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Date Joined: June 24, 2022
Last Online: December 5, 2022

Country: Austria

About Me

Hello! I'm 28 years old and live in Austria 🇦🇹, in the middle of Europe, with my partner and our one-eyed orange/white cat, "Mister". 🏴‍☠️🐈

I love making handmade postcards, greeting cards and little drawings and doodles and I'd love to share them with others!

Postal Service Info 📮

My local Post office is unexpectedly closed from Nov 27 to Dec 1!! Anything I post during that time will be processed on December 2!!

Apparently, when you receive my address for a swap it is formatted weirdly and there is an empty line with a comma. Ignore that. There is nothing missing but I had to leave the zip code/state empty because otherwise swapbot tries to make it a US formatted address which is the wrong order!

Mail outside of Europe can take up to 4-5 weeks. If you haven't received anything from me 1 month after the sent date, please contact me and we can work something out! ⏳

The cancellation date on my mail might not match the sent date! If I put something in the mailbox at the weekend or after collection, it only gets processed the next working day. ⌛️


✅ Animals - especially cats, but also butterflies, corvids, dragonflies, bats... Foxes are cute but not my favourite animal, despite my username! 🐈🦋

✅ Cards and postcards that have been written on. I like to get glimpses into people's lives, traditions, countries...

✅ Anything handmade - you can always send me handmade cards even if it's not explicitly in the swap description! ✂️

✅ Languages, cards in different languages. I can understand German, English, Italian, Finnish or Spanish. If you want to write in another language feel free to, but please provide a translation :)

✅ Nature, especially forests, mountains, anything floral ⛰

✅ I love travelling, so anything travel-related, e.g. tell me what to visit in your area!

✅ Colours: green, blue, pink, purple

✅ Glitter unless it's loose and shiny things, holographic paper and stickers, gold foil washi. I'm a magpie!

✅ Patterns, floral and geometric

✅ Photography (your own or store bought photography cards)

✅ Art, especially impressionism and urban sketching, but really anything handmade because I love seeing and learning new styles! 🎨

✅ Anything "unique", even if weird (think a weird postcard that you are not sure why anyone ever decided it should be printed)

✅ "Textured" cards that have some 3D or otherwise textured elements!

✅ Space themed stuff 🪐

✅ witchy and "creepy" things (think illustrations of skeletons with flowers, black cats, potions - no gory things) 🧙‍♀️

✅ cards with feminist/Pride/"stop climate change" slogans and messages on them 🏳️‍🌈


❌ obviously anything hateful

❌ religious items and cards - with the exception of Christmas cards, but then I prefer not to have Bible verses on them

❌ illustrations/photos of babies or children or drawings made by children 👶🏻

❌ not a big fan of apes, monkeys and horses 🐒

❌ balloons, I have a weird phobia of them 🎈

❌ Disney, kawaii, superheroes, anime 🦸🏼‍♀️

❌ fine and loose glitter that gets everywhere

❌ blank touristy cards as extras because I don't collect and it feels weird to pass on cards of places I've never been

❌ "toxic positivity" quotes and quotes like "live laugh love"

❌ strongly scented items because they give me a migraine 🤯

Favorite Crafts

Current favourite is papercrafts, especially making my own postcards.

You might also receive a painting done with ink or watercolour pencils, or fineliner doodles from me.

I'm also a fan of fountain pens and writing in pretty ink colours! I'm also always happy to write short or long letters. 🖋

I also sew when I have the time and energy. I mainly make and fix clothes for myself and friends but every now and then I also make other projects. 🧵

Crafting supplies I like to use and receive:

✅ Washi tape, all kinds of designs but not kawaii/extremely cutesy; I really like floral designs, gold foil washi but what I really end up using most of is simple designs or even uni colour washi

✅ Stickers in most shapes and sizes, just not too puffy ones because my country's rules for flat mail are strict; see likes and dislikes for possible designs

✅ Doodles, drawings and paintings in all styles

✅ Paper scraps for crafting, except really tiny ones

✅ Die cuts (the paper cutouts, not the forms to make your own cutouts) because I cannot get them here

You do not need to send me extras to receive a heart, I will give a heart if I feel like you put love, thoughts and effort into choosing something that I will like or your art but not for the extras :)

Snacks and Tea

If you send me snacks or recipes, eggs are fine or a little bit of dairy is ok, but nothing full of dairy and no meaty things please. 🥕

I like sweet snacks, but also crisps (or chips, or whatever you call them where you are). I prefer crunchy snacks, not a big fan of anything gummy-bear-like.

I don't need any more tea right now.


knittymarie rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #320 on Dec 3, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much for the stickers! Happy belated birthday!
thelocalman rated for ESO: Christmas Postcard #1 on Dec 3, 2022
Comment: Thank you very much for the wonderful Christmas card and kind words! We celebrate in December so we can join the world in the fun celebrations :) Happy Holidays to you and your family, as well ^^
Response: You're welcome! I know lots of people who live here but celebrate in January and they just extend their celebrations haha, not to bad either!
Cindymt rated for ESG: My Favorite Photo - November on Dec 2, 2022
Comment: Hey Sarah! Thank you for sharing! My favorite is your cat sleeping! He looks like one of my family's cats! Except, he likes to sleep on uncomfortable things, like the printer, ha-ha!
Response: Thanks for the heart! I don't know where my cat was before we got him but he didn't know soft surfaces and was confused and afraid he might sink in!
Cindymt rated for ESG: Shuffle your music #43 on Dec 2, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sharing :)
JanHardt rated for AMA: Scavenger Hunt PC -Dec on Dec 1, 2022
Comment: Cute card. I love the silver tree. Thank you.
Response: Thanks for the heart! I'm glad the card made it to you safely, I was a bit unsure about the rabbit ears
SkaGirl rated for 44 Thought-Provoking Questions on Dec 1, 2022
Comment: Thank you! :)
Comment: Love the variety of stickers you used! I didn’t even think about this swap and my username! Haha! Have a great week!!
MrsSarahMonster rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #321 on Nov 30, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card! It does sound like you had a very busy, but fun, weekend!
Comment: What a cool postcard! Thanks a lot for it and the nice note.
Response: You're welcome!
Lablauri57 rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #322 on Nov 29, 2022
Comment: Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Hope you found some treasures at the Christmas market
Response: You're welcome! I bought a plate with candles and decorations to use instead of a wreath, so it was worth it :)
luluvision rated for AMA: Altered Postcard #5 on Nov 28, 2022
Comment: Sometimes all you need is simple! I want to believe the figure is looking at the pegasus! Although the facepalm at silly tourists would definitely work too! lol
Response: Glad you liked my simple change :) thanks for the heart!
LiisaS rated for ESO: Christmas Card #1 on Nov 27, 2022
Comment: Liebe Sarah, vielen lieben Dank für die schöne Karte und die Goodies :) Und die Info, dass du aus dem nicht Schneebedeckten Teil kommst :D Zu meinem Geburtstag habe ich mir dieses Jahr n Portrait-Fotoshooting geschenkt :) Ich bin schon sehr gespannt! Ich wünsche dir schöne Feiertage!
Response: Gerne doch :) Viel Spaß beim Fotoshooting!
lefroggy rated for Silly Pet Pics #2 on Nov 26, 2022
Comment: sorry for late rate, most of my emails have been going to spam now :( I love the pictures they are adorable.
Response: No worries, thanks for the heart!
KellyR rated for My Favorite Washi on PC #02 on Nov 22, 2022
Comment: Thank you, great washi!
Comment: Vielen lieben Dank für deinen kleinen Farbtupfer, der gerade richtig zum ersten Schnee diesen Winters eingetroffen ist. :)
Response: Gern geschehen!
Gretchenwu rated for My Favorite Washi on PC #02 on Nov 19, 2022
Comment: Thanks for joining my swap. The pink rose washi is really so pretty, I love the details of the drawing. Have a nice day !
Response: You're welcome! I'm so happy that it was a 10 metre roll!
Comment: I very much enjoyed reading your answers. I am also an only child, however I am not happy about it. That's interesting that you play the ukulele. I don't play any instruments anymore; however I used to play the piano, the guitar and the violin. I was in the school orchestra with the violin. I enjoyed it very much. I don't like tiramisu, due to the coffee. I normally order cheesecake. I also admired my grandma. She has since passed away. I miss her terribly.
Response: Thanks for the heart! I don't really practice playing any instruments nowadays but I have different hobbies now that take up all my time haha
Lealie rated for My Favorite Washi on PC #02 on Nov 19, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the postcard! I love the dogs - so cute!
Response: You're welcome! And wow that was fast, I just posted it the other day!
YooperHill rated for Show us your crafting area! on Nov 17, 2022
Comment: I love that you just push stuff out of the way on your desk! This is a fun swap. Thank you.
Response: Isn't putting stuff in cupboards and shelves also just kiiiiind of pushing it out of the way? xD Thanks for the heart!
Jjean rated for EF ~ Getting To Know You #5 (Final) on Nov 16, 2022
Comment: Enjoyed your answers...... Thank you for sharing.