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noname13 on Jun 19, 2017:

Oh, and belated best wishes!

noname13 on Jun 19, 2017:

Thanks a lot for the birthday card,the birthday wishes and the EUR coins from my wishlist. BIG SORRY, I thought I had already written, but I had some problems with my very old notebook the last months additionally to the family issues and my stolen car... In the meantime I sorted out some issues and on the weekend I finally configured my new notebook so hopefully no blue screens anymore...

UrsaMinor on Jun 2, 2017:

Definitely a match, both showy and lightweight, and no parts that would tickle my neck or make a sound. They also match the clothes style I wear. I have to get a photo to show you 😘

UrsaMinor on Jun 1, 2017:

Oh darling Leen! Thank you so very much for the surprise earrings 🌟 Very thoughtful :)

Bo on Jan 22, 2017:

Thank you so much for the comment. I am glad it has safely arrived.

forever0lost on Nov 26, 2016:

I don't just like it is love it. You made a great choice thank you so much x

forever0lost on Nov 24, 2016:

Thank you for sending me wishes it's very much appreciated :) x

Bo on Nov 22, 2016:

Thank you for amazing mail from Wishes from Europe group. Loved everything you sent and esp.letter set with such a nice drawing. I like things with artists touch so this was the right match. You made my day.

Toxicash666 on Nov 19, 2016:

I recieved the wishes you sent to me through the wishes for Europe group!Thank you so so much! Those stamps are so cute, and even the notecard you wrote on was really nice! I feel you made such an effort! Thank you 😊💞💞

forever0lost on Nov 17, 2016:

Glad you got the decorations and that they are liked :) x

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