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Greetings. My name is Cynthia (or Cindy if you prefer) and I live in the U.S.

I retired in 2018 from a job as a legal analyst. I enjoy creating artwork, mostly drawn and painted, although I also play around with collage from time to time. I usually go by the moniker of Ashazart at other trading sites such as IllustratedATCS, ATCsforAll, International Union of Mail Artists (IUOMA), and PostCrossing, just to name a few. Here at Swap-Bot, I enjoy swapping things such as postcards, collage supplies, ephemera and cool papers, and I have found some great pen-pals here as well, both of the electronic and snail mail variety.

For 13 1/2 years, I lived with a wonderful companion named Asha. I really miss Asha. She was the best friend I could ever imagine. Here is a portrait I did of her a while before she passed away.


If you are interested in seeing some of my paintings and drawings, you may view them at my WEBSITE and you can see some of my collaged pieces on FLICKR. I generally work in either a pseudo-realistic or surrealistic style. I especially enjoy depicting subjects that are "bent" or unusual, or that view something familiar from a different perspective.

Postcard Preferences

I am not easily offended, so feel free to send me your wild and weird things, the stuff you might hesitate to send someone else. In fact, I really enjoy the odd, rare, out of the normal type of swapping experience, so really, hit me with your best shot!

I like both modern and vintage postcards in all sizes. I don't mind if they are purchased from brick and mortar stores, from online vendors or commercially made via online sites like Zazzle, Redbubble, etc. As long as the quality and content is good, I don't care how it came into being (a rose is a rose is a rose...).

Subject Matter Preferences:

I buy a lot of postcards that depict things that tend towards the surreal or humorously strange. I also go for the downright odd or seriously weird. So, if you have cards like that and you don't know where to send them, I'm your gal! In addition, I love cards showing visually interesting subject matter. I am not offended at all by nudes or subjects some might consider inappropriate. Make my postal carrier's day with something odd or risque! I don't enjoy postcards that are super cute or sweet or religious. If you are looking for specific suggestions, feel free to peruse the list below.

~ subject matter that is surreal, bizarre, strange, weird, off-beat, wild, twisted, odd, humorous, sarcastic, quirky, dark-themed, melancholy, or stark

~ animals (foxes, zebras, rabbits/hares, elephants)

~ unusual birds (flamingos, swans, peacocks)

~ insects

~ reptiles (lizards, snakes, iguanas, alligators, etc.)

~ body-parts (not as in serial killer, just as in the focus is on some part of the body)

~ cactus/succulents

~ nests/eggs/feathers

~ dusk/dawn

~ moon/moonlight

~ clouds (interesting formations)

~ sculpture

~ mannequins

~ buttons

~ book-related

~ postal-related

~ clowns (dark or odd)

~ carnivals/circus

~ pools/fountains

Other Preferences

Ephemera & Paper Goods:

I enjoy vintage and/or interesting ephemera and distressed items can be very cool. I have a big paper fetish and I love really interesting paper, whether it be marbled, paste paper, handmade, fancy decorated or old book liner pages. These types of papers, as well as antique wallpaper, old correspondence, ledger pages, patent book pages, diagrams, black and white illustrations or prints, maps, foreign language in cool fonts, old postage stamps, vintage postcards, etc. are always welcome. If it is smelly, as vintage paper can sometimes be, I'd rather not receive it.


I enjoy most colors and color combinations, so make it easy on yourself here; but, if I had to choose one color I could do without, it would probably be pink, especially hot pink.

Prints of My Artwork:

I sometimes make hand-made postcards (both collaged and drawn or painted), which I trade with others privately. I also have postcards and ATC prints made of my artwork to share with friends and trade partners. I have these postcards commercially made, so the quality of the postcards themselves is quite good. The quality of the content I leave for the viewer to decide. :-) They are not made as any sort of advertisement for commercial purposes. If I include one of these postcards or ATC prints in a swap, it will generally be included as an extra gift or a sender's choice item or it is for a swap that would call for such an item. It is meant just to be something I am sharing of myself and I hope you will accept it in the spirit it is given.


~ cute things (Disney characters, Hello Kitty, Kawaii, etc.)

~ holiday themed items (unless the swap is holiday themed)

~ religious items

~ things containing affirmations or words such as beauty, believe, dream etc.

~ sequins or glitter or items with glitter or sequins on them

~ 3-D craft items


I am a very reliable trader/swapper and I have been trading online for around 14 years now. It would take a major catastrophe to occur for me not to fulfill any commitments I have made. Typically, I send out my items on the day of, or within a day of, the partner assignments, so if I am your partner in a swap or trade and you have not received the swap item from me as soon as you might expect for it to get from Topeka, Kansas in the U.S. to wherever you live, please be sure to contact me. I've only had a couple of my swap items go AWOL in all the years I've been trading and I have always made it right with a resend.

I also leave a rating for my partners upon receiving my trade/swap items and I appreciate receiving ratings and comments in return. And, as just an optional thing that helps me out, if you are in total love with something I sent you (yay!), I would be delighted if you could briefly describe what the item is in your comments to help jog my poor old memory. It helps me to know what sorts of items are the big hits, but I send out so many things to so many people (which I don't usually log in any really descriptive way because it makes swapping too much of a chore), that I don't always know what I did to earn the love. So, I am glad to know I did something really right, but I'd also like to know exactly what it was! Who knows, maybe I would do it again! :-)


Comment: Very sorry for the delay in rating! Big goof on my part.
Response: Thanks very for the rating and the heart!
iheartushi rated for 5 Postcards to 2 Partners #172 on Jul 30, 2019
Comment: Hello Cynthia! All the post cards are wonderful. I love and appreciate all of them. They arrived when I was having a bad day. They cheered me up along with other post cards I received from other swaps. Thank very much. ❤❤❤
Response: You are very welcome Elena and I am glad they gave you a pick up when you needed one! Thanks very much for the heart! Cynthia
Comment: Lovely selection of postcards! Thanks so much. And I loved the extra too! Thanks again!
Response: I am glad you like the cards I sent and thanks very much for the heart!
HappyMom rated for SF~ 2 Postcards in an Envie ~ USA on Jul 19, 2019
Comment: Yeaaay! Hot air balloons, beaches and Lantern Press! Made my day :)
Response: I am very glad you liked the cards and thanks so much for the heart!
xninolax rated for Postcard Scavenger Hunt - June 2019 on Jul 19, 2019
Comment: I got your resend Cynthia! Thank you so very much for all of the wonderful cards and sending me all of those extras too. I love your artwork! It's amazing!
Response: Nina, I am so glad my resend arrived! Thanks for the heart! My original envelope just came back to me. I left off the 14 from your address, so I guess that explains its failure to arrive. That envelope certainly had a long trip from the US to the Netherlands and back again! Have a great summer, Cynthia
Comment: Always fun seeing what another picks for each letter. Thank you.
Response: Thanks for the heart!
shirleyinCA rated for PTG: Vocabulary Postcard Swap #6 on Jul 18, 2019
Comment: Your pretty envelope made my day and of course the contents were delightful. Thanks for sending the extras to interpret all those fun words! I enjoyed each one, probably the quirky agile racers most of all. Sorry to hear of your cancer, but glad to know you feel much better after the recovery process! Our Mediterranean cruise was wonderful despite being there for Europe's heat wave. The 100 degree very humid days walking through villages on rough cobblestones did me in but still a good trip.
Response: Shirley, I am glad you enjoyed the cards I sent you and thanks very much for the heart! I can well imagine that walking around on cobblestone streets in 100 degree humid days did you in. I would find it hard to soak in much culture in such conditions. But, it sounds like you still had a good time so I am glad your trip was a success. Have a great end to your summer and thanks for joining my swap! All the best, Cynthia
Comment: LOL! So many funny and great cards!! Thank you, Cynthia!
Response: Laurie, I am delighted that you liked the cards I sent. I am always happy to run across people who also enjoy funny cards! Have a great end to your summer!
mandigutterrose rated for Don't Mention It on Jul 17, 2019
Comment: I hope you got your donut :) Thank you for the extra cards, my mom was inspired by the circuit board one for her jewelry class. (She didn't share her inspiration, so it should be VERY interesting to see what she comes up with lol.)
Response: I am glad one of the cards inspired your mother. I would love to see what she comes up with too! All the best, Cynthia
Irene rated for SF~ 2 Postcards in an Envie INT on Jul 16, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcards. I love each one. <3
Response: You are welcome and thanks so much for the heart!
goinjenny rated for PH: Three Different US States #3 on Jul 16, 2019
Comment: Thank you
Response: Thanks for the heart!
Comment: Very cute PC! I love it!!
Response: I am glad you liked the card and thanks very much for the heart!
Comment: Thanks for the postcards :-)
Response: You are welcome and thanks for the heart!
Comment: Fabulous lighthouse postcard and lighthouse stamp thank you very much Cynthia :)
Response: I am glad you liked the card and thanks very much for the heart!
Highlander18 rated for PH: Lighthouse Postcards #5 on Jul 12, 2019
Comment: <3 - many Thank you very much for the great cards and extras. I will have scan the whale to add it to my screen saver. One lighthouse is unnamed - know where it is? And thank you for a different view of the Outer Banks - love it!
Response: I am very glad you liked the cards I sent you and thanks very much for the heart! I am afraid I do not know where the lighthouse that is named is located. I live in landlocked Kansas, so I know very little about lighthouses other than what I see in the postcards I receive showing them. I am stoked you like the whale card enough to scan to use as a screen saver! All the best, Cynthia
Comment: Great variety of cards, Cynthia--thanks very much! Not sure if I have that quilt Indiana mapcard or not--will find out when I file next. thanks again!
Response: Carol, I am glad you liked the cards I sent you and thanks very much for the heart! Hopefully, the quilt map card was a new one for you! All the best, Cynthia
Comment: Thank you
MamaMangrove rated for WIYM: spell TRIP with PCs on Jul 10, 2019
Comment: Yay! Two swaps from you in one week. Lucky me!. I love the way you spell: the B&W instrumentalist is a hoot; close-up of insect face stunning; & the Maxfield Parrish image was the very one framed on my bedroom wall as a child. And even though touristy cards aren't usually my thing, the Riverwalk card evoked sweet memories of sitting at one of those cafes with my Bulgarian acrobat boyfriend when we were in San Antonio with the circus many moons ago. And then, the pièces de résistance - not just 1 but 2 of my wished-for favorites. Be still my heart! Muchas gracias, mi amiga.
Response: I am so glad you liked the cards I sent you and thank you so much for the heart. I'd enjoy hearing about your circus days sometime. If you were amused by my spelling of cappuccino, it was the spelling used on the card, so I cannot take credit for the inventive spelling. :) I am stoked that you were happy to get your special cards and I was delighted when I looked and found that I had them. I remembered the cappuccino card, but I didn't recall if I had already used it. So, when I found it I was very glad. Enjoy, Cynthia
Comment: Second try made it, & what a delightful batch of cards, Cynthia. As if the ones you chose for the categories were not enough, you even found a Ken Brown card for me & included those great cigar bands! Yowza! Thanks so much for a wonderful swap.
Response: You are very welcome Linda and thanks for giving me a heart! You are always fun to pick cards for, so thanks for continuing to play here! Cynthia
Comment: Thank you for the awesome postcard, love the colors and the beautiful stamps you used. I just love pc and mail art. Send me a message with your address and I will send you something. Hugs, Mona
Response: I am so glad you liked my PC and thank you very much for the heart! I will message you with my address and perhaps we could exchange mail art PCs. All the best, Cynthia

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Thank you so so much for the RAK. I love the personal image on the PC and your note. I look forward to keeping in touch. How cool 6 years into swap-bot to meet a new person in a swap and make a connection that will continue as pen pals. Mary

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Happy Birthday!

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