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Country: Canada
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About Me

I am finding mail coming from certain areas in the USA are taking weeks to get here. I had a whole week of nothing but flyers this week.

Mail is starting to be more regular. Please do not fret if you swap does not arrive in a timely manner. Times are challenging, and we all need some compassion and patience through this current crisis.

Please do not send me any extras. Love them but right now I do not have the space for anything extra. As it is my workspace and storage is so limited. I always rate by effort not extras!

Due to having arthritis in my thumbs I have taken to typing most of my notes enclosed with my swaps. After hand writing a few lines my hand starts to ache.

I have decided to settle in with the groups I am now part of. I like to be an active participant in each group. If I am in too many I feel like I am too stretched out.

Due to the dramatic increase in postage for larger items, I will be doing mainly cards and journal pages for now. One of my last larger swaps cost me close to $20! OUCH!

Wow! I am now over the 1800 mark for swaps.... Hard to believe!

Thought I would add this. Would love my partners to send their postcards naked when possible. There are some very good sealants that will protect those masterpieces so be brave! Also, it just is not the same without a small note enclosed or written on the postcard. It just seems a bit more personal.

If you do not get a swap from me, please let me know as Canada Post is so slow and I have had items go astray in the mail. It can take up to a month to have swaps arrive to the USA. I try to keep a scanned copy of what I send on my Flickr account so no peeking if you want to be surprised!

Just wanted to let you all know that my Post person is amazed at some of the art going through my mailbox! You really make her day!

I am a crazy cat lady short of cats. After my two cats passed a few years back, I have decided not to get any more until we are much more settled.

Am now a 64-year-old lady, happily married. I have no children. I am now retired! Yeah, more time to play!.

Love knitting, crochet and tatting. I do prefer the graph or diagram instructions over the written. For an example, see the crochet in the old Magic Crochet magazine designs. In knitting the European style like what one would find in Burda or Vogue magazines. Always interested in trying something new! I have a special fondness for knit lace and making stuffed animals. Alan Dart is one of my favourite designers for toys. Can never have too many patterns, needles, hooks or yarn even though DH tells me otherwise ; D

My BFF got me hooked on making ATCs. I have expanded that to include tags, postcards and journal pages. I do like a challenge! More room to express myself. A nice change from the needle arts.

I would love to hear how you made yours if you are using a different technique from collage. Always looking to learn new things and try new ways of doing things.

Serious addiction to coffee and dark chocolate. Love vegetarian recipes. I do eat dairy products and eggs. No food allergies.

Please no heavily scented products, have asthma. Citrus, soft florals and vanilla scents not an issue.

Have a good sense of humour and an upbeat attitude. Always wanting to learn something new. Love all colours for ATCs. I like "some" cute stuff (Victorian and Vintage) and cat themed items but do not collect a lot of items as I live in a small space. Love most animals (snakes excepting) and space or Sci-fi themed items such as Dr Who , Torchwood or Star Trek. I also like vintage and Victorian pictures etc. DH says I have one foot in the past and one in the future. Love Steampunk!

Please contact me if a swap does not arrive. Canada Post is so slow and items do get lost. Also, I have items shredded to bits by the new mechanical sorters they use in the USA and here in Canada. The "mail masher" has claimed a few victims.

Favorite Books

Enjoy Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Do read many non-fiction history books as well. I am a big fan of Terry Pratchett. Also follow all the Star Trek, though in books only now. I am currently playing catch up with Eric Flint's 1632 series as well as S.M. Stirling's The Change series.. I am also adding Tanya Huff to my ongoing list. She is so fun! So many books so little time!

Favorite Television

Love Big Bang Theory and many British comedy shows! I have a new love now and it is The Orville.

I love Dr Who and Torchwood. Have followed Dr Who from the original courtesy of PBS.

Recently I have also been watching Warehouse 13 and the Librarians.

Watch some history shows. We have a provincial channel called Knowlege Network, and it is most excellent!

Favorite Movies

Love older Star Trek films and some Sci-fi. Also many of the films from the 30s and 40s. One of my favs is the Thin Man series.

Do not enjoy horror, blood and guts sort of films.

One of my favourite films was What Dreams May Come. It is a comforting film as I did a lot of palliative care.


Sadly, after the last bout of sticker shock for some cards I just sent to Europe I will be making more " flat pack" ones to send overseas. The cost of anything with raised embellishments has gotten totally out of hand.

I am continually in awe of the workmanship and quality of some of the swaps I get. I love the painted or hand drawn ones but well done collage and mixed media is great too. Small masterpieces of art. Love it when you give me info on how you made your swap and what you used. Please be aware I may renew, reuse and up-cycle items from time to time.

Learning to run with scissors and play with paper while not gluing my fingers together.... I like to play with collages and mail art. I am trying to stretch myself into other mediums. Some of the mixed media art is intriguing. My DH is a professional photographer and is encouraging me to go beyond the paintbrush. So far it has been great!

I do cards in water colours or acrylics. I especially love the acrylic paints. I love the textures. Anything to add to this addiction is always appreciated such as extra small brushes.

I am fond of rubber stamps. I love to buy the grab bags on sale . When I open them it is a fun surprise as you never know what you will get.

I love adding vintage lace to my project. Old doilies and small bits of old handmade lace are always appreciated.

I like to read my swap partner's profile so I can try to send something more personal. Swaps may be sent on the last day because of this if the time between the sign up date and the send date is short.

I am by nature a story teller. I love a good laugh. Often my cards reflect this. For me a pretty picture just isn't enough.


I try to rate the same day I get a swap. Feel free to contact me if it seems too long a wait for you to get a rating. If I don't see a rating after two weeks of sending I wonder if it got lost.

I like to rate by the effort you put into the card not the extras you send. Don't be afraid to add dimension and depth to what you send. Even if you don't feel you are a great artist but you make the effort I also rate accordingly. If you have read my profile and work around that , that is wonderful. Thanks!

Likes and Dislikes

Seems the thing to do so here I go.. Likes:

Ginger anything!


Most Animals except snakes. Have developed a special fondness for orcas ( killer whales) and rock hopper penguins. The penguins make me smile. They look like the punk rockers of the bird world...



Victorian or Steampunk has become a new favourite.

I love cards both collage or painted/drawn that have some effort put into it. I love it when people play with something and expand upon it.

I am no prude so partial nudity is not an issue for me.

I have a great sense of humour. I love the quirky side of life.

All colours for swaps.

I am a lover of spring. After our long grey wet winters it nourishes the soul. The colour of new leaves and the sound of birds, seeing the baby animals and early flowers, well you get the picture.

I grew up in the wilderness as a child. I am at home with the ocean and forests. The silence and solitude brings me peace.

Don't ask me why but I like gnomes......traditional, not Disney ones.

I have started embracing my inner cuteness! There are some cute clear stamps I have acquired and wanting to use.

Love handmade postcards both sending and getting them. We have limited choice in my area with mainly touristy ones available.


Not a fan of most teas except ginger. Recently I have become a lover of the Bengal Spice tea. Most excellent on a cold day to wrap one's hands around a hot mug of that.

I am not crazy over Disney. Please don't send any unless it is cat related. Can never have too much kitty!

Items with smoke or strong scent - have asthma

Please no stickers, just do not use them at all.

Horror, gory, bloody, gross or violent items- seen enough suffering with my job over the years.

Not a fan of clowns or snakes...long stories...

Anything of a religious nature unless it relates directly to a swap requirement - have my own path to follow and respect you do too


I have been fortunate that I have only been flaked on once so far....

Would like to thank Paige 1900 for angeling : Craft/Alter a PC for your partner. It is appreciated!


Gwillisinc rated for **PBP …****Feathers** ** on Jun 14, 2021
Comment: Such a beautiful feather page - the techniques were interesting
lmacdavis93 rated for RF: Small Rolo in Blue on Jun 11, 2021
Comment: Oh Bev, what a lovely small blue rolo this is! I love the paper napkin you used as a background - I thought at first it was fabric. So many pretty touches of blue and beautiful image in the center. The blue lace trim on top is especially pretty. Thank you as always for your sweet note and for all the pretty sparkly blue extras!
Response: So pleased you enjoyed what I sent. It was a very nice one to make as I do like blues. Thank you for the heart!
CrystalZ rated for CS Sheetload of Cards - May on Jun 7, 2021
Comment: Such fun tropical themed cards! I am loving the flamingos amd the colours you chose. I have the exact same paper pack actually and these cards are giving me great inspiration for sure. Even though it isn't your usual colour or style you still made a wonderful set of cards! Thank you for the extra flamingos...I will be using these soon :)
Response: So pleased you are enjoying them. If you have a scanner/printer you can easily reproduce them. Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Hi again Bev and I always love seeing something from you in my mailbox! I enjoy your notes as well and really appreciate the time you take to write them. Your blue journal page with the blue butterflies is so pretty! You've created some lovely layers with various papers and trims and I love the blue die cut butterflies. Glad to know that you could make use of some of your pretty trims for this swap! Thanks for another great swap - until we partner again!
Response: We do seem to get matched up a lot these days. So pleased you enjoyed what I sent. Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Bev beautiful as always. Thank you so much .The card, the paper, everything is so pretty.
Response: Thank you for the lovely rating!
Poeprincess rated for HMPC: Bird love - May on Jun 2, 2021
Comment: Very pretty PC! Love the stamps & technique you used.
Response: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you also for the heart!
Curiouskitty rated for Steampunk on Jun 1, 2021
Comment: Great swap! Thank you so much! I appreciate the effort you put into your swap, even down to the smallest details like the font of the label! So fun! Your journal card is exactly what I imagined a steampunk picture would look like! I love all the details & die cut gears. Every was thought out so well, I love the journal page envelope, the machinery diagrams & lovely letter. Even your h/m envelope is cool! ♥️♥️
Response: Can you tell I love Steampunk?! My hubby jokes I have one foot in the past and another in the future. Thanks so much for the heart!
Comment: Hi! I love the pretty envelope that you made and sent my tag in. Thank you also for the beautiful bird tag! I love it and also the embroidered flowers! I love the care you put into the tag and the layering is awesome!
Response: So pleased you enjoyed it. Thank you for the heart!
Karmi53 rated for Three Dad Elements on Jun 1, 2021
Comment: Great dad page, l like the three elements you picked. Your pages are always Soo cool thanks. Take care
Response: So pleased it arrived safely. Thanks for the heart!
LDeWitt rated for RF: Small Rolo with 3 Elements on Jun 1, 2021
Comment: Bev, thank you so much for this enchanting 3 element rolo. The background is so wonderful, the bird and the colors are just delightful. It is always a treat to receive swaps from you. Have a great summer and stay well.
Response: Getting warm here now. Thanks so much for the kind comments and heart! Hope all is well with you and yours.
donetta rated for GAA: Arabian Nights Gothic Arch ATC on May 30, 2021
Comment: Such a beautiful ATC! I was surprised that we were the only two in this swap, but truthfully it only solidified my chance of receiving a stellar ATC. And the Chinese money envelopes...omg! So intricate and beautiful. Thank you so much for being the very best swap partner, Bev.
Response: I belong to a Facebook group and one of my partners is in Singapore. She sends me a good half dozen of these envelopes every time we swap. I adore the glorious colours and quality of paper used. Thought the ones I sent would be lovely for future backgrounds. Thanks so much for the heart!
1koolkrafter rated for AACG: Vintage Ballroom Tag on May 30, 2021
Comment: Hey there Bev.....I "LOVE" what you made for me!!! Those ladies are so exquisite in their roaring 20's attire! The background that you used compliments them perfectly and it somehow matches the envelope that you mailed it in. Thanks also for the airmail ephemera...I love that as well and will find a use for them. Till our next partnership...
Response: Thank you for your great rating. i use a lot of digital printables as I have a limited amount of space for storage. So pleased all arrived safely.
Winegeek rated for AACG: Bee-youtiful Bee ATC on May 26, 2021
Comment: WOW, I absolutely love this ATC. Very creative and well done. And the detail...the bee ATC envelope, card, letter, beautiful extras and the bee envelope. Thank you for such a wonderful swap, you really made my day.
Response: I have been having fun doing the coordinated mailings. Thanks so much for the heart!
Comment: I eyes were definitely drawn to the feather lace like creation!! There is so much going on in this page that its hard to list everything that is extra and gorgeous!! I am so excited to have this piece of art!! Thank you for all the details you have added to make it so special for me!! Have a wonderful week!!
Response: As always, a pleasure to swap with you. Thank you for the wonderful words and heart!
Tara rated for **PBP …****5”x7” Asian Page*** on May 24, 2021
Comment: I love your Asian page. It actually kind of looks like the one I made, haha.
LDeWitt rated for RF: Large "May" Rolo on May 20, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much Bev for the beautiful May rolo. The background is amazing, the die cuts of lillies and the emeralds certainly represent the spring that May brings. Your techniques are amazing. Thank you very much. Stay well.
Poeprincess rated for Vintage Bingo on May 18, 2021
Comment: Lovely Bingo card & note. I love the British TV detective series, too. More thinking than shooting for sure. Thank you for being my partner once again. Love seeing your creative ideas!
Response: It seems we meet a lot lately. Thanks for the kind words and heart!
warheart rated for GA: Shabby Chic Gothic arch ATC on May 14, 2021
Comment: Another lovely creation from you :) I love the whole look of this ATC and she'll be going up on my magnet wall!! Thank you!
Response: So pleased you liked it. Thanks so much for the heart!
Comment: This ATC gave me such a laugh - the tutu is perfect! Thank you so much for sending it :)
Response: I had such fun making that! Had been making crochet frogs with clothing and one was a ballerina. It seems logical to continue on with that theme. Thanks for the heart!
lmacdavis93 rated for AACG: Purple and Yellow ATC on May 11, 2021
Comment: Hi Bev! I always love getting a swap from you. Not only will I find something lovely but you always include the nicest notes. This purple and yellow ATC is gorgeous! Starting with your background which echoes perfectly the colors of the elements you added atop it. Beautiful purple fairy with sparkly wings and the pretty pansies. My mother in law loved pansies too and always planted some in the spring. Even your backing paper compliments the front of your ATC. And thank you for the bird stamps - I love the one wearing a pilots cap and goggles! The fine line one - there is a humming bird and a bird with berries in his beak - really like those as well. It's always fun to get new stuff to play with!
Response: You are more than welcome as always. Thank you for the heart!

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