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About Me

After 6 years on Swap-bot I thought it time I update my profile to the present.

Greetings from Australia. I live on the top of a magical mountainous hill, in Warwick, on the Southern Downs in Queensland, with my partner, and Misty our dear doggie who acts like the Queen of Sheba, and came to us in March this year literally out of the mist and into our door. AND, Twiglet... a Koala who lives in the clump of Gum trees behind our house. Plus numerous colourful songbirds & wallabies (petite gentler version of Kangaroos) How lucky are we!

Sadly my beloved brother who made his goal of becoming American shortly before he passed away so suddenly on 6th October 2014. He had just arrived back in the USA after 2 weeks with his daughters here in Aus. He died of an embolism - massive heart attack. He was a true man, a genuine pearl and my big brother!

I am a Subtley maker for the Abbey Museum & no longer a Mine Security Officer, enjoying a long & well earned break from 13 hour shifts and high stress. Now setting up my art studio cabin & growing roses in my favourite place, lovely cold windy Warwick where i spend quality time with my lovely man, near the border of New South Wales.I have two youngsters, now gorgeous young independent adults.

I have some LIKES & DISLIKES at the end of the profile to help swappers. I will always honour my swaps to my partner. I rate a heart if i like your swap rather than any extras, though i am delighted to find them enclosed ;) I like most colours, i love flower gardening and have put in a delightful rose and geranium garden to brighten up the harsh landscape. Although I believe in fairies, and like a shell pink, i am not into kitch fairy stuff. Feel a bit too old for all that.

Favorite Crafts

~I am a miniaturist, have been interested in 'tiny treasures' all my life. I went to see Queen Mary's Dollhouse when i was 8 and it changed my life as i saw it. 30 years later i was able to visit the Chicago museum, and saw the fantastic rooms over 40 of them! perfect in every detail... It was through this hobby that i was led firstly into fine needlework, I became known as the Dollhouse Seamstress, producing exact tiny duplicates of bedclothes, boutis quilts, robes, underpinnings, etc, and later Silversmithing after attending University, preferring lifelike objects. I am currently setting up a solder station in my cabin, as we are not connected to the mains grid. ~Tiny things are fascinating, when one has learnt how to manipulate cloth and metal, one sincerely appreciates the intricacies of each curve or bend, the tiny hem or catch mechanism, the hinges... I could go on. Update: I am 'into' Petitpoint aswell now, and focus much of my skill on this area. So if we swap miniatures, it will more likely be stitched not metal. Less drama in the posting.

Historical themes

~ i love old paintings of floral arrangements like the old masters used to paint. I also find old painting of boats fascinating in paintings or stamps.

~ I find people fascinating, a penchant for faces. If you can paint them that is a treasure gift. I study costume. I now have a dollshouse being transformed into a 1790 French Maison Seamstress's house. Have many books on how to make old patterns. Historical icons like Jane Austen, Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth I, Scarlet Pimpernel (sink me), Beatrix Potter, Audrey Hepburn...Parisian french fashion of any era & the aura of any historical real or fictional time period

Favorite Crafts

Since being on Swap-bot, I have learned the art of Art journaling, altering books and creating an amazing keepsake collaged/painted historical or fantastical themes. Currently doing a 3 way swap on an historical Victorian theme, where we stay in character. A marvelous extention in art. I am textile artist, doll artist, Miniaturist & Printmaker. All aspects of drawing, lino you name it it appeals to me. I use many mediums into my work. ~Thus anything to do with fibre, beading, wool, unusual textile, needlework, felting etc is thrilling to me, At 12 i made my first art doll for my sister, i love to create mini 5"- 8" art dolls.~ Hand written words now deemed a fading skill! Calligraphy, illuminations, alphabets, texts; i value your time and energy in giving to a stranger ... so please feel free to write me. I appreciate your wonderful gift of sharing your art and thoughts.

Favorite Music

Baroque music, Tudor etc, wind intrumentals. The humble old recorder, yes folks, those years of torture in the old school hall became quite a passion, thanks to my brother. My first voluntary purchase was a German handmade wood descant, followed by a gorgeous Treble~ the hollow haunting tones and the woodsey smell, pure heaven! Perhaps i spent a lifetime in Medieval times! i can pick a crumphorn a mile away in an orchestral piece. I adore the Cello, after a lifetime of loving Elgar, hearing mums records of Jacqueline Duprey, realizing the depth of mood one can create by Enya, the sound so strirring, my man encouraged me to buy one,so I am melding with the tonal qualities of my instrument and having a marvelous time. I am in nursery school all over again! In the modern world, I find voice fascinating, pure joy and mood, I have belonged to several choirs over the years. Artists like Enya is a favourite songstress, & Adele's amazing voice, ABBA, chorale, i don't mind a bit of opera, I love Musicals, Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis, I sing where ere I go, whether permitted or not (then i do it quietly) Thank goodness I can sing! my kids used to say "be quiet mum!", but that made me more joyous! They didn't want to be noticed, but really don't mind. My daughter now joins in with me, down the high street.

Favorite Books

Bookwise, I adore the classics like Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, George Elliot, &tc., I am a very old fashioned girl. Josephine Tey, Ngaio Marsh & Georgette Heyer. I have found a modern author i cannot put down, Kerry Greenwood an Aussie who writes the most descriptive and natural of women in sound believable mysteries... Heavenly Pleasures, Earthly Delights, etc. Since returning to Miniatures, Dollshouse or French brocante books have me glued to the pages. I love the earthy nature loving Jeffrey Farnol, for a man's take on Romantic, so English & gentlemanlike, pulls me back everytime, to the winding country roads to where my dad grew up in Surrey. I think perhaps this writer was not unlike my dad, come to think of it. Poetry, Shakespeare's works , Thomas Hood's sonnets ( i was named after his dear wife Jane), Haiku,I love to create prose, something I discovered at College, 30+ years ago, found that what I wrote, reached the hearts of others. I love & am grateful for this gift.
My library has children's books, well illustrated, as this shows me how to create tonal qualities if I am struggling. I have quite an extensive collection, from simple pen and ink, like Winnie the Pooh, or Wind in the Willows to Jane Hissey, Inkpen, for colouring pencil, Brian Froud for intellect, wit and darker themed interpretations; I shall write and illustrate my own childrens book, perhaps for my grandchildren when they join our family. In the meantime, I am quite happy to wait though!

And Lastly...

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, and creating your wonderful works of art. As a security officer i have wondered how many people realise just how invaluable their service makes a difference to the lives of others. During 9/11/2001 everyone remembers the incredible valiant efforts of the emergency services, police, ambos/paramedics, fire-brigade. There was one other group who are rarely spoken of or remebered! While the rest of the workforce left the building if & how they could, the only workers that knowingly remained onsite on duty were the Security Guards as it is instant dismissal for us to leave our posts. I would like it to be known although they may have made it to ground level during the traumas, most died manning their posts as the building fell around them. I salute your memories, brave souls.

Likes and dislikes

LIKES... I am fascinated with all religions, cultures learning about different philosophies. goddesses, images, charms or sigils. I talk to the Moon Goddess, Mother Mary, Quan Yin & Jeshua. I like beach glass or small pebbles from your area. 1/12 scale items, I love tiny carved wood. i once found an almost complete 1" robot! Having a fling with oriental paper and Georgian & Regency is high on my loves, so a small skein of silk thread 100/3 would have me in raptures!

I do drink tea, as the Queen drinks it, ie:- brewed in a teapot and served hot with genuine fresh jersey cow milk...be still my beating heart, luckily I've found my own darling man who buys it from the farmer, the cream still sitting on the top. , i love English Breakfast tea, but my all time favourite is Irish Breakfast! I love herbal teas of Rose hip or fruity blends. Colours:- I love Teal, French Navy, Cream, Rose pink, Cherry Red, Sepia tones, lime, buttercreamy yellow, Prussian Blue and fresh orange....

DISLIKES? I am alergic to nickel based jewellery findings & chain. I do not go in for little girl pink fairy stuff or Hello Kitty, i am a luscious woman not a kid. I love cats and sorely miss my Lily. I cannot stand Earl Grey or Lady Grey teas as they are not my cup of tea, lol. my daughter and sister love them though, takes all kinds, teeheee. There you are, that will do. Embarrassed now. HAPPY SWAPPING


cafras rated for ARTY ENVELOPE on Jun 14, 2018
Comment: Thank you ! I like the way you painted her face incorporating the background scene... and another of your newsy letters :)
ThESwEeTiE rated for ART TAG CHALLENGE on May 24, 2018
Comment: What a fantastic little package and such a pleasure to read your letter. Your Tag is amazing, you should be very proud of your art! Thank you so much C:
Response: I am so pleased you are happy with the little package. It is a warm welcome to our SMART group, we always have glowing hearts from the sending/receiving to each other, and the closeness of our members. So glad you are part of our aussie gals.
AmirainOz rated for The Parlour Empire Swap Round 2 on May 15, 2018
Comment: Received this round of swap from Ruth- absolutely amazing and Jane you will be seriously pleased that it was done in your book!! Lucky duck- Ill have to contend with a photo of it for my side book that I am making to catalogue all the other layouts that Im not keeping...
Response: oooh sounds very intrigueing Amira, can't wait to see. Its been a great challenge so far, hard but wonderful too. xx
mizlilyroo rated for The Parlour Empire Swap on Mar 7, 2018
Comment: Love Emilie's letter. Her joi de vivre certainly comes across. I hope I can help her with the mystery of the Secret Society :)
Comment: HAHAHA "happy birthday princess", I love it. Normally I wince at animals in crowns, but since it is my birthday next week, this is the PERFECT card, hahahaha! I love it when the Universe provides. Thanks for the chuckles. mwah, mwah.
Response: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!!! xxxx Glad it was meant to be.
suzanne33 rated for A4 Art Journal Swap on Feb 22, 2018
Comment: How wonderful. Thank you for the amazing explanation as well.
Response: I enjoyed the making of it, cheers until next one xxx You think of great swaps!
JanetLK rated for Napkins to Decoupage II on Feb 5, 2018
Comment: Loved everything. Thank you!
Response: I am glad, thank you for the hearts.
DorothyH rated for Napkins to Decoupage II on Feb 1, 2018
Comment: Thank you Jane for the napkins. So strange to think you are enjoying nice summer weather, when I opened the napkins it felt a bit like summer (only fooled me for a monemt) I love the pink napkin - yes I will try to use the back layer too, hope it works. thanks again
Response: My pleasure, hope you enjoy.
Takyar rated for Fun International Collective Story on Jan 11, 2018
Response: cheers
mizlilyroo rated for Altered Children's Book Round #6 on Dec 13, 2017
Comment: Fabulous job. Loved 'em all. Thanks so much for being part of this swap. I look forward to our 2018 effort.
hollycm6 rated for Jane & Holly Birthday exchange on Dec 8, 2017
Comment: Oh shoot, the parcel I've sent you is so much less awesome than what you've sent me, I can already tell... and I didn't wrap your pages! (I don't THINK I did anyway...) Consider the crazy envelope its wrapping! I shall wait until my birthday to open... :) (updated:) THANK YOU for making my birthday so special!!!! Your pages are beautiful and the little wreath is so sweet (my sister, granddaughter, and I took turns wearing it AND the sleep mask!) Thank you!! I hope your christmas was lovely and birthday will be awesome!!!
Response: Dear Holly, no my dear, I had to add something extra as I felt the pages were not as I imagined them to be. Do not trouble yourself. Enjoy your birthday. xx
Comment: wonderful cards thank you so much, I look forward to adding them to my set
Response: Happy christmas Kitty, glad you like them.
Comment: Always lovely to get your art thank you so much
Response: My pleasure xx
Zindelo rated for AS: Christmas Ornament on Dec 5, 2017
Comment: Oh my stars, this is the most beautiful ornament! Thank you SO much, I adore it! It's thundery and rainy here in Canberra too, so we've got that in common. I hope your silly season is full of joy and wonder! :)
Response: I am so pleased you liked it Zin, I loved making it and decided I would make another for my daughter as we like to swap a handmade ornament each year. Anther storm due today! If you would ever like to swap PM me! Thank you for the hearts.
Winnie rated for Fun International Collective Story on Dec 4, 2017
Response: :)
Comment: Excellent Owl!
Response: So pleased you liked it. I did have great enjoyment in creating him. Happy Christmas.
Comment: Bilingual approach! Very nice job!!
Response: Thank you Mimi, i enjoyed writing it too. Hope we swap again in the future...merry christmas!
cafras rated for Collage papers Journal Page on Nov 19, 2017
Comment: My gosh ! you did well with this swap. Thank you.
Response: Many thanks Catherine. Was more relaxed doing this A4. Fun fun fun.
cafras rated for Altered Children's Book Rnd #5 on Oct 24, 2017
Comment: You are doing very well with your faces Jane, Love what you have done with this lot of prompts.
Response: Thank you Catherine, I am loving this process of our double page spreads. The way it is so personal. We are all growing beautifully.
Beat rated for Handmade Gift Tags on Oct 17, 2017
Comment: ❤💙💚💛💜💟 this deserve endles harts. I loved them all. And 😙 the lite suprise❤📿 beautiful
Response: Ah, thank you Beate, I am so pleased you liked them and they got to you in plenty of good time too! I am happy too.

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pinklilly on Mar 1, 2018:

Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard you sent me, I just received it yesterday!! I love it!! And the stamp on it, it's awesome!!!

CurlyTea on Jan 8, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

hollycm6 on Jan 7, 2018:


cafras on Dec 5, 2017:

Hearts plus for round 6 of our Altered Book .

thebragal on Jul 19, 2016:

Thank you for returning my journal. I'm so thrilled with it. Each page is a gem! I appreciate the note about the artist who passed away. I'm sure she'd be pleased that I'm still enjoying her art. I'd love to swap pages. Much better than sending the whole journal across the ocean. Your stamp wasn't cancelled so I'll send it back to you to save $. I'll send you the dimensions of my journal so the page will fit. And feel free to send me the measurements for your journal. When this one is full, I'll send you dimensions for my other journal. I'm looking forward to it!

RyeRye on Jul 2, 2016:

Inspiration Station~

RyeRye on Jun 24, 2016:

Thanks for joining Inspiration Station!

thriftymermaid on Jan 7, 2016:

Happy Birthday from the Mermaid Lovers Unite Group! We hope you have a magical birthday. Please head over to our group forum and add your name and address to our January Birthday thread so that we can send you some happy mail!

user2637 on Apr 14, 2015:

Just FYI @babynavyblue is back swapping, despite owing you a swap from awhile ago.

thriftymermaid on Feb 5, 2015:

Welcome to the Mermaid Lover's Unite Group!! Head on over to our group forum and sign up for our RAK Giveaway! I hope to see you in some of our swaps--new ones will be posted next week!

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