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Swap Homepage:http://anniescupboard.blogspot.com/2008/04/pencil-blog-swap.html
Swap Coordinator:anniescupboards (contact)
Swap categories: Themed  Crafts  Handmade 
Number of people in swap:9
Last day to signup/drop:April 25, 2008
Date items must be sent by:April 27, 2008
Number of swap partners:1

BLOG SWAP – Pencils

You must contact each other via email and tell them your likes and dislikes in colors, themes, styles and patterns. (unless you filled out your profile) its YOUR job to let people know WHAT you like and collect. You must send out your package on time and it must stick to the theme which is pencils. Your swap must be $15.00 worth of goodies. You don’t need to spend money either. If you have extra supplies and are crafty and can make or sew things that apply to the theme in which your partner likes, then you can make your goodies. If your not a crafty person and would like to purchase swap goodies you can too.

Please take pics of swaps you sent out and/or that you get. (if you have a digital camera) That way I can post your pics on my blog. Just send me your photos as many as you want to take.

What do you swap in a pencil swap? Pencils! Pencil box, pencil case, pencil cozy. Notepads, eraser tops, eraser covers. You can even make a one of a kind pencil creation. It’s up to you.

This is a USA only swap. Swaps must be sent out by May 25th.

Have a FUN swap!! XOXOX


anniescupboards 04/20/2008 #

If you have any questions please shout out over here so we can all see them and help you! XOXO

PumpkinSeedMama 04/20/2008 #

Just signed up girlie!! This is going to be so much fun!!

memery64 04/20/2008 #

All signed up! Can't wait to see all the wonderful ideas everyone comes up with!

anniescupboards 04/20/2008 #

Oh I cant wait! I have so many ideas.

1kathleen 04/21/2008 #

I signed up, but am waiting for email verification! the admin. said aol is down & will take awhile!

anniescupboards 04/21/2008 #

but your here and your waiting for verification? Hmmm maybe they need a DNA sample? haha

Mickey 04/21/2008 #

Yep, they needed DNA from me too!

nikimcn 04/21/2008 #

I'm signed up, hopefully LOL. Let me know if it looks like I'm good 2 go. Do we get names to swap with soon? Thanks Sherry for letting me play :) NIKI

anniescupboards 04/22/2008 #

Once we have all 10 spaces filled, swap-bot will automatically email you your partners name. Now if you are new like I was a few swaps ago on here you will notice that the person you are sending a swap too IS NOT THE SAME PERSON who is sending you a swap. Strange yet exciting huh? We just need ONE MORE PERSON!

rwa3457986 04/22/2008 #

ME! LOL! Sign me up! Rosemary

1kathleen 04/22/2008 #

i am STILL waiting for my verification!!!! don't leave me out!

1kathleen 04/22/2008 #

okay! I am all set! I just got it verified:) Katie

rwa3457986 04/23/2008 #

I signed up on the 22 and still no verification :( Rosemary

anniescupboards 04/24/2008 #

Once swap-bot gets everyone registered we shall be swapping VERY SOON!! I am so excited. Make sure you have all your profiles filled out.

anniescupboards 04/26/2008 #

Swap-bot is NOW EMAILING YOU YOUR PARTNERS!! WOooHoooo I wonder who i have. I cant wait. Hurry up swatty-botty send me my buddy! hehe Enjoy ladies have fun! XOXO

anniescupboards 04/26/2008 #

Wait am I wrong??? BUT I see only 9 people i thought we had ten? ANy idea? Or am I seeing it wrong on my end?

PumpkinSeedMama 04/26/2008 #

Sherry.....you were supposed to put 1 partner in the "Number of Swap Partner" section. You put in 10. That means we are supposed to send $15.00 worth of pencils to 10 different partners!!

nikimcn 04/26/2008 #

Oooops! I was going to say, I cannot send to 9 diff girls LOL. I guess you're going to manually have to do it. Hmmm

memery64 04/26/2008 #

When I saw the swap list, I thought OMG I have to send out a swap to everyone! I thought it was only one person! Whew...I'm glad it's a mistake!

anniescupboards 04/26/2008 #

oh my GOSH!! I changed it in here. I am wondering if its too late and I boo boo. If I cant change it I will have us end it and start over. Does that sound ok to everyone? Sorry this is my first time being in charge of the controls.

anniescupboards 04/26/2008 #

well I messed it up and its not letting me change this. I am REALLY SORRY ladies. I am so embarrsed. I dont know what to do. My only thought is to just make it and hit i sent my partners their goodies button, like we sent each other things and just start another swap. I cant find any other solution. I understand if no one wants to resign up again. I am sorry. XOXO

anniescupboards 04/26/2008 #

i ment to say fake it not make it lol

memery64 04/26/2008 #

O.k. Sherry, I faked it like I sent everything! It also said to have your swaps sent out by April 27th. I hope that isn't correct.

joanne413 04/26/2008 #

My name isn't among the 9.. :(

I'll be happy to re-sign. Don't worry about the booboo...it's not the end of the world!! we'll still love you!

joanne413 04/26/2008 #

okay...I marked it as 'sent'...

so, now when will be able to sign up again???

memery64 04/26/2008 #

You're still #1 in our book, Sherry! xoxo

ButtoneyedAnnie 04/26/2008 #

ok I clicked on I sent it... ughh. .I hope I following your directions right. And I would love to resign up...lol Let me know what to do next.. :) Robin xoxoxoxoxo

anniescupboards 04/26/2008 #

yeah I changed the turn in date to see if it would matter. BUt it didnt lol I AM SO verry sorry. Once everyone just fakes it I will start another. Hopefully everyone will before the weekends up and I can start another to get us back on track. Ugh! THANK YOU so much ya'll are too sweet on me. XOXO

nikimcn 04/26/2008 #

I just faked it LOL

melnchelprimitives 04/27/2008 #

Hey Sherry, I was the 10th person, but Swap-Bot never sent me a confirmation email until TODAY. I just confirmed but I'm still not listed and now I can't re-sign up for your swap? Sorry if I messed something up. :(

anniescupboards 04/27/2008 #

no I messed up. I am starting another one over as soon as everyone just FAKES IT! I am just waiting on ya'll I faked it already. lol I am making a new swap now and will update you on it. So just make sure you close this swap out. We are just gonna START OVER! XOXO

anniescupboards 04/28/2008 #

Everyone FAKED it yet? I am off to start a new swap. XOXO

anniescupboards 04/28/2008 #


HERE is the new swap. CUT & Paste this into your browser. PLEASE sign up ASAP so we can beat the cut off date which is MAY 1st. If we do that we have a FULL MONTH still to think and get our swaps out. THANK YOU AGAIN!! Hurry go sign up. AND MAKE SURE YOU FAKED THE LAST ONE!!

Mickey 04/28/2008 #

Whew! I was away for the weekend, and missed everything~ OK, I'm off to fake it first, then sign up for next one~ Everything's ok with me the way we're doing it. No prob. Love ya Sherry!

anniescupboards 04/28/2008 #


is the password to the new swap.

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