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lou on Nov 28, 2017:

Please read your private messages, thanks

lou on Feb 24, 2017:

Happy Birthday Month from WIYM group!

wolfeagle on Dec 31, 2016:


bigmamabird on Dec 19, 2016:

Aw Fiona... You haven't given up on me and man that's just so kind and also great! I'd like another go at getting a correspondence going. I don't know why my last attempt failed..? I still have the letter I started, a couple pages worth I think...I'll dig them up and see if they are still worth sending. Written words are a challenge I guess, though I love words, and stories. Cheers!

2012ash on Feb 21, 2015:

Happy Birthday Fi.

papercaper on Feb 20, 2015:


papercaper on Feb 20, 2015:

I had to wait almost exactly a year to be early for your birthday, but I did it! HAPPY big milestone BIRTHDAY, FI! 60 years on you, and don't you wear them well? If only you could spread yourself further and wider. Every little girl deserves to meet interesting, inspiring women of all ages who keep the pilot light of life alive in them. Young G. will have to be the lucky keeper of the flame for now. ;) Enjoy your special day! Do N + O know anout candles? Supervised mischief only, kitten mittens! x x x

bluemonkeymama on Jun 19, 2014:

I'm happy you like the PC! No rush at all on sending something out to me. I'm terribly jealous of your new kittens! Have fun with those little cuties! :)

SFreer on Jun 4, 2014:

Your kitties are sweet! They certainly do have large ears, but how adorable!

ColoradoKate on May 1, 2014:

Thank you so much for the fantastic postcard! If I'd been braver in my youth, I might've stood next to those girls in similar garb. ;D

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