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labelleauboisdormant on Jan 13, 2011:

Hi Alethea :) Greetings from Finland. I enjoyed reading your profile, it is somehow very unique. Your photos are pretty. I wish you and your family will have a great year ahead :) Best regards Oona -Read my profile and post a comment-

Earthworm on Jan 9, 2011:

Your profile was the last on my list - the best for last! What a lovely, interesting read! Where you talk about the view of the mountains and the quick ride down to the sea, and over the mountain into the country - you could be writing about Cape Town where I live! I love the term Urban Granola! Unique! It is nice to see beautiful photos of your family. Swap-bot is an awesome way to meet people from different countries and walks of life. I hope to come across your pathway in a swap! Kind regards from Cape Town, South Africa. Nicola - read my profile and post a comment swap.

Sharlzie on Jan 9, 2011:

Hi Alethea, it was great to read your profile, I love the pictures of you and your family. I was also raised in the city & my husband grew up on a farm. We both now live in the city and I can understand the adjustment it it must have taken -my husband misses riding his motorbike & the wide open spaces of the country. we try and get away on weekends as often as we can to enjoy the peaceful life :) I hope you have a wonderful year of swapping. Love Sharlzie

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couchart on Jan 9, 2011:

Hi Alethea, what a lovely profile. I enjoyed reading it. I enjoyed seeing the cool photos of you and your family and to learn about your balance of city and country life. I smiled at the 'urban granola" references. Ditto on doing without hearts! ;-) Cynthia

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cookiehoover on Jan 9, 2011:

Hello, the insight into your life was fun to read! You have one beautiful family :) We also have a mutual interest, what kind of graffiti do you like? Julia (read my profile and post a comment)

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