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Birthday: June 14, 1981
Country: Belgium
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About me

Hello everybody :)

My name is Leen and I'm from Belgium.

My motto is 'live laugh love' :)

I used to be a 'heavy' writer, as we used to call it, when I was younger. I had so many penpals, I just loved to open my mailbox. Missed that feeling so joined this website and still love it! Here I find the challenge to try new crafts or re-try old crafts and make nice handmade things. With a kid in the house it became a bit harder to find time to craft but I'm trying.

If you don't receive a swap, please let me know. I love to make people smile so always put an effort in sending swaps.


My home


I live together with my man Frederick, since September.29.2014 we have a beautiful cute daughter called Rilke. We had a dog (black labrador called Bacho and he passed away last July, 12 years old), a cat (street cat called Nitro) and some chicken. I have a big family so spending much time with them. We renovated our house for the past 4 years, it's just the details now which is the fun part but still takes a lot of time.


Update August/September


Taking a summer break, may you all have a great time! xxx


I have a thing for


✿ note pads cuz I love to make lists (any style)

✿ stickers (any kind, my 2 year old daughter loves stickers)

✿ deco / washi tape (any style, just love tape)

✿ notecards /postcards (non touristic, blanc, any language, in a PC swap I like them send naked and stamped)

✿ woodland animals

✿ instant drinks (all sorts of cappuccino, hot chocolate, late machiatto, ... )


I absolutely love


♥ (small) pieces of fabric with nice prints

♥ easy sewing patterns

♥ handmade items [anything made with love]

♥ Paris [prints, cards, paper, patterns ... anything with Paris on is fun to get. Why? Because we'll always have Paris!]

♥ planners [weekplanner, menuplanner, planner per day, I love planning esp. when it's on colourfull paper, haha]

♥ lip balm [I like them 'with a fruity taste' in a stick form, just lip balm, not lip stick or lip gloss]

♥ funny small things [mini cherries, buttons formed like cupcakes, mini cards ...]

♥ scarves [long loops, light scarves, bright colours (even black with bright accents), nice or funny prints]

♥ ear rings [long dangling colourfull but not too heavy please, handmade or storebought, original]

♥ cotton tote bags [not the small ones, they must be 'practical', can be handmade, with prints & colours, free ones with advertising ...]

♥ surprises!


I also like


★ anything 'kitchen' -- colourfull tea towels, dishclothes, coasters, egg cups ...

★ anything 'bath' -- anything eco and with not too many additions: bombs, salt, masks, ...

★ anything 'crafting' -- new ideas, articles from magazines, as long as there are pictures or examples included

★ anything 'fair trade' -- I try to pay attention to this, if I were an honest farmer somewhere I would want a fair price as well, of course in this world it's hard to choose for the expensive product

★ anything 'eco' -- became aware of that since we almost lived in our garden, I had to loose all my washing water in the garden ... woops, changed to eco stuff cuz the rest is almost poison for your lawn.


My favourite ..


▼ Colours: pink, purple, eggshel, lime

▼ Teas: fruit, special combinations

▼ Movies: 12 years a slave, The best of me, The vow, I am Sam

▼ Smells: vanilla, berries, chocolate, cookies

▼ Books: Dangerous Minds, From Bagdad with love

▼ Chocolate: milk, with mint, caramel, nuts ..

▼ Authors: Clive Cussler, Santa Montefiore, John Grisham

▼ Cities I've ever visited: Berlin, Haifa,London, Paris, Carvasonne, Lisboa


Crafts and hobbies


✂ Sewing. Easy patterns, decoration, I love to 'pimp' old clothes. I try to make easy clothes for our girl.

✂ Wood crafts, love to make new item out of old pallets or old pieces of wood.

✂ Decoupage: anything not good looking you can turn into a nice piece when you cover it!

✂ Recycling: I find this an art itself :) I love to paint old cabinets, I like to upgrade old bottels into nice vases, I re-use plastic bottles to grow my seeds in, ...

✂ Gardering: I loooove to grow my own vegetables, I like herbs and fruit plants, don't care so much for flowers

✂ Reading: I read almost one book a week, no sience fiction.




I work as a tutor in a daycentre for adults with mental retardation, I'm 'boss' of 12 co-workers nowadays, that means a bit more paperwork but still lots of activities to organise as well. I have to do workshops and my favourite one is 'the creative club' and I can always use some ideas or tools for it, my people love to work with wooden items to sand, paint or re-decorate. If you're interested in what we make and sell, please check http://www.pinterest.com/twinkelke2430 and please spread the word!


Stuff the family likes ...


Frederick likes Lego, he collects the mini figures series you can buy in little sachets in toy shops. He also likes heavy metal and collects stickers, gadgets and stuff from bands.

Our daughter Rilke is very fond of books. She likes stickers, painting, playing with her kitchen tools and building stuff with Duplo. She likes to be outside and she adores all animals. Her favourites are elephants and woodland animals. If it comes to popular cartoons she likes Nemo, Maisy, Bumba, Tiny, Dribbel (Spot), Jungle Book and Nijntje.

The cat likes all small treats and small toys that tinkle.


What I absolutely don't like is


✇ postcards, city - country related (I had to collect them for my uncle, I don't like to collect things and then give it away, that's why)

✇ necklaces (I don't wear them often so they're gonna be not used and that's a shame)

✇ rings (cannot wear them at work)

✇ brand marks (why should something be better if there's a well known name on it?)

✇ the smell of lavender and coconut (bad memories, nothing against the plants or fruit)

✇ the colours black, grey, blue and orange (they are simply not made for me)


Private swaps


Always in for, contact me!



Fever rated for SIE: One Big Gift Swap July on Aug 7, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the great collection of dice! The multi-sided ones will come in handy for role-playing, and I love the story cubes! It's a big set, too, so plenty of possibilities. Thank you for taking the time to think about what I would love. :)
Response: Hi Sophie! Thanks for the rating! I'm glad you liked them all, the multi sided ones are pretty cool and it was hard to choose :) For the story cubes I found a version that was really your thing (mystery, mythic, ravens) but couldn't buy it anywhere, just found pictures online but glad you like this version as well. Thanks for being patient, loves, Leen.
SwissChallet rated for SIE ~ Summer scarf on Jun 21, 2017
Comment: Spot on and so very generous of you, Leen! Thank you very, very much! I love snoods: my favorite is the green one at the moment, but I might change my mind (the small pompom fringe on the second snood is awesome). Do you also wear snoods? If you do, I'll send you a little something to wear with those.... Just let me know ;-)
Response: I love snoods! On the bike or while playing with the kid its easier but still fashionable; ) I loved the pompons but the color wasn't so summery so that's why you got both ☺ Now I'm curious. Thanks for the rating!
dreamlady66 rated for SIE ~ Ear rings on May 23, 2017
Comment: ❤ Awesome swap as always - just wow & m a n y thanks for 2 beautiful sets fulfulling my taste to it's fullest, yeah :) Happy swapping ❤
Response: How lovely! You made me even more addicted to buying ear rings, lol. So they made it one piece, right? Enjoy! Sent with love :) Thanks for the rating!
ema819 rated for SIE ~ Flat Happy Mail March 2017 on Apr 13, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful goodies .
Response: You're welcome! Thanks for the rating :)
Comment: Thank you so much Leen! The package you sent me was amazing! All these wonderful things packed in colorful magazine pages! I love the variety you sent. My favourite surprise was the flamingo cushion cover! Soooooo beautiful! <3 Thanks a million!
Response: You're welcome! Glad you liked the cushion cover ... I was in doubt but thought 'she loves covers and she loved stuff for her garden, let's combine it' ... so, please use it to relax in your garden! Sent with love :) Thanks for the rating! x
rraisa rated for SIE ~ Flat package especially for you on Mar 11, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the awesome package! It was waiting here when I got back from a vacation. So many surprises and they all were perfect. All the Hema goods, omg! They have the best stuff! And the chocolate, yum!
Response: Glad you liked it all, sent and wrapped with love :) Thanks for the rating, enjoy it all! x
noname13 rated for SIE: One Big Gift Swap on Feb 11, 2017
Comment: Thanks a lot for the Starbucks mug of Antwerp. It's exactly the series I'm collecting and this is one of the missing mugs in my collection.
Response: Oooooh, that's so good :) Thanks for the rating! Loves.
uiltje rated for SIE ~ Flat Happy Mail January 2017 on Feb 1, 2017
Comment: Dank je wel voor je "allegaartje", ik ben er erg blij mee. De uiltjes, de thee en vooral: de stempel van de postkaart. Ik word er verlegen van............
Response: Graag gedaan! Blij dat ik goed gekozen heb :) Bedankt voor het wachten José en voor de rating.
SJ1 rated for SIE ~ Christmas gift for kids on Dec 5, 2016
Response: Thanks!
dreamlady66 rated for SIE ~ Christmas gift on Dec 5, 2016
Comment: Honey, a huge ty for your great re-send & willingness to do so - I am that happy & feeling spoiled ❤ Happy 2017! PS Such wonderful items according to my profile :)
Response: Oh no! I did my best to cover everything in tape. Hope everything is still inside. Sorry! Update: So glad you liked the presents! It was the most horrible looking package but a safe one, lol. Sent with pleasure, the only fair thing to do. Enjoy it all, all the best for 2017.
Comment: Als ik 100 hartjes had kunnen geven had ik het zeker gedaan. Meer extra's dan wat voor de swap werd gevraagd. Ik werd er vanmiddag heel verlegen van. Heel veel dank en je pakketjes gaan me de komende weken aanstaren, totdat ze mogen worden uitgepakt!
Response: Ik vond het zooooo tof om deze te maken :) En toen ik zag dat jij mijn partner was ... ik vind het gewoon leuk om soms dezelfde mensen tegen te komen :) Veel plezier ermee, fijne advent tijd. Dankjewel voor de rating!
Comment: Thanks a lot! Can't wait to open them!
Response: You're welcome, I hope you like all the flavours, when I read your list on your profile I kinda lost it, lol :) Great swap by the way. Thanks for the rating! Have a nice time.
Comment: Dank je wel voor je pakketje. En de chocolade was heerlijk. :)
Response: Ooooooh, je hebt 'm al op :) Graag gedaan, plezier om te maken. Dankjewel voor de rating. Fijne advent periode!
Comment: Wow, Leen, what a surprise! I love your mail, it's very precious to me♡ Your words are so kind and the wrapping is awesone!!! Maybe I will never open cause it looks so nice ;) Thank you also for all the extras. You really made me so happy today! ♡♡♡
Response: You're welcome. Love to prepare it, it was so much fun :) Thanks for the rating. Have a nice advent time while opening the presents. I mean, you HAVE to open them, what's in it is more important than how it looks, right? Loves.
Tessssssa rated for SIE ~ Handmade with love on Nov 5, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the cute bag! You did a wonderful job.
Response: Ooooh, glad you like it :) Thanks for the rating!
Mamavan rated for SIE ~ Snail Mail Supplies on Oct 26, 2016
Comment: Heel erg bedankt voor alle leuke spulletjes!
Response: Graag gedaan! Dankjewel voor de rating!
RockyBeach rated for SIE ~ Flat Happy Mail on Oct 12, 2016
Comment: Thank you for your nice variety of things! It was fun exploring your envie. That colourful advertisement wrapping paper is so lovely!
Response: Hi Monique, glad you liked the stuff in your mailbox :) Thanks for the rating, very kind.
UrsaMinor rated for SIE ~ Ear rings on Jun 27, 2016
Comment: You have some amazing earring finding skills, Leen! It makes me blush to think how much effort you put into looking for these. And hey, two pairs?! (Also two scarves...) I feel like I owe you something. I appreciate the seaside look in both earrings, very fitting for the summer theme! The marine style BB's will go so well with a striped dress, and I have dresses to match the starfish ones too. You are so great at this! Thank you! ⚓
Response: Oh, so glad you like them both :) Thanks for the rating! You don't owe me, I had so much fun looking around. It was nice to have a deadline far away, it gave me time to check stores now and then, loved it. And like I wrote ... when I finally bumped into these BB's ... HAD to buy them. Of course now it seems that they have them everywhere, lol. Thanks for being a nice partner. Enjoy the summer!
UrsaMinor rated for SIE ~ Summer scarf on Jun 27, 2016
Comment: Oh my darling Leen! We seem to have so similar tastes in these things :) The pineapple scarf is something I think I could have chosen myself too! Just my type of pink with a large print. I can imagine wearing it a lot to spice up dark outfits. The triangle one with the tassle border is so cute! I love the mix of different patterns. I'm sure I will have a happy summer scarfwise 💓🍍💙
Response: Enjoy life with the scarfs :) It was fun to search and now I'm starting to wonder if I should have bought two pineapple scarfs ... cuz I liked it as well, haha. I had fun swapping with you Saija! Thanks for the rating.
nimithil rated for SIE ~ June babies on Jun 5, 2016
Comment: I received your amazing package... Can't wait to open it :) Update: Thank you so much for the gifts, I really loved what you picked and it fits all together :)
Response: Glad you got it :) Well, have a nice birthday and a nice vacation! Loves. Update: You're welcome, thanks for the rating!

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noname13 on Jun 19, 2017:

Oh, and belated best wishes!

noname13 on Jun 19, 2017:

Thanks a lot for the birthday card,the birthday wishes and the EUR coins from my wishlist. BIG SORRY, I thought I had already written, but I had some problems with my very old notebook the last months additionally to the family issues and my stolen car... In the meantime I sorted out some issues and on the weekend I finally configured my new notebook so hopefully no blue screens anymore...

UrsaMinor on Jun 2, 2017:

Definitely a match, both showy and lightweight, and no parts that would tickle my neck or make a sound. They also match the clothes style I wear. I have to get a photo to show you 😘

UrsaMinor on Jun 1, 2017:

Oh darling Leen! Thank you so very much for the surprise earrings 🌟 Very thoughtful :)

Bo on Jan 22, 2017:

Thank you so much for the comment. I am glad it has safely arrived.

forever0lost on Nov 26, 2016:

I don't just like it is love it. You made a great choice thank you so much x

forever0lost on Nov 24, 2016:

Thank you for sending me wishes it's very much appreciated :) x

Bo on Nov 22, 2016:

Thank you for amazing mail from Wishes from Europe group. Loved everything you sent and esp.letter set with such a nice drawing. I like things with artists touch so this was the right match. You made my day.

Toxicash666 on Nov 19, 2016:

I recieved the wishes you sent to me through the wishes for Europe group!Thank you so so much! Those stamps are so cute, and even the notecard you wrote on was really nice! I feel you made such an effort! Thank you 😊💞💞

forever0lost on Nov 17, 2016:

Glad you got the decorations and that they are liked :) x

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