge, by B. Lhurman

    • Anna and the king, by A. Tennant

    • Voyage Home, by L. Nimoy

    • Finding Neverland, by M. Forster

and now you may say: "Oh another extra romantic girl".

no, I'm not.

I'm romantic, but my favorite director is Takeshi Kitano, which is blood-bang-blood-yakuza-blood-violence-blood director, so I'm really open to anything.

Favorite Television

Ah, here we are.

I'm like a mussive tv shows eater (?), so I will write just 5 thing that I love the most that I watch on tv. No, ok. seven:

  • BBC Sherlock
  • Supernatural (if you ask, yes, of course, I'm a destiel shipper. Also Crobby)
  • Doctor Who
  • Star Trek (from TOS to DS9)
  • Detective Conan (in US I think is aired as "Case closed")
  • Merlin
  • Bridal shows on real time

On my computer I usually watch Takarazuka revue. My favourite Otokoyaku were/is Suzumi Shio

Favorite Crafts

As I told before, I cosplay.

Basically I play a fictional character at comic conventions, but to do it I have to prepare myself costume and props of any kind.

(here an example http://remvsg.deviantart.com/art/Queen-Titania-257276999 ).

I love any kind of craft for my tea parties and my house, as frames (I love frames).

random things that I love

I wrote all over the presentation what I like the most, but here are some other things:

  • Drag queens
  • japanese culture
  • mugs
  • angels and wings stuffs
  • quote (I put quotes everywhere in my house)
  • animalier
  • pirates

-- Belle is my favourite disney Princess, while The great mouse detective is my favourite disney cartoon

-- my favourite animals are tucans, peacocks and flamingos

Most important, my favourite color is MAGENTA


I'm not really into postcards, but when I receive one I'm always happy. My favourites are vintage sci-fi ones, but I also love postcard with dinosours (yes, dinosours postcards, they make me laught).

With my friends, I collect trash postcard -just bad taste, not offensive or porn/sexy-.

If you want to send me touristic postcard, I'd like those with traditional costumes.

You can make me really really happy just writing a quote (even in your mother anguage) on the back side.

little things

Sometimes I join swap that includes little thing to put in an envelope, so, here some suggestion that may or not help you in you swap :)


  • pens: with colored ink or just nice shape. I love to write, so pens are welcome

  • plastic princess and quite childish jewels

  • hair's stuff as alice's band or hair tie or clips...

  • strass, rhinestone, glitters...

  • feathers

  • magnets for my fridge

  • socks (actualy, I love spring socks much more than I love shoes)

  • frames (but not too little)

  • sewing tools

  • patterns

  • pencilcases

  • tin boxes

  • light cooking recipe and cooking tools

  • cinnamon

  • eyeshadows

  • snail mail kit

  • stripes notebook

-------------------------------- handmade is always welcome


-STAR WARS. I love Star Trek, not Star Wars http://basicinstructions.net/storage/2012-06-24-stvsw.gif?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1340545826865

  • stickers

  • very little notebooks

  • coffee and cappuccino

  • perfumes

  • lip gloss

  • ribbons

  • gothic or dark, unless Tim Burton

  • cute animals photos

  • small sticky notes

  • Mickey Mouse and co.

seriusly, when you find something, just ask those questions: Is it magenta? does it sparkle? Is it quite childish? Does it seem perfect just for a drag queen? if the aswers are positive, that's a thing for me

Actually...this is me



I think this pic explain a lot of who I am and what I like


Comment: Thank you for your swap. I regret to rate a 3, but the swap was meant to be wrapped. You did say via the co-ordinator that you would re-send. This didn't happen. If this were any other swap than a Christmas swap, I wouldn't have minded if you'd forgotten to wrap it. However, since I joined a lot of Christmas swaps with the intention of opening them on 25th December, I felt I had to rate a 3.
Comment: Did not receive anything and no reply to my message. Will re-rate if I receive or hear from you.
Comment: I have not received anything yet. I also have not had a response to my message. I will re-rate if this happens to show up.
jennylee60 rated for Song quote on a Postcard on Nov 27, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the great postcard. I love the masks they are wearing!
Newberlin rated for 25 gr of happyness on Nov 18, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the nice mail! :)
Comment: This swap was supposed to be a swap based on the character Castiel from Supernatural. What I received was not at all that. It was a shape of an angel and a shape of some fishes. It can be viewed on my Instagram (VivaLaDiane) for proof that this didn't meet requirements. I contacted Giuditta and she was insistent that she met requirements. She also didn't feel that she should re-send. A very unpleasant experience.
secretrainlover rated for Top 5 European movies on Oct 20, 2013
Comment: Lovely list, thank you!
forevarlasting rated for Top 5 European movies on Oct 20, 2013
Comment: Thank you for your mail! I will check those movies out! :)
IsadoraWing rated for Top 5 European movies on Oct 16, 2013
Comment: Thanks!
Comment: Thank you for the nice packet
hippivickyx rated for Got 8 Minutes to Spare? #1 on Oct 15, 2013
Comment: Ur fic was so cute along with the use of the words! If ya want help fixin it up, let me know! Destiel fans for life!
Response: Thank you so much, I'm please you like it. You are very kind
Comment: Salve Giuditta! =D I was looking forward for your letter and you can't imagine how I enjoyed reading it! I love rambling while writting letters so you can be sure I'll write you back soon xDDD Ciao bella!
Response: Grazie mille. I do hope to receive a letter from you.
Fraise rated for Top 5 European movies on Oct 15, 2013
Wijkhuijs rated for Top 5 European movies on Oct 15, 2013
Comment: Thank you for youre lovely swap !! Ik loved youre movie's, and now i have a couple i would love to see ;-) Hugs Priscilla
Comment: I am really sorry but I have to give you a 3 rating because you did not wrap the gifts! Its a stocking filler swap and without wrapping I can´t put it in my stocking! :(
Response: I'm really really sorry. If you give me the chance, I would send again a wrapped swap
Comment: Thank you!
MJBCoffee rated for Book quote on a postcard on Oct 1, 2013
Comment: Loved the card and the quote!
Ankica rated for Tote (shopping bag) hunters on Oct 1, 2013
Comment: Cool bag (and cool story!). I love the tea as well!! :) Thank you!!
Noel rated for Song quote on a Postcard on Sep 30, 2013
Comment: Beautiful card and interesting song quote. Thank you.

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