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Candy/Sweets International Swap

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Candy/Sweets International Swap
Swap Coordinator:OyeMichi (contact)
Swap categories: Food  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:41
Last day to signup/drop:February 12, 2007
Date items must be sent by:February 26, 2007
Number of swap partners:1

Hello. Hope you're all doing well.

This is a Candy/Sweets International Swap.

You will have one (1) partner and you will send your partner a good portion of any type of sweets, candy, chocolate, cookies, little pastries, etc. You can add extra goodies if you'd like. The package should be about $15 or more worth of candy (not including shipping).

In the comments section, please add what you like or don't like and if you're allergic to anything.

New people welcome. Ratings must be good, I will be checking.

Have fun and if you have any questions, let me know.



funkykchicken 01/ 9/2007 #

I love this idea however i would prefer no pastry if my partner is international.They would spoil during the shipping time,cookies would be fine.

girlzoot 01/ 9/2007 #

I have a crazy weakness for gummi stuff. Gummi bears are the biggest fave, sour patch kids, gummi life savers, Dots, swedish fish, that kind of thing.

girlzoot 01/ 9/2007 #

Oops, meant to say if my partner is international I would love to see what kind of fun gummi stuff could be found.

OyeMichi 01/ 9/2007 #

Funkychickenoriginals: I meant "little pastries" as in the ones that are pre-packaged, so they don't spoil :-) Not the stuff you get at the bakeries. Hope it helps!

user4401 01/11/2007 #

gosh any kind of candy for me but i do really love marshmellows though...

funkykchicken 01/15/2007 #

Sorry didn't think of the packaged kind i was thinking of pastry shops.As for candy please no








I do like most pastry's,caramels,tootsie rolls,chocolates and flavors raspberry being my true favorite.Hope i didn't sound to picky.

suzyinblue 01/20/2007 #

ooo, delicious idea. i like oreos, peanut butter choccies, dark and milk chocolate. curious to see what goodies get to me! and from where!:)

Embla 01/24/2007 #

I'm probably going to sound realy stupid now, but are you alowed to send candy to other countries? I've sent candy before, but have always "hid it", wraped up in something else. And "forgott" to mention the candy in the list of the content. How do you do it? I would love to join, as i LOVE candy... :-)

HollyGolightly 01/25/2007 #

Hi! I don't really like gummis, that is, unless you're willing to make sure they don't have gelatine (gelatin) in them. Basically vegetarian candies, please! No lard, gelatin, etc. I love dark chocolate and marzipan.

HollyGolightly 01/25/2007 #

Oops! Forgot to say I would ove exotic or international things if it's at all possible!

hookedonstring1 01/26/2007 #

No allergies here. Love candy of all kinds!

user4896 01/27/2007 #

I'm easygoing. I don't love dark / white chocolate(s), but I don't mind them from countries other than the US, if you happen to be international. I do, however, love KinderSurprise/KinderEggs! :)

user5925 01/27/2007 #

Hi, i'm a swap-bot-newbie :-) an this swap sounds very funny to me... I just signed up and i hope, someone likes to have some goodies from Germany ;-)

FarStarr 01/27/2007 #

My husband is the candy hound so anything I don't love either he or my daughter will. They both love sour stuff. I love gummies. Chocolate is always good...whatever looks good in your neck of the woods! We're easy!

user5938 01/27/2007 #

this is my first swap and i'm really excited. i'll try anything sweet, but i have a difficult time with licorice flavored items. bleck i'd love to have - and plan to send - some truly regional goodies.

handmadebyvera 01/28/2007 #

Hi! I don't like chocolate.

funkykchicken 01/28/2007 #

Margee Green where are the best places to find vegetarian candy.Are there any specific brands?Could you possibly list what you can have just in case i get your name?

user5753 01/29/2007 #

Hello im asking no sour or hot candy please thank you =]

user5982 01/30/2007 #

Hi! This is my first swap. I'm new to swapbot and I love candy. Please no peanut butter or marshmallow items or cookies. I love gummis and fruit flavored candy, dark chocolate, licorice, and sours. Thanks!

Lunaria 01/31/2007 #

I hope I get someone from another country because I love trying new things that you can't get here, regional specialties, etc. Don't like sour, hot spicy, or gummies,

but do like

good chocolate, nuts, especially hazelnuts, sesame seeds, coconut, licorice and allsorts, cookies of any kind, mint lentils,

and for US only folks: bit-o-honey, maryjanes molasses-mint saltwater taffy cowtales and caramel creams grapefruit jelly beans

That should be plenty to choose from!

shopinc 02/ 1/2007 #

I would love to get some Tootsie Rolls (original chocolate, or fruit. Either is fine with me).

Tim Tams too if they have it in your country.

I love gummies, marshmallows, cookies, dark chocolate.

ElizabethObviously 02/ 1/2007 #

For me:

I LIKE: chocolate hazelnuts carmel peanut butter

( if you mix all of those that would be....drool )

DISLIKE: hard candy white choclate dark chocolate gummies

IF you stick to chocolate that would be easiest!

carolhiggy 02/ 2/2007 #

I love dark chocolate. I think sticking to candy is the easiest for me. I don't particularly like nuts and gummies and no licorice (allergy). I like cookies but I am not a pastry person. I hope to get someone international, I think it would be cool to try different chocolates.

swapperk 02/ 3/2007 #

Hi Everyone, all I can say is MILK CHOCOLATE!....but I can also say Gummies, penny candy type stuff, British are my faves - as I miss them!!! The only thing I don't like are truffles, and very rich chocolate, as well as Lindt stuff, or black licorice.

pgk 02/ 4/2007 #

Hi, I'm so excited that I found this site. I just happen to get another load of recycled magazines from a friend and on one page in Quick & Simple, I read about it. I'm new as of today, 2/5 and have signed up for a couple of swaps. As far as candy goes....I love most anything especially chocolate. I love swedish fish also. Nuts and coconuts are wonderful too. No allergies for me...woohooooooooooo. :o)

user5597 02/ 5/2007 #

pat Hello I am French! I would like to discover delicacies of your countries. I am not difficult, I have 3 wire with which to divide. I adore liquorice, the marsh mallows., the bars with the chocolate….I do not like: what is with the coffee and the black chocolate. So long pat.

user4914 02/ 7/2007 #

Hi from Australia! I hope I get an overseas partner to make the swap more fun. I like chocolate (milk and white), mint, caramel, coffee flavoured, peanut brittle or other nut candy, anything different from what we can get here or interesting. I DO NOT like anything cherry flavoured, sour or gummi. Cant wait, getting hungry now!!

Sharlzie 02/ 8/2007 #

Hi Melly, I just read your comment. I'm from Australia too and just thought that I'd let you know of this link as there are certain things (like nuts, seeds etc.) that are not allowed to be sent into Australia. You might want to let your partner know ;-)http://www.daff.gov.au/content/output.cfm?ObjectID=92E664D1-A012-4F8C-A481E22DE6759942

wifemotherslave 02/ 8/2007 #

Hello: I am so excited for this swap! I am a chocolate fiend. I love chocolate with or with out nuts,coconut, peanut butter, caramel, but I do not like fruit or fruit creams in my chocolate. I do like fruity things like, gummi stuff,marshmellows, I am very intrested to see what comes my way!

user4540 02/ 8/2007 #

Hi swappers!

Please no: peanut butter, white chocolate, marshmallow, cookies, mints.

Please: gummi things, red or black licorice, fruit flavors, or anything sour. Something unusual/ regional would be fun.


user4338 02/ 9/2007 #

I loooove sweets! I would only ask that you not give me anything which is primarily nuts. I'm not allergic and I don't mind if they're invisibly in there, I just don't like nuts so much. Oh hey and while we're on the subject, I'm not a big fan of sour stuff, black licorice, or white chocolate.

I looooove dark dark chocolate, anything fruity or marshmallow or minty or caramel or marzipan. I also like to be surprised, so if I didn't mention that I don't like it, I'm sure I'll love it! Whoever my swapper is, thank you in advance!

user5512 02/10/2007 #

Hi, I love milk chocolate and dark chocolate, but I don't like chocolates with fruit cream centers. I love fruity candy though like gummies, Starburst, etc. Cherry is a favorite flavor of mine. Also, no black licorice please.

nylelyn23 02/10/2007 #

Hi! Umm. I'm new here. And I don't really know how to go about doing this but, I'd love to try some American candy and chocolates. No alcohol or any meat in em please. I'd love to try Tootsie Rolls and Reese's peanut butter stuff, or Hershey's Brownies. (=

Singapore is where I'm from and it's got loads and loads of chocolates, Japanese biscuits and candies, gummies, and whanots. From Cadbury to Meiji to Haribo to whatever. You name it. (= You won't be disappointed. Hope you can help me with this and we'll think of a good deal together alright. Love, elyn

user6228 02/11/2007 #

Hi. I'm new to the site, and just signed up for a few swaps. Since I signed up my 8 yr old for the Easter swap, I thought this might be neat for my 16 yr old son who loves candy. He likes chocolate (not white), sour things, nerds, loves those cinnamon toothpicks, jelly beans.Doesn't like black licorice, marshmallows, coconut. Thanks so much!! =)

Kristin 02/11/2007 #

Hi, I don't like licorice or white chocolate. I look forward to some delicious treats! Can't wait!

cutecake 02/12/2007 #

This sounds like it will be a lot of fun, I hope I get an international partner! I love trying new and/ or unusual things!

No black licorice or anything that flavor (I like red.) I'm not a big fan of coconut.

I like pretty much anything else; gummies, chocolate...

Message me for more info if you need it. Thanks in advance.

brandigirl72 02/12/2007 #

I would like to join. I am new to swapbot but have done swaps on flickr.com

I like gummi bears, milk chocolate, fruity, sours. I am a sweets lover.

I don't like black licorice, coffee flavors, mint flavors or dark chocolate.

Also like to be surprised, so if I didn't mention that I don't like it, I'm sure I'll love it! I look forward to my swap partner.

user5976 02/12/2007 #

This swap is going to be fun! I'm excited because I'm new at this! Anyway, I love junk food! Especially little sweets and candies! I must say that I'm a chocoholic! Also, any sour candies I love aswell. I pretty much love everything and if I haven't tried it...you gotta try before you can say whether or not you do like it!

HollyGolightly 02/13/2007 #

Hey! This is a reference for vegetarian/ vegan sweets. I personally am not all that strict about milk, so I can have chocolate, but: gummies all have gelatin, so they are out skittles are out starburst are out. marshmellows are out Things people like myself CAN eat are: dark chocolate marzipan lollipops hard candies licorice (not "all-sorts") gum white chocolate and most stuff that doesn't list eggs or gelatin in the ingredients. I can always give it to my boyfriend, though, so no worries! Thanks! I can't wait to shop for people who aren't vegan, this will be fun!

carolhiggy 02/13/2007 #

How do we know are partner and where can we get their mailing address. I would like to send mine this weekend.

funkykchicken 02/13/2007 #

The hostess is suppose to assign the partners for us.I wanted to send this weekend as well.There is also someone with a 1.0 rating as well.I hope she can remove her before swap-bot automatically assigns partners.

OyeMichi 02/13/2007 #

Hi Funky: I've talked to the swapper with the low rating and partners are now assigned :-)

user5257 02/13/2007 #

HI! I wish for: chocolate, marzipan, and gummi!!!! I'm not too fond of hardcandies. Thank you in advance candy farie!

user5602 02/13/2007 #

Hi y'all! Having lived in the US I wish for Nutter Butters and Twizzlers. If you're not from the US I just wish for whatever you'd recommend. Weee can't wait! :)

OyeMichi 02/13/2007 #

I like it all.


user6013 02/13/2007 #

Nothing with nuts, or coconut, or marshmello. If your from overseas, maybe something unusuall? I also don't like pastry's with fruit, I'm a bit picky! If you have any questions, ask!

user4472 02/14/2007 #

hi All I am excited...I love chocolate...not dark I don't like that but milk chocolate and carmel. No Nuts or fruity stuff please allergic to some nuts

user4914 02/14/2007 #

Margee Green, I bought all of your treats today!! They will be in the post tomorrow but they will be coming from Australia so it will probably take about a week to get to you. I hope I have been successfull in getting all things that you are able to eat and will enjoy. I have to say my motto is quality rather than quantity and I have taken that approach so I hope you like quality =) I love everything I put in your package so hope you will too. (I also added a non-vegan Australian treat for your boyfriend!!)

JunkySweet 02/14/2007 #

I would like to get some choco gummies. they are in the tubes! I love those so so much! I hope my partner is from somewhere else other than the states. I am looking forward to getting something I never tried.

P.S. +++++shopinc+++++ I got your items, and I am sending them out this week, so you should receive them shortly. I hope you like what i have for you!

shopinc 02/14/2007 #

Thanks starlitebrite! (:

As for my partner, funkychickenoriginals, I've gotten something for you and I'm sending them out tomorrow (: Hopefully you'll like it!

beccah 02/14/2007 #

I am excited for this swap! I like jelly beans / gummi things the best, and I'm probably a bigger fan of straight on sugar than chocolate - that is its own category! :)

I'm not so fond of coconut or licorice...

Everything else I'm game!
(No allergies to worry about here!)

HollyGolightly 02/14/2007 #

Thank you Melly! So sweet of you, can't wait! I'm really glad I got an international partner.

HollyGolightly 02/14/2007 #

Also, FarStarr (hope you see this) I'm putting your package in the mail tomorrow, it should get there fast since we're both in the US.

FarStarr 02/15/2007 #

Thanks! I'll be watching for it!

sheaux 02/15/2007 #

i love hershey's almond kisses, japanese candy (especially Shigekix and Puccho), australian hard candy etc etc etc. not really into any with mint or white choc. love strawberry, peach, grape flavours! :D i also can't resist candy by various kawaii companies like Sanrio, San-X. ((:

schlabs 02/16/2007 #

To Anisa:

sending out my package today. Hope you will enjoy it.


user5257 02/16/2007 #

Schlabs, Thank You, I'll be on the look out! I'm really excited to have gotten a partner from Germany! ~Anisa

user5257 02/16/2007 #

Sheaux, i sent your package out before you posted your list. I think you will like it, I put some really fun things in there. ~Anisa

carolhiggy 02/16/2007 #

Brandi, I sent your package today. I hope you like it. I chose different items some familiar and others unique. Have fun. Carol

mimi 02/18/2007 #

i love bizzare candy-not much i wont try. if my partner is from the US i have a real thing for necco wafers and barnams animal crackers. oh and those small tubs of lucky charms-all things you can\'t get in england!

and if im lucky enough to have one the the australians- please can you include snickers pods-i was living in sydney for a bit last night and fell in love with them!!


user5574 02/19/2007 #


Your package will be sent out tomorrow! I hope you enjoy it!

FarStarr 02/20/2007 #

Katamakai, Your goodies are on their way today! Enjoy!

swapperk 02/21/2007 #

JRSloane....your box is on the way, but the post office told me about 11 days! Even though I chose the fastest route! Hope you enjoy!!

JunkySweet 02/21/2007 #

shopnic++++++++++ I just wanted to post that I sent your candies! Sorry I didnt post sooner, the post office said it will be like 4 weeks, so please dont give me a bad rating, it will jst be slow. I didnt have enough to pay for air mail, because it cost over 30.00 USD! and they said it would only be a week faster. I hope you understand. I didnt know what Tam Tams were, but I did get you tootsie rolls! I think you will love the assortment of american candies I sent. I basically sent samples of mostly every classic candy for you to try. <3 bee :O)

funkykchicken 02/22/2007 #

Thanks shopnic look forward to receiving them.

user5602 02/22/2007 #


I sent out your candy today - Enjoy!


funkykchicken 02/23/2007 #

I have to say I'm totally disappointed in the 15 pieces of candy i received.It certainly didn't add up to $15.00 worth.I'm sending the package back to the sender.

user5705 02/23/2007 #

Minty...I sent out your parcel a few days ago...postage to Finland from Canada nearly killed me!!! I hope you enjoy your Canadian sweets!

brandigirl72 02/23/2007 #

Kate (sewpatchwork),

I will be mailing your package tomorrow. It will be coming from the US so I hope it dosen't take to long to get to you. I had fun shopping for your treats and I hope you enjoy.


brandigirl72 02/23/2007 #

Carol Kitty,

Thanks again for the package. It got here so quick!! I am getting over my cold and can taste again and enjoyed trying all the treats and so did my kids.

Thanks again...Brandi

user5512 02/26/2007 #

Emily Harrison, I just sent out your package to you. I hope it gets to you in good condition and I hope you like all the goodies I picked out. I was surprised at the shipping charges to the UK, so hopefully they will take good care in shipping the package for that price. :)

pgk 02/26/2007 #


I sent your package off today. I hope you like everything.


mimi 02/28/2007 #

hi ordinaryangel- thanks! - really looking forward to it. sorry about the shipping charges, they are insane! i was sending a care package to my friend who is travelling in sri lanka, and the postage cost more than the contents!

brandigirl72 02/28/2007 #

I already recieved my package and I sent a package to my partner but I was looking at the complete list of participants and noticed there was still a bunch of people that haven't sent their packages out and the deadline has passed. Is this normal? This is my first swap and I was just curious if this was normal? Thanks.

beccah 02/28/2007 #

Sandra - Your package is leaving my house tomorrow - I'll be shipping global priority - hope you like it! -Becca

user4896 02/28/2007 #

Michi - your package is en route, I'm sorry, I was out of town.

sheaux 03/ 1/2007 #

i mailed my package last sunday, just didn't have time to come here to update! :D

carolhiggy 03/ 1/2007 #

I had to respond to Brandi's message, I am worried about not gettting a package. I sent Brandi's package off right away and she is enjoying it. What happens if someone doesn't send a package? This is my first swap and I thought it was pretty fair. I hope I didn't end up with someone who is a flake. I had lots of fun picking out goodies for Brandi and I was hoping to get a package myself to get the same feeling of joy but it hasn't happened. If this is the way these swaps work, I might not participate if there is going to be disappointment.

beccah 03/ 1/2007 #

Sandra - Your package is on its way! pgk - your package arrived! Thank you very much - I am already sampling everything! -becca

pgk 03/ 2/2007 #


Wow!!! My kids and I opened your package today...yummmm!!! Thank you so much for all your goodies!!!


Kristin 03/ 2/2007 #

Handmadebyvera, I received my totally cool package from you today. You can't imagined how pleased I was to find out I had an international partner! Have been sampling all evening. Thanks again!

user5597 03/ 4/2007 #

PAT Help me! I have just received my parcel, I am trés happy. But I cannot thank… it does not have there a small word with the name!! Then thank you you which live in Abbottstown. of stalemate the Frenchwoman.

user5207 03/ 5/2007 #

Jen K. I received your package last week and it was wonderful :D I've never tasted maple candies before and always wanted to. And now I'm positively hooked! I guess I need to make a trip to Canada :)

user5982 03/ 5/2007 #


I sent your candy and I'm glad you liked it!

This was my first swap and no one sent me anything. My partner was alesha howard. Please don't let her sign up for any more swaps. I spent over $35 with shipping and she couldn't be bothered.

user5574 03/ 5/2007 #

To those who haven't received a box yet, I just received mine today and it's only been a few days since the swap ended! Try contacting your partner (that rate your partner will say who it is) and seeing what the hold up is!

Karla 03/ 8/2007 #

Dear all,

What does it mean if the profile of my swap partner "sasha" has been deleted? Does that mean my partner just disappeared and that I do not get anything? I am really disappointed cause it was much fun getting stuff to sent out and now I won't get anything. That's my last swap then!

Best, Karla

P.S.: How sent stuff to sasha? There's no chance redirecting that box to me, is there?

carolhiggy 03/ 8/2007 #

Kar_la I have the same problem. I had lots of fun getting stuff for Brandi and now Whitemotherslave hasn't sent me anything. I don't think it is fair that some people who signed up for this swap didn't send anything. Is there any chance to get anything now? This will be my last swap dealing with goodies. Enjoy people.

swapperk 03/ 9/2007 #

As Kar_la is sending me my swap package, I have decided to send her a package of Canadian sweets -- even though I already sent a package to my partner, I don't think it is fair that someone gets nothing due to a partner deleting their name. I encourage anyone else who is in the same situation to do the same, and for others in this swap to pay attention to the messages posted here, or on other swaps, and become a "swap angel" without anyone asking you. Thanks everyone!!

user5925 03/16/2007 #

:-( :-( :-( :-( Looks like i'm a totally looser in this swap grmpf Sereniti, who has to send me my package, is deleted and didn't send anything and Alesha Howard to whom i sent a really cool collection of sweeties is deleted to and gave me no rating. That's no fun ...

swapperk 03/19/2007 #

Kar-la I got your package today, it is super, thanks so very much! Let me know when you get your goodie box from me!

Karla 03/24/2007 #

Hi Kirsty,

I received your parcel yesterday. Thank you so much. I'm enjoying it. See my blog http://chaoskueche.twoday.net for pictures.

Best, Kar_la

carolhiggy 03/26/2007 #

Kar-la...I got your box of goodies...good stuff. I hope you get yours soon. I did send it last week with lots of my favorite stuff!!! Carol

user5602 04/ 2/2007 #

I never received anything and I've written her 3 times... no reply! I think it's so unfair...

Rebekah1725 06/13/2009 #

I am looking for candies called Neapolitans: they are taffy with chocolate, coconut, and strawberry. You can sometime get them with bulk candy, but I cannot not find them in Ohio. Is there anyone out there that can exchange Neapolitans for other candy?

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