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Dana78 on Nov 18, 2018:

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Hello from Rodrigues. Nice to meet you. I like to take pictures also of events happening in my life. But I prefer landscapes. Wishing you a great weekend!

PinkFluffyUnicorn on Nov 17, 2018:

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PinkFluffyUnicorn on Nov 17, 2018:

Hello from Florida! Here in my house we are all Potter Heads as well. Since we live in Florida we have annual passes to Universal Studies, and of course our favorite part of the park is Harry Potter land. It is AMAZING! You really feel like you are in the story. And the butter beer, OMG! Pure heaven! Happy swapping!

pjasm on Nov 16, 2018:


NRGordon on Nov 16, 2018:

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It sounds like your boys keep you pretty busy. I miss my girls being home. The soccer games, the dance practices, band, chorus... I actually miss hauling them and their friends around. That's not nostalgia... I enjoyed it at the time.

They are all grown up and out on their own. We have a little granddaughter though, who I get to spend a lot of time with. When we head out into the woods on an adventure, her mother tells me to be careful with her. She remembers some of the things she and I did when she was a toddler. Well, she lived.

Our first real snow of the season is just winding down now. I'll go out shortly, clean up some snow and then go for a little snowshoe. There isn't really enough to need snowshoes, we got about 6" and it has packed to less than 4 already, but I'll put them on and make some tracks anyway.

Our older daughter is a bit sad. She woke up to three inches of snow and it promptly turned to rain. By noon, it was all gone. That's what she get for living on Cape Cod. It never stays o the ground there. After living there for seven years, one would think that she would have figured that out by now.

I'm guessing that you are reading this and thinking you are glad you live where you do. There are a lot of people around here that moan and groan about the snow. I keep telling them they can move to Florida but few of them ever do.

Best Wishes, Neal

Onixmermaid on Nov 16, 2018:

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Hello JustJada just gonna pop in a say I hope you have a wonderful day. My day is going to be watching the last 4 of Harry Potter =]

astrodogg on Mar 24, 2018:

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Hello there! Looks like I'm your partner again! ;)

How's your weekend going so far?

For me it's another day... another dollar! I'm currently working till 6 in the morning.

I hope your night is a lot of more fun than mine! :D


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jaimierandolph on Mar 24, 2018:

Quick and Easy Profile message #23 Good Afternoon, There has been a lot going on in my life these past few days and there is some big changes coming so I have been getting ready for them! I hope that you are well and having a blast here on swap bot! Thank you so much for joining in these little swaps! Hugs-

Betty70 on Mar 23, 2018:

Hey, hope you have a great day. We need more people in the world like you. Thank you for what you do for special children coming from a Momma with two special boys. I know y'all don't hear it enough. What you do means the world to us Momma's who have to leave our babies every day

astrodogg on Mar 22, 2018:

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Hello there! Sorry I'm late. My first night off I sleep like I'm a hibernating bear! That's the night shift for you. :/ I hope you had a good hump day! :)

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