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Anime sampler CD swap

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Swap Coordinator:ScruffyRasputin (contact)
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Number of people in swap:6
Last day to signup/drop:February 15, 2009
Date items must be sent by:March 6, 2009
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This swap is for anime fans.

I've been involved in and helped lead an Anime Club for a while now, and we've discovered that generally the first four episodes of any particular anime is usually a good sample of it and will help someone decide whether they like it or not. It also is almost always exactly the number of episodes that fit on a burnt data CD.

So, your mission is to burn the first four episodes of one of your favourite animes to send to your partner so hopefully they'll find a new anime to enjoy.

You may post your anime genre preferences below, and may include, if you wish, a list of some animes you've already seen.

Swappers can try for a heart by sending something in the genre their partner requested, and/or checking out their profile for hints as to what sort of subject of an anime might interest them.

If you're having issues because you don't have an anime of that type, Anime Suki is a good place to search for torrents and reviews of unlicensed animes.

Specifications: Discs must be burnt as a data disk onto a CD Must include the first four episodes (use more CDs if they won't fit on one) Video files should preferably be .avi type encoded with DivX Test your disc in your computer before sending to make sure it burnt properly. Must be subtitled in English.

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to ask below or to PM me.

I will be Angeling this swap.

You must have a 4.7 to participate, and no no-sends in the past three months. Newbies may PM me if they wish to take part.

International because it's relatively cheap to mail CDs.

Just to reinforce the fact, this is a swap for episodes BURNED onto a CD. You may swap actually purchased DVDs if you wish, but no one is expected to, so do not expect the same in return.


starrycat 01/27/2009 #

I have a question, are you wanting us to burn the episodes to a cd-r or a dvd-r...because from my knowledge, I'm not sure that 4 anime episodes will fit on a cd-r. Another question I have, is if I would decide to join the swap, can I re-format the episodes into watchable dvd format? My brother has software that can switch avi's to the format needed to watch them in a real dvd player. I was just wondering.

ScruffyRasputin 01/27/2009 #

I can typically fit 4 episodes onto a CD and 24ish onto a DVD, so long as they're burnt into a data-disc format. Also, feel free to burn a DVD if you want so that it's watchable. That would be awesome!

marilavado 01/28/2009 #

YAY!!! I SO love this swap! Thanks for setting it! One can never have too much anime to watch!

Mrrranda 02/12/2009 #

I'd much rather make a DVD - as noted above, you can fit more onto the disc and you don't have to watch it on a computer. I'll contact my receiving partner before sending one out like this, though.

(I would rather receive a DVD too, but I understand if my sending partner can't format or fill one!)

ScruffyRasputin 02/13/2009 #

the thing with a DVD is that if it is formatted to watch in a standard player, then you can only fit four episodes on it, what with all the formatting taking up the added space. Again though, either one is fine. I may send out a formatted DVD myself, but it depends on if my burner is working properly again.

Mrrranda 02/14/2009 #

With compression, I can usually fit at least 8 eps of a series onto a DVDr that I can watch in standard players, but the picture quality does suffer... I suspect I'm just gonna be sending more than 1 disc. :D

As for genre preferences - I'm not interested in romantic comedy (it's ok as a minor subplot) or sports shows. Not offended by yaoi, but not into it. I mostly like supernatural action/horror, some science fiction and drama. Series I've enjoyed in the past 2-3 years include Kaiba, Kemonozume, Last Exile, Baccano!, Dennou Coil, Mushishi, Samurai 7, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni/-Kai, Claymore, Ghost Hound, Ergo Proxy, and Darker Than Black. Started out loving Gantz, but one mid-series episode saddened and creeped me out so badly I gave up the show. If my partner really wants to know what I've already seen (there's a lot!) before sending, just PM or e-mail me....

Mrrranda 02/14/2009 #

(...but don't worry if you send something I've seen, because I will find it a loving home.)

ScruffyRasputin 02/15/2009 #

I'm most into show that have really interesting characters, and character development, without so much regards towards genre. If I like the characters, I can watch just about anything. In general though, I tend to be a fan of action animes with plots, or anything similar. I'm not a fan of crack-style anime (if you don't understand crack-anime, it's almost like the anime equivalent of slapstick...ridiculous things happen in them constantly for no reason whatsoever), and I also don't really like ecchi or hentai or shows without an overarching plot (as in, the plot changes from episode to episode).

Some of my favourites are Monster, Kyou Kara Maou, Kemonozume, Yakitate Japan, Detective Academy Q, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, GTO, etc. And as far as the popular (aka TV) stuff goes, I've seen Bleach and Naruto...they're alright, but not the best, and have also seen InuYasha and Wolfs Rain. Not so much a fan, but Wolfs Rain was alright.

Really, I'll watch anything for at least a short while, and am pretty laid back with my tastes, despite writing about three paragraphs on them now XP

baberaynebow 02/15/2009 #

I like stuff like Daa! Daa! Daa!, Fruits Basket, Chobits, Ranma 1/2, He is My Master, Hand Maid Mae (I have seen many different spellings for this one and I'm not sure which is right), Hanaukyo Maid, Kirarin Revolution, Tsuyokiss, School Days, and Girls High. I don't like things like Gundam Wing, Wolves Rain, Trigun, DBZ, Inuyasha, and stuff like that.

Dragonflyfaerie 02/16/2009 #

I like fantasy, cutsey stuff, yuri, fruits basket, chrono crusade, chobits, Beck, horror stuff. I do not any bleach, naruto or anything popular. I like series that not alot of people know. So find me something good ^~ If you are my partner and have any questions let me know ^^

Mrrranda 02/16/2009 #

Mmm... I think this is the same for everyone, but I would also prefer not to receive anything fairly well-known/popular (InuYasha, GitS, Naruto, Bleach, etc).

starrycat 02/16/2009 #

DOn't have time rn, but I will update with my preferences tomorrow.

starrycat 02/17/2009 #

Ok, so, like the majority here....I also have seen my fair share of animes, so if in doubt, ask. Genres most of the anime I watch seem to fall into: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense, Parody, Sci-fi/mecha, Shojo, and School life. Again, it would be best to stay away from mainstream anime or anime that has been dubbed in English, as I've seen a lot of those. I could type up a list of the series I've been watching recently, but I think it might be more helpful to suggest a list of animes I would like to see, since that will basically tell you what type of stuff I'm into too. Some animes I would be interested in receiving are: Chaos;Head, Casshern Sins, Chrome Shelled Regios, Hatenkou Yuugi, Akikan!, Hidamari Sketch x 365, Itazuru no Kiss.

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