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Knit Kit Swap

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Knit Kit Swap
Swap Coordinator:user3156 (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Knitting  Yarn 
Number of people in swap:46
Last day to signup/drop:November 7, 2006
Date items must be sent by:November 21, 2006
Number of swap partners:1

In this swap, you will make a knit kit for your partner, with a complete pattern, yarn, needles and accessories. The possibilities are endless!

For this swap you will need to send:

  • one pattern

  • enough yarn to finish the entire project (good quality yarn only. At least $5.00 skein/hank)

  • any appropriate needles, etc. that the pattern calls for

  • *** MINIMUM KIT VALUE: $20.00 ***

The pattern can be store bought, part of a larger book or from a magazine, but please make sure you send the ENTIRE pattern and all the necessary matterials to complete the project.

You will have one swap partner for this swap. Swappers with ratings 3 or below or no-sends will not be allowed to participate. New swappers are welcome. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Swapping!!!

UPDATE ADDED: Ok, after much thought and suggestions from lots of participants, I'm going to set the minimum dollar amount at $20.00 The high quality yarn is still a requirement, so please keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that you have to buy needles and notions as well, so my guess is most kits will be between $20 & $30, if not more. I hope this clears everything up for everyone :o)


Dragonsinger 10/11/2006 #

New swapper and love to knit.:)

user4181 10/11/2006 #

I am very excited... I think I already have my kit built. Just have to get out and get the pattern.

user1279 10/11/2006 #

I think this swap is an excellent idea. I just love it! I have one doubt, though. The kit we're sending has a minimun/maximun size? I ask this because I think it wouldn't be fair for someone who sends, for instance, a kit for a sweater to receive a kit for a hat. Don't you think we should established of minimum of yarn, for example?

user4010 10/13/2006 #

Love it! This will be my second swap (haven't completed the first yet) I'm very excited!

Will we do any sort of questionnaire regarding what sort of stuff we like to/know how to knit? Or stuff we don't.

Can't wait.

knitster 10/14/2006 #

I just signed up for the swap and can't wait! When will I get my swap person to know who to send to?

user3156 10/14/2006 #

Alexis, no questionaire - that is what makes it fun. You don't know what you're going to get, and it might be something that could challenge you. It can definately be scary to try a new task or learn a new stitch, but its so worth it once you do.

Amy, you will receive your partner on the day after the swap closes. So, on November 8th, you'll receive an email from swap-bot telling you that you can now view your partner for this swap.

Jensenaddict 10/16/2006 #


I would appreciate further clarification. Are we to assume that the "at least US$5 per skein/hank" guideline applies to the standard retail price? And that it applies to 50g skeins, so for instance Cascade 220, which is US$7+/100g before any discounted or sale prices, wouldn't qualify unless we send at least 3 x 100g skeins? How about those kid mohair lace weight yarns whose standard retail prices are about US$10-14 for 25g? Would it be ok to send two of those, each of which is enough for a scarf but the total weight would only be 50g? Thanks

Jensenaddict 10/16/2006 #

I have been checking the internet for knitting kits for ideas. The Knitting Zone is having what I consider a good sale on kits. Just two other considerations: first, if we decide on a pattern from a book or magazine we don't have to send the whole book or magazine, but the "entire pattern" we send has to be the original pattern cut or torn out from that book or magazine, not a photo-copy or there might be copyright issues. Second: we might want to establish some needle guidelines too, for instance, at least basic decent quality metal circulars like Susan Bates, Inox or Knitpicks, because not many people use straights, well maybe if it's for a scarf and made of ebony or rosewood, but definitely not home made wooden dowel needles. But it depends, for instance if the pattern calls for one pair of needles then we could splash out on Clover, Addis or Susanne's, but if the pattern requires two or three pairs of needles then obviously something more basic would be appropriate. And if we decide on a sock kit then could we ask the recipient if she prefers double points (wood or metal), 2 circulars or magic loop, and then send the indicated needles? I am going to try out several "kits" and see how they knit up before deciding on anything.

dashenka 10/17/2006 #

I think ghostknitter has a point about the yarn weight thing - the other swap I'm doing had a minimum budget instead - sorry if I'm adding more confusion! That way everyone is assured of getting a minimum value of gift, rather than weight, as some yarns simply weigh less, but are still very nice, such as mohair.

Not sure about all the questions about preferences though - the recipient doesn't get to choose what the kit will be for, so would be nice if everything in it's a surprise.

Are patterns downloaded from the internet acceptable?

stuffbystephanie 10/18/2006 #

Awesome! I can barely knit, but I'm v. excited.

user3156 10/19/2006 #

This swap is meant to be fun and be a surprise that you can knit right out of the box. So, no requests or guidelines for anything in the actual kit, such as needles. Yes, this means you might get needles you don't care to use, but you can challenge yourself to use something new, or replace them with needles that you do.

I'm willing to amend the weight, but there needs to be some stipulation regarding size so no one gets shorted. Please feel free to offer suggestions on a minimum monetary value that you think is fair. I will be sending out a reminder of the guidelines just before the swap closes so that everyone is on the same page. There is plenty of time to get the minimum in order, so don't worry.

Any pattern is acceptable, so long as the entire pattern is included in the kit.

knitster 10/21/2006 #

I got my kit completed today! This was so much fun, I can't wait to get my partners name so I can send it!

user4479 10/25/2006 #

Well, if we assume you meant $5 per 50g, and at least 200g, why don't we just make a $20 minimum for yarn? That way if someone wanted to send 1 100g skein of sock yarn (plenty for a pair) that was nice handdyed sock yarn that cost $20 that would be fine.

Of course, it's fine if we still have the "nice yarn only" stipulation - $20 of Red Heart or Fun Fur wouldn't cut it.

Personally, as long as it's enough for a project, I'd rather have 100g of nice sock yarn than 200g of less expensive sock yarn to fill the 200g minimum. But that's just me. :)

Cassandra 10/25/2006 #

I agree with stariel.

user2734 10/26/2006 #

Thanks for putting this together - what a great idea! I agree with Stariel as well - call me a yarn snob, but I shudder at the thought of Red Heart, Fun Fur and their little friends, too. Quality vs. quantity!

user3156 10/27/2006 #

Ok, after much thought and suggestions from lots of participants, I'm going to set the minimum dollar amount at $20.00 The high quality yarn is still a requirement, so please keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that you have to buy needles and notions as well, so my guess is most kits will be between $20 & $30, if not more. I hope this clears everything up for everyone :o)

wendyswoolies 10/28/2006 #

Hi there, just signed up and really looking forward to this. Going off to get some ideas right now....

wendyswoolies 10/29/2006 #

Just a thought - is there going to be a blog for this swap so we can all post piccies of our kits when we recieve them and then our progress on knitting them? I for one really want to see the results of the kit I put together.

user2320 10/30/2006 #

Post pics to the gallery!

wendyswoolies 10/31/2006 #

Gallery? Other swaps I've been in have had a blog to post to which makes it great fun in communicating with swappers to let them know what you got....

user4688 11/ 2/2006 #

I'm very happy to participate to this swap and my kit is ready for someone who wants to be prepare for winter.

user4694 11/ 2/2006 #

I'm so excited to be a part of the swap! It looks like a ton of fun!!

user4517 11/ 8/2006 #

I'm exciting to be part of this!!! I have my box ready. I'm from Uruguay and here the yarn it's much cheap that the prices that you saids, but the shipping it's more expensive so I'm going to expend more money that 30 dollars. Any way I'm sending almost 350gr of 100% wool, so I hope my partner will be happy. The pattern I'll send it's mine. Send it this week!!! (sorry my poor english)

user3814 11/ 8/2006 #

I know that we are not posting preferences, but can we at least post allergy info? I am seriously allergic to angora and I would hate for someone to spend that kind of money on a kit that would make me sick. Other than that I am really excited and looking forward to this swap! Thanks!

user4525 11/ 8/2006 #

I just dropped off my partner's package at the post office. I hope she likes it --- I know I'd LOVE to receive it!

user4688 11/ 8/2006 #

I agree with yarn4kalei about allergy and if your partner is reading the comments that she will listen to your comment.

A question, are we in a secret partner swap or do we have to contact our partner.

jamaicamom 11/10/2006 #

I have just sent my package> Hope she loves it!

knitster 11/10/2006 #

I just sent my package today! It should be there in 2 days!

Cassandra 11/11/2006 #

mine went out today. Enjoy the 2 projects I mailed out.

user2696 11/13/2006 #

Mine is ready to go. I'll be mailing it later this week. I know I love it. I hope she does too. =)

user4525 11/13/2006 #

Oh Yeah...I received my package today!! Check out pictures on my blog --- http://sharkypurl.blogspot.com

I love my new project! Thanks again, swap partner "Sissie" ;)

Gramof6 11/14/2006 #

I just snt my pictures of the wonderful package I got from Ann in Vermont. Where do they go? Great swap partner, I am very lucky. Dianne

jamaicamom 11/15/2006 #

I just received my kit today. Lovely pattern and yarn.Thank you Namaste. I will send my picture too. I posted it on my blog. anninvermont.blogspot.com Ann in Vermont

wendyswoolies 11/15/2006 #

will be posting my kit asap - unfortunately let down by my usual yarn supplier - I'm not lucky enough to have a LYS anywhere near me :( Hopefully the yarn will be arriving tomorrow and I can post out a kit this weekend!

knitster 11/16/2006 #

SLR...I saw on your blog that you got the package I sent. I am glad you got it, I was getting a bit worried about it. Enjoy it!

Jensenaddict 11/17/2006 #


I shipped your kit via registered mail today, it will take a while to get to Portugal but tracking number is RR665160294SG, and you can check its status on the Singapore post website. Hope you like it.

user2696 11/17/2006 #

Just sent my partner her kit in a lovely bright blue! This is the pattern for it: http://www.kraemeryarns.com/patterns/pdfs/eleganteskimo.pdf

user4694 11/18/2006 #

My package just went out today. I hope my pal likes it!!!

Cassandra 11/18/2006 #

I received my lap afgan kit today. Thank you!

TaraInColorado 11/21/2006 #

fernandina--Just shipped my kit...I hope it does not take too long to get to Portugal! I wanted to send you something that you would not be able to get outside of Colorado.

I received yummy silk/merino in blues and whites and two lovely skeins of loden colored yarn--thank you so!

user4688 11/21/2006 #

How can we know that everyone has send his kit. Today it's the 21st and it seem that a lot of participants has not yet sent their kit... is that normal??? it's the first time that I join a swap so I am a little worry to know if everyone has done his share...

moniqued 11/21/2006 #

My package is on it's way too. I had a lot of fun getting it together.

user2696 11/22/2006 #

Just heard from my partner. She's waiting for the yarn to arrive and then she'll get my kit out.

user4479 11/26/2006 #

So, is the partner we send to the same person who's sending to us?

knitster 11/26/2006 #

wondering the same thing as stariel, I also haven't recieved anything yet, and its been a week since the send date has been out, there are still several people who haven't marked that they have sent their packages.

TaraInColorado 11/27/2006 #

In my case, the person-who-sends-you-stuff and the person-you-send-stuff-to are two different people. I received yarn from a lovely lady in Washington, and I sent yarn to someone in Portugal.

user4688 11/27/2006 #

Like Stariel and AmyandPaul, I'm haven't received anything. Can we know, who's the person who was supposed to sent to us. I sent my package to my partner but it could take longer because I live in Canada and my package went to Fullerton!!!!

Cassandra 11/27/2006 #

Update: I received my lap afghan from Julie S. in Jackson, MI. I can't wait to knit it up.

user4479 11/27/2006 #

I received my package today from England! Thanks to my great swap partner, Mazzam!

TaraInColorado 11/27/2006 #

Gina, Stariel and AmyandPaul -- :( ...that is just no fun. I don't want to make unfounded judgements about the gal (I assume nanda is a gal) that I sent my package to in Portugal, but from reading her feedback it looks as though she is either in the midst of a life circumstance that does not allow her to send packages (or email communications)---or she signed up for a bunch of swaps with the intent to just take advandtage of other people's goodwill. I feel bad that you three received nothing and a non-sender got what was a really nice box of goodies (& that I spent over $20 to send, because I didn't want her to have to wait a long time to receive it, to boot). Ah well. I won't stop being who I am because there are other people out there who choose to be different from me.

KnittingMama, any chance we can do a "follow-up" swap and send some stuff out to those who got left out to restore a little faith in humanity? :) I can't spend the same amount at the moment that I did initially for nanda's gift, but I have some great stash I'd be willing to share to make up some of the difference for you guys. I dye my own cashmere and luxury blend yarns, and have a couple skeins I could part with that would make gorgeous lace scarves or baby items (if knit with a double strand--or single strand and a lotta patience--well, booties might not take that long).

Let me know!

user4688 11/27/2006 #

Tara, thank you for your goods words but you know, it's my first time in swap and I'm gonna do other with pleasure. I did my best to send great stuff to my partner and hope that she will receive it this week but since I'm from Canada it may take longer. I'm still thinking that the person who was suppose to send me stuff is living in another country like me and that I will receive something in the near future, if not i'm still going to send some great kit to my others partner in knit mitts kit and coffee and knitting. so take care and thank you again.

TaraInColorado 11/28/2006 #

Yay, Gina...I love this swapping thing, too. And I especially love the way it makes me look at the world--what a marvelous planet we live on, and how many, many, many wonderful people and places there are. Hopefully our paths will cross on another swap! :)

wendyswoolies 11/28/2006 #

Hi there, the DHL man has just picked up my parcel. Sorry it's taken so long to get it out to my pal but I was let down my normal yarn supplier. I have no LYS and have to rely on web stores and the post office. Anyway, hope my pal likes it when it arrives. Looking forward to receiving my own kit too!

wendyswoolies 11/28/2006 #

Just been reading the posts about non-sends etc. It's really upsetting isn't it that people take advantage. However I firmly believe most people are good! This despite another swap I'm taking part in where, not only have I not received a package that should have been sent Oct/Nov and nobody can get a response from the sender BUT ALSO the person I sent a wonderful package to (which took me ages to think about and put together) has not even had the decency to say they got it let alone say thanks or post anything about it on their blog Luckily in this swap I seem to have brilliant pals up- and down-stream whom I have swapped emails with already.

user4688 11/28/2006 #

I just saw the name of the person who was supposed to send to me and I saw her rating and I went to saw her blog and she looks nice and have a great rating so may be it's just that the post office is over loading with all packages going all around the world. I don't remember if she send my package for long or past the due date but I will wait until next week before rating her because I still think that I will receive something in the near future and that I could thanks her for the great package!!!!

TaraInColorado 11/28/2006 #

Wendy, Gina-- I agree that the overwhelming number of people are good and have good intentions.

I don't actually think that non-senders are intrinsically "bad", either...I have done things in my life that I thought were good ideas and completely justified at the time, but in retrospect were things I would never do now--but I wouldn't know that about myself unless I had gone through the experience. I'm sure there are things I do now that I will view the same way in a week or a month or a decade. Conversely, some ways that others have behaved in the past that I considered hurtful or unpleasant at the time I also now view differently--

In any event, forgive my rambling. It's just my long-winded way of saying, "This was fun! Hope you had fun! I'll do it again!"


knitster 11/28/2006 #

Well, I just saw who my partner is and realized that she still has not sent anything yet. I am trying to be understanding and hope that she sends something soon, but this is my first swap, and to have a bad experience on your first swap is just not cool.

user4688 11/28/2006 #

Hourra! My husband call me at work to tell me that I've got a package from South Carolina so I looking forward to open it tonight and like I said maybe the post office was to busy....

AmyandPaul, I'm very sorry for you and like you, it's my first time in swap and I will continue to join knitting and yarns swap and have fun, be fun with my swap partner. Did you contact your partner?

knitster 11/28/2006 #

No, I haven't contacted my partner yet. I just got her name today. Does it seem rude to do that kind of thing? I am hoping that it will show up in a couple of days and maybey she just forgot to mark that she sent it. I will continue to do the yarn swaps, because it was fun, but I will probably not do a whole kit swap again. It is just too expensive to get a whole kit together and not get anything in return.

wendyswoolies 11/29/2006 #

Got my kit today - thanks so much Dashenka! Wonderful wool from Manos de Uruguay, pattern for a scarf, needles plus a Canadian tape measure, little red Christmas stockings (they'll look fantastic on my tree) and candy canes! Thank you, thank you. Have posted a pic in the gallery but go check my blog for more

user4688 11/29/2006 #

AmyandPaul, I don't think that you have to quit kit swap because of one bad swap. I did receive my kit yesterday and even if I don't know if I have enough yarn to finished the pattern because the pattern said 6 oz and I received 3.5 oz... I'm still very happy with it because my partner send me a lovely card and 3 kit of bamboo needles with green yarns and a pattern of a tassel hat. I'm very happy about my package. I join yesterday the mugs and yarn swap so go see it.. it should be fun and be sure that if you turn out to be my partner one day, I'm gonna send you a gift so that you can forgive this one.

Take care and have fun knitting.

TaraInColorado 11/30/2006 #

AmyandPaul, My stash sharing offer still stands! Nolite bastardes te carborundum!

Let me know, Tara

user4688 11/30/2006 #

AmyandPaul, me too I would like to share some yarn with you because I have a lot to share. Did you rate your partner?

user2696 11/30/2006 #

Update: Part 1 of my kit has arrived. THANKS SHANNON!

knitster 12/ 2/2006 #

Still haven't recieved anything, was waiting to rate hoping I would get something, but I am going to rate her a no send today :(. I did check out that mug of yarn swap, and joined it. Thanks to all of you for your kind words and offers. It is very sweet!

user1279 12/ 5/2006 #

I also haven't received nothing yet. I'm in Portugal and I sent mine to the States by surface mail, it got there a long time ago. so I don't understand why I haven't received mine yet :(

user1279 12/ 5/2006 #


Only now did I see your message here. I already erase the rating I had given you. Anyawy, I tried to track the package but the service isn't working :(

user1279 12/16/2006 #

I still haven´t received anything. I tried to contact Ghostknitter but I didn't get an answer. I'm very sad about this, since this was my firsy knit swap and I spent a lot of money on a nice package for my partner and I didn't receive anything in return :( Oh well, there will be other swaps.

Jensenaddict 12/28/2006 #

Dear Fflloorr,

I am very sorry you have not received anything, and also that I have not been checking up on my email or this site. I arrived in the UK on 8th December and am flying back to Singapore on the 2nd. Fflloorr, I sent your kit by registered mail from Singapore to Portugal (actually, I wanted to send it from the UK but the sent date was just before I flew), and even at the best of times in might take 2 months to arrive. I am VERY VERY sorry but you will have to wait until I return, I have the receipt at home so at least I can check it status. Just to let you all know, I have not received my kit, nor have I received swap-bot's coffee swap parcel, nor my softy, and various other stuff. I have NOT complained because I know this is a BAD time for the post office. I had to send something when I first arrived and the queue at a small local post office was incredible. Fflloor, I have a dated RECEIPT. Sorry but these things just seem to take an incredible amount of time to arrive. I know my rating has taken a beating because of it, BUT, I am also confident that these things will arrive and the ratings will be changed. I have not had any time to update my blog this month because of all the xmas knitting, I am still trying to finish a sweater for my father in law for tomorrow ... urgh. I checked today because I wnated to send the Knit Mitt Kit out today from the UK, before the post office closes for the New Year and I fly off straight after that.

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