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Hi hi. My name is Trinket here on Swap-bot. Though to everyone who knows me better, I am Steff. Im a 34 year old self employed illustrator from a small place called Norwich in England. What that means is that for most of my time, i live in a small craft lair building plushies and drawing interesting pictures. I am never far from my Mac even if I am not always about on Swap-bot. I'd like to sit in the chat room more often though. I am an avid World of warcraft player (horde all the way!) When I aren't busying myself with plushies, drawing or warcraft, I am often Roleplaying with my partner. I love my Live Action Roleplay, which is effectively a bit like Lord of the Rings in the woods with fake weapons, where we make up adventures of our own and are all in fantasy costume.

Here on swap-bot I get stuck in to a number of different group swaps. Though these days I do shy from public swaps, occasionally they do tickle my fancy. I'm very much into crafting ATCs and most of the swaps I join now tend to be ATC themed ones.

Im a big mixture of interests from my roleplaying to simple things ATCs and Inchies.

My Favorite Colour: Teal and Purple

Some themes I like in swaps: Happy Mail, Foxes, Forests, Autumn leafs, Pokemon, Kawaii, Cats, Japan, Stars, Dreams, The sky at night, Strawberries, Succulents, Plants, leaves.

Recently I have been interested in wool spinning and dyeing and that takes up a good deal of my none work time. I find the idea of pocket letters facinating but my main focus for mail art will always be small journals, ATC's, Inchies, hidden pockets and other surprises.
Things I personally would love to keep.


Its hard to say wishes, without it sounding like a bit of a I want this and this and this kind of thing, so I apologize but these are the sorts of things I like to swap and like to see in my mail if your scouting here on my profile for ideas and we are partners. Id like to think of this wish list as more of a guide really than things I insist. You'd be surprised how much isnt listed here that would still bring a smile to my face.

Of course I am always happy for private swaps for specific things that I have mentioned here too, So please please give me a prod if you would like a private swap.

Not too many of my likes have changed over the years, I am a massive fan of Roleplaying and fantasy story telling. Celtic myths and fantasy dark forests are often themes in art objects I covet the most.

I am a huge Japan nerd. Having recently begun collecting Gacha eggs and the prizes within, Re-ment minis and Plush. They seem to occupy my whole house right now. Along with a dragons horde of Sanrio and other cute Japan Japan stationary items.

I am a massive Pokemon collector also - I tend to adopt abandoned Pokemon merch. from thrift stores and have gathered together quite a stash of cards and mini figures.

Stickers and Washi tapes and Kawaii paper Emphemera

I also like Foxes and Cats. These are proberbly my favorite animals and having fox/cat themed things will always make me happy. things like stationary, softies, stickers etc.

I make and collect ATC's. I reckon 90% of the swaps I host and sign up for are ATC swaps.
I have been making them since I was 14 and first started swapping on a site called Nervousness.org which as far as I can tell no longer exists.
I also make and collect mini zines (those are the ones you make out of a single sheet of A4 and fold to make into a small booklet.

Things I am always looking for and will always find a home with me.

  • ATCs
  • Inchies, Chunky Pages, Mini zines,
  • Zines
  • Starbucks Gift Cards (no money on them).
  • Pokemon anything, I am a huge fan.
  • Old trading cards (Pokemon etc)
  • Fantasy/Celtic/Dark forest themed things.
  • Gachaphon Eggs and their contents
  • Stickers, Washi Tape and Kawaii things.
  • Photo ATC's with a small description about the photo on the back, because knowing the story is super cool.


I hate to mention things disliked. I certainly wouldn't call them hates. But I don't like shoddy made craft objects. take care in the things you make, they are an extension of you. Regardless of that, I do my very best with everything I make, I expect others to do the same, its just good manners. Now that is my biggest pet peeve. receiving items that have been hashed together.

Im not a massive drinker of hot drinks, infact I prefer not to drink them. So tea etc. are probably better saved for someone who would super appreciate them instead.
I guess I go by the rule. really don't take the monkeys when your trading, if its not something you would want yourself, or don't deem good enough to keep yourself, then clearly its not something that should be passed on to someone else.

Bad manners I guess should also be written here, some times things are late, but I always keep my word on my trades or I wouldn't sign up to join in.

Things can be delayed, Im also an Uk swapper so the post does take a wee bit longer, please be patient.


totters away to go and make stuff

If you like my artwork support it here: https://www.patreon.com/trinkety?ty=h


BluePixie rated for WIYM: ATC with a Cat on Jun 25, 2019
Comment: SUPER CUTE! I was so impressed by this watercolor. and you painted the back of the card too! I'm also grateful for the watercolor cards as I usually just glue my artwork on playing cards so I look forward to trying these.
DeAnnaVarela rated for ATCO: Watercolor ATC on Jun 18, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the cute ATC and paper.
Response: Super glad to know this has arrived with you safely. These swaps are a delight to take part in, they give me such an oppertunity to really experiment with my paints.
Stastny1965 rated for ATC: Sloth Style on Jun 17, 2019
Comment: What a gorgeous ATC! I just love it!
Response: Sloth faces are the bestest faces -flails- thank you for being my partner on this swap.
ChristinaB rated for Pretty Painted Peacock - ATC on Jun 7, 2019
Comment: Dear Steph, your wonderful peacock arrived today after its loooooong journey! Thanks a lot for it and all the extras you enclosed! I really like your style!!
Response: I am sorry that we had the worry over this ATC arriving, I have no idea what my postal service were playing at. I am really glad though that both cards arrived and that you like them.
bunny3ars rated for KKL: Cat ATC on Jun 5, 2019
Comment: Wow, what an amazing ATC! I love it, thank you so much!
Response: I am begining to think I have an addiction for cat themed ATC's.
thebragal rated for ATC Colour Series: Sweet Spring on Jun 5, 2019
Comment: Love the ATC. It’s gorgeous. Thank you for joining.
PaperPassion rated for AACG: Copper and Mint ATC on Jun 2, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the very cute hand drawn mouse.
YooperHill rated for ATC Inspiration Series: Ocean on Jun 1, 2019
Comment: Love it! Thank you.
Comment: Thank you so much Steff for this very nice flat surprise enveloppe. I so so so much love your illustration of mermaid cats and everything that you enclosed. It really made my day <3 so nice of you to put such care into your swaps. Hope to be your partner again in the future. and I would love to write you back <3 Happy Swapping ! take care !
Response: I am super glad you liked the drawing, its one of my prints and it went to the right home. Thank you for being my partner for this swap.
PeliKat rated for Sharp Shooters: Scenic view photo on May 25, 2019
Comment: Steff, my apologies for the late rating; this swap ended up in my 'keeper' stack before it got rated. Your photos are so impressive! The one with the stone is really nice with the closeup of your hand and the stone against the blue background of sea and sky, and the clouds in white really set it all off!!! Definitely a photo for my 'keeper' collection! The black and white photo with the wounded sentinel looked so authentic that it could have been from a journalists coverage of a battle conflict. I loved the way it was composed, with the back of the person tending the wounds and a partial view of another person in the foreground! Another 'keeper'! I hope we get to swap with each other again in the future! Your work is great! PS - Thank you for the descriptions that you included on the backs of the photos of the circumstance when you took the photos. That was a wonderful extra to include!!
Response: A late rate is fine. I certainly cannot say anything going away on adventures for weeks on end. I love having context to the photos I send to people I think its something i picked up hosting photo ATC swaps. Yes I would love to swap again but I am super glad that you liked this swap. Great stuff.
1koolkrafter rated for Envies of Randomness on May 22, 2019
Comment: Thanks for your fun package of random goodies. 🤗
Response: I live for Envies of Randomness
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful mail! I liked everything and really enjoyed the little zine.
Response: I have not made one of those little zines in a very long time, gosh they are fun to create. Like a small art book. Glad you liked your happy mail.
Coffeeegal rated for Starbucks Swap - Gift Cards on May 19, 2019
Comment: Just got back from Disney and I guess they don’t do areas for cards anymore cause I even checked here in Washington DC area because I thought it would be neat to have one for the area they said they don’t make them anymore which is a bummer. Im coffee gal Any thing coffee lol
Response: We dont get the area ones at all here in Norwich England but they do London ones. Very odd though as Ive still been getting state cards from everywhere. Thank you very much for taking part in my swap. I'll have more up soon.
Comment: Loved them both- so great!! :) Thanks a bunch!
Response: I am super glad to hear that you liked them.
Comment: Thank you for your ATCs. I love them. But having seen yours, I hope I didn't misinterpret the design of the ATCs in any way. You'll see what I mean when you get mine. I enjoyed this swap, thank you.
Response: You were fine. Absolutely fine. I really like the take on the brief that everyone gives and loved the photo of your hound. Thank you for being my partner for this swap.
Winegeek rated for ATC with a cat on May 15, 2019
Comment: I LOVE this ATC, very well done. Thanks for the extra papers as well.
Response: I am really glad to hear you liked it.
Comment: Oh my goodness this little card is so cute!! You are such an amazing artist you have inspired me to get my water colors out and create! Thank you for the lovely extras and the super neat postage stamps both extras and the super hero ones on the envelope!! 😍❤️😍 I love everything, thank you!!
Response: Such posetive words, thank you. i am really happy knowing you liked this card and the postage stamps. There is a man who was selling them and I just had to snaffle some for my mail arts. Have a great day.
Comment: Yay, this one arrived! Thank you! :D The first one has arrived! :)
Response: Thank you for being pacient with this swap and I am super happy to hear that it arrived and that you liked them.
dartha rated for Harry Potter letter #38 on May 8, 2019
Comment: Love your letter - what a cool idea - thank you so much. WOW a lightning silver core, that would be so awesome. Acquiring troll hair would not be a job for the faint of heart Thank you, darla
Response: These are some of the most fun swaps I get to be part of, especially now with the Harry potter game on my phone. Yisss so much in character goodness for me.
Comment: Your kitty cupcake is so cute! And I love the chosen colors, looks like the Cheshire Cat <3 I think I may need to join the kitty katt lovers group for more of your cat swaps!
Response: Shall be posting a few more up in the kitty katt lovers group after the summer, expect more very strange themed Cat based fun.

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HippieChick on Jun 11, 2019:

Thank you for the wonderful envelope of goodness for the Random Flat Envie Tag. I love it! Your print of the fox is sooooooooo cute! My mom thought it was adorable and it is now hanging in her bedroom where she can see it all the time. Thank you! This made my day.
And I love swapping/tagging with folks from the UK! I think it's great to see what we don't get. And I'm going to spend the postage no matter where it ships to. :)

ncnurse04 on May 16, 2019:

Thank you for the CPG random envie. I love the goodies and can't wait to use them.

sojourner on May 15, 2019:

Wonderful Global Pick 2

stiffneck78 on Apr 26, 2019:

Thank you so much for the great Happy Mail Int'l Tag!! Yay

jeka396 on Apr 20, 2019:

Thanks so much for the CPG Random Envie!!

lindseyjae on Apr 18, 2019:

thanks so much for the CPG april wish! I love everything you sent and it was packaged so cute!!

Marryth on Apr 18, 2019:

Thank you for the washi tape samples & cute paper goodies towards my April CPG wishes - it was a nice surprise to find in my mailbox today! ♥

mummsie on Apr 18, 2019:

Oh Geeezzz, Well let me just say I LOVE EVERYTHING!! from the Random Grabby Tag CPG. You are awesome.

Lonestarchild on Apr 12, 2019:

OH WOW! Loving the papers and the envies for the CPG Pick 2 tag. I was getting very tired of my papers and this is a nice stack of new stuff to play with. Thanks so much!!

Marryth on Apr 1, 2019:

Thank you so much for the gorgeous prints for the CPG 'Pick Two' tag - they're fantastic! ♥

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