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Your Favorite Fandoms in a Bag

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Your Favorite Fandoms in a Bag
Group:Fandom in a Bag
Swap Coordinator:KateKintail (contact)
Swap categories: Themed  Crafts 
Number of people in swap:11
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.80
Last day to signup/drop:November 30, 2013
Date items must be sent by:January 2, 2014
Number of swap partners:1

The December 2013 Fandom in a Bag swap honors the holiday season and is a mix of your favorite fandoms. You can use this as a makeup swap if you missed a fandom we've already covered or you can just join and geek out over all your favorite fandom goodness.

Step 1: Please list in the comments your favorite fandoms that you'd like to receive items for in a bag. Remember, your swap partner might not know your fandom too well, so listing specifics is a GOOD idea!

Step 2: After partners are assigned, check to see what your partner likes. PLEASE follow-up with a message if you need to know more. Then scrounge up, buy, and/or create items that fit in a bag. Your bag must contain at least 7 different items although more is certainly encouraged (please try to make it look full). You can include items from all your partner's favorite fandoms, just a few, or just one fandom, as long as you include at least 7 different items.

Some ideas of themed items: stickers, ATCs, postcards, toys/action figures, comics, note cards, pins/buttons, magnets, jewelry, trading cards, charms, ornaments, books, bookmarks, address labels, postcards, plushies/stuffies, promo stills/autograph cards, fainfic, zines, soundtracks, etc.

Be sure to check your partner's profile so you don't send anything he or she might be allergic to.

Step 3: Put the items in a ziplock-type bag. Size: 1 gallon (measures about 10 inches by 11 inches or 28cm by 26.5 cm). You can decorate the bag or incorporate the bag into something (mount it or sew something around it). If you want to make or buy a bag instead of using a ziplock plastic one, that's fine as well, but it should be at least a gallon in size. All items you gather or create should fit into the bag (if a couple are too big, that's fine).

Assemble your bags during the month of December and please send by the deadline (January 2--extended one day because January 1 is a holiday here in the US).

Group rating rules apply. NO FLAKING ALLOWED!


KateKintail 11/ 8/2013 #

Wish #1- Fandom-related ornaments for my tree (handmade or storebought)

Wish #2- Something Game of Thrones-related for my father who loves the show and is so hard to shop for (he already has drink coasters and all the books; last year someone gave me magnets for him and he was so completely excited! Handcrafted or storebought are both fine.)

Wish #3- Rubber stamps/cling stamps that correspond to any of my fandoms, especially Harry Potter.

Wish #4- Supernatural series tie-in novels (new or used)

Wish #5- A list of hurt/comfort and/or slash recommendations for fanart or fanfic in any of the fandoms I follow, if you have any favorite recs of that sort. I prefer one-shots.

Wish #6- A Once Upon a Time TV show item for my Kindred Spirit (also named Kate). (handcrafted or storebought are both great)

Wish #7- Doctor Who-themed hand towels or any other DW/Torchwood themed bathroom item

My absolute favorite fandoms: Highlander the series, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (mostly the Phantom Menace because I love Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon), Star Trek (mostly TNG), Sons of Anarchy, Queer as Folk (US&UK), Torchwood & Doctor Who, Buffy/Angel, Firefly, Marvel (especially Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, Nightcrawler, Hawkeye, Coulson, and the Fantastic Four), Winnie-the-Pooh (EEYORE!!!)

Other fandoms/shows/movies I love: Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices, NCIS, Studio Ghibli, Bones, Batman, Stargate, Merlin, BBC Sherlock, The Big Bang Theory, Monty Python (especially the Holy Grail), Jeremiah, Forever Knight, Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Horatio Hornblower, RuPaul's Drag Race, The Tenth Kingdom, and more listed on my profile I think.

Message me if you want or need specifics! You can also look at any of my preferences listed in the comments of previous fandoms in bags.

heather76 11/11/2013 #

Favorite fandoms: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Parks and Recreation (I would love something Ron Swanson related!), Muppets, X-files, The Office (UK & US), Firefly, Buffy, Looney Tunes, BBC Sherlock, Walking Dead, Shaun of the Dead (and Simon Pegg in general)

I would love Christmas tree ornaments, tote bags/purses/etc, plushies/stuffies/amigurami/etc., wall art... or pretty much anything!

gambit9 11/12/2013 #

Favourite Fandoms:

The Big Bang Theory, Transformers, Harry Potter, Dr Who, The Office (US), Shrek, Ghostbusters, Iron Man, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, Thor, Top Gear, X-Files

I love bookmarks, puzzles, totes, plushes, stationery, key rings, stickers, ornaments etc. I'm easy to buy for :)

kiddomerriweather 11/16/2013 #

Favorite Fandoms:


*The Walking Dead

*Star Wars

*Bob's Burgers


*King of the Hill

*American Dad!

Good quality, handmade items are my favorite. I wouldn't mind receiving :


*totes/bags/zippered pouches

*t-shirt (Unisex Adult Large; Women XL)


*felt brooches


*something on the smaller side to hang on my wall

*embroidery hoop art

*polymer clay figures

Fever 11/17/2013 #

What an awesome swap! I'm looking forward to this a lot!

So my top favourite fandoms are:

  • Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
  • Harry Potter
  • Vertigo Comics (Sandman, Preacher, 100 Bullets ...)

I would be thrilled about anything connected to these fandoms! There's a few others I really love as well, so you'll have a bit more variety to pick from.So, I also adore:

  • Star Wars
  • Frank Miller (comics and comic based films)
  • Warren Ellis
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Monty Python
  • Batman

Well, I do hope, you'll find a fandom on my list which you like as well and can work with. If not, please don#t hesitate to let me know and we'll work it out! I'm generally happy about anything you'll send me which is related to the fandoms, handmade items are welcome, too. But please, bear in mind, that I'm really not fond on items that are modified in a really girly way - there's so much Harry Potter stuff, that looks like fangirls being in love with Daniel Radcliffe. I'm really not looking for that but for genuinely fan related things. ;) Happy swapping everyone!

allofmyheart 11/18/2013 #

Favourite fandoms: BBC Sherlock, or indeed anything at all to do with Benedict Cumberbatch! BBC Life On Mars & Ashes To Ashes, The Hobbit, Thor and Loki, Big Bang Theory. Also anything by Shakespeare!

I like things that I can wear to proclaim my nerdiness, so, you know, fan-themed jewellery, clothes or accessories are good. I also like fan art and sculpture, fan fiction (ideally not slash), magazine articles... really I'll be happy with anything I receive!

FairyLady 11/29/2013 #

Although I'm into a lot of fandoms, my favourite is Harry Potter. I would love art that you made, Atc, drawings, bookmarks, paintings, craft, anything stationary, notebooks, ephemara, stickers. My favorite character is Dobby. It doens't have to be expensive or big. Just make sure it isn't dirty or broken and it can't smell to smoke either. If you're not sure PM me or read my profile.

audio 11/30/2013 #

Likes: I like decorative items very much, I collect toys and nick knacks. I don't wear jewelry much unless it's a ring or post earrings. I'm very much happy to receive anything that is well made.

Dislikes: Crappy handmade things, iron on transfers, intolerance, orange/yellow/red clothing items, Americana/country themed stuff, sports stuff, out of date craft supplies (like stuff that reminds you of the 80s and 90s, if its cool vintage stuff thats alright), religious stuff.

My Favorite Fandoms
I really like the idea of Disney/Doctor Who and Disney/HP Crossovers. Like Ten with Mickey Ears on, or Mickey dressed up as the Harry Potter. omg Meeko dressed up like Ten would be sooo cute.

  • Stargate: inspiration
    Stargate SG1 is my favorite Television Show of all time. I also like Atlantis and the Movies. There isn't much crafty SG Stuff, so I'd be happy with anything you'd like to send, and long as it's nicely made.

  • Doctor Who: inspiration
    My favorite Doctor is 10. My favorite Companion is Rose. I like the Tardis, Daleks, Weeping Angels, Bad Wolf, etc.

  • Harry Potter: Inspiration
    I really love HP. It's one of the things I know I'll never get sick of. I love the book, and I watch the movies on repeat in my studio. I love Harry, Hermione, Draco, Severus, Death Eaters, Purebloods, Unforgivable Curses, Department of Mysteries, Invisibility Cloak, The Locket, Felix Felicis, Mirror of Erised, Thestrals, Hogwarts, Magic, etc.

  • Disney: inspiration
    I'm a huge Disney fan. My favorite character of all time is Meeko the raccoon from Pocahontas. I also LOVE Mickey and the Gang, Stitch, Toy Story Aliens, Perry the Platypus, Villains, etc. I'd love to get any vintage items, like card games, postcards, stamps, cards, etc. Anything really cool please! Look below for more of my Disney favorites.
    I love Walt Disney World and I would LOVE to get unusual souvenirs (like fast-pass tickets, postcards,old tickets/parking passes, pressed pennies, Things that say "Walt Disney World" on them, Trading Pins, WDW Experiences Collectors Cards, or "Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom" cards), new or vintage. If you have anything Dated 2013 I'd LOVE to get it. Anything with Sorcerer Mickey, the Gang, Nerds, Stitch, Cinderella's Castle, Tomorrowland, Epcot, etc. I'd love anything from Halloween time or Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party. Look below for more Disney things I love.

  • Whedonverse: inspiration
    Buffy: Spike, Anyanka, Giles, Once More With Feeling
    Firefly: Theme Song, Anything and Everything
    Dr Horrible: Red Coat Dr. Horrible, Everything

  • Army of Darkness: inspiration
    My favorite movie of all time. I like everything about it ever. Any reference you could make to it I'll totally get and love.

  • Other Fandoms: SciFi Fantasy, Star Trek, Star Wars
    Star Trek, Star Wars, Ender's Game, X Files, Fifth Element.

sunspot 11/30/2013 #

My first swap in this group! Yaaaaay!

Fave fandoms: Leverage, Harry Potter, Star Trek (TOS, AOS, TNG), Disney, Muppets, Avengers (comics or movies, especially Cap), Matt Fraction's Hawkeye, the new Captain Marvel, anything Deadpool, Shakespeare (saw someone else mention it and yessss, totally about it), Firefly, Welcome to Night Vale, Fruits Basket, Princess Tutu, Top Gear, Scary Go Round, Tolkien, Discworld, Narnia.

So. That's a long list. I'm fairly fannish about many things. I really don't like anything remotely Sherlock Holmesian (omg except Elementary for some reason) which even baffles me since it should be something I like, but no.

As far as what particular objects I like, I'm leaving that totally open to my partner. Unless it's poisonous. Don't send poison :)

nightmindwalker 11/30/2013 #

This are my favorite fandoms:

Doctor who ( "new" series, my favorite doctor is 10, I love the TARDIS and Time Lord symbols, The master (Simm) and Jack Harkess!
don't like Rose )

Anything about Sherlock BBC anything at all to do with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (Hobbit, Star Trek.... )

Torchwood (I'm a Ianto Jones fan and a Janto Shipper but anything from the show is good a part from Gwen related things )

Clamp: I love Rayhearth (Fuu) Tokyo Babylon CC Sakura (Yue) and RG Veda

Anything about Persons of Interest

Marvel: Xavier and Mgneto from X-Men and Hawkeye from the Avengers

Anything from Sword Online, Black Butler, and the Nightrunners series.

This are my top fandoms now but anything you find in my profile is good for me....

nellswell 12/ 1/2013 #

This sounds like such a fun swap -- I can't wait to start working on it! By the way, I didn't post a list here since I joined the swap at the last minute and partners were posted almost immediately, but I did just PM my partner a list. :-)

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