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Easy Newbie Swap #2

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Swap Coordinator:ladyofunicorns (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Letters & Writing  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:155
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:July 10, 2013
Date items must be sent by:July 20, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

This is a newbie friendly swap. It should be extremely easy to do. This is to help newbies get "real mail" ratings. Experienced swappers are also welcome.

Very simply, just choose a two things from the list below and send to your partner before the deadline.

  • a letter on how you came to find swap bot
  • unused notecard with envelope
  • 5 stickers - none smaller than a US penny (about 3/4 inch or 2 cm)
  • unused postcard
  • puzzle - word search, crossword, sudoku - whatever one you like
  • photo you took (as long as it is clean!)
  • bookmark
  • 2 sheets of memo paper or stationery

By the way newbies, if you send more than two from the above list or you send two really tasteful ones, you have more of a chance of getting a heart.

What to do:

  1. Choose two thingson the list and send to your partner by the deadline.

  2. A filled-out profile for newbies. You have to have a little bit about yourself on the profile. You also have to have signed on since you made your account before I assign partners. l ban if this is not done.

  3. For the experienced ones, your rating must be at least 4.8. I will ban if it is not.

  4. I will go through and ban as I see fit right before assigning partners. If you are banned and want to know why, please PM me.

  5. I will angel if need be. If you flake, you will be listed as a flaker and I will not allow you in any of my future swaps.

EDIT!!!!: It is a type 3 just in case but if everything fits into an envelope, that is fine too! :)


StacyReneeArt 06/15/2013 #

Just an observation but shouldn't this be a Type 3 swap instead of electronic?

ladyofunicorns 06/16/2013 #

Thanks so much @STacyReneeArt Going to fix that right now!

stickigaltech 06/17/2013 #

Hope my profile is golden now :) much love, vicki

kaylashaye 06/21/2013 #

hi, it says its a package but if the items will fit in an envelope I can put them in one, right? im terribly new at this and dont want to get bad ratings. haha

ladyofunicorns 06/22/2013 #

@kaylashaye - yes you can put them in an envelope. :)

ladyofunicorns 06/22/2013 #

@stickgaltech - looks awesome! :)

rilakkumasensei 06/23/2013 #

What are type 1,2,3 swaps? Sorry, newbie!

ladyofunicorns 06/26/2013 #

Type 1: Electronic - internet-based swaps, email, messages, links, digital photography, etc. Type 2: Flat mail - postcards, letters, mail swaps with little, to no, craft component. Type 3: Crafts & Packages - any time-intensive craft swaps, any swaps sent in packages, most swaps will fall in this category. Hope that helps! That is how it is explained when creating a swap.

susiescottsdale 06/27/2013 #

Hi, newbie here! Ive read some swaps and they mention something about "profile based", is this swap like that?

susiescottsdale 06/27/2013 #

also, is there a template for profiles that we can fill out for things we like or dislike?

animel916 06/27/2013 #

I'm really looking forward to this swap, thanks for setting it up!

ladyofunicorns 06/27/2013 #

@susiescottsdale This swap is not quite like that. This one is more choosing from the list though it is always nice to check your partner's profile. For example, say you want to send a postcard and you look at their profile and it says that they like touristy postcards. So you would send them a touristy postcard. It's nice to send stuff that is not on their dislike list.

Also, there is no template that I know of You can just add more of those boxes and use the word "Other" and write a title for that section.

ladyofunicorns 06/27/2013 #

@animel916 You're welcome. I set it up because I remember how hard it was as a newbie to not be able to join swaps because I didn't have enough ratings.

All newbies, if you have questions, just either type them here or pm me and I will answer them. I am on for a little bit every day.

DeannaDawn 06/28/2013 #

I have signed up for your newbie swap but who do I send it to how do I get an address?

FunnerKimberley 06/28/2013 #

I had so much fun finding stuff for the newbie swap #1 I'm anxious to send this one too. Can't wait!! :)

ladyofunicorns 06/28/2013 #

@DeannaDawn Glad to hear you signed up. You have to wait until the deadline and after that, partners will get assigned. At that point, you will get notification to your email addy saying that partners have been assigned. AFter that, you would go to the top of this page, click the link that says "see the partners you send to" and that will show you your partner that you send your stuff to. Hope that helps! :)

@FunnerKimberley Glad you joined this swap! :)

DeannaDawn 06/29/2013 #

@funnerkimberley thank you big help :-)

Stacy97 06/30/2013 #

Round #1 was a lot of fun. Excited to join for #2 :)

ladyofunicorns 06/30/2013 #

@Stacy97 Glad to hear it! :)

AprilShowers 06/30/2013 #

Just to be sure, we send a letter and one other thing from the list or can we send any two things listed? Thanks!

karleefantastic 06/30/2013 #

newbie here but I cannot wait to spoil someone already! :)

McWissenville 06/30/2013 #

I am also new, but I cannot wait to send out a snail mail smile!

kiwicsi 07/ 1/2013 #

Hi, I'm a newbie to this site and absolutely love snail mail that isn't a bill!!! Looking forward to some interesting swaps here :o)

capi 07/ 1/2013 #

Dang. I'm gonna be out of town .^_^.

priori 07/ 2/2013 #

Hi! As English isn't my native language I don't understand difference between: notecard, memo paper and stationery. Maybe some links with pictures..?:)

cdavis199 07/ 2/2013 #

hi id like to be a part of this :) how do i get a pen pal?

cherrysjourney 07/ 2/2013 #

Hi Cherryj here. I sent the swap . I thank you for helping us newbie's to get started. Peace, Cherry Otting-Heath. Sending my swap 6/3/2013..

majicmiss 07/ 3/2013 #

Im all set to go :)

cherrysjourney 07/ 3/2013 #

I haven't sent the swap. I 'm getting ahead of myself. I do have the swap ready jus waiting on a partner.. Sorry, I new. Cherry Otting-Heath.

ladyofunicorns 07/ 4/2013 #

@priori Here are some links:

Notecards: http://jahart.com/note-card-samples/

Memo paper (most come on pads): http://www.modes4u.com/en/kawaii/p7091_big-Notepad-Rilakkuma-and-friends-eat-with-chopsticks.html

Also this link shows standard size for a memo paper: http://www.sizepaper.com/other-misc/memo

Stationery paper: http://www.terrapininc.com/Stationery/stationery.htm

Stationery paper and memo paper are almost the same except in size. I feel that stationery is A4 paper and memo is A5.

Does that help at all?

ladyofunicorns 07/ 4/2013 #

@AprilShowers You just pick two things from the list. It doesn't have to be the letter plus one.

@capi Sorry to hear you will be out of town. I will be doing more of these...at least once a month so feel free to join the next one!

@cdavis199 Basically, you sign up and when you get assigned partners, you write to your partner and see if they want to be penpals.

ladyofunicorns 07/ 4/2013 #

Thanks to all who have joined this swap! :)

bher12 07/ 4/2013 #

Yay, newbie here and I'm definitely excited to meet you all from this swap! :-)

ArtistShu 07/ 4/2013 #

I just joined swapbot today! I have a profile on The Art Colony and started doing swaps there and love it. Can't wait to do my first swap here! Thanks for the newbie swap. =)

AtelierEem 07/ 4/2013 #

hi, i just joined today. I'm wondering when the partners will be assigned?

AtelierEem 07/ 4/2013 #

oh, i'm sorry, i see there's a deadline :-) I'll just wait than...

priori 07/ 5/2013 #

@ ladyofunicorns Thanks! It was really helpful. Now I understood what is a notecard :)

pinkbirds66 07/ 5/2013 #

Really looking forward to July 10th! I hope my partner gets a nice surprise, I've been working hard on my package!

halfpintwts 07/ 5/2013 #

I think I just signed up. I can't wait!!! Please let me know if I need to do anything in my profile. I do think I followed the directions!

ladyofunicorns 07/ 5/2013 #

@priori Glad to help. :)

@halfpintwts Looks good to me. :)

Crosscrescent 07/ 5/2013 #

Im a first timer! Whoo-hoo!!!! :D Hey ya'll!!!

TrishaLouise 07/ 7/2013 #

I am a newbie and just joined! I am excited to be a part of this swap. Please let me know if I need to do anything else :)

cayers2 07/ 8/2013 #

It says to choose 2 things on the list but I noticed #1 said choose something on the list & note/letter. What does that mean? I mean, what if I don't want to do the letter.. Sorry, I'm new & don't understand

ladyofunicorns 07/ 8/2013 #

@cassafrass72569 I changed it from having to do the note/letter (#1) to being something you can choose to do (#2). You can do it if you want for this swap or you don't have to. :) Does that help?

cayers2 07/ 8/2013 #

so i can just do a profile sheet like my basic info (address, birthday, anniversary, hobbies, collections, etc.)? is that what your mean? can it be a handwritten one?

penpalem 07/ 9/2013 #

Is my profile filled out well enough to not be removed from the swap??

cayers2 07/ 9/2013 #

Can someone please tell me what I need to include in my filled out profile-since I am a newbie?

ladyofunicorns 07/ 9/2013 #

@cassafrass72569 I pmed you. :)

Ristinkay33 07/ 9/2013 #

I just joined today and am still trying to understand everything. I am however SOOO excited about this whole swapping concept. So fun!! Just wondering about my profile. How do I fill in my profile or add anything about myself? I'm not seeing where I can...thanks!

Ristinkay33 07/ 9/2013 #

I think I figured it out! :) sorry about that! Now do I have enough?

LainieO 07/10/2013 #

Woo Hoo...ready to mail

Crosscrescent 07/10/2013 #

I have a nice little package ready to go!! :D It has a nice post card from Montgomery Bell's church if anyone is interested.

Junotea 07/11/2013 #

When are we getting the name of our partner?

puffin902 07/11/2013 #

Partners came out today--did you get your email?

cherrysjourney 07/12/2013 #

Hello. I, sent my newbie swap. "Easy Newbie Swap #2. Thank, you for hosting this swap. ladyofunction...I hope to be in another of your swaps. Hugs, Cherry Otting-Heath 7/12/13. '

AtelierEem 07/14/2013 #

So I sent my newby swap and forgot te take a picture....

AtelierEem 07/17/2013 #

I'm going on holiday fromJuly 22, until August 10th. So I can rate the swap when i'm back, hope that's okey.

bye, Emilie

AngelHeart81PR 07/27/2013 #

I replyed to my swap

beingcc 07/31/2013 #

Hi I sent a my swap out ages ago and noticed the partner I sent to has not rated. I wanted to contact them to make sure they got the items but noticed their account has been suspended. Since I am new here I am not sure, will the fact that she/he never rated me hurt my profile? Or show as unsent even if i did? Thanks for the help

Amy2013 08/14/2013 #

what do i do as i have not received from my partner as yet ?

Lucine 08/15/2013 #

@DeannaDawn I may not be rated for this swap. Newbie DeannaDawn has not been on swap-bot since July 3th and she has not sent this swap to her partner. Sad ....

Amy2013 08/16/2013 #

I'm do disappointed, to date I have not received anything from my partner. :(

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