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I have been a red headed army brat gypsy kid for fifty years now, born in Germany and traveled all over. Settled down these past 17 or so years to give my kids a more stable growing up time. We've nestled into the back country of Vermont, it is nigh on the most idyllic place we could have chosen. I do miss public transportation and easy access to museums and such. My number one son has left the nest, off to the UK where he has family on his dad's side, and I miss him more than I thought I would! The second son who had apologized for any teenagery behavior in advance is now a teenage kid who is ever so pleased to be out from under his older brother's shadow! We play kickball together every day. Hubs is a supportive partner in all ways and I adore him for that as well as many other fine attributes. I do art to keep my sanity, it's a thing I have always done and I will tie a brush on my hand if I have to in order to keep on being able to! I have chickens and ducks for eggs and three pet geese who are so cute... Two cats own us all, they are way too fluffy and could possibly add their hair to any project I undertake. So apologies to those allergic- there is no way to guarantee my sending won't have cat hair, though I do try.

I like spending lots of time being creative such as mail art (zines, ATCs, postcards, art envelopes, etc...) wall painting, canvases, etc

Spending lots of time looking at art....

Taking care of my animals- cats, geese, chickens, ducks...

Cooking healthy foods from scratch, baking from scratch...Sometimes with recipes, mostly without, though I love reading cookbooks...

Gardens, forest trails, health food stores, art galleries, museums, second hand stores, art stores, books and book stores, coffee shops with second hand book stores, people watching! Independent and foreign movies...

Polka dots, leaf patterns, doodles, skeletons and skulls, faces...

Pretty much all colors- reds, blues, greens, purples, yellows, oranges, turquoise, pinks, golds, silver...etc.

Old stuff-- ephemera, stamps, maps, letters, photos and tickets etc, icons, saints and symbols, bones, random rusty stuff, books that have been saved from being burned but have their edges singed and blackened...

Images of gods, goddesses, Buddhas, saints, holy peeps and animals of all kinds...

Book pages especially in other languages, ATCs, all postcards- handmade, old, new, tourist, quirky, art, and everything in between, artist stickers, artistamps, artist doodles and dawdles and dingles and dangles...

Drawing, painting, and collage.....

Articulated paper dolls...


mermaids, witches, weirdos, strange other beings...

Stuff which is self imagined and made rather that assembled from precrafted products...

Abandoned things...found items, bits and pieces, leaves, flowers, bark, shells, bones, pebbles, rusty things, seedpods, pine cones, butterfly wings...

Entrances into secret realms..

Interesting words and quotes...

Animals- especially hippos, elephants, owls, crows and ravens, butterflies, cats, dogs, chickens, geese...oh yes, and the fantasy creatures, mustn't forget them!


Angelled by the kind SFreer for the Merry Mushrooms swap...Many thanks Shannon, it's wonderful! Thank you to Stephanie for angelling the DIY pattern design envelope swap, I love it!

A note

Please note that I post a lot of my mail art on flickr and instagram. I post as stuff gets finished , so don't peek if you are my swap partner and don't want to see anything early...I took the link off as some people had a hard time resisting and then felt disappointed when the swap came and it wasn't a surprise..? Send a message if you want to go there.

Please Do Not Send

Scented stuff, including personal sprays, room refresher products, body products such a perfume and cologne, scratch and sniff or other scent imbued things... This is becoming more important as the years roll along. Please please, I have to throw such things away!

Smoky stuff, I quit smoking years ago, and the smell is crazy yuck now even when sprayed with the above...


Drink items, unless a swap requires them

Disney or other cartoon brands

Religious solicitations, even the gentlest are unnecessary!


Babsmomof5 rated for Rainbow HMPC on Jun 17, 2017
Comment: OH MY GOODNESS!!! What an AMAZING postcard!! Thank you so much, I am lol at your skunk story too! 😂❤️
Response: Heh. that skunk... Thanks for the kind rating, I am glad it was received so well...
Comment: Thank you!
Response: thank you for the hearty rating!
Comment: Well, you got the right partner for this creation! LOL I'm a cat person through and through and what you made is super cute! I'm going to put a magnet on the back and hang it on my kitchen door (my fridge is not magnetic, but for some reason the door is 😋) As you said, this swap was fun for doing something out of our comfort zone! The envelope was great too, and thanks for passing along some of the extra bits 😊
Response: I wasn't really surprised that you love cats, I mean, I love 'em too, but I *was* quite pleased that my first partner who obviously also adores them sent me such a totally cat themed bunch of stuff and you ended up being the perfect recipient... Plus that's weird about your fridge and door, but okay! Thanks for the kind rating!
dvmac rated for ZMACS May: Trouble the Water Minzine on Jun 2, 2017
Comment: Thank you, Carroll, for the beautiful zine. The theme fits right in with your banner that still hangs on my wall. <3
Response: Ah, yes, that is a good fit..! Ha, I am glad...and thanks for the kind rating!
Comment: What a delightful postcard! Makes me want to sit around with those guys and shoot the breeze!
Response: Yes, the seem to be having a good time...Thanks for the kind rating!
TriniH rated for MMA - Tank girl! ATC on May 30, 2017
Comment: Your hubby is hilarious! I love it. One of these days, I too will add more boobs to my atc girls. Ps. I lovvvvvvvveeeeeee the background! It just works! Perfect grunge for tank girl!
Response: Yes. he is... but why wait , do boobs now!! I had to do grungy for Tank Girl, it took me a while to find it though...
joybells2426 rated for JUNKIES: Shape Study on May 17, 2017
Comment: Very cool ATC! Thank you!
Response: Thanks Joy!
JeanetteC rated for MPU: Don't be a square PC on May 12, 2017
Comment: Thank you for not leaving me hanging with this swap. I ADORE the bird shape, it came through perfectly...thank you. I think I would love to take a peek into your yard.
Response: It's a wild and ungroomed yard that I keep adding perennials to, and I love it! Well the geese do a certain amount of grass control, lol...Thanks for the kind and hearty rating!
graciepie49 rated for Mommaa: Create a Kit Round 1 on May 6, 2017
Comment: Hi Carroll, I received your awesome envelope yesterday with the elements for the Create a Kit artwork. I love the theme you chose and all that you have sent to help me express it, and thanks for sending so much :-) I've been racking my brain and mulling over a long and growing list of themes for this swap, trying to settle on just one. You'd have thought I would have already settled on a topic by now, but then you'd be forgetting what a procrastinator I am. and I want to say how much I love the art you made on the envelope! I'm hanging it up in my room to enjoy often.
Response: I too was stymied by the need for a theme so i decided to just collect what came to me and looked good together till it all started shaping up of it's own accord..! Then I just had to name it... Glad you like the envelope, they are a big part of why I do swaps!
mummsie rated for HMPC: Put a "Bird" on it on May 2, 2017
Comment: Please excuse my delay. I thought I had already taken care of it.
stephiedee rated for JUNKIES: Nick Bantock on Apr 29, 2017
Comment: Love both ATCs, Carroll! So many great layers in the orange one and I like the gradient color variation of the blue one. Having to slow down and create in a different way helps us appreciate how other artists work. Props to NB! ;D
Response: Yeah it was so cool studying what he was doing..boy it got there fast though!
Comment: Love the flower!! Great job on the postcard
Response: Thanks, I had fun!
Comment: Love it! Made it here just fine!
Response: Oh, very glad to hear it!
stephiedee rated for JUNKIES: Fantastic Plastic on Apr 25, 2017
Comment: What a coooool bit of plastic, Carroll - awesome reuse!
Response: The kid brought it to me and then kept asking if/when I would use it for some art.!
camelsamba rated for HMPC: Put a "Rabbit" on it on Apr 20, 2017
Comment: I'm so happy with this minimalist bunny - thank you!! Great mail art.
Response: Oh I am glad! Thank you for the kind rating...
Watsonc7 rated for MPU: In Your Head on Apr 17, 2017
Comment: Finally got your head today! It arrived with a big yellow sticker that says "Unable to forward/For Review"?? My address is correct on it, so that's weird, but anywho I'm so thrilled that this didn't get lost in postal space because it's absolutely gorgeous! The collaging is awesome and the colors are so deep, excellent!
Response: Whew! The person that reviewed the case must have had some sense! I was pleased with the outcome...You made an artistamp with yours, didn't you? What a way cool swap!
Watsonc7 rated for JUNKIES: Mesh Is In on Apr 17, 2017
Comment: Love all the texture on this! The awesome mesh and leather and stitching, so awesome...and oooh the extra leather patch, i'll be sniffing on that for days. The background is actually one I had sent you, you worked it perfectly. Thanks Carroll!
Response: Hahaha! I would never have thought that would happen- that you would get back your own background...what serendipity! I love sniffing leather, I forget if I told you that, probably did... Now I'm extra pleased!
jukejan rated for SMA: Spring Sender's Choice - April on Apr 16, 2017
Comment: Goodness gracious! I love the envie and your note. I think you really outdid yourself and I thank you!
Response: You are most welcome, from one cat lover to another..!
TriniH rated for bigmamabird and TriniH on Apr 10, 2017
Comment: I got my awesome ATC! Thank you so much!!! Your art is amazing. (Ps. Love the glittery bits). ❤️
Response: Yay! So glad ad thank you as well...Love me some glittery bits too, even if I do end up seeing a little twinkle on the man brow!!
stephiedee rated for JUNKIES: Funky Little Shack on Apr 9, 2017
Comment: Home sweet home - thanks, Carroll!
Response: A sweet little swap! And thank you..!

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anrtist on May 27, 2017:

Blessings, cc

bbsporty on May 14, 2017:

Thank you for the mpu: One stamp envie! I always love getting your bits and pieces!

oblivionspin on May 4, 2017:

I'm really excited to see the prayer flags turn up on your atc's. It seemed like such a shame to not do something with them, but it was such a long strand of them... I need to start something with the ones I kept. The doilie blanks were indeed done by me, a product of productive mindlessness.
I feel you with cleaning your work space... my desk is a wreck, I can't find half the things I want to use... I'm going to have to get brutal on the clutter. What's the point of having so much good stuff if I haven't got the space to use it?

Your mermaid mail came today! I love her, and the inner contents were all lovely and will be put to good use. Always such a joy to see you in my mailbox. (:

oblivionspin on May 1, 2017:

Sending order for the MPU A&P minizine has been posted. Check it out and get your zine out into the world. :D

Angie on Apr 30, 2017:

Thank you for the ATCs Carroll! The security envelope one is very cool! Is the encaustic one from you? It's not signed. Thanks for playing!

pkpeace on Apr 26, 2017:

Thanks for the great mail, Carroll! I love when I get mailings from @ Carroll's house in VT!! ☮️ ❤️

JeanetteC on Apr 26, 2017:

Isn't amazing how often dreams mirror or portend awake life? I am happy yours flee quickly too and that your son was only battered. Us moms have enough to worry about <3

oblivionspin on Apr 26, 2017:

I am glad you enjoyed the menu mail! I thought you'd appreciate it. I'm definitely going to make hubs take me back there for another french dip, I'll have to try out their saurkraut next time and report back.
I got your really cool mini never ending card! I absolutely love it, it might push me over the edge to actually make some never ending pen pal letters like I have planned on doing for ages. It was definitely something happy to come home to ^-^

stephiedee on Apr 22, 2017:

Glad birdie made it! It's funny, I walked back up to the house from putting your pc in the mailbox and had to shoo off the two different birds who insist on trying to nest in the geranium planter right next to our front door - talk about a crappy spot to nest. I had to get one of my gargoyles to be a scarecrow. 😄 Silly birds.

stephiedee on Apr 15, 2017:

Congrats, you won the April WTA in MPU! Prepare to be invaded by animals in hats. :D When you get a sec, please return to the forum and let the other players know where to send your prizes.

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