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About Me

From January 17-23 2019 I will be in Pennsylvania. Upon my return, I will go thru my mail and rate. Please have patience and understanding.

Merry Christmas and may you all have a blessed 2019.

If ever you get to Michigan and want to meet up, I have always enjoyed get togethers with fellow swap-bot addicts. Brunch/supper or whatever. Just contact me.

Updated August 6, 2018. My son has a beautiful bride. Their wedding was full of emotions. I cried happy tears when she walked down the aisle, said their vows, and danced the son-mother dance. I am so proud of them. Memorable items that happened were: The fire alarm went off in the church during the reception (deafening) and the mens bathroom toilet actually cracked and water flooded out into the reception (was it that person ate too much earlier? LOL ) All in all, I can say it was the best wedding I have ever attended. Congrats to Amy and Ben (Aug 4, 2018)

***OMG I am giving a gigantic praise to @Pianoheart for a surprise of 21 cassette tapes. (yes, I wrote 21) She did not know this, but my husband lived in Hawaii for 6 years and she sent alot of Hawaiian music. She is a true blessing and a wonderful soul. I cannot thank her enough for sending such joy to us.

Happy New Year 2018!

I finished my 500th swap on Sept 8th 2017. Am having so much fun sending out smiles to everyone.

In these past few weeks, I have gotten international mail WAY after it has been sent. One took a month, the other longer than 8 weeks. I do believe even our mail wants to vacation a bit.

May all have a very blessed 2017

My newest niece, Amelia Love McDivitt was born on 7-20-16. So tiny and perfect.

On Mothers Day '16, My oldest son, Ben proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years. She said YES. I will be so happy to have her for a daughter. Sweet, kind and loving. A July 2018 wedding being planned.

*** If you don't receive a swap from me when I note that I sent it, please notify me ASAP so I can resend it. It is not my personality to flake. Never have, and don't intend to start. My word is my bond. Swapping means too much to me to flake. I LOVE bringing joy to others.

Born and raised in the countryside of Lancaster County, PA (amongst horse & buggies and rolling hills). Lived/studied in Dusseldorf, Germany (1988) Also did the Eurorail (it was a 30 day long train travel pass in which I backpacked through 10 countries) that summer (to celebrate my 20th birthday). 1990-1991 lived in Figueira da Foz, Portugal. Settled back in Lancaster in '91 and got married. Divorced in 2010 after 19 years. Found love again in 2011 and married Justin in 2012. We now live in Michigan. I have 3 children, Ben (1995) Alexis (1996) and Troy (2002). I have several indoor cats, Luna, Ms Priss (indoor during winter months only), Mr Dingles & Puma. The later 2 are my daughters. As of 10-20-17, the stray cat we feed, finally got the nerve to come into our home and now he/she comes in to eat and sleep a little beside us on the sofa before he wants out again. He is black and we call him Minx.

In my spare time I enjoy walking, baking/cooking new recipes, flower gardening (I have a friendship garden that I have gotten transplants from many friends--you can add too it if you like), traveling, Atlantic Beach Time, antique and thrift store shopping, swapping almost anything and pen paling internationally.

I wear size 7 or 7 1/2 shoes, 5 ft tall since 6th grade and funsize in life. Long hair which I enjoy wearing up. I am all natural--no hair dye (love my silver streaks life has highlighted me with), no make up (though I may be seen with mascara or blush), no tattoos and only have my ears pierced once (seems odd now days).

I enjoy www.wheresgeorge.com with my user name Michelle His Belle.

I also am a part timer in Geocaching. My name there is Mstracker. I go with my brother when I visit him and he tracks them and I just totally forget too. I gotta change that!

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I decorate immensely. I mail out over 200 Christmas cards. If you mail me one, I always mail a return. It is always a pleasure meeting new people.

Thank-you for taking the time to get to know me. Hopefully I can get to know you. Peace and Love.

Favorite Music

I listen to Country, Pop and Classical (we have this on while we eat dinner). I don't like RAP or Jazz. Lately I have been listening to Celtic and New Age music to write my pen pals. Its very calming to the soul.

*John Denver
*Janis Joplin
These are a must to sing along with while driving

Favorite Television

~~30 degrees in February
~~Married at First Sight
~~The Good Doctor
~~Big Bang Theory
~~Young Sheldon
~~The 100
~~My 5 wives
~~Grace and Frankie
~~The Shannara Chronicles
~~The 4400
~~The Librarians
~~Naked and Afraid
~~When Calls the Heart
~~The Magicans
~~The real housewives of Orange County
~~The Listener

I seem to watch a lot of Netflix lately. Any suggestions on an International movie or TV show?

As you can see, I like a mixture of everything ********Don't watch the news too much since it is mainly negative anyways. I mean, who wants to go to bed and wake in the morning with negativity surrounding them, right?


~~Baby giraffes
~~Sand dollars
~~Bath bombs/fizz's
~~Fragrant shower gels (Avon Skin so soft, soft and sensual my favorite)
~~Writing paper
~~Dining decorative paper napkins
~~kitchen cotton linens (tea-towels, dishcloths etc)
~~Powdered Chai mixtures
~~miniature/regular tea cups
~~Green is my favorite Color
~~Life is good products
~~Happy Mail
~~If you have any questions if I would like something, you can always send me a message. I find happiness in the smallest and simplest of items


****Cigarette smoke*** Please don't send anything that has that odor.
I don't need any reward stickers/preschool/childrens stickers.
Recipes that are HOT or spicy.
Microfiber kitchen towels.
Not too keen on Dollar store items, unless swap calls for it.
Tea. I have enough to brew over the year of 2018

Favorite Crafts

~~Making Envelopes. I use old calenders, scrap-booking paper, Stationary and almost anything else I can make into an envelope.

~~Tea bag holders.

Things I enjoy

~~Unique items

~~Thrift store/Antique store finds


~~Primitive American/Folk Art



~~American Eskimo Dog breed (my last dog was Neva, passed after sharing her life with me for 14 years)

~~Quiet evening at home when the snow is falling

~~Eating out

~~burning candles


~~my flower garden

~~I play Toontown Rewritten with my husband and youngest son

~~Country drives

~~Netflix---any suggestions?

~~Pennsylvania farm land

Favorite Books

Anything Beverly Lewis and Tracie Patterson. These authors make me feel "right at home"

*I have been listening to books on CD on my long drives. Gently used ones would be much appreciated.

Wish List

~~Just recently I have started to collect oval stickers for my car from different cities and countries
~~Used books on CD, (Audio books)
~~Gift cards to Panera Bread, Chilis, Bath & Body works, Little Caesars, Cracker Barrel, Meijers, Starbucks, Wendys and TJ Maxx.
~~Christmas gift tags
~~New Age music CD's
~~Anything Life is Good
~~Mary Moo figuerines
~~note cards
~~memo pads
~~Anything Mary Engelbreit
~~Anything Suzy Zoo
~~homemade envelopes
~~cotton table place mats (seasonal)
~~tea/kitchen towels(cotton only)
~~bracelets (silver)
~~studs or flat pierced earrings (silver)
~~body wash (Avon, Skin so soft soft & Sensual my new favorite)
~~Lush bath bombs
~~fuzzy socks
~~Toffifee chocolates Can be found at cvs etc. These are my favorite!
~~caramello by Cadbury
~~Anything Folk Art
~~squirrel anything
~~Fairies on anything
~~Small garden flags (all holidays/designs)
~~face masks
~~Sticker sheets of nice quality
~~homemade kitchen dishcloths
~~holiday/seasonal figurines (cupids, easter bunnies/chicks, 4th of july, halloween, thanksgiving, santas/snowmen for examples)
~~Pocket letters--Learning how to make these in an interesting manner.
~~Dotee dolls
~~Matchbox creations
~~Button arm & leg dolls

(the last 3 items I have just learned about and find them extremely interesting)

~~~~~~~ This is just a few ideas

On a short note

I am extremely easy to please. I prefer quality over quantity. And LOVE unique items found in gift stores or gently used items from a consignment/thrift store. To get a hand written note or short letter with my swaps mean the world to me--letting me realize you targeted me and not just the swap requirements.


JuneRosebud rated for Christmas Cards in January on Jan 15, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the Christmas card & for the extra one, too. Hope that the New Year is treating you well...
mejulia rated for Christmas Cards in January on Jan 15, 2019
Comment: Thank you, gorgeous card. Merry Christmas
Lisapotterylady rated for Yankee Gift Swap on Jan 14, 2019
Comment: This was a really fun package to go through - like Christmas all over again! My favorite is the fleur de lis towel. Its the color of my kitchen so I'm going to hang it up in there. Its too pretty to use though, don't want to get it dirty!
Comment: Thank you very much for your letter! It was fun to read about your year and your family! We celebrated 1-1-19 by opening presents and spending the day together as a family. It began a few years ago and we have adopted it as our new tradition. It was a nice day this year! Thank you also for the beautiful postcards! I love the one of them feeding the little horse. So precious! Many blessings to you in 2019!
Response: This swap was fun to get an idea into someone else's life for 2018. Your tradition for New Years Day sounds great! Glad you had family around too. You are welcome for the postcards. Thank you for rating with a heart. Happy 2019.
Comment: Thank you so much for the sweet note! I am a bit jelly that you have a whole room for swapping. I mean, I only have a whole one 1/4th of the living room. I should kick my husband out of his 1/4th and seriously who needs a TV! I could put a shelf with more swapping stuff there! I can relate to the shopping with swaps on the brain. It is funny that my shopping for clothes and other items has just fallen down to near nothing. I make bee lines for stationery and cards in TJ Maxx, Ross, Tuesday Morning, Michaels, Target etc. πŸŒΌπŸ’—πŸŒ»πŸŒΌπŸ’—πŸŒ»πŸŒΌπŸ’—πŸŒ»
Response: You need a she-shed ...best wishes for that in 2019! Thanks for rating with a heart. Have a great week.
Comment: yay for my first stocking this year! :) and for dress up play :)
Response: You are welcome. I hope she can have hours of playtime and you will enjoy your gift this coming December. Thank you for the heart rating.
ttbishop rated for SMSUSA: December 2018 Happy Mail on Jan 7, 2019
Comment: Thanks very much for everything, especially the birthday wishes!
Response: You are very welcome. I hope you enjoyed your birthday. May 2019 bring many fond memories. Thank you for the heart rating.
thelocalman rated for APP - HAPPY CHRISTMAS FRIENDS on Jan 5, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for your letter and gift! It was very pleasent to read about your Christmas tradition and how your Christmas day goes. Thank you for sharing and I will send you a letter about my experience :) Happy Holidays
Response: Hi :-) Thanks for rating with a heart. So happy to see you enjoyed what I sent. Looking forward to seeing you in my mailbox. Best of everything for 2019
Comment: Thank you and happy new years
Response: You are welcome. Thank you for the heart rating. Happy New Years to you as well.
Comment: Thank you! Hope you had a nice Christmas ^^
Response: You are welcome. Yes my Christmas was spent with my Mom, Brother and his family and my 2 sons. Thank you for rating with a heart. Happy New Years!
Hyshu rated for 14 days of Valentine's day #4 on Dec 27, 2018
Comment: Thank you! I can't wait to open it!
Response: You are welcome. thank you for the heart rating. Happy New Years!
ladywolfsong rated for Envelope Advent Calendar on Dec 26, 2018
Comment: thank you so so so much!!!! Each day was a joy, above and beyond what was expected in the swap. Tailored to me even though it was sender's choice! I loved it all, and it brought a lot of smiles into an otherwise stressful time!
Response: So happy to see you enjoyed each little present. Thank you for your heart rating. May 2019 bring peace and happiness. Happy New Years!
kfaye rated for TF; Stuff My Stocking/Totebag-DEC-USA on Dec 20, 2018
Comment: You are always so sweet. Every year we get something to put in Mia & Abbey's stocking except, this year we didn't. but, YOU came through for them! Thank you SO much ...for EVERYTHING! hApPy YuLe!
Response: I hope all enjoyed Christmas Day! Thank you for your heart rating. I hope you are enjoying this last day of 2018. May happiness follow you in 2019. Happy Swapping!
Comment: Thank you so much - got it, and thank you for the dolphin postcard too. take care, darla
Response: You are welcome. Thank you for rating with a heart. May you be blessed in 2019.
Comment: Thanks so much!
Response: You are welcome. Thank you for the heart rating. Happy New Years!
Response: Thank you for rating. May you have a blessed 2019
Tina78 rated for APP - HAPPY CHRISTMAS FRIENDS on Dec 15, 2018
Comment: Thank you Michelle. Happy Christmas😊
Response: I am hoping you could relax a little with your face mask I sent. Thank you for the heart rating. Happy New Years!
Comment: Received! Stuffed away for the next 10 days :) Thanks
Response: You are welcome. Thank you for the heart rating. Happy New Year Cheryl.
Comment: Thank you! I loved all the hears and cant wait until February!
Response: You are welcome. Thank you for rating with a heart. I hope you are enjoying this last day of 2018. May 2019 bring much happiness.
Comment: Oh my goodness - what an incredible swap package you sent!!! Thank you so much for all the sweetness and thoughtfulness you put into my parcel!! You made my week!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!
Response: Thank you for rating with a heart. So happy to hear you enjoyed it. May you enjoy New Years Eve and have a blessed 2019.

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satinification on Jan 15, 2019:

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card! Happy 2019 :) ~ Agnieszka (from AARI forum)

pattiairel on Dec 23, 2018:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

cajiky on Dec 23, 2018:

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Happy New Year 2019!!!

brookeasaur on Dec 17, 2018:

Thank you so much for the unexpected Christmas Card and sticker gift today! β™₯ I hadn't swapped recently and it came as such a nice surprise :) Hope you have a great week and Merry Christmas!

manme on Dec 14, 2018:

Thank you so much for your lovely Christmas card! (Angels and Raks international group forum) ❀️

bluesky on Dec 5, 2018:

Thank you so much for the beautiful pillow cases, socks, catnip jars, notecards .. from the Stocking/Totebag Stuffer swaps! Love everything you sent. Happy HOlidays!

CurlyTea on Aug 17, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

isabellasnow on Aug 2, 2018:


kfaye on Jul 24, 2018:

I hope you are all ready for the big wedding day! :D Have a wonderful time, don't stress, enjoy and take it all in! Congratulations!!

Traceyk on May 5, 2018:

Thank you for the pack of notecards from April WTA game in the Swaps in the USA group! I appreciate it very much!

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