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Country: United States
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About Me

I mark "sent" AFTER I send and rate as soon as I receive a swap. If you don't get a swap I've marked as "sent" please let me know ASAP and I will be happy to check the delivery confirmation and/or re-send!

Note: I just had a sudden, unexpected appendectomy. I am out of the hospital but staying at my parents' place so they can keep an eye on me. I haven't been home or to my PO box since, but will catch up with ratings as soon as possible.

My Diet:

I'm battling some health problems and my tummy is not happy right now. Please do not send me food, as I cannot eat it and would not want it to be wasted. Thanks!

Groups I Run or Help to Run:

Recent Tags & Prizes:

  • December 2015: Sent Angeled Photo-a-Day Project to @BennysMumma

All About Me:

I live in Northern VA. I'm a writer, a BookCrosser, a Markeroni historic marker hunter, a postcard collector & Postcrosser, an Eeyore collector, an adult fan of LEGO, a nature lover, a vegetarian since 1999, a nerdfighter, a proud Hufflepuff, a Hokie, a webmistress, a serious fangirl (Harry Potter, Supernatural, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Highlander, you name it!).

I lead a local Writers' Roundtable group (I write primarily young adult post-apocalyptic or urban fantasy fiction, contemporary LGBT short stories, and fanfiction). I volunteer at two local libraries every week. I co-organize the local Harry Potter Alliance chapter (Carpe Futurum: Seize the Future!). I am the assistant organizer of my local Harry Potter meetup group (DADA). And occasionally I have time to sleep.

I don't cook. I am working on a 101 Things in 1001 Days project. And I'm not allowed to buy any more geeky T-shirts because I have too many (but if I WERE to get one, my size is Men's Large or Women's cut X-Large).


A Few of My Favorite Things

Current obsession: TV show Supernatural!

A-Z List:

  • A- Animals(except scorpians), All the fandoms, ATCs, arrows (decorative), Arthurian legends, Audio books, angels for swaps I've been flaked on, Asexuality flag/pride items
  • B- Badgers, Blue, Black, books, Blank notecards, BBC America, Birds, Birds of Paradise, BookCrossing
  • C- Celtic, Chai, Christmas (especially handmade and/or fandom ornaments), Castles, Crafting supplies, Cats, Charms
  • D- Dar Williams, Da Vinci, Disney
  • E- Eeyore, Ewan McGregor, Eighties music, Equality
  • F- Fanfiction(hurt/comfort, slash), Faeries, Fairy Tales, Fandom crafts, Fair-trade items, FUN.(band)
  • G- Gray, Green, Geeky things, Glitter, Graphic novels, Golden Lion Tamerins
  • H- Highlander the series, Halloween, Harry Potter, Hockey(Washington Capitals), Hugs, Hufflepuffs, Hamilton (musical)
  • I- Ireland
  • J- John Green, Journals for writing/projects
  • K- Kintail(Scotland), Kate(things with my name on them), Kerpow (that's my word of the year!)
  • L- LEGO bricks, LGBTQ fiction, Lighthouses, Libraries
  • M- Map postcards, Moths, Miyazaki movies, Magnets, Magazine clippings for any of my favorite shows/movies
  • N- NaNoWriMo, Nerdfighteria, Nature, Nighttime
  • O- 101 things in 1001 Days projects, Overcast skies, Owls
  • P- Pre-Raphaelite art(esp. John William Waterhouse), Picasso, Peace, Postage stamps, Punches, Pens, Post-it Notes, Purple
  • Q- Queen(band), Quidditch, Quotes
  • R- Remus Lupin, Rubber stamps, Rain Storms
  • S- Supernatural(tv show), Scotland/Scottish history, Slash, SHRock, SPRock, Steampunk, Stickers, Stuffed animals/plushies/stuffies, Sunflowers, School supplies, Snow, State Map Postcards
  • T- Time Travel, TRock, Television, Tabletop Gaming
  • U- Urban Fantasy
  • V- Violet, Van Gogh, Vampires(not so much Twilight), Vegetarianism, Vanilla
  • W- Writing, Wizard Rock, Werewolves, Wolves, Whimsey Jars, Winter
  • Y- Young Adult Lit, Yule/Winter Solstice, Yaoi
  • Z- Zoo(the National Zoo in D.C.), Zone (MSN) Games


Favorite Books

When asked what my favorite book is, I usually say it's Ishmael by Daniel Quinn... but it's closely followed by Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Types of Books I Love: young adult, graphic novels, LGBTQ, time travel, urban fantasy, dystopian, tv/movie tie-ins (of my favorite fandoms)

Some Favorite YA Books: Harry Potter series (Rowling), Looking for Alaska (Green), Paper Towns (Green), An Abundance of Katherines(Green), Will Grayson Will Grayson (Green-are you sensing a pattern?), A Separate Peace (Knowles), The Outsiders (S.E. Hinton), Inkworld series (Funke), Hunger Games series (Collins), The Giver (Lowry), Uglies series (Scott Westerfeld), The Wind Blows Backward (Downing Hahn), Lord of the Flies (Golding)

Other YA Authors I like: Neil Gaiman, Edward Bloor, Robert Cormier, Maureen Johnson, David Levithan, Sherman Alexie, Laurie Halse Anderson, Holly Black, Philip Pullman, Kate Dicamillo, John Boyne

I'll read just about anything if it interests me. I don't read many biographies or much nonfiction. I don't read many mysteries or hard-core sci-fi, but I like the genres. I don't read romances (unless it's LGBTQ or there's hockey involved)

My Book Blog: http://katekintailbc.livejournal.com/

Favorite Television

Highlander, NCIS, Stargate, Star Trek (especially. TNG), Star Trek, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Doc Martin, Leverage, The Closer, Prison Break, Heroes, Dollhouse, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Jeremiah, Dexter, Mad Men, Army Wives, Storage Wars, Forever Knight, Ru-Paul's Drag Race, Survivor, the Amazing Race, Queer as Folk (UK&US), Inuyasha, Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Horatio Hornblower, The Tenth Kingdom, Monk, Psych, Merlin, Sense8, SNL, Supernatural, BBC Sherlock, Battlestar Galactica, Sons of Anarchy, Major Crimes, Agatha Christie's Poirot, Marvel Shows (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones), DC Shows (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow), Gilmore Girls, Gotham

Favorite Movies

The Princess Bride, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Wizard of Oz, The Chronicles of Narnia, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Sound of Music, Velvet Goldmine, The Dark Crystal, Moulin Rougue, Adventures in Babysitting, The Neverending Story, Brigadoon, Batman, 101 Dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty, The Lion King, Renaissance Man, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Avengers & the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Trek (especially the reboot)

I write

Lately, I write a variety of things:

  • Young adult contemporary, dystopian, and/or urban fantasy
  • Contemporary LGBT short stories
  • Urban fantasy short stories
  • Modern re-tellings of fairy tales
  • Historical fiction
  • Fanfiction

Things I'm wishing for

Craft/Project Supplies

I do mostly paper crafts and some stuffies (basic sewing).

  • Clocks you can mount on the wall (cheap, funny, and/or not keeping proper time/broken--doesn't matter as long as I can put it on the wall. I want to fill a wall with clocks!)
  • Tiny items (like buttons, paperclips, small pieces of ribbon, small scraps of fabric or paper, etc.) that are blue, yellow, red, or green for my mini house color whimsey jars.
  • Charms
  • Punches
  • Cling stamps and stamp pads
  • Postage stamps (new or used)
  • ATC backs/embellishment items
  • Blank cards & envelopes
  • Sharpies
  • Harry Potter books in bad condition for art projects

Other Things:

  • Novelty band-aids (characters, colors, etc.)
  • Magazine clippings of any of my favorite TV shows/movies/actors
  • Stationery
  • Ideas to blog about for my book blog or fandom blog (especially top ten list topics)
  • Pillows, blankets, and cuddly, soft, squishy , hugable things
  • Anything having to do with Eeyore
  • Anything related to my favorite books/TV shows/movies (coughSupernaturalcough)
  • Christmas ornaments related to my favorite books/TV shows/movies
  • LEGO bricks or minifigures (I'll take anything)
  • Tabletop board games
  • Map postcards & US State map postcards I'm missing: Connecticut, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island
  • Book recommendations- tell me what books you loved
  • Fanfiction Recommendations in any of my fandoms (especially anything with hurt/comfort)
  • For my dad: Game of Thrones items
  • For my mom: bird or birdcage items
  • For my Kindred Spirit: Once Upon a Time (tv show) items
  • Gift card ideas: Panera, Hot Topic, LookHuman, Amazon, Michael's, Staples

Thank you!

Things I'm not wishing for

I'm not going to tell you what to send/what not to send. I honestly appreciate everything I get because I'm a Hufflepuff and it's the effort & thought that counts most in my book (plus I eventually find a use for everything). Create & send whatever you wish. However...

  • Food/candy- because of recent health issues, I've been eating nothing but rice and applesauce and crackers for months now. Please do not send me food, as I won't be able to eat it!
  • Meat/animal products- I'm a vegetarian, so sending me meat, marshmallows/candy with gelatin in it, chocolate with bacon in it, etc. is just a tragic waste of food. I am not fond of leather or suede or other things made of animals either.
  • Earrings- I do not have pierced ears and clip-ons hurt.
  • Makeup- I don't use makeup.
  • Tea- I'm not really a tea drinker, but I do like any kind of chai and I'll drink fruity or mint teas with really strong flavors but I don't drink it often
  • Christian/religious items- I am not Christian and don't have a lot of friends I can pass these sorts of things off to.
  • Recipes- I do not cook. I bake a couple times a year, but that's usually from a mix or a family recipe that is worth the effort to me because it's part of my history. So sending me recipes is kind of a waste of your time/effort

Again, thank you for thinking of me and reading this. Send what you want and if it falls into a category on this list, just know I'll regift it to someone else.

My Pets

My sweet Maxwell kitty passed away on 8/26/13. Two new kitties have joined my family as of November 2015. They're sisters named Cassie & Charlie. Cassie has a funny tummy (just like her mommy) and can't eat treats. But they both love toys like jingle balls and mousies. Items with catnip in them where the catnip doesn't come out (like catnip pouches) would be well-loved. Cassie and Charlie

Waiting for Ratings/Flakers

It feels awful to be flaked on when I put so much heart into every swap I do!

Waiting for Ratings From:

  • @BleedingBlack The Hunger Games ATC--Peeta Mallark (mailed May 11, 2012)
  • @KayceeAnn Hogwarts Series #1: You Have Been Accepted (mailed April 9, 2012)
  • @alkalinekiwi Feb. 29: An Extra Day to Write!! (February 29, 2912)
  • @Shadowspun - Craft Your Doctor! (mailed on February 27, 2012)
  • @Shadowspun - Hogwarts Student Handbook (mailed on February 27, 2012)- spent more than a MONTH working on this art project

Apparently Lost in the Mail on the Way to Me:

  • @MonkeysInk - 100,000! (October/November 2011)
  • @Nyu Hogwarts Series #1: You Have Been Accepted (March/April 2012)
  • @Jenniecide Time Travel Survival Kit (April 2012)

Flaked on By:

  • @sadpoet AND @bubblezlinda - The Fault in Our Stars ATC (September 2014)- both my partners flaked on me! Angeled by BennysMumma with 2 fantastic, heartfelt ATCs! Thank you and thank you!
  • @hippivickyx Supernatural in a Bag (October 2013)- This is the 4th large Supernatural swap I've been flaked on. I'm 0 for 4, though one was angeled for me, which was so great. I REALLY wanted to believe hippivickyx when she said she felt bad and would resend with extras, but I haven't received anything yet, and it's been months of broken promises. Angeled by Rainsembellishments- incredible!
  • @MrsDoubleA Reading Journal (August-November 2013)- Contacted and my message has gone unread. Scuslidge angeled with a copy of hers! THANK YOU!
  • @TwistedTruth Movie List Journal (May 2013)- Contacted her about never receiving it but never heard back from her and my message went unread Angeled by Rainsembellishments. It's been so much fun reading your lists. Thanks!
  • @KGallifrey Supernatural Craft Swap (May 2013)- Why do I keep getting flaked on for SPN craft swaps? And this time from the host! I contacted multiple times and got no response.Also angeled by Rainsembellishments. You're amazing!
  • @lizmoore01 Theme-a-day Journal (March 2013)- Never heard from or received journal. Angeled by Artistic! Thank you so much. I can't wait to read through this journal!
  • @Mandii79 Supernatural in a Bag (October 2013)- So many promises to send; still haven't received it, and it was my own swap! Sad panda.Angeled by Rainsembellishments, who is amazingly kind. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  • @Amblnc38 Avengers ATC Series #8 - Agent Coulson (July 2012)- Flaked on by the swap host. Angeled by Artistic!THANK YOU! I love them!
  • @marsbar Harry Potter Fans: What's Your Favorite... (May 2012) - Didn't send anything for this electronic swap! No response to my reminder messages. Angeled by Rainsembellishments in journal form.Thank you so much! Loved reading your responses!
  • @kevsbabe Harry Potter mystery box (March/April 2012) - said it would be a little late because of an illness but then never sent it or replied to any of my messages about it Also also angeled by Rainsembellishments! AMAZING! Thank you!!!
  • @giramondo - Geeky Crafts! Supernatural Edition (February 2012) - I put a lot of thought into the craft I made for my wonderful partner. I am so disappointed I didn't get anything for this swap, I could cry. It was one I was really, really looking forward to. Angeled by Rainsembellishments. You ROCK, girl! HUGE HUGS
  • @Brendanc - Christmas (Sticky back) Address Labels (November, 2011) - Sad that two sheets of labels were too much for you. Angeled by the swap host. Thank you!


ariestess rated for 101 Things Progress- December 2022 on Jan 22, 2023
Comment: Thanks for sharing! A slow month here or there is still okay.
ariestess rated for 101 Things Progress- November 2022 on Dec 10, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sharing your progress!
ariestess rated for 101 Things Progress- October 2022 on Dec 10, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sharing your progress! HUGE apologies for the major late rate on this. I honestly thought it was already done.
Comment: Thanks for sharing your progress! HUGE apologies for the major late rate on this. I honestly thought it was already done.
Swan rated for 101 Things Progress- November 2022 on Dec 10, 2022
Comment: Don’t let the pressure get to you. This is supposed to be fun :) Great to hear about your progress again!
Swan rated for 101 Things Progress- July 2022 on Sep 13, 2022
Comment: LEGO building sounds exciting, no wonder you’re distracted from other goals. I enjoyed reading your update.
ariestess rated for 101 Things Progress- July 2022 on Sep 10, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sharing! Nicely done!
ariestess rated for 101 Things Progress- August 2022 on Sep 3, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sharing your progress! And you know what? Some months are better than others. And that spreadsheet? That is AWESOME! I may have to make my own version of that for a few things of mine.
ariestess rated for 101 Things Progress- May 2022 on Jun 12, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sharing! Great job on your progress! I really need to catch up on the Leverage: Redemption eps.
ariestess rated for 101 Things Progress- April 2022 on May 8, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sharing! You're making great progress!
ariestess rated for 101 Things Progress- March 2022 on Apr 20, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sharing! You are doing so well on your progress! I am so inspired!
Comment: Thanks for sharing your awesome progress!! Apologies for the exceedingly late rate. I accidentally put this in my "already rated" folder.
Comment: Great work with your progress. The work book is sooo cool! I just overwhelm myself with lists but that is a great idea! Looking forward to March ...
ariestess rated for 101 Things Progress- January 2022 on Feb 10, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sharing! Wow! Look at you go with your list!
Swan rated for 101 Things Progress- January 2022 on Feb 10, 2022
Comment: Great progress! The banana pudding sounded really fun, especially since it involved the teddy bear.
ariestess rated for 101 Things Progress- December 2021 on Jan 26, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sharing! Great progress!
Swan rated for 101 Things Progress- December 2021 on Jan 11, 2022
Comment: I loved seeing Hedwig built from LEGOs, I didn’t know such a set exists. Thanks for starting up these swaps again. I find reading about others’ progress motivating.
retrothreads rated for HPDADA Yule 2021 Ornament Swap on Dec 7, 2021
Comment: I love my ornament ! Personalized makes it so special. The artwork is detailed and beautiful, thanks so much !
Rebvm rated for March DADA Owl Post (Private) on Apr 3, 2021
Delma rated for February DADA Owl Post (Private) on Mar 3, 2021
Comment: I’ve long suspected that I am Hufflepuffilicious - it’s nice to have written confirmation. 💛🖤💛 🧁 🍭🧁

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Happy Birthday!

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What a wonderful, generous and know-me-too-well friend you are! Thank you SO much for that lovely surprise package. You rock!

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Thanks for joining Inspiration Station!

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Happy birthday!

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Well, it was suppose to be smaller... Ups. I just started reading long awaited sequel to Jennifer Foehner Wells Confluence series - Remanence. If you like nice Space opera with interesting female scientist lead and a little romantic element - you should try it. Also it has great cover art.

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Sorry for the late posting, I'm just starting to get back to routine swapping. Anyway I though, you might need a little bit bookish happiness...

Happy Reading! Ksenia.

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CL: Book Related Profile Comment from ImzadiRose. Hey lady! Long time no talk. I know, I haven't been around much. Still doing the occasional swap, and still reading like crazy of course. I started reading some M/M lately and of course love Ty & Zane (Cut & Run series). Have you read them? Read any good time travel books lately? I'm always looking for new good ones. I got a Netgalley copy of a book called "Murder in Time" by Julie McElwain. I'm really hoping that it's good! The last YA series that I read that I really loved was Pawn by Aimee Carter. I recommend it if you haven't read it already.

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Hello! I love books and reading (as I'm sure all of us in the group do)! I hope you like the pictures that I have chosen. I recently started my master's in library science degree, so I've focused my pictures on libraries and librarians.

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