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Cooking with Kids

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Cooking with Kids
Swap Coordinator:imyorehuckleberry (contact)
Swap categories: Food  Books  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:12
Last day to signup/drop:October 15, 2016
Date items must be sent by:July 17, 2006
Number of swap partners:1

This is a swap for anything that would be helpful for kids cooking in the kitchen. I could be an assortment of recipes that either you kids LOVE to eat or they love to make, a kids cookbook, kids sized aprons or utensil (is there any such thing?). Whatever, be creative.... Mostly I figured that people would exchange recipes, but then I saw the most adorable kids aprons the other day.... So whatever you want with the expectation that you will get at least a number of kid friendly recipes (8-10) in return.


user1919 06/28/2006 #

will someone contact us to let us know who our partner is - i'm new to this site

thanks karen

imyorehuckleberry 06/28/2006 #

Swap-bot will send you a link to check your partner once the sign up date has passed. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Angie

user1912 07/ 1/2006 #

I wanted to ask why some of the members of the swap have their profiles blank? It makes it hard to work out what they would like!

domesticali 07/ 2/2006 #

My profile is blank, but it does link to my blog which says it all!

The sign up date has passed, but I haven't got details of my partner via e-mail and clicking the link above brings me a blank pop-up (with ads!). HELP.

user1912 07/ 2/2006 #

I get that too and I've tried it in Explorer and Firefox and I also only get the ads. I wonder if something is broken.

user1390 07/ 2/2006 #

When I hosted the magic yarn ball swap, swap-bot went a bit haywire right around the time for assigning partners. I'm not sure it's a flawless system, but it did come through the next day. I'm eager to see who I get, and I'm getting that same blank screen. Hopefully soon...

imyorehuckleberry 07/ 2/2006 #

I contacted Travis who runs swap-bot and he says something weird happen with the swap and he will get it fixed on Monday as he had to be gone today. Everyone should have their partners on Monday (hopefully!) -Angie (coordinater)

imyorehuckleberry 07/ 2/2006 #

I don't know why some people leave their profile blank, they must not feel like it is important to put any info or their don't want to share about themselves or they haven't had the time to do it. =) -Angie

user1912 07/ 2/2006 #

It's ok, there was only one blank person and I see they've dropped themselves from the swap - everyone else has photos or blogs or a profile. It's nice to know what age the kids are and stuff before you try and tailor something to the recipient.

user1547 07/ 3/2006 #

phew Glad I'm not the only one who has a blank partner page. :)

user1390 07/ 3/2006 #

Is anyone interested in extending the mail-by date of July 10? Without knowing what ages of children I'm dealing with I haven't started assembling anything. But I still can't see who my partner is. I'd like to sew a couple things, once I know, but I could use an extra week to make a really nice package.

imyorehuckleberry 07/ 3/2006 #

Sure, We could extend the mail to say July 17th? What do people think of that?

domesticali 07/ 3/2006 #

Yes please - it would mean I can do a much more personal package.

imyorehuckleberry 07/ 3/2006 #

Okay, I have officially changed to send by date to July 17th so that people can put more time into their packages. Have fun and hopefull Travis gets the partner issue fixed soon! -Angie

user1912 07/ 4/2006 #

Thanks for extending the date! I still have a blank page and although I have loads of ideas I haven't done anything yet while I wait to see who I get.

imyorehuckleberry 07/ 4/2006 #

I wrote to Travis again yesterday and I am sure he is just busy with the Holiday (July 4th - USA Independence Day). Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow or I will write and ask if I should just assign partners from the people who signed up. -Angie

user1912 07/ 5/2006 #

Ok, I have a partner page now so he fixed it!! :)

user1912 07/ 5/2006 #

One last question - can everyone put the ages of their kids either in their profile or here? (If its in your blog then don't worry!)

Thanks :)

user1390 07/ 5/2006 #

Hi all, I got my partner! I'm really excited, but I'm not sure the ages and sexes of their children. I'll start with mine, and if anyone else wants to chime in please do. I have one boy, age 14 months. His name is Sebastian (Binx is his nickname).


user1912 07/ 6/2006 #

Larissa, how is this for co-incidence - my oldest son is Sebastian too and his nickname is Bing! He is six and we are so not allowed to use his nickname out of the house.

My youngest son is Joe (short for Joachim) and he is turning 4 this August.


user1919 07/ 6/2006 #

I think I ust be a bit slow on this one as I have just made it look like I have sent my package already and believe me I have so not.

Does anyone know how I can get this changed back again?


user1912 07/ 8/2006 #

No idea how it gets corrected! Maybe contact the swap owner?


user1547 07/ 9/2006 #

Yay! Have my partner now and glad to see the swap date has been extended a little. Looking fwd to this - I have lots of ideas! :)

imyorehuckleberry 07/ 9/2006 #

Don't worry about pressing the sent button "little pink toes". Just send it by the date. I did that once recently on accident and there isn't a way to change it back.

Just in case people are still looking, my kids names are Aidan, Earendil (girl - my little helper!), and Clara (my little trouble maker) and they are 5, 3 and 1 respectively. =)

domesticali 07/20/2006 #

I am so sorry, I thought I'd be brave and upload a photo of the lovely package we received, but the picture has come out HUGE! Apologies, and any advice on how to fix this/avoid in the future would be very welcome!

user1912 07/22/2006 #

Your package looks great! I reckon you should ask Travis why the photo came out so big when you posted it.

user1956 07/30/2006 #

So very excited to hear about everyone's little finds... mine hasn't arrived yet. Has anyone else's?

user1912 08/ 1/2006 #

Mine hasn't arrived at it's destination yet. I hope it's not lost! I received mine and left feedback. My kids loved the books they received.

user1968 08/ 3/2006 #

Received mine. Ultra Fantastic! Will post a photo soon. Any news on how to avoid the "large image" problem when posting?

user1372 08/ 9/2006 #

I never got a darn thing. Why do people sign up just to flake out?

user1912 08/ 9/2006 #

I sent mine on the posting date, but bear in mind I'm posting from Europe to the US. If mine hasn't arrived in another week or so I'll get ready to resend.

user1912 08/23/2006 #

Yay, I heard from my partner and my swap did arrive. :)

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