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'Ello! Welcome to Starrycat's profile!
Thanks for stopping by! Profile in Editing Process

!ReAd Me FiRsT!
In the scenario that you do not receive a swap/rak/tag/wta from me, I would like to request that you please contact me about the missing swap/etc before leaving a rating. I always send out my swaps and will resend if necessary!
I would prefer to work out any problems or kinks that have arisen with a swap before ratings are given so that possible drama can be avoided! Thank you so much ^^


So, it is 2017 and time to update my Profile for the year.... my goal for this year is to shorten my profile somehow. Guess I need to decide what to shorten or cut. Maybe Pikachu can eat some things off my profile to make it shorter... lol... .

!Who I Am!

My name's Angie. Currently 33, single, and share an apartment with my brother, who's 7 years younger than I. I'm an original member of this site, meaning I've been here for like 7-8 years by now.

I work for FedEx Custom Critical in our Air Expedite department. Essentially, I help customers find air shipping solutions to meet their critical delivery deadlines for freight shipments, as well as monitor those shipments to make sure they make it to their destination for delivery. My job can be pretty interesting.


Education-wise, I was a dual major, so I have a Bachelor's in English Language Learner studies and also in Instructional design. Currently, I'm working on my TESOL certification. My ideal is to work in Japan for a few years once some debt is paid off and my Bro and his GF have gotten married.

I love traveling and things from different parts/cultures of the world, especially foods and candies. So far, I have visited Mexico, Canada, India, Nepal, N. Ireland, Germany, France, Mozambique, Swaziland, Japan, and Brazil. Japan is by far my favorite destination, though Europe is a close second! I have a goal to eventually visit all 50 states as well. I am a little less than 1/2 through that goal.

I'm a Christian and my belief in Jesus is very important to me. Please do not send me anything symbolizing any other religions/spiritual beliefs, or anything pagan/occultish in nature. Thank you.

I also a pop-culture junkie. I love Star Wars and Doctor Who, LolCats, Grumpy Cat, Lil' Bub, meme's, anime and manga, super hero's and comic books, and gaming. I am mainly an RPGer. I do not play card games like Magic, etc, however.
I like MMORPG's the best. Currently, I play Star Wars: The Old Republic, as well as FFXIV. I have end-game lvl characters in both games. If you want to know more or connect in-game, message me.

General Swapping Preferences

What I like to Swap!

My tastes in swapping and what I'm interested in swapping constantly changes or fluctuates...I get burned out on some things, have a revival of sorts in other areas, and just want to try something new on occasion too!

2016 is the year of the Pocket Letter, Kawaii, Washi Tape, and Post Card swaps! I mean, I still swap other paper-crafting swaps as well, but those 4 are mainly what I swap for the most part. Unless its something fandom related- then I may swap larger parcel swaps. I do join lucky parcel swaps from time to time as well... they are hard to resist, though I do not normally participate in public type 3 swaps.

To that end, I enjoy receiving items that I can use in making pocket letters and cards, as well as things relating to my various interests, like postcards, Kawaii, and washi tape.
For a short list for those who don't want to read my entire profile, some basic examples of things I would prefer to receive are:
Card/ATC/Rolo/Smashbook supplies, adult coloring books or coloring pages in themes I might like (flowers, butterflies, cats, asian, fantasy, etc), Japanese/Asian fashion magazines, Bento supplies and accessories, postcards, Kawaii goodies, Jewelry making supplies, foreign candies/teas/coffees, Blythe goodies, lucky parcels and themed swaps, Doctor Who and Star Wars goodies, swap cards and labels, and other random things I cannot think of at the moment. If you want more specific ideas, please read on :)

Favorite Crafts

I enjoy papercrafts almost 2-1 in comparisson to any other kind of craft- probably because it is easier for me to make cards or ATC's while sitting at home in front of the tv than it is to sew or create jewelery... lol.

Thus, in the realm of papercrafting, I like to scrapbook, journal/collage, make cards and envelopes, tags, postcards, swap cards, labels, origami, make Pocket Letters, ATC's/APC's, and Altered Rolo cards.

In the realm of all other crafting, I enjoy creating jewelry and accessories, and making the occassional felt stuffie,ornaments, magnets, nifty things I've seen on Pinterest, and things for my Blythes/Pullips.

I would, however, be interested in learning how to make amigurumi's- if anyone has any easy tutorials and how-to's for making amigurumi's I'd be interested! I also want to try my hand at soap making.

Obviously I love ephemera, papers, rubber stamps, images, washi tape, and card making supplies for my paper-based crafts!

See below for a wishlist or more specifics on what I am looking for in regards to goodies for my paper-crafting and also for my jewelry making projects.

Pop-culture Loves

As mentioned, I consider myself a pop-culture junkie. Thus, I like gettting things in relation to the pop-culture fandoms I am into. List below.

-Doctor Who
-Star Wars
-The Walking Dead
-Sherlock (BBC)
-The Big Bang Theory
-Lolcats/ GrumpyCat (yes, I consider this a fandom...lol)
-Hunger Games
-NCIS: New Orleans
-Marvel- Agents of Shield
-The Avengers/ Marvel in General
-Marvel Agent Carter
-Flash (CW)
-DC: Legends of Tomorrow
-Once Upon a Time
-Warehouse 13
-Comics in general- Superman, Batman, Avengers, Flash, X-Men specifically
-Final Fantasy 7, 8, 10, 12, 13 - love Sephiroth, Cloud Strife, Balthier, Lightening, Snow, Moogles, Chocobos
-Final Fantasy XIV Online
-Other RPG games like Star Ocean, Emblem of Fire, etc
- Harry Potter

10 10 will always be my Doctor ^^

A few of my favorite things

A Few of My Favorite Things:

Kawaii Goodies: I'm not as picky about kawaii things as some BUT as a rule, I don't like Korean or Chinese brands- only Japanese brands! Check out my likes and dislikes for specifics!

Adult Coloring Books- this is my new craze :)

Cute pens and pencils

Jewlery Making Supplies. See likes/dislikes for specifics!

Cabocans, charms and pendents for jewelry/accessory making.

Jewelry- see the likes for specifics!

Headbands and hair clips- hair is short and can't pull it back.

Foreign candies- esp Japanese. Please see the likes/dislikes section.

Plushies (Kawaii only)

Keychains/Cell Phone Charms ( Kawaii only)

Chop sticks and bento accessories!!

Melting waffers

Tea, hot chocolate, and coffee- I have a Keurig and love trying new flavors and types!

Asian dishes/trinkets/dolls

Origami paper

Snoopy items

Fav. Color(s)- Orange, Silver, Black, Burgandy, Metallic Purple, Magenta, Aqua.

Funky note cards

Deco tape

Washi Tape- I love!!!!

Sticky Jewels and outline stickers for card making.

Embossing folders

Diecutting stencils

Scrapbooking/smashbook supplies


The Specifics- Likes

I perfer foreign candies or local candies if you are in the US- essentially anything that would be difficult to find in Ohio. I like Chocolate the most, but no White Chocolate!!! I prefer dark chocolate over milk, and I like both solid and filled chocolates, as well as exotic flavorings, like orange, mint, raspberry, strawberry, coffee, mocha, tiramitsu, cranberry, Irish Creme, liquer, etc. I also like hard candy, gummies, biscuit cookies, pocky, fran, and pretz, etc.

I wear silver-toned jewelry- I cannot stand gold. I like earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. I wear size 7.5-10 for rings and I like long necklaces. Other than silver, I like loud, bright colors, black, white,

Fruity, baked goods, food- the only flower scents I like are cherry blossom and hibiscus. Moonlight Path is also a favorite. I prefer foreign/imported/handmade lotions or soaps to stuff that I can go buy myself

Perfume/Lotion brands
Lush, Bath and Body Works, Harajuku Lovers

Cosmetic brands
Maybelline, Lo'real, Revlon, M.A.C., Rimmel, Hard Candy, Mineral Wear, Physician's Formula, OPI, ChinaGlaze, Max Factor, Julep, Sephora, Pixie...

Jewelry Making Supplies
Glass, pottery, bone, horn, lamp-work, metal, gemstone, stone, shell, mother of pearl beads.

I love to work with chain, so I am always looking for various types of chain.

I like a variety of colors and shapes. I do not, however, need any seed beads. PLEASE do not send them.

I do like to make items with found objects like scrabble tiles, or keys. I am venturing into more of a steam-punk look for creations recently.

Tools and Jewelry making books or patterns are always appreciated.

Smashing/Card-making supplies

For myself, I prefer loud colors, glitter, black and white accents, vintage, cool and unusual post cards, sayings, labels, pockets and envelopes, images...

I am currently looking for whimsical/popculturalish goodies, Asian/Oriental themes, and LOLCATS ;)

Anything received that I would not use myself I do put into my smashbook/junk journal supplies stash and trade out.

The Specifics- Kawaii


Kawaii is a passion of mine and I love not only adding to, but swapping from my collection with other peeps who appreciate kawaii cuties.

That said, I have quite a bit in my collection, so i thought I better mention what I like and what I am looking for or would love to receive in swaps :)

Now, as I mentioned way up at the top, I'm not necessarily as picky about kawaii as some, but I do have my preferences and I do have characters or themes that I do not like. I won't rate down for receiving characters I don't like, or folded kawaii lettersets in sender choice swaps, but if the swap is supposed to be profile based or letter sets are not to be folded per the swap description- consider yourself warned. Please ensure you are sending branded goodies if the swap calls for branded. Avid Kawaii collectors know the difference.

My favorite brand of Kawaii is San-X and I would estimate that my collection is 1/2 San-x and 1/2 Kamio/Qlia/Mindwave/Crux/Sanrio for the most part.

My favorite character is Rilakkuma- HOWEVER- I have a ton of Rilakkuma stuff and keep getting repeats- so please do not send Rilakkuma if possible.

The other San-x characters I like are:
-Sumikko Gurashi Things in the Corner; -Nyan Nyan Nyanko; -Afro-ken; -Koge-pan; -Iiwakeu Shiba Inu; -Sentimental Circus; -Kutusita Nyanko; -Zombbit Zombie Rabbit; -Rainbow Sheeps; -Mixed Cats; -Nyanpuku Lucky Cat; -Toromi French Bulldog; -Pocola; -Pacca and Pocca

In terms of other characters or themes, I like the following:
-Alpacha's and llama's!; -Storybook/Fairytale; -Tenorikuma; -doggies; -kitties; -rabbits; -pandas; -Kawaii girls like: Hard Candy or Baby Jam; -Masyumaru; -Hannari Tofu; -Mezzo Piano; -Cheese Family; -Yogurt Kun; -Milkuma; -raccoons; -foxes; -penguins; -unicorns: -polar bears; -Gudetama; -squirrels; -Kuusou Suizokukan; -Zappy Zoo; -shiba inu's; -Tabby Cat in a Box; -Pancolle

I would prefer to receive pens, pencils, letter sets, sticker sacks, sticker sheets, memo pads, cell phone charms, deco/washi tape, and plushies.

I do not like the following characters or themes:
-pigs. This includes Piggy Girl and Monokuro Boo - Spottie Dottie
- Hello Kitty/Sanrio stuff from Target/Walmart/Dollar Stores/Craft stores- I can buy it myself and do not want it. ONLY authentic Sanrio stuff from Japan, please.
-real people, food, or animals on Kawaii stuff


The Specifics- Dislikes

Candy: I DO NOT LIKE ANYTHING sour or super sweet, like shock tarts, nerds, smarties, sweet tarts!! I am allergic to Walnuts and Pecans!!

Carmex lip balm

Ghosts, skulls, witches, vampires,dragons, zombies, devils and anything along those lines (like in images, trinkets and knickknacks, and the like).
The Exception to the rule- for the most part- is kawaii characters.

frogs and insects

JUNK- most people know what junk is....chipped, torn, stained, ripped, etc.,

dollar store stationary and folded stationary. I ONLY collect kawaii stationary, so don't send me ANY stationary unless it's Kawaii. Snoopy is also acceptable. Also I don't want any more Orange Story, Morning Glory, or Korean brand Stationary goods! No Lisa Frank!!

Flowerly scented things make me want to gag....please don't send it. Exceptions to this will be listed in the likes section.

cherry flavored lip balm

plastic beads!!

Earl Grey Tea

My girls and their brother!

In other news, I collect Blythe dolls. So far, I have a total of 12- 12" dolls, and 1 mini Blythe; 7 Blythes, 3 Pullips, 1 non branded, and 1 Taeyang.

My dolls love getting things...;P The clothing style of the girls is modern, punk. asian, mori, lolita, Harajuku style. My male doll has a punk/goth stye. A few current wishes: geek-chic, French Mod style, Alice in Wonderland style, and SHOES!

I love recievinf Blythe goodies in swaps, but I do not like/use knits or crocheted items or things with Skulls.

The fabulous @user2637 made my girls a Kimono in my favorite color! Here is a picture of my Blythe, Faiete, modeling one side of the Kimono because it is reversible!!

Thanks for reading to the End!

Tags incoming:

Tags outgoing:

Yes, I am


Comment: Thank you so much Angie for the bright/colorful flower flip book, it came out so pretty, I truly love it. Also, many thanks for all the fun embellishments for me to play with, I mean USE in future craft projects. Everything you sent was lovely, AnnaL.
Comment: Wooooooow. Thanks so much!!!!
Comment: Thank you for the cute card and flakes! ♥
Comment: The card is awesome! :) Love it :) Hope you and Missy get to live together soon :) A girl needs her pup! :) Thank you for the great card :)
Comment: Thanks for the card and the goodies. WOW has a system called transmog where we can make armor look like other pieces and you can design entire outfits. It's pretty neat. I haven't played in a while.
anicka22 rated for FS: Flat Happy Mail on Feb 7, 2018
Comment: Thank you , especially love the pretty stickers
Comment: Thanks for your pretty envelope and letter. I like the pattern you drew to match the stamp as well as the nature embellishments. Your cat nicknames are hilarious! Take care.
anicka22 rated for FS ~ Getting to know me PC #2 on Feb 3, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the answers. Love cherry blossoms and foxes :)
Fabriqueen rated for TCHH: Seal & Send ~ Mail on Jan 30, 2018
Comment: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love everything! Hugs, Diane
Comment: Thank you for the cute note card and envie! Love the washi you used!
Comment: Thanks Angie for all the Christmas tags you made me, looking forward on using them next year. Have a great day today, AnnaL.
WayUpInAlaska rated for FS ~ Getting to know me PC on Jan 26, 2018
Comment: The Starry Night Star Wars print sounds AWESOME!!! we are huge star wars fans too :) Best of luck on the goal! Thank you for the PC :)
Paige1900 rated for FS ~ Getting to know me PC on Jan 26, 2018
Comment: Loved the PC. You Star Wars gift sounds great and good luck with your goals...especially the weight loss one.
Ikran3 rated for TIAZ: 5 Random Goodies on Jan 25, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderiul package! I love everything, though haven't tried the chocolate yet (it sounds yummy!) <3<3<3
luckycharms rated for FS ~ Getting to know me PC #2 on Jan 24, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the postcard!... I love Cherry blossoms too, I have a couple of Cherry trees in my yard and I love seeing them bloom!....foxes are super cute!!! Arlie Gardens is a place I go to photograph wildlife and flowers and they have 2 dens every year and the babies are so cute, I don't know how mom keeps up with them all!
TC rated for FS ~ Getting to know me PC on Jan 24, 2018
Comment: Oh my, a trip to Africa!! That is certainly motivation to reach your goal. I know you can do it. :)
fbresnah rated for FS ~ Getting to know me PC #2 on Jan 23, 2018
Comment: Loved your card! I love cherry blossoms and foxes too!
Comment: Thank you for the card.
ccmmsu rated for KSU: Kawaii Surprise Ball! on Jan 20, 2018
Comment: Oh my gosh, Angie! Thank you so much for the many, many goodies! First of all, the ball was so cute I almost didn't want to undo it. :) I love everything you sent -- I've had my eye on that Sumikko Gurashi deco tape for awhile. And I love the Red Riding Hood memos. Oh, and the fuzzy alpacas! I could go on and on. :) Thank you so much! You made my weekend!
Response: Yay, I am so glad you liked it! I was having issues finding Crepe paper- apparently the party supply store was sold out... so I reused the paper Jayme used when she sent me my surprise ball, but the balls looked completely different- so cool how versatile the color scheme was!
Comment: Thank you for all the kawaii goodies! :D

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