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Favorite Crafts

I am into beading, jewelry making, sewing, cross-stich, embriodery, quilting, making clothing, sewing stuffed animals, drawing, painting, scrapbooking, papercrafting, hairbow making, soapmaking, candle making, misc. crafts (gift baskets, diaper wreaths, diaper cakes), cooking, baking, and candy making, photography. I have recently started making ATC's, Inchies, and journals.

About Me

UPDATE: December 7, 2012... My health has not been the best. We have been unable to determine the cause of the problems and have had to wait until next year to proceed with further testing. My husband found a job after 2 months of unemployment. We are trying to make financial arrangements until he gets promoted in February. The kids are all doing great. We are just trying to enjoy the Christmas season. I hope my health allows me to return after the new year...

UPDATE: August 26, 2012... After 3 months (since Caleb's birth), I am finally feeling almost normal again. I am back in to every day chores and life again. I just celebrated 9 years of marriage with my husband. After almost dying 3 months ago, we have gotten much closer. I am now Mommy to 3 (4 if you count my fuzzy baby). I also just re-opened my business. I am now a semi-professional photographer!!! I decided to focus on the photography part of my business rather than crafting to allow me more time with my little family. My husband was fired from his job, after 3 years, at the end of July. He is still looking for a new job. We know God will provide! After all, if He can give us the miracle of preserving my life, He can provide a good job for my husband. :) I am not sure how much time I am going to have for Swap-bot, but I am going to try to do a little something here and there...

UPDATE : June 1, 2012... Caleb Anthony Hembree was born Friday May 18th just after 1:00pm. He was 9lbs 1oz and 20.5inches long. We went home Sunday evening and things were okay. I was in a lot of pain and discomfort and was still very swollen. Things continued to worsen and I went to the ER on Thursday the 24th. I had a blockage in my urinary tract. I had over 8 liters backed up in my system. I also had a severe infection because of it. While in the hospital being treated, I also developed a serious bowel infection call C-Diff. I was in the hospital for almost a week. They got the infections treated, the swelling down, and things are improving. I am looking at a lengthy recovery and will not be able to craft or swap for at least 2 more months, but I am eager to get back into things...

UPDATE : March 30, 2012... After having things calm down for a while, we had just gotten in to the swing of normal (pregnant) life. BUT, I went to the hospital yesterday morning. I had severe stomach pains and thought it was a bad acid attack... It turned out to be pre-term labor and an irritated uterus. They gave me two shots to stop preterm labor and everything seems to look okay today. I am going to have to restrict my activity for the next 5 weeks to make sure I do not go into labor again. This means I won't be on Swapbot much. I just finished my last swap and mailed it out, so I am going to take the next couple of months off. You can friend me on Facebook (let me know you are a swapper) to get updates on what is going on. I'll try to update on here every few weeks as well... Happy Swapping!

UPDATE: JANUARY 9, 2012 - I have been having some complications with my pregnancy. Because of this, I am on a partial-bed-rest / relax-a-lot-more plan. I will complete the swaps I sign up for, but I will not be doing very many swaps in the next few months. I will not be logging on to Swap-bot as much either. If you want to reach me you can find me on Facebook or email me...


I am 27 years old. I spent most of my life in Montana, but I moved around a lot so I have also lived in Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado. I now live in Georgia, about 45 minutes east of Atlanta.

I have been married for 9 years. I met my hubby when I was a senior in high school. At that time, he was new to the Air Force.

My hubby is a University of Georgia, Atlanta Braves, and Atlanta Falcons fan. He is very interested in working on computers and he currently builds websites. He is a good ole preacher's son from down south! His fave colors are red/black and blue. He loves anything Reeses. He also loves spicy snacks and trying hot sauces.

My hubby and I have three children (age 7, girl, age 5, boy, and age 3months, boy), and a puppy (girl, Husky mix).

My daughter, Ayla, is 7 years old. She is enjoying the second grade. She loves Barbie, Littlest Pet Shop, and My Little Pony. She reads a lot and loves to work on art projects (drawing, painting, beading). She is actually in a special reading program at school and reads 3rd and 4th grade level books. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. She loves jewelry (no earrings) and purses. She also has an American Girl doll that she would love to get some clothing and accessories for.

My son, Zachary, is 5 years old. He is in Kindergarten this year and is doing very well. He is a typical little boy who loves to run and play ball outside. His fave sports are football and basketball. He is in love with all things superhero. He also loves 'rescue' and military figures and toys (Army, Air Force, Police, Fireman, Etc...). He likes monkeys, horses, and turtles a lot! His fave colors are green and brown.

We started trying in April of 2010 to have baby #3, but I miscarried in August of 2010.

After a difficult pregnancy, difficult delivery, and severe complications following - We now have our third child!!!

Caleb was born on May 18th. He is a sweet, happy, chunky little baby. He has had some problems with reflux, but he is on medication for it and it helps greatly! He also just started teething!!! He is just over 3 months old (as of August 26) and he wears 3-6 month clothing. He loves music and "talking" to people. His room is decorated in a green/brown/cream monkey theme.

My puppy is named Angel. She is a red-tri-colored husky mix (Brownish red, tan, white). We adopted her from a neglectful home. When we got her she had fleas, worms, and Caronavirus. She was so sick, we were worried we would lose her. Since that day in July, we have gotten her worm and flea free. She pulled through the virus with some serious vet care (and a hefty bill!). For several months she was on a special diet and could not have treats. She is now OFF the diet and eating regular dog food. I would love to get little dog treats to give her! She LOVES toys! Her favorites are rope toys, Kong brand toys, and squeeky toys. I also would love to get cute bandana's (size medium/large). She hates wearing dog clothes, but she will wear the bandana.

So, some more about me. In May 2011, I earned my BASS Ed. with a minor in child development, graduating with honors. I used to run a small business from my home, Home-2-Home, doing party planning and selling handmade crafts. I do almost any kind of craft and I have been blessed with many skills. I can look at something in a magazine or online and figure out how to make it. I also create recipes a lot. I now have my own photography business, Precious Love Photography.

I am a Type A personality. I like structure, routine, and keeping very, VERY, busy. I am a neat freak and have to have my house in order (with hubby, three kids, a dog, and a business, this is harder than it sounds!). Since both of my older kids are in school now, my days are a little more free. I volunteer and help others out from time to time. I have also learned to take more time for myself.

I also love art, literature, music, and studying other cultures.

Favorite Music

I study music, so I listen to a little of everything...

My preferences are gospel, Christian, spirituals, classical, Celtic, and jazz. I love listening to 'world beats' or music from various cultures, anything instrumental... I also like Broadway musicals and opera. My fave musicals are "Phantom of the Opera", "Les Miserables", and "Into the Woods".

I don't listen to rap, hip-hop, country... nothing with cursing or vulgar themes.

Favorite Books

Bible (KJV). I love getting things with scripture on them. I also love getting little things for my Sunday school kids.

I read inspirational stories and Christian romance from time to time. I really like Lori Wick and Dee Henderson.

I also love fantasy/mythical fiction. My faves are "The Lord of the Rings", "Redwall Series", and the "Narnia series". No vampires, witches (Harry Potter), and such.

I also like historical fiction such as the "Earth's Children Series" and the "First North Americans series".

I am obsessed with collecting recipes from magazines and love getting new cookbooks. I love trying foods from around the world!

I also love getting crafting books, photography books, and books on Ancient history.

Favorite Television

I don't watch TV. I do watch FoodNetwork from time to time.

Favorite Movies

My fave movie is "The Princess Bride". I also liked the "LOTR series" and "Narnia". I prefer inspirational movies or documentaries. I watch a lot of children's movies with my kids! I try to stay away from anything over PG rating...


Christianity and inspirational themed items.

I love nature. The scenery, the geography, the beauty of God's creation!

I love animals - dogs (fave breeds are Rottweiler, Husky, and Heeler), horses (love Gypsy Vanners!), and cats (house cats and big cats- lions, tigers, leopards). I do not like snakes, lizards, or bugs...

I grew up in Montana and I love the mountains.

I can't wait to visit Ireland, Wales, and Germany - my heritage. I would love to get items from these locations!

I studied French in high school and love things with a French theme.

I am always looking for jewelry (no earrings), scarves, other accessories, or clothing with a unique style.

I love Celtic culture.

I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!! In almost all forms (Nothing with peanuts).

I also love all kinds of tea and coffee! I am limiting the tea I drink because of the pregnancy though...

I have a thing for unique socks, especially toe socks. I wear a US size 7.

I love chapstick. I have a collection of about 25 different kinds. I do not wear chapstick that colors or tints my lips.

My fave color is blue (any shade), but I love natural colors and jewel tones as well.


I am pretty easy going, but there are a few things I would appreciate NOT getting...

I do not like Halloween, macabre, monsters, or the like.

No snakes!

No non-Christian religious items (I will pass them on).

Abusers - whether substance abusers or child/animal abusers. I have little tolerance for people like this...

My daughter and I both have sensitive skin, so please, no lotions/perfumes. Also no make-up.

I also have a mild food allergy. No beans or legumes (peas, peanuts, etc.).

Non-communication and flakers... I know I haven't been on Swap-bot for long, but this is already a problem for me. If you send late, tell me! If you have some kind of problem with a swap, tell me! I will ALWAYS communicate with my partners and do everything I can to make sure that you like what I send, PLEASE do the same for me...

And please rate! I rate as soon as I get a package in the mail, so if I haven't rated you - I haven't gotten it...

If I have marked an item as sent, the I have sent it. If you do not get it, please let me know and I will gladly re-send (PLEASE do not abuse this!).

Looking for...

I do a lot of different crafts, so I am always using various materials.

I use a lot of the following: Beads, jewelry findings, buttons, ribbon, scrapbook papers, brads, embellishments, embroidery floss, sewing patterns, foam, felt, stickers, candy or baking molds, recipes, party supplies.

I am always willing to swap for things for my family members (see interests above).

I would also trade things I can make for things I can't make - knitting (scarves especially!), crocheting, handmade glass beads and pendants, and custom silver jewelry.


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