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Comment: You were given many chances to rectify the situation and giving me a page long "shouting" message in caps making me out to be the bad person here is both unwarranted and unprofessional. I will not engage in this juvenile behavior - I do not appreciate the abuse. Unfortunately your mark reflects your performance on this swap as dictated by the instructions.
Response: --I WILL NOT LOWER MYSELF TO KISS YOUR ASS OVER A STUPID EMAIL SWAP I OFFERED TO COMPLETE TO YOUR LIKING MORE THAN ONCE AND YOU REFUSED TO ACCEPT IT, REFUSED TO REPLY --- I am sorry you don't like capital letters. Also I am sorry that I emailed you three or four times and sent you messages here before you finally responded. And you wonder why I was bitter? You are ridiculous this was a stupid email swap and you are the only one who had any issues with me not sending in a photo. No one else had any issues but you. Really? Why? What do youg ain from this? Nothing but ruining someone elses hard work. Stay up on your high throne, I don't really give a crap about a website like this. I can easily just go make a new account and start over. Your 1 doesn't really make a difference to me. I am an honest hard working person and I shouldn't have to explain myself now every time I go to join a swap when I was more than willing to give you anything you wanted to complete the swap and make you happy but obvioulsy THERE IS NO MAKING YOU HAPPY. YOU WANT TO REMAIN A BITTER, NASTY OLD LADY. GO AHEAD, AND I HOPE IT DOESN'T HURT WHEN KARMA BITES YOU IN THE ASS. FUTHERMORE - THIS IS A FRIGGING EMAIL SWAP. YOU CALL ME IMMATURE - WHEN YOU'RE UP ON YOUR HIGH THRONE ACTING LIKE YOU RULE THE INTERNET = YOUR SOME BIG PRINCESS RULING OVER A STUPID ASS EMAIL SWAP THAT NO ONE ELSE GAVE TWO SHITS ABOUT BUT YOU - YOUR THE ONLY ONE WHO HAD TO BE A NIT-PICKING POS. THEN, YOU IGNORED ALL MY EMAILS AND MESSAGES FOR WEEKS. UNTIL YOU GOT SHOUTED AT. OMG! CYBER SHOUTING IN CAPS. THE HORROR!!!! LMAO! LIVE A LITTLE, THIS IS THE INTERNET. I WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE FUN AND BE IMMATURE THAN A STUCK UP PIECE OF CRAP, ANYDAY! I LOVE MY LIFE AND I DON'T I REEAT I DONT TAKE EMAIL BS SERIOUSLY. I AM VERY SAD TO SEE YOU DO. AAPARENTLY, THIS IS WHAT YOUR LIFE REVOLVES AROUND. IT MUST MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD, FEEL PROUD, THAT YOU CONROL SOMETHING, YOU HAVE SOMETHING OVER ME, OOOH. GOOD FOR YOU. YOU RATED ME A 1 OVER A DUMB EMAIL SWAP NO ONE ELSE CARED ABOUT. WOW. YOU ARE SO POWERFUL, SO MIGHTY. I AM SO GLAD THART YOU FOUND YOUR PLACE IN LIFE. YAYA!! LIVE IT UP PRINCESS. =)

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