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international sassy sock yarn swap

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international sassy sock yarn swap
Swap Coordinator:todsahonchik (contact)
Swap categories: Yarn 
Number of people in swap:53
Last day to signup/drop:February 13, 2007
Date items must be sent by:February 23, 2007
Number of swap partners:1

I love wild colored or patterned sock yarn and I haven't seen a sock yarn swap for quite a while. Here's the deal: Send one skein of "sassy" sock yarn (however you may interpret this) to a partner. Must be enough yardage to make an adult pair of socks. No acrylics please, only yarn store quality yarn. Please leave a message in the "message box" if you have allergies, hate a certain color, prefer vegan type yarn, etc. Thanks... PS I will ban swappers with more than one no-send in their ratings. So sorry but I want everyone to have fun and receive something.

internationals welcome


Paula 01/12/2007 #

I'm a sock yarn junkie, so I couldn't resist this. Any color/pattern will be great for me, as long as I don't have to hand wash the socks.

user5020 01/13/2007 #

I love sock yarn, any brand, any color way, not allergic to anything. My favorite colors purples, greens, blacks, and red but they don't all have to be together in the same skein

todsahonchik 01/13/2007 #

I am happy with anything. Now that Peety mentions it, I'd prefer a machine washable sock yarn, too.

jamaicamom 01/14/2007 #

Ditto on the machine washable. I like all colors for socks. Wow, this is great fun! Can we send candy and a pattern too?

todsahonchik 01/14/2007 #

Oh, wouldn't that be nice?! I think I'll leave extra treats up to the partner, but you know... swappers are so kind, they usually send along a little something. Hope things are going well for you, Ann! Thanks for joining the swap.

nifferjjl1980 01/15/2007 #

I've attempted socks once! didn't get very far. If my partner happens to have a pattern for thicker yarn :) on larger needles :) that'd be great!

knitwillis 01/15/2007 #

I hate to admit, but I'm a sock yarn junkie. I'm allergic to bulky wool, but I don't seem to have a problem with sock yarn. I like the fingering weight sock yarns rather than the DK weights. I'm open to any colors.

todsahonchik 01/15/2007 #

Niffer... I have a VERY simple sock pattern I can send you if you e-mail me with your contact info.

wendyswoolies 01/18/2007 #

I would love to take part in this as I am a serial sock knitter/yarn buyer but, alas, I am in the UK. I appreciate that some people don't want to pay for International postage but it is a bit sad to be excluded.....:(

todsahonchik 01/18/2007 #

What do you think, swappers? I'm flexible... should we open it up to internationals? I bet they have some great yarn! let me know what you think.

user4010 01/19/2007 #

I'd love to be international. It's not that expensive to send a skein of yarn across the pond. Of course an international partner may mean you wouldn't get a lot of "extras" thrown in (due to the increase in postage price with weight) but I would still happily swap.

todsahonchik 01/19/2007 #

Thanks for your replies. All but one swapper was enthusiastic about going international, so here we are.

user5020 01/19/2007 #

Great! More possiblities for differnt sock yarns. I just love yarn. I am trying to decide where to buy it, so many shops on line and then add the ones on Esty, lol maybe I'll have to put all the possible ones on a piece of paper and draw one out randomly.

wendyswoolies 01/20/2007 #

Thanks so much for making this International!!! I will be trying to find some suitably English goodies to send and look forward to getting something exciting in return.

OK - for me ANY type of sock yarn is great, the more wild the better! For me details on me and my preferences check my blog www.wendyswoolies.com

MrsQ 01/21/2007 #

Yay - more yarn! Machine washable would be nice, but isn't necessary - I'd hate to miss out on something fabulous because of it...If there's something local to you that you'd like to show off, that would be cool - if not, that's just fine too! I'm not terribly picky about fibers/colours, but see my profile if you want more details. (And welcome to the international swappers!)

arentyouthatgirl 01/22/2007 #

The only preference I have is that I receive:


Beautiful, wonderful, knitable


Yeah, I know - I'm easy!

Mimiwonton 01/22/2007 #

I'm a sock yarn junkie too and am excited about this swap! I do usually machine wash/dry mine, but if it's really cool, different yarn I could be convinced to hand-wash!

user4479 01/22/2007 #

I'm in!

I'm vegetarian, and I prefer no silk, but other than that I'm open to pretty much whatever. My favorite colors are blue and purple. :D

todsahonchik 01/22/2007 #

animal fibers are ok?

user5020 01/22/2007 #

For me any fiber is ok .... but now icky acrylic.

lcove2000 01/26/2007 #

I am not too fussy, but would prefer animal fibers as my feet sweat too much with acrylics, Thanks!

todsahonchik 01/26/2007 #

The reason I asked about animal fibers is that many vegan knitters don't believe in using them. They use soy fibers, bamboo, basically plant based fibers.


user4479 01/29/2007 #

Wool and such are fine with me, I'm not vegan just vegetarian. Most of my favorite yarns are wool-nylon blends.

Winnie 01/30/2007 #

Hi! I love knitting too, but I dont know how to do socks. that´s the reason why I dont sign up to this swap.(I dont understand the patterns I have) (Sorry my poor english, I speak spanish) If somebody could give me an easy pattern to start to learn, I will be very happy, and maybe I could participate in the future :p I wanna comment that natural fibers are good to make feet dont sweat. Ej: Cotton (algodón)(The best), silk(seda), viscosa, Line (lino). So you could make the back of the sock cotton made and the top of the sock another fiber made. (I dont know if you understand what I mean. Do Somebody speak spanish? :p) What animal fibers there are in your country? In my country i think there are only rabbit wool,lamb wool, alpaca wool. Rabbit fiber is the most expensive. MOST. (But is so soft!!) Well, Im happy to have found this site to share with other people in differents country the same passion. I was thinking that every day less people love knitting, but Now, (thanks globalization) I can see that I was wrong. Good Luck, and enjoy youre knit!

silver2knit 02/ 1/2007 #

I'm a newbie - completed one swap and I'm waiting for the second to close so I can send it off. How do I get to join this one?! I have a large storage box of wonderful sock yarn I'd like to share!!!

todsahonchik 02/ 1/2007 #

Just log-in and click "Sign up for this Swap"

ChefSheela 02/ 1/2007 #

I too would love a "Beginner" pattern for socks. I'm already in love with yarn, so I'm signing up! When I get my yarn, I'll take the plunge and learn to make socks!!!

ChefSheela 02/ 1/2007 #

Oh, I forgot to include... I Love RED!, but any color would be fine. Although I'm not a fan of pink or yellow. And only natural fibers for me. Though no one in their right mind would actually send Acrylic would they? LOL!

user3748 02/ 1/2007 #

So the swap description says 1 skein. If 1 skein isn't enough for a pair, could we just send 2 skeins? I have tons of sassy sock yarn!

todsahonchik 02/ 1/2007 #

Sure! I guess enough yardage for a pair of adult socks.

Cassandra 02/ 1/2007 #

washable wool blend sock yarn is good for me. I would love any color except yellow, black, white, green. All others are great.

mooome7 02/ 1/2007 #

any colors are fine w/me....prefer no cotton added tho, too scratchy....something in a hank instead of a ball maybe??? am I being too greedy??? I want it all!!!!! hee hee!!!!

user2573 02/ 2/2007 #

I love all colors - no cotton blends - only washable wools please. NOTE: I have huge feet (ugh) so one 100g ball is never enough for a pair of socks for me - please please please ensure I get more than 100grams (most balls are 50g or 100g) so that I can complete my socks. Thanks !!!

todsahonchik 02/ 2/2007 #

Sorry folks but I will ban you from the swap if you have more than one no-send in your ratings. I really want everyone to have a good experience and receive something for their effort.

arentyouthatgirl 02/ 2/2007 #

Oh my! All these fine participants say they have TONS of sock yarn...

Can I come to YOUR house to play?????

DaCraftyLady 02/ 3/2007 #

Hello, I am a new swapper..I have just finished my 1st swap but have not yet been rated. This sounds like a really fun swap since I love to crochet and knit this is right up my ally...I love bright colors especially hot pink...And I just found a pattern too.. :)

user5653 02/ 4/2007 #

Yea! I have made this the year of the sock, so I cannot wait to receive some yarn. I am in the scarf knit swap (but so far no contact from my upstream :(, hope this one goes better!! I am open to all sock yarns, all colors.

user4719 02/ 5/2007 #

Socks, socks, socks! I love all colors, but perfer washable sock yarn. Then I get to wear them more often!

user5020 02/ 7/2007 #

I'm a little concerned about the timing on this swap. Date to drop is on 2/16 date Date itmes must be sent are 2/23. That is going to be tight since I try to send colors and fibers with those with preferences.

todsahonchik 02/ 7/2007 #

That's 5 days. I don't think I'm going to change it because too many people have joined up. Hopefully everyone is looking at the preferences before they buy their yarn, or they may need to keep what they purchased, which wouldn't be such a bad thing, maybe. :)

user4010 02/ 8/2007 #

I agree that 5 days is kind of tight, if we want to customize. I can still do it but it means my partner won't be getting something cool that I could order online, they'll be stuck with what I can get at my LYS.

Which isn't bad mind you... but it does limit things a tad.

No need to change... but maybe for future swaps, to think about.

todsahonchik 02/ 9/2007 #

That's true. We only have about 15 local yarn swaps and plenty of choice so I guess I should be aware of those in smaller towns or those without the wealth of fiber stores that some of us have. Thanks for the advice.

mooome7 02/ 9/2007 #

Did I miss something?? I don't recall getting a partner yet....!!

todsahonchik 02/ 9/2007 #

You'll get e-mailed a note that says "Its time to start swappin'" when the partners are picked. Not until the swap closes. Its all done automatically by computer.

TriStateLinx 02/ 9/2007 #

I have never knitted socks before and I am excited to try. I made slippers if that counts.

Zmrzlina 02/10/2007 #

You know, the "more than one no-send" rule is really unfair. I have two no-sends, both undeserved. One is from a person who herself has never sent any swap. I didn't send her the swap because I sent it to the person she was to send to so that person won't get stiffed. I don't mind stiffing a stiffer. And the second is from a person who I know got the package because I have the USPS confirmation information. She joined Swap-Bot, got bored and left, and never responded to my messages asking her why she rated me a 1.

For hosts who want to be careful about participants you should use judgment based on the comments on a person's profile, not that they have a specific number of no-sends. I've sent amazing packages, but all people seem to care about are the two no-sends in my history, which are entirely undeserved.

todsahonchik 02/10/2007 #

That's weird that someone would rate you a no-send if they received the package. I'd try to contact them and see if they would change their rating. Sorry, but I have to do my best to protect the swappers in my swap. I've been stiffed about 4 times in my short but fun swap-bot career and a lot of it was because some really flakey (and just plain mean) swappers sneaked into the swap and weren't banned. Seems like you can't please everyone in swaps.

Zmrzlina 02/11/2007 #

I did message the girl who gave me a 1 in the 10 Favorite Book swap, as I said in my previous post, many times. She never responded. And go ahead and protect your swappers, but you are missing out on including many like myself who have been unfairly rated. Basing participation purely on a number is unfair, no matter how it is justified.

user5653 02/11/2007 #

I cannot wait for this swap to start! I went to both LYS in my area and bought 2 different sets of sock yarn. Hopefully I'll send one to my partner and keep the other ;). Will have to wait and see what they prefer.

user6279 02/13/2007 #

I'm ready to join in for this swap! Count me in. I love finding yarn goodies to send to others.

knitwillis 02/13/2007 #

I have so much sock yarn, I should be able to send out right away. Yeah, except I'll be up in the Minnesota Feb 16-18 for the Knit-Out at the Mall of America. I can't wait!

bethanne 02/13/2007 #

I'm looking forward to it! I love red yarn especially!

bethanne 02/13/2007 #

I'm looking forward to it! I love red yarn especially!

user4625 02/13/2007 #

Hi! I love any color except pastels, the wilder the better. Washable is good. Looking forward to this swap!

DaCraftyLady 02/14/2007 #

Hi hockey mom-lj I am your partner and I will be putting together your package this weekend and mailing out. Looks like you have no prederences in color. I am excited about shopping for sock yarn. :)

gearncniht 02/14/2007 #

i'm happy with most any sock yarn, as long as it's soft and masculine-ishly colored. can't wait!

user5653 02/14/2007 #

Hi Debb!! I sent you a (chatty) email this morning with lots of info HA. Thanks

Now I'm going to send an email to lux2night!!

todsahonchik 02/14/2007 #

It would be so much fun if folks would post a picture of what they received/ sent here (at the top of the page where it says "upload picture". We could have a whole gallery of sock yarn to view and what could be better than that!

Have fun.

TriStateLinx 02/14/2007 #

Hi, I just learn who my partner is for this swap and she is in Norway. Hooray. This will be my first time sending abroad and I am very excited. Hege, let me know if you have any preference on yarn.

Wierdlings 02/14/2007 #

I have no allergies or color preferences and love surprises! I am so excited I get to shop!

~Wierdlings goes to the LYS

hickorie 02/14/2007 #

So excited to participate...getting my package ready to send right now. I prefer natural fibers, and earth tones. But, I love colors, and it's always exciting to get a surprise!

nifferjjl1980 02/14/2007 #

Come and join us at the Project Spectrum swap! IF you dont know what it is, here's the website that will explain it to you!


arentyouthatgirl 02/15/2007 #


You're goodies are on their way! I hope you like them!

user5020 02/16/2007 #

I sent my package today

DaCraftyLady 02/17/2007 #

I went and bought my yarn today and will be getting my package to mail out here on Sat. It looks like Monday is a holiday. I sure had fun with this.

user5653 02/17/2007 #

Mailed my package today (there is no mail Monday)enjoy lux2night :)

Kaylee 02/17/2007 #

I mailed off my package today to Norway. They estimated about 7 business days to arrive (Monday is a holiday). I hope you enjoy it, Nina!

bethanne 02/18/2007 #

I've got mine all ready to go to Canada when the Post Office opens on Tuesday! Can't wait!

DaCraftyLady 02/18/2007 #

I sent mine out Sat. It was so much fun putting it together and shopping for the yarn. I do hope my partner likes it. :)

DaCraftyLady 02/18/2007 #

Oh yeah I sent to Leslie in MI

wendyswoolies 02/19/2007 #

Posted my package off today - sent airmail so should arrive within the week. Sissie, happy to reciprocate for your package in the Afghan squares and I hope you like the yarn I\'ve sent and that you agree with me that it\'s \"Sassy\"

mooome7 02/19/2007 #

I sent my pg off saturday & forgot all about the holiday...I hope everything isn\'t too delayed!!!

AngrySpinner 02/19/2007 #

Cate! I got the package! Thank you! --Jen (aka Angry Spinner)

user6279 02/19/2007 #

Debbie B! I have your package...arrived on Sat. What awesome Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn! I posted a picture above on the gallery sideshow. :) Thanks again for the Bath & Body Works goodies, and book, as well! :) Kris in NH

tutleymutley 02/20/2007 #

I\'ve only got my swop partner\'s addy today - will get organised over the next couple days - sorrrrreeeeee

todsahonchik 02/20/2007 #

Lexy... got your lovely sock yarn. Thanks! I\'ll post a pic later in the week.

Mimiwonton 02/20/2007 #

Candace, Got my Sockotta today!! I like the colors. Thank you!

user5653 02/20/2007 #

Debb, just opened your package WOW does not come close! Thanks so much, I\'ve been eyeing up that Lorna\'s Laces yarn. My hubby is traveling to CA next week, maybe I should send him (more) yarn shopping :) This was so much fun.

mooome7 02/20/2007 #

Claudia, (Tod Sahonchik) thank you for the lovely sock yarn...it arrived today along w/the tea, the scissors & the kitty cat...all great...thanks again!!!

would love to do another yarn swap!!!can never have too much!


arentyouthatgirl 02/20/2007 #

I received BEAUTIFUL yarn today!! It is absolutely GORGEOUS! It\'s called Violets Purple Ribbon from Lisa Souza (www.lisaknit.com) I also received a lovely card and magnetic notepad (to write my yarn wish list on, I\'m sure!) as well as a tin of hot cocoa lip treat. Smells heavenly!

Now\'s the part where I have to admit the embarrassing fact that I don\'t know who sent it to me! There was no return address on the envelope and the signature looked like it could have been \"Mary\", but I didn\'t see a Mary in the list of participants. I want to add a pic, but I want to give you credit!

Silly me!!

lux2night 02/20/2007 #

hockeymom-lj sent me a fabulous package - I am going to upload a photo now!

user5020 02/20/2007 #

Deb that would be me, I am so very happy you like the yarn. Part of the proceeds of the purchase of the yarn go to cover Violet\'s medical expenses Lisa has some beautiful yarns. I am also glad you liked the lip treat, it was hard not keeping it for myself. I will just have to get some for myself.

Knitstress http://decisions-decisions-decisions.blogspot.com/

AngrySpinner 02/20/2007 #

Alison (aka motherofallneedles)--I sent your package today, from across the Pond and then across the Americas. (That is, I\'m sending it from the west coast of the US).
Hopefully, it will get there quickly! :-) --Jen (aka Angry Spinner)

tutleymutley 02/21/2007 #

Geri aka Gigi Your yarn will be in the post tomorrow - it might take its time swimming across the pond from SW England, but it\'ll be worth the wait. I hope. terri

Mimiwonton 02/22/2007 #

Tri-State Linx,

Your package is on it\'s way!! Please let me know when you get it!

tutleymutley 02/22/2007 #

In the post, Gigi - Nothing like leaving it to the very last minute...

Cassandra 02/23/2007 #

Rebecca McKinley: your swap went out in today's mail. Sorry about being a few days late. The stomache flu hit my family. Enjoy the yarn.

savyjade 02/23/2007 #


Sending your package today! Sorry I waited until the last day. My whole family has been sick! I hope you like everything! Amanda

user4688 02/23/2007 #


Your package is on his way ot your home. Hope you like it. It should take up to ten days to get to your home since it's coming from Canada. I included so extra since the mail is longer from Canada.

jamaicamom 02/23/2007 #

Lisa I am sending your package today. Ann

knitwillis 02/23/2007 #

Chrissie, I sent your package yesterday, unfortunately it's going on the slow train to Singapore. It will probably take about a month :(

user4719 02/23/2007 #

Lisa ONeil, your package is now on its way!

user4433 02/23/2007 #

Crochetoholic Deb...you'r package was sent out yesterday via priority mail. Hope you enjoy it!

Wierdlings 02/24/2007 #

Heya Savyjade:

Your package is on its way!



Kaylee 02/25/2007 #

I loved my package from Chrissie! She sent me some Patons Patonyle, which is so soft and the colors are perfect for Spring! I can't wait to knit these up.

Thank you, Chrissie!

wendyswoolies 02/26/2007 #

Received an exciting international parcel this morning and inside was Artyarns Supermerino in gorgeous greens and blues. Inspiring me to some lovely socks....thanks Lauravee!

TriStateLinx 02/26/2007 #

I just sent my package off today. I have never sent anything interenational before, so I had to go to the post office to make sure that I have the right postage and so forth.

Hege, you will recieve your package in a few weeks. I hope you like it and let me know when you receive it. Also too, please take pictures of your finished socks.

TriStateLinx 02/26/2007 #

Hi Mimiwonton,

I'll definitely let you know when I receive your package.

Thanks a mill.

user4625 02/26/2007 #

I received my package from Alison (Mother of All Needles) on Friday! You must have sent it early since it was coming from England. I love the yarn, and the chocolate. Thanks for a great swap!

user4625 02/26/2007 #

Paula (aka Peety),

Your box went out on the 23rd, so you should get it early this week!

knitwillis 02/26/2007 #

I received my package from Robert (gearrcniht) today. I know I probably spelled that wrong LOL Lovely Opal Sock yarn. (I've been dying to try Opal.) Thanks so much, Robert!

DaCraftyLady 02/26/2007 #

GiGi ... Thank you soooo much. I got your package today..It was wonderful. Loved the yarn and the pattern and I was also excited to get the yarn mystery....ohhh I loved it and the tea...you'll have to let me know how your socks go...thanks again

TriStateLinx 02/27/2007 #

Hi Miniwonton, I received your package yesterday. I love my yarn. I will definitely try and make socks from your pattern. Thanks a mill.

Wierdlings 02/27/2007 #


I received the package yesterday.

Thank you, thank you! The Koigu is gorgeous and I can not wait to find a pattern worthy of its yumminess! Thank you for caking one of the skeins too! You are right, I can jump right in.

Thank you so very much! ~Wierdlings

girlwithasword 03/ 1/2007 #

Did anyone send me a package? I haven't heard anything. :( :( :(

-maggie (girlwithasword)

savyjade 03/ 1/2007 #

Wierdlings- I got my package today!! Yay!!! You rock! You went so above and beyond on this swap! I would love to swap with you anytime! It was so thoughtful to send all the extra scrapbooking stuff. My 5 year old is already stealing the stencils and "trying" to steal the lip gloss too! It tastes so yummy! We are going to share the hot chocolate later as well. The sock yarn from yarntini was such a great suprise! I have never had any! A million thank yous to you. You will be sure to get a heart!

TaraInColorado 03/ 1/2007 #

Maggiemae, it's comin' at you! I am sorry it's late! This week has completely whacked me upside the head work-wise and with family stuff. You should see it Friday or Saturday!

Take care. Tara

mooome7 03/ 1/2007 #

Mia, have you gotten your package yet? It should have arrived by now!! ollie

todsahonchik 03/ 1/2007 #

Hopefully everyone got a package?!

user6279 03/ 2/2007 #

Debbie B in Virginia,

I posted a pic of your goodies that you sent me on my blogpage, and also above in the gallery. Thank you again for the lovely package! I love the yarn colors, and the thoughtfulness you put into the box, with the book, bath goodies, etc. You're the best. Thanks for being my first swap-botter. :) Kris in NH :)

user2638 03/ 2/2007 #

I haven't - but I think my package is coming internationally, and also, I'm under 5 feet of snow.

TaraInColorado 03/ 2/2007 #

I haven't yet either, but I'm also in a snow covered state...

girlwithasword 03/ 3/2007 #

no package yet, but my swap-buddy (Hi Tara!) says it is in the mail. -maggie

TaraInColorado 03/ 3/2007 #

Maggie, I so hope it gets there today...you haven't already had your mail delivered at 9 am on a saturday, have you? (if so, we need to see if your mailmain can come work my street...maybe they have an exchange program. hee.)

The USPS was not my friend this time--I received Ariel's padded envelope yesterday... Unluckily, it arrived looking like it had spent the weekend with a couple o' drunk hockey players and was empty of its contents--save for the lovely card that described them! I will post a picture. Somehow I find all the official printed tape and official red inked stamps they have for the purpose amusing.

Not Ariel's fault at all (she mailed the package out a full two weeks before the deadline). But hey, they mail billions of packages a day, by the law of averages they're bound to drop one or two on the floor of the truck in the process. :) Hope to have you as a partner again, Ariel!

And Maggie, I hope my postal karma doesn't hit your package. LOL... I think I'll spring for the 50 cent insurance next time. :D

tutleymutley 03/ 3/2007 #

I've received my package from Guinifer from across the sea - and it wasn't even wet when it got here! It was worth waiting for - LIsa Souza Sock yarn which I'm pretty sure I can't get here, in my favourite autumnal colours - the colours of leaves, russets, golds and plummy reds. Yummy - and I've posted a pic. thanks soooo much. I'll do this again.
Sorry to hear your parcel didn't survive the journey, Tara. That is so disappointing for giver as well as receiver. I hope someone finds it and gives the yarn a good home and it's not languishing under a bush somewhere.

till the next time, cheers! tutleymutley

TaraInColorado 03/ 4/2007 #

"I hope someone finds it and gives the yarn a good home and it's not languishing under a bush somewhere.">>>>> funny you should say that...I had sort of the same thought, but I pictured it falling out and getting all caught up in the gears and axles of some giant piece of automated machinery in a post office distribution warehouse somewhere. What a tangled mess that would be!

One of the things I love about creative people is that we all have such vivid imaginations.... :)

tutleymutley 03/ 4/2007 #

You can say that again, Tara. You can say that again, Tara.


Haven't heard if my parcel arrived yet - and it was posted airmail on the 22nd Feb. I'm getting a little bit worried. tutmut

user4433 03/ 5/2007 #

Tutleymutley, just want to let you know I haven't received it yet. I'm sure it will be here soon.

tutleymutley 03/ 5/2007 #

I hope so Gigi... (imagining contents strewn around a customs shed or some such thing)


girlwithasword 03/ 6/2007 #

TARA!! OMG! i got your package - thank you SO much, it's fan-freakin-tabulous! I LOVE the recycled hand-dyed yarn...it's VERY very me....how cool! Is there enough in those skeins to do a pair of socks? If not that's cool, I'll make something else, I was just wondering! :) I love it all, thank you so much! I checked out your info, and seems we are quite kindred spirits! Drop me an email sometime if you want to chat! :) (girlwithasword at yahoo dot com)


PS I'm sorry you didn't get a package...I have some wonderful yarn i'd be glad to share if you want to send me your address!

user5020 03/ 7/2007 #


I am still waiting for my package. No snow in Texas, 75 during the day and 40 at night.

tutleymutley 03/ 7/2007 #

Gigi: if you don't receive the parcel by the end of March!!! - I'll post you another one.
I'm wondering if the customs opened it as I put some wee decorations inside that they may have thought were suspicious substances or something??? (it was coloured water -don't ask!).

arentyouthatgirl 03/ 7/2007 #


I finally uploaded a pic of the beautiful Violets Pink Ribbon you sent to me. (I mistakenly called it Purple Ribbon in an earlier post).

I went to the site you mentioned and I will definitely have to buy another hank or two!

Again, thank you so very much!


user5020 03/ 8/2007 #

Gina!!! I got my package yesterday!!! Thank you so much the colors in the yarn are so me. You know it's coinsdental that you sent me a tape measure, my tape measure has been sucked into a black hole or is in some alternate universe. I was begining to think I would have to buy one. Not anymore!!!

I am posting a pic here and there is one also on my blog


user5020 03/ 8/2007 #

Gina!!! I got my package yesterday!!! Thank you so much the colors in the yarn are so me. You know it's coinsdental that you sent me a tape measure, my tape measure has been sucked into a black hole or is in some alternate universe. I was begining to think I would have to buy one. Not anymore!!!

I am posting a pic here and there is one also on my blog


user5020 03/ 8/2007 #

Gina!!! I got my package yesterday!!! Thank you so much the colors in the yarn are so me. You know it's coinsdental that you sent me a tape measure, my tape measure has been sucked into a black hole or is in some alternate universe. I was begining to think I would have to buy one. Not anymore!!!

I am posting a pic here and there is one also on my blog


tutleymutley 03/12/2007 #

Wooohooooo! Gigi got her parcel! I'm so pleased - it took so long! I'll have to remember this if I get an international partner in secret pal 10... a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. phew.


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