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The Naked Journal Experiment

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Swap Coordinator:wokeupmissing (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Letters & Writing  Journals 
Number of people in swap:6
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.95
Last day to signup/drop:March 2, 2014
Date items must be sent by:June 2, 2014
Number of swap partners:5

This swap will be for a traveling journal. The journal which you send out, nearly empty, will return to you full. Actual number of partners will be adjusted, depending on amount of people to sign up, just before swap closes.

We'll each be putting together a light journal that is durable enough to withstand its naked travels through the postal system. The journal can be whatever size you'd like, but must not cost more than $2 first class, initially, to send.

Once we've picked out our journals, we will make a check list of where it will travel (the list will be determined by the order your partners are assigned). Once you've included all your partners and their contact info, make sure to add yourself at the end so your journal can be returned to you. The first partner you are assigned should be checked off your travel list and addressed to on the front or back cover of your journal. Each person to follow will then check off their name and cover up that address with the next person's info, before sending it off.

Each person will have each journal, to do with it what they will, for a week. Use it as a diary, planner, art journal, junk journal, catch all, etc. Once you receive & send a journal, come back here and leave a comment, so we can attempt to keep track of where our journals are.

This swap is opened to experienced USA swappers with a 4.95+ rating, no 1s or 3s within the last year, and at least 50 type 3 swaps.

This will be a commitment, so if you have any doubts that you'll be able to see it through until the end, please do not join.

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to send me a message day or night and I'll respond ASAP.

WARNING: This swap is an experiment and may be a complete failure. If your journal makes it home, PLEASE make sure to rate the people that helped get it there.


LunaMoody 02/16/2014 #

so for this swap we have to make 15 journals then????

wokeupmissing 02/17/2014 #

@user8179 ..no, you're making one journal that will be passed around to all the participants. The number of partners will be changed on the last day of signups, just before I hit the assign partners button.

Wingy 02/17/2014 #

to be mailed without a package cover ?

wokeupmissing 02/17/2014 #

@wingy ..correct. Address and postage should go directly on the journal.

lynnerfb 02/18/2014 #

My post office will never go for this. I will have to send in an envelope.

Wingy 02/18/2014 #

i am in i think lolol going to sign up and see what happens

wokeupmissing 02/18/2014 #

@lynnerfb ..why wouldn't your post office go for it? I've done it with a Wreck This Journal book and it came home just fine. Also had someone send me a small notebook the same way. I've sent stranger things without a package...dolls, crazy CD/Sharpie thing I put together, one of those big plastic Easter eggs, etc. Have you tried to send anything, other than a postcard, without a package?

Wingy 02/19/2014 #

what size? thanks

wokeupmissing 02/19/2014 #

@wingy ..probably something between 4x6 and 8.5x11. It MUST be $2 or less to ship First Class, though, so keep that in mind.

Wingy 02/19/2014 #

awesome...found one ....cant wait..sounds exciting

TracyLee 02/23/2014 #

I not quite certain about how the journal can be made to mail naked?

wokeupmissing 02/25/2014 #

@tracylee ..anything can be mailed naked. Just address it, stamp it, and maybe put a little tape on it to keep it closed and send away.

For anyone that is interested in joining, but has never sent anything other than postcards naked, I'd be happy to do a private swap with you to ensure you that it can be done. Just send me a message ASAP, so we can get something set up before signups close.

lynnerfb 02/27/2014 #

Found a good journal that will work , ready to go.

grandmaroro 03/ 1/2014 #

Well, I really tried not to do this but I just can't resist. I love journals and I love naked mail - so much fun. I'm in. My only issue is that I will be out of state for about a week for family issues - but will do my best to not miss a deadline. If you prefer I don't join because of this, please let me know. Thanks.

midteacher 03/ 1/2014 #

Just went to: http://postcalc.usps.com/ and the journal must weight less than 2 oz in order to mail $2 or less.That is not a lot of paper considering each person will have it a week to fill. The only thing I could find was a mini composition journal to fit. Trying to figure out what the rest of you are using in order to meet the requirements.

wokeupmissing 03/ 1/2014 #

As long as you keep it under 1/4 inch thick, you should be able to mail it as a large letter and that will allow it to be around 5 ounces to keep it around $2.

ashleymcg 03/ 3/2014 #

are we supposed to do the first few pages of our own journals or just send it with only the addresses??

KarenLaneWV 03/ 3/2014 #

OK, got everyone's name and address... here goes! I'm wondering just what the post office is going to do when I come in with this. I know the 2 women who work in our little post office and I think I'll tell them they can look at it when it comes back in June! I'm sure they think I'm nuts NOW...lol

Wingy 03/ 4/2014 #

mailed it tiday $1.19 yepppp

grandmaroro 03/ 4/2014 #

I'm still trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do. Guess I'll just take a deep breath and do whatever I want.

wokeupmissing 03/ 5/2014 #

I'm so glad you guys are taking a leap of faith on this one and are just going for it.

@grandmaroro ..I'll message you.

@wingy ..great job on keeping it inexpensive!

I'm so excited to see what everyone found to use for this and to see everyone's work.

grandmaroro 03/ 6/2014 #

@wokeupmissing --- have not received a message yet.

grandmaroro 03/ 6/2014 #

@Wingy I received your wonderful journal today. Will post again when I send it off.

KarenLaneWV 03/ 6/2014 #

Lady at the post office put some tape on mine to hold it closed and wasn't sure the spiral binding would hold up. She said it will be interesting to see what it looks like when I get it back! Should be fun to get involved in all these!!

ashleymcg 03/ 6/2014 #

Sent my journal today to @grandmaroro

grandmaroro 03/ 7/2014 #

Just sent my journal off to @wokeupmissing It is a 5" x 8 1/4" moleskin and cost only $1.61. YaY!!!

grandmaroro 03/ 7/2014 #

Oh --- and @ashleymcg I'll post when I receive yours. Next week will be a busy one for me - two journals to work in and a 3 yr. old granddaughter to babysit. I'll get them out as quickly as I can.

wokeupmissing 03/ 8/2014 #

@grandmaroro ..mine is on its way to you, as well. Guessing we're each going to have multiples in our possession at some point. If you need more than a week to put the effort into each journal that you'd like, just keep us updated.

Wingy 03/ 9/2014 #

are we supposed to be rating each other?

wokeupmissing 03/ 9/2014 #

@wingy ..yes, once you receive a journal, rate the person it came from...not the owner, but the actual person that passed it on to you.

wokeupmissing 03/10/2014 #

@grandmaroro ..received your journal, today! So excited to get to it.

grandmaroro 03/11/2014 #

WOW! I am now up to three journals and I have a three-year- 24/7 this week and somewhere along the way, I have to do the laundry and pack for a trip to KY (I live in TX) to process the household of a brother-in-law, driving not flying!!!

The journals I have are from Yvonne Sotelo, Jamie J, and Ashley McGriffin. So I understand that I am to rate as I receive each journal? I haven't been. So sorry. If that is true, I will catch up.

Folks, I am 70 and I don't work so fast anymore. I figure a week for each journal will be lovely. If that upsets anyone - my apologies. Had I known I was going to be bombarded with journals to get back out in a week, I don't think I would have joined in the first place. Thank God there weren't 45 partners! Please bear with me, I'm guessing that I have two more coming. I will work on them in the order that I received them.

grandmaroro 03/11/2014 #

Thanks @wokeupmissing for letting me know. I forgot to put the date sent - sorry --- I will do that later.

wokeupmissing 03/12/2014 #

@grandmaroro that works for me, as that's what we would have had if we received one journal at a time. Yes, go head and rate whenever you receive a journal, or whenever you get the chance. Sounds like you're going to be crazy busy for the next few weeks, so good luck. If you could send them out as you finish them, that would be grand. Or if you'd rather pass and have it come back to you, that is an option as well.

EVERYONE ELSE: please be patient, a journal will be on it's way to you, eventually. If we do this again, I will assign partners myself.

grandmaroro 03/13/2014 #

@Wingy I just sent your journal off to ---- Oh Good Grief. Your journal is on its way back to you. Why? Because you are my next partner to send to. I did so without cross-checking the swap-bot name against the names on my address list. Guess that's what happens when you are just too tired. My sincere apologies. I will refund your postage for having to send it again. The other two journals that I have will wait until I return. If the others arrive while I'm gone, I promise to do my best to keep it straight. Thank you all for your patience.

grandmaroro 03/14/2014 #

Just back from Temple, where I went for my 6 week check-up on my Carotid Artery Surgery. I am FINE! ! !

Now, hahaha - I received two more journals today --- well, of course I did. That's all folks. I will take a sketchbook with me in case I have a good idea for a production line assembly. I think I could do that with collage and give it my best effort. If I scrap that idea, I may go with jotting down themes - at least that will give me a direction. Love y'all Take care. Be back in a week.

grandmaroro 03/15/2014 #

Heading to KY now - will be off the computer for the coming week. I will get the journals out as quickly as possible when I get back. I look forward to working on them and hope everyone will be pleased. Have a good one y'all.

Wingy 03/16/2014 #

got back MY own journal from grandmaroro on saturday..... but i have it ready to mail out tomorrow to Jamie.... monday

Wingy 03/16/2014 #

oopppsss forgot: grandmaroro did a fantastic job on the pages that she filled in for me ..WOW great job thanks..

wokeupmissing 03/18/2014 #

@grandmaroro s journal is on its way to @wingy as if yesterday morning.

Wingy 03/20/2014 #

recvd grandmaroro journal today..... will post when i mail out

wokeupmissing 03/21/2014 #

Received Yvonne's journal, today!

midteacher 03/23/2014 #

I don't understand why Granmaroro has so many journals? Did the computer make her 1st on everyone's list?

grandmaroro 03/23/2014 #

@midteacher that answer would be , "yes".

Hello again, I'm baaack and exhausted. Will write more when I get some sleep.

Wingy 03/25/2014 #

Mailed it out today

grandmaroro 03/27/2014 #

@wokeupmissing - Since your journal is small, I have completed it first. @midteacher requested that I send her a journal ASAP, as she wanted to take it on vacation to Florida. My question is: Do you mind if I send yours out of order?

grandmaroro 03/27/2014 #

I'm off to the post office before it closes. I will work in each journal in orderand mail them as I complete them from now on.

ashleymcg 03/27/2014 #

Received @grandmaroro journal today, sent to me from @Wingy !! Already started my entries in it!! Will get it off in about a week, and will be sending it too @KarenLaneWV :)

wokeupmissing 03/29/2014 #

@wingy s journal going out to @ashleymcg tomorrow morning.

grandmaroro 04/ 3/2014 #

Good grief - I don't know why I did not mark this swap sent but I didn't. I HAVE NOW.

ALSO, I have not rated that I received a journal - I will go do that now. Sorry guys.

grandmaroro 04/ 3/2014 #

At least one journal will go out in tomorrow's mail. Just want to finish it tonight. I really am trying ladies.

grandmaroro 04/ 4/2014 #

@wokeupmissing today @ashleymcg s journal went in the mail headed your way. Hope to get the other two out next week. Have a good weekend.

ashleymcg 04/ 5/2014 #

Sending @grandmaroro journal to @KarenLaneWV

Received @wingy journal from @wokeupmissing and will be sending it off to @KarenLaneWV in about a week! :)

I also just want to say that if we rate the people that send us journals we will not be rating everyone. Because as you see I am sending two journals to @KarenLaneWV So she would be rating me twice in theory, and at least not be receiving from one person. Does that make sense??

grandmaroro 04/ 5/2014 #

@ashleymcg - I, too, have been wondering how the ratings would work. This was a lovely idea, but.......

wokeupmissing 04/ 8/2014 #

Received @ashleymcg s journal. Will post when I send on.

@ashleymcg ..yeah, I see. Well, just rate as we go and when the journals return we can finish rating the people that we haven't rated.

I realize this swap isn't like most and isn't as by the book and has gotten pretty messed up, but it was an experiment (see WARNING). However, if everyone does their part, we should all receive something pretty fun in the end.

ashleymcg 04/11/2014 #

@wokeupmissing Either way its still fun, and I would even love to see another swap like it in the future. I am having fun seeing what others have done in the journals and decorating as I receive them. I was just curious is all.. :)

KarenLaneWV 04/11/2014 #

received journal from @ashleymcg today, - it came in my mailbox WET...mailman must have dropped it. As soon it dries out, I'll work on it and send it on it's way. Luckily, it's not really damaged but the water has stained the blank pages (unless that fades when it dries out)...this looks like it is going to be fun!

grandmaroro 04/11/2014 #

KarenLaneWV - I have been so excited to get my journal back, it is very distressing to hear that it arrived WET. :-(

wokeupmissing - I put a journal in the mail to you, KarenLaneWV's. I have one more that I hope to get in the mail early next week. I have truly enjoyed working in these, and would definitely be open to another swap.

grandmaroro 04/11/2014 #

Oh - the last journal that I have belongs to midteacher.

Wingy 04/12/2014 #

I havent had one in about 3 weeks i think.... Anxiously waiting ...

grandmaroro 04/13/2014 #

midteacher's journal will go in tomorrow's mail to wokeupmissing. Now, I am anxiously awaiting my own journal's arrival back home.

Sincerest thanks to all of you for participating and working in my journal. I hope you are pleased with the pages I did in yours.

grandmaroro 04/14/2014 #

@wokeupmissing the last journal went in the mail as promised. Enjoy

wokeupmissing 04/18/2014 #

Just picked up @midteacher and @KarenLaneWV s journals last night on my way home from work. Am just about done with @ashleymcg s. Will have it in the post tomorrow afternoon. And then I can get to working on these other two.

Wingy 04/21/2014 #

recvd ashleys journal today

KarenLaneWV 04/22/2014 #

ok, sent out the journal that I received wet and I received another one (from ashley) (Yvonne's journal). Sorry it took so long with the first one but it took a while to get it dried out.

Wingy 04/25/2014 #

mailed ashelys journal out today to Karen

wokeupmissing 04/29/2014 #

@wingy @midteacher s journal will be on its way to you this afternoon, after I pick up my car. Will have @KarenLaneWV s sent out when it dries.

wokeupmissing 04/30/2014 #

Sent out KarenLaneWV's & picked up grandmaroro's, the wet one, again. Will add another page or two and fix my originals and send it to midteacher (I don't believe she has had it yet), then it should be on its way home!

KarenLaneWV 04/30/2014 #

Sending Ashley's journal to Diane tomorrow. One thing for sure, it costs more than $2 to mail them once we start stuffing them!! lol

Wingy 05/ 1/2014 #

Are we rating our buddies?

Wingy 05/ 3/2014 #

today i recvd the journal from wokeupmissing....it belongs to midteacher

grandmaroro 05/ 5/2014 #

Sincere thanks to all who have worked and re-worked on my journal.

Wingy 05/ 7/2014 #

Recvd the journal that belongs to Karen .... I have 2 now... They will both go out on friday my regular postoffice day...

Wingy 05/ 9/2014 #

Mailed 2 books to ashley today

grandmaroro 05/12/2014 #

Has anyone received from @midteacher She hasn't posted in weeks.

ashleymcg 05/20/2014 #

I received two journals from @wingy

I received @midteacher journal and will be sending it to @KarenLaneWV in approximately 1 week!

I also received @KarenLaneWV journal and sending it to @midteacher and should also have out in a week!

Both these journals will be sent to their last stop before heading home to the owners!! :)

wokeupmissing 05/26/2014 #

Just picked my journal up. Not sure why it has made it back to me, seeing as it looks to have only visited 3 people, but it's fun to see the progress nonetheless. Will have it sent out to @Wingy in tomorrow's post.

This is the second journal I've received that hasn't traveled to everyone. I'm guessing it is because they were sent a little out of order. Before sending any journals home, please take a peak at the address list in the journal to make sure it seems like everyone has had a turn to contribute to it.

midteacher 05/27/2014 #

Because I'm last on the list journals are arriving daily. @gandmaroro s came wet and I can't get it dry. I have it sitting out open in the sun but the humidity is so high it is slow going. @wingy s will go out today as will ahleymag. These are the 3 I have right now.

grandmaroro 05/28/2014 #

midteacher - have you completed your work in my journal? If so, put a sheet of waxed paper between the wet pages and send it on. I have heat guns and I think I can dry it with those. If you would rather not, that's fine too. Just don't stress over it. Think of the anticipation on this end.

OMG - I am beside myself. LOL

Thanks again, everyone, for working in my journal.

wokeupmissing 05/29/2014 #

Wondering why @grandmaroro s keeps arriving wet. Anyone else receive any wet journals?

wokeupmissing 05/29/2014 #

I'm an idiot and failed to put enough postage on the journal I just sent out. It is now on its way with the appropriate amount of postage to make it to its next destination. If I could ask a HUGE favor...Please try not to cover up the Vintage Circus stamps...too much...only if possible, of course.

Wingy 05/30/2014 #

Recvd my own journal back in todays mail...from MidTeacher... It appears that everyone has worked in it....thank you ladies.... I love your work....

midteacher 06/ 1/2014 #

Grandmaroro- appreciate that you are anxious to get this back but when paper is wet, you cant' glue or tape in it so I had to wait until it got dry. The bottom corner is still damp but dry enough for the BEACONs 3 in 1 to work. This will go out in the mail tomorrow. Because of above, I only did 1 2-page spread.

grandmaroro 06/ 1/2014 #

I LOVE Journals and journal swaps, but this has to be my last.
Has my journal been wet since April 11???

Wingy 06/ 2/2014 #

Recvd a journal from WojeUpMissing.....

Wingy 06/ 3/2014 #

That should say Wokeupmissing ... Sorry

Wingy 06/ 3/2014 #

Oh... I already rated everyone ....

grandmaroro 06/ 5/2014 #

My journal arrived home today. Again, I thank you all for working in it. I rated everyone some time ago, but I have only been rated by @wokeupmissing and @Wingy Folks, it is not my fault how this all worked out. I do hope everyone gets an awesome journal back.

Wingy 06/ 8/2014 #

mailed wokeupmissing journal to Ashley on friday 6/6

ashleymcg 06/18/2014 #

Got @wokeupmissing journal! will be mailing it to her when done! :)

KarenLaneWV 06/19/2014 #

ok, I finally got onto swap-bot.NET after not being able to access swap-bot.COM other than once in the past 2 weeks. What a mess. I've had other troubles with the site and when they emailed me to try the .net, it seems to have solved my problems with the website. How weird is that. Anyhow, I've rated everyone (late) - midteacher and I are now working on each others journals and then we'll both be finished. This has been great fun, really. (and I have NO idea about the one journal that kept getting wet. I know it took over a week to dry here before I could work on it and it was dry when I sent it out... it must have followed every rainstorm along the way!)... and then I'll rate midteacher!

midteacher 06/20/2014 #

I have Karen's journal. Will work on it this weekend and get it out at the top of next week.

KarenLaneWV 07/ 6/2014 #

Journal is back, safe and sound. This was fun but next time, maybe we need "raincoats" for the journals as I think at some point, all of them got wet! Mine survived intact with no real damage, though. This was a lot of fun!

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